Who Knew She Was Into That

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28 Aug. '18

Out of all the people, Alyssa is one of my all-time favorites. Not only is she the kindest person on this planet, but also incredibly pretty. Honestly, her proportions are just perfect. She is slightly curvy but not too extreme. Her skin is flawless and smooth. She has the ice-blue eyes of an angel. The best part however is her hair. She has long, light-blonde hair that seems weightless on her head.

Considering all this, people often are surprised to learn that Phil is her boyfriend of several years now. Phil looks like a kid almost, on the chubby side, curly light-brown hair, glasses – but in a nerdy way he definitely is attractive.

I met them in college a couple of years ago. We got along right away, Lys and I soon became close friends. Phil and I never knew much about one another. Until a couple of nights ago anyway, when I slept over at their place.

We watched movies in their bed until it was late and Lys got tired. She fell asleep laying on her belly, but Phil and I weren’t too tired yet. It was the first time we ever really got to talk. I knew that they had been together for long, but Lys never really opened up about their sex life – which I don’t blame her for. She is a private person.

Phil however didn’t mind sharing at all. We talked about my ex-boyfriends (that’s a whole different story) and how they had been each other’s firsts. When Phil heard that I had been abused in past relationships, he suddenly got serious. He told me that Lys once cried during sex and how that had been the absolute worst for him. Around 4 AM Lys suddenly woke up again, and after we all had a glass of water, we finally went to sleep.

After this night I can say that Lys couldn’t be in better hands. Phil loves her unconditionally even though he sees her flaws and their relationship isn’t all hearts and roses. I couldn’t want anyone better for my friend.

A week went by before Lys and I saw each other again over dinner. She had that look on her face, that look that said: "I want to talk about it. But I don’t know how." So we ate while we discussed the latest fashion trends, work, studying, family… Finally, the waiter took our plates and we washed dinner down with Ginger Beer for me and white wine for her. I cocked my head to the side and stared at her pretty face for a while. Her lips are in a constant pout, but in the best way possible.

“Spit it out,” I just said. She looked as if I had caught her eating my chocolate. I laughed. “Come on,” I said, “I know there’s something on your mind.”

She nodded slowly. “Phil and I talked,” she said. For a moment I was afraid that she was gonna tell me they had broken up but then she would’ve burst into tears long ago so that couldn’t be it. “About you, I mean,” she added. I leaned forward curiously. “He told me about the abuse.”

I nodded slowly. I had never told Lys about it because she knew my ex in person and I didn’t want her to think I was unhappy. Also because she was just too sweet to carry that kind of burden.

“I am glad you two broke up,” Lys added and I smiled.

“Me, too,” I said. Then I waited patiently. I could feel that there was more, that there was something else on her mind as well.

“Phil also told me that he shared… some stories with you.”

I grinned. “I hope you don’t mind,” I said. “I didn’t mean to invade your privacy.”

“Oh no, you didn’t,” she exclaimed. “It’s just, when he told me that, it turned me on.” I could barely hear those last words.

“It turned you on?,” I repeated. She looked down and just nodded. “Nothing to be ashamed of,” I tried to calm her nerves. Clearly this made her uncomfortable.

She finally looked up. “I want to include you in our sex life,” she said. That caught me by surprise. I was flattered but also taken aback. I had never thought about Lys as a sexual partner. Then again I had always found her incredibly beautiful. Phil and I got along, too, I didn’t see why that wouldn’t work.

Lys stared at me, waiting. “That’s… new,” I said and felt kind of stupid. Now it was her who laughed at how uncomfortable I was. I joined in her giggles. I felt light-headed even though I hadn’t drank any alcohol.

“Alright,” I said, gathering my thoughts. “Let’s talk about this.”

We talked for an hour and she explained her fantasies to me. I asked her what Phil thought and she admitted that the idea of us two had turned him on, too. He also seemed to find me attractive and didn’t mind dividing his time between the two of us. I worried that I might get in between their relationship but Lys assured me that this was purely sexual and neither of them had any deeper feelings for me, besides friendship and attraction.

I wasn’t ready to make a decision but when Lys looked at me with those light-blue eyes, her lashes perfectly curled and long, I promised to stay over this weekend. We would see how far we would go.

The rest of the week, my nervousness built up until I thought I might burst. In my head, I went over the conversation a dozen times at least. Lys had texted me a couple of times, telling me that she and Phil were looking forward to seeing me. I created a scenario in my head, wondering how it would go, made up my mind about whether or not I wanted to back and forth. Suddenly, the weekend was there and I packed a backpack to sleep over at Lys’ place.

Lys and Phil greeted me with a hug and we sat down in the living room to have tea. “I am glad you came,” said Lys and I smiled at her. Once again I noticed how gorgeous she was. “Must have been a crazy night when she told you we wanted a threesome, huh?,” asked Phil and I relaxed a little. Phil was always the one who would start a confrontation but I could handle it. He told me that Lys had surprised him, too, but that he had to admit how hard her fantasies had made him.

“How about we start off easy?,” he suggested. “And how would that look?,” I asked. “We kiss,” he said easily. Lys agreed. “You guys should kiss first, cause you know how it is to kiss a boy,” she said. “Also, I need to know if I will get jealous.”

Phil sat next to me on the couch. “How do you like it?,” he asked and I couldn’t help but smile. He was so respectful. Looking over to Lys, I put my hand on his cheek. “I lead,” I said and he sat still for me to caress his face to get used to the thought that I was about to not only kiss but also fuck my best friend’s boyfriend.

When I moved in, Phil closed his eyes and I did the same. Our lips met and even though there were no sparks, I felt a tickle down my spine. We kissed slowly, gently, tasting each other. When we let go, I instantly checked on Lys. Her full lips were slightly open, her eyes bright. “Now me,” she demanded.

I got up to walk over to her. This time I didn’t hesitate. I put one hand at the back of her head, pulling her in. Our lips met and I almost let out a moan. She tasted amazing, and felt even better. Had I known how good it would be to make out with her, I would’ve done it years ago.

Lys must have felt the same, because we started sinking into the pillows, me on top of her, our bodies getting closer with every breath. When we looked up, Phil had taken off his pants. Lys started laughing when she saw how hard he was. “This was a great idea,” she whispered into my ear. I kissed her in agreement.

From there it just happened. Being around Lys felt so natural, almost as if we had done this a dozen times. I had kissed girls before, taken it a little further even, but I never had sex with another woman. Now it was time and I jumped right into it.

We undressed each other, Phil watching from the couch, stroking his hard on, enjoying the show. Lys pulled the dress over my head, freeing my breasts (I’m not a huge fan of bras) so I freed her of her shorts and shirt. Seeing her in her underwear, I had to take a step back to marvel at her body. She didn’t have a very thin waist, which I liked because it made her look real and natural. Her cute firm butt connected her long legs to her torso, her belly flat but soft. Her breasts were a work of art. I undid her bra and they fell into place, her rosy nipples slightly pointing outwards.

I sighed with pleasure when I cupped them in my hands, lightly pinched her nipples, twisted them just to see how far before she would moan. She took my face and kissed me, her hands wandering down my shoulders, over my back to my bubble butt to surprise me with a firm spank. I bit her lip, a little surprised but mostly turned on.

Phil got up to moved in behind me, I felt his cock press against my butt cheeks, he reached over to touch Lys, I felt both their bodies radiate with heat. Phil kissed my neck and I moaned lightly. My panties were soaked. Lys’ body and Phil’s attention gave me goosebumps and made my pussy drip.

Phil seemed to know what was going on because he slipped my panties down to my ankles and from down there, he spread my ass cheeks to run a finger down my slit. I shivered. Lys smiled at me, reaching down herself to check how wet I was. I looked her deep in the eyes while she touched me, trying not to flinch.

“I want to taste you,” she said. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

I followed her to their bed, Phil behind me. I could tell that they wanted to make me as comfortable as possible and I appreciated the thought. I laid down on the bed, Lys kneeling between my legs. She started kissing my belly, then thighs, while the anticipation built up inside me. At this moment I wanted nothing more than her lips on my very center, her fingers inside me but she took her time.

While Lys got down on me, Phil moved to my head and I reached for his cock. He wasn’t too long but thick and slightly bent. I could tell that it would bring me immense pleasure to swallow that. Adapting to Lys’ speed, I started licking his shaft, slowly, before I cupped my lips around the head. Lys finally moved in on my center, kissing me where I most wanted it. I heard her moan when she tasted me, and joined in.

Phil pushed against my mouth and I allowed him to glide a little deeper before I pulled my head back. He groaned and started moving his hips to match the rhythm of my sucking mouth. I was in heaven. Whatever Lys was doing, it worked. I twitched under her tongue and lips like Phil’s cock inside my mouth. We moved in unison, like we were one big organism. It was crazy how well it worked.

Then suddenly, Lys slid her finger inside me and curled it up, hitting my G-spot. I gasped for air, squirming with pleasure as she started moving her finger, while her lips sucked on my clit. I looked up to Phil who was watching his girlfriend, and swallowed him whole. He gave me a satisfying grunt when he hit the back of my throat that made me even wetter – if that is at all possible.

Phil had to pull back to take a break. Lys used the moment to get up and grab a vibrator that she must have had stored next to the bed somewhere, cause she was right back, switched that thing on, and worked it on my clit. Her fingers slid back inside me and Phil inside her, her pussy stroking up and down his cock.

I felt my orgasm approach while my moans got louder and louder. I have no idea how Lys knew how to handle me but she did. Every one of her moves made me clench a little more, her moans turning me on until I finally exploded. In a word, it felt amazing. She switched the vibrator off to kiss me a little more so I had time to calm down. My thighs pressed against the side of her head to keep her there. After the muscle in my pussy relaxed, I got up to kiss my juices off her lips, and she thanked me by sharing a delicious mix of saliva and pussy juice.

“Your turn,” I promised and flipped her on her back. Phil got between her legs again and started fucking her slowly, so I could grab that vibrator and give Lys the same treatment as she had with me. I wanted to see the pleasure in her face, the way her body would squirm and twitch when she came.

Lys and Phil clearly knew each other's bodies well. It was amazing to see how he changed rhythm and angle the way she needed it at the slightest bending of her hips. Meanwhile, I watched her eyes go from bright to hazy, her head leaning back further and further, her breath going harder and harder. I sucked her beautiful nipples, circled them with my tongue and in a particularly hot moment even bit her. She thanked me with a moan.

Then I moved up to her face to kiss her lips, her neck, her ears, until finally, she held her breath, her fingers clawing the bed-sheets, even her toes curled up. I knew that this could send Phil over the edge so I pushed him out of her, and replaced his cock with my fingers while I still worked the vibrator on her clit.

Lys came so hard, her pussy clenching around my fingers like a fist, so soft and wet and hot, pulsing again and again. I moaned with her, turned the vibrator down bit by bit, until she pushed it away, got up on her knees and grabbed my hand to lick herself off of them.

We started kissing and Phil moved in, shoved his cock between our lips so we both could suck on him. When he came, he spurted thick white strands all over our faces so we could lick and kiss it off each other. Finally, we sank down into the bed together, our hearts still pounding, our bodies hot and our mind at ease.

What can I say? After that, we took a shower and started all over. It was one of the hottest weekends of my life. Whenever I have the time, I sleep at their place now. And I thank Lys that she brought me into their bed. Who would have thought that she was into that?


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