Her Life After, Part 4

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30 Aug. '18
Her Life After, Part 4

If you haven't read the first three Her Life After's, then you won't know how she got to this point.

Trish's Life After Goes On...

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Heather, Mindy and Paula were on the other side of the door and invited Trish out for lunch and shopping.  Beth was going to meet them later for a beer, and then who knows what.  Trish showered and got dressed while the rest of the group talked about the encounter with Linda the night before; and discussed the next get together at Mindy's house.  Nick said, "I'm up for anything as long as Trish is game".  "Are you living here now Nick?," asked Paula.  "It kind of seems that way", he replied and he wondered into the kitchen to brew another pot of coffee.  He hadn't been to his own place for a few days and that was becoming the norm.  He wondered if he and Trish might be getting close to 'shacking up'.  Trish came out of the shower in a robe and joined the rest of the girls in the living room.  "Maybe we could have a party over here", Mindy said.  Paula said "that could work", even though she liked the action to happen at Mindy's home; where she could get good and drunk and not worry about being stranded at someone elses' place, or hurling her dinner onto another person's carpet.  It was just easier for her to be a sloppy mess at her second home.  Mindy climbed onto Heather, who was on the couch, facing her and squeezed her big titties into her face.  "This could work", she said.  Heather bit at Mindy's tits and pushed her away; gently.  Heather found that she really enjoyed the time she spent with Nick and Trish and knew she could do without the orgy scene every week.  'A girl's got to get the gang fuck occasionally', she thought as she stroked her fingers down Mindy's cheek then got up to check on Nick.  "You going to be alright by yourself for awhile?" she asked.  "Sure...I'll watch the game while you gals go do your thing".  He knew they would end up at Mindy's doing who knows what.  "I don't want anyone interfering with your alone time Nick...I'll be happy to get these ladies out of your house so you guys can relax".  Trish walked in behind Heather, and overheard the conversation.  She said, "it will be good to get some girl time; at least for a few hours". 

With Nick on the couch, the 'good times' club headed out the door for some fast food and an afternoon of hanging out.  Paula was the last one out and stopped to give Nick a peck on the lips and again ask him if he and Trish were working on being a permanent thing.  "Call me from work or something and give me the scoop."  Paula was a little jealous how well Trish and Nick were getting along and with the quickly developing seriousness of their relationship.  Though she and Nick didn't date for too long and his entrance into the 'club' pretty much ended their one on one thing, Paula still thought fondly of Nick's attention and pleasant disposition.  He treated her very well for the little time they were exclusive and she missed having a man dote on her.  The girls got pizza to go and a 24 pack of beer and just headed to Mindy's place.  Beth called and tried to cancel, but Mindy scolded her and said she should make an effort to meet them.  Beth relented and met the gang at Mindy's to pound down some pizza and a few beers.

Trish wasn't really in the mood to fuck, so she was apprehensive when Heather walked over to uncover the tootsie roll.  She pulled her top over her head to expose her perfect rack, and then positioned the machine for a ride.  Paula who would put her little tits up against even the most perfect set of knockers, pulled her shirt up and off, but Beth was new at the game and you could tell by her staying in the background that she might be a little self conscious of her less than ample bosom.  Mindy, who was her initiator into the group, grabbed her hand and brought her over by the machine.  Heather was undressed now and was applying lube to the now sheathed probe.  As she lowered herself onto it, the other girls just watched without pitching in.  Heather pushed the buttons on the remote to adjust the stroke, speed and vibration and began leaning very far forward so the dildo would grind on her clitoral area as it went in and out of her pussy.  After a few minutes Mindy led Beth over to the machine to get a closer look at Heather's ride.  Beth and Mindy got on either side and began touching Heather's firm breasts.  Beth looked like she wasn't sure what to do, but did manage to cup Heather's breast and squeeze.  Heather reached over and pulled at Beth's top to indicate it was time to join the party.  Beth slid out of her shirt exposing her little titties and puffy, thick nipples.  Mindy moved down and was sucking on Heather's other tit and nibbling at her nipple and areola.  Beth put her hand down towards her own crotch and was rubbing lightly over her pants.  Paula moved in behind Beth and began rubbing her shoulders and neck.  Beth was losing then regaining her focus on Heather over and over again.  Trish moved to the front of tootsie and helped with Beth's assignment.  She found she could sneak a kiss at that position and nuzzle Heather's cheek and neck.  Mindy broke off and put a little lube on her right hand.  She helped expose Heather's clitoris as best she could while the machine was grinding away.  Heather began to show signs that her orgasm was rising.  Paula was kissing Beth's now bare shoulders and the nape of her neck while she cradled her breasts in her hands.  Beth continued, though harder now, to rub herself through her jeans.  Paula interrupted the attention she was giving Beth and stood beside Heather.  Heather had stopped the machine and lifted herself away from the probe.  Mindy took her lubed fingers and hand and began to rub the inside of Heathers hot, wet, stretched out pussy lips furiously.  Heather was on her way to a better place when Mindy began to push as many fingers inside of her, as possible, and then slipped her entire hand inside her.  Heather attempted to expose her clitoris to stimulate it and almost fell over.  Paula steadied her as she tried again.  Trish intercepted her and worked to get the hood open and expose Heather's swollen, beautiful clitty.  Trish tried to bend down and use her mouth on it, but it was just too awkward with Mindy's hand inside and Heather heaving up and down and arching her back.  Instead, Trish took her other hand and flicked at it and rubbed it until Heather exclaimed, "FUCK!".  An impressive amount of cum ran down Mindy's hand and onto the machine as Heather finally whimpered "ok ok ok okaaaa".  She sat down and smiled her signature smile that could melt a room.  She was spent and thought, 'Trish; you bitch, you got me again.'  Then she said, "Trish; you bitch, you got me again!". 

Beth was amazed and still a little bit intimidated by Heather's show, and declined when Mindy said, "you're next".  Paula was up and it was a repeat of her last ride that she, Mindy and Trish had participated in a few months ago.  She contorted herself to the point where the probe was bent to almost breaking; then it did just that!.  "Fuck fuck fuck", she said as she set it to max vibration and ground her clit onto the stub that was left over.  Trish and Mindy were on 'taffy pulling' detail, yanking on and twisting her nipples until they felt like they were going to separate from her body.  They soon had Paula moaning with pleasure and squirming with pain.  Her orgasm was shortened, but was intense.  Trish couldn't understand how anyone could put their breasts through so much abuse and get off on it.  'Different strokes', she thought to herself.  With the machine not working Trish and Beth were going to have to get off the old fashioned way.  Then, a knock at the door. 

It was Tim.  He had a way of showing up at just the right time; every time.  Paula hadn't mentioned that Tim showed up religiously every Sunday for a roll.  She wasn't sure how Heather would have taken that fact weeks and months ago, and also wondered if she'd have a different take on it now that they weren't so thick.  Paula, Mindy and Beth were sitting on the couch smoking a cigarette and sharing the last beer.  Trish came out of the bathroom, where she had run to so she could use her finger to 'brush' her teeth, and then rinse some of the pizza from her mouth.  She greeted Tim.  "Hey sexy", she said and gave him a hug.  Trish wasn't sure if she was ever going to be able to get him out of her mind.  For every sweet thing Nick did and said, and the loving way he took care of her, she still lusted for this man.  He was just so beautiful and she hoped like hell he would fuck her that afternoon.  The only thing Mindy was thinking was initiating Beth into the 'carpet-munching' club.  Beth was still topless, though she was shielding her tits as best she could.  Mindy got on her knees in front of Beth and began to undo her pants.  With Beth's jeans and panties laying on the floor, Mindy began to probe the youngster's pussy lips with her finger.  She said, "pay close attention, because there will be an oral exam afterwards".  She pulled Beth closer so she was slung down almost onto her back, then pulled her legs up around her neck.  Mindy went to work directly on her clitoris while reaching her hands up and rubbing Beth's cute puffy nipples.  Heather turned on the couch and spread her legs so that Beth could look over and see her snatch. While Mindy was licking and tweaking Beth's titties, Heather was putting on a show with her own fingers.  She had her vulva spread open with one hand and was rubbing her hooded monster with the fingers on her other hand.  She would occasionally spit on her fingers or dip into her wet pussy for more lubrication.  As Beth began to feel the wonderful benefits of her skilled friend licking and nibbling her clitty, she watched as Heather's pussy seemed to swell with excitement and the juices that had began to run out of her.  She could feel her orgasm begin to well up and tried to keep it from happening right away.  "No, no, no", she said as she tensed up and began to cum.  Beth reached down and spread her pussy lips so Mindy could really lick her hard.  She thought the world was ending, but the event subsided quickly as she briefly fell in love with Mindy and marveled at realizing a little satisfaction. 

Mindy pulled Trish down onto the couch as Beth vacated the spot.  Beth disappeared into the bathroom as Mindy and Heather began massaging Trish's body.  Mindy was putting pressure on Trish's pubic mound and rubbing her belly, biding her time while Beth was away.  Heather lit a cigarette and shared it with Mindy while they waited.  When Beth returned she helped them finish the smoke and got down on her knees with Mindy.  Trish spread her legs and waited for Mindy though she thought she might rather have Tim's beautiful cock down there.  Mindy and Beth moved their heads between Trish's legs and began kissing her inner thighs.  Mindy took up a place beside, but also a bit behind Beth and guided her face into Trish's snatch.  Mindy said, "give it a kiss sweetie", and guided Beth's head towards the promised land.  Beth reluctantly approached the newly shaved pussy lips (hurrah Nick last night) and slipped her tongue just inside.  She recognized the taste because she had tasted herself before just to see what it was like.The pungent pee smell didn't do anything for her, but she let her lips follow her tongue first on, then inside Trish's vulva.  Mindy helped her push one lip aside to expose Trish's hard little clitoris.  Trish thought, 'on the job training...undergraduate pussy training...I hope she picks things up faster than a new cashier at the grocery store...'.  Trish's juice was beginning to flow, but more for the fact Tim was standing behind Mindy observing.  Beth's tongue touched Trish's clit, then she pulled away to get a better lay of the land.  She was nervous and didn't want to fuck it up.  She leaned back in, as Mindy whispered in her ear, and began to lick Trish's clitty.  Trish's attention was now on Beth as she worked her tongue down and into the pussy to explore what she could reach.  Mindy said, "you know what feels good to you feels good for all of us".  Beth pushed her lips into Trish's pussy lips and licked the clitty like a kid would a melting ice cream cone.  She pressed her lips in harder and continued licking the sweet spot.  She was getting Trish's attention now as she began to push back at Beth's mouth.  Heather sat closer to Trish and the side of her right breast pressed against Trish's cheek.  Heather turned to Trish a little more and pressed both of her surgically sculpted mounds into Trish's face.  Beth liked what she saw as she continued working on Trish's button.  Mindy reached over Beth and began to rub Trish's legs.  Heather joined Mindy's hands and followed them up to Trish's tits.  Mindy groped at them and squeezed firmly while Heather gently scraped her nails on the nipples.  Trish was about to the point of no return and thought, 'well, eight out of ten for technique, and a nine for danceabil...', "ohhhhhhhh" she said as she grasped Mindy and Heather's hands and began to cum.  Beth didn't notice at first, but caught on fast as Mindy reached around to cup Beth's breasts; disturbing her rhythm and messing with Trish's orgasm.  Timing was never Mindy's strong suit.  Beth tried to concentrate on finishing the job as she caught site of Tim's fully erect penis out of the corner of her eye.  Trish's convulsions had subsided and she was beginning to relax, but Beth continued to work Trish's clitoris lightly and slowly until she was completely spent. 

As Beth and Mindy fell away they were quickly replaced by a kneeling Tim.  Before even Trish realized what was going on, Tim was inside her.  "Oh my", Trish exclaimed as Tim began working in and out of her at a slow, steady pace.  Heather who was still beside Trish assumed the same position and Tim put his hand on her pussy.  "Gas her up buddy", Heather said like she had pulled in for a pit (dick) stop.  Tim was more interested in fucking Trish, but he relented and moved into position to mount Heather.  Trish didn't look very happy, but she knew he was the only game in town this afternoon.  She couldn't begrudge Heather a ride.  As if playing follow the leader, Beth took up a position next the Heather on the love pit and said, "I'll have some of what she's having!".  Tim stroked in and out of Heather for another minute while letting his fingers do some recon into Beth's pussy.  He was happy he'd be the first of the men in the group, other than her husband, to have Beth.  Trish was feeling a little left out when Paula came in with a harness contraption strapped around her hips and a very large, hard plastic dildo attached to it.  She had the Polaroid in her hand and gave it to Mindy.  "Another Kodak moment", Trish thought as Paula positioned herself between Trish's legs. 

"I don't think so dearest", said Trish as Paula reached into the end table drawer to produce a bottle of lube. "That thing will split me in half", Trish said.  "I'll take it easy on you", Paula said, "but not you, you fucking whore" gesturing to Heather.  Paula squirted lube onto Trish's puss and pushed it into her with her fingers.  Trish looked over at Heather, who was laughing, and then at Mindy who was fixing herself a drink before the big photo shoot. Paula pushed 'big plastic' inside of Trish about an inch and let her get used to it.  Trish had to admit it felt good and she trusted Paula not to kill her, at least with witnesses watching.  Paula worked the large dildo about four inches inside of Trish and Trish thought, 'I'll never be the same again...like a VW Bug lost in a parking garage!'. Paula moved back and forth and got into a rhythm with the plastic monster before trying to push in even further.  Trish protested, so Paula pulled it out and bent down to kiss Trish's boo boo.  Trish laughed and sat up as Paula moved into position to fuck Heather.  She squirted a generous amount of lube onto Heather's pubic mound and worked it into her pussy with one, two, then four fingers.  As she positioned herself to insert the plastic 'horror' into Heather, Paula said something about "Bubba slapping it on the bed post" then pushed it inside.  Heather didn't flinch for the first 6 or 7 inches, but began breathing a little hard as it continued in to the 9 inch mark.  Trish reached over, held her hand and marveled at how she was taking this foot long, deluxe sub sandwich, with everything, into her pussy.  Mindy got the Polaroid shot Paula apparently wanted, set the camera and undeveloped photo down, then got into the drawer to pull out one of the several vibrators located inside.  It was short, fat and semi soft 'machine' designed to just grind one out.  Paula had worked almost the entire 14 or so inches of the, nearly two and a half inches wide, strap on inside of Heathers pussy.  It was a sight to see and made Trish glad Paula had been nice to her pussy.  Paula pulled it about half way out and rammed it back into Heather's 'love'.  Mindy handed Trish the lube and motioned for her to add it as the tool was worked inside and out.  Trish cranked the end of the vibrator to turn it on its lowest speed, pushed the hood back on Heather's clitoris and touched the vibrator to it.  Paula was going in and out, but having trouble keeping it straight so she put both her hands around its base and guided it.  As soon as Trish put the vibrator to Heather's unprotected clitoris, she began to lift and lower her ass trying to fight off the orgasm that was coming. Mindy had guided Beth to 'skooch' even closer to Heather.  She was playing with Heather's titties and leaned in to kiss her cheek before moving to nibble at her neck and earlobes.  Trish abandoned the vibrator and squirted additional lube onto Heather's clitoris.  She began to lightly pinch it and let it squirt from between her thumb and forefinger.  Heather had all she could handle with Paula ramming in and out with 'Loch Ness', Trish playing greased pig with her clitoris and with Mindy who had moved down to bite her nipples.  As Paula pulled the tool almost all the way out of Heather's damaged-looking pussy a stream of cum squirted in about five different directions; not once, but twice out of Heather's 'baby maker'.  It landed on the floor, on Paula's tummy and all over the couch.  Trish was pleased she could help get her friend off so well.  Heather had been dealing with plenty lately and now it was 'Miller time'.  Paula took off the harness and grunted with pain.  It hurt her as much as it pleasured Heather, but it was worth it.

No one but Beth noticed that Tim was doing his best to probe at her pussy with his hard cock and test the waters just inside her.  Beth was nervous and kind of wished she would have kept her big mouth, and her legs, shut.  Tim pressed into her about half the length of his nearly nine inch penis.  Beth thought to herself, 'oh my goodness it's never going to fit'.  She slid down as far as she could on the couch and closed her eyes; hoping he would take his time.  Her husband Josh was of average girth on his six and a half inches and Beth had never been with anyone else.  Tim tried to push in further, but Beth squirmed and said, "not happening", as she pulled away.  Tim was bummed, but quickly surprised as she sat up and pushed him down on the carpet.  He lay down flat, and she lowered herself onto his manhood.  She stopped at about the same point they had gotten to before, then slowly began raising and lowering her pussy on his even more excited prick.  After a moment of fucking him, she stopped and lowered herself even farther onto him.  Tim felt his cock going in further, and it began to feel a little strangled.  'She is really, really tight', he thought as he motioned for Mindy to toss him the lube.  Beth dismounted momentarily while Tim doused himself.  She lowered herself onto him again and pressed harder to get him fully inside her.  It hurt, but she had never been as sexually excited as she was right now.  She had most of him inside when she began to stroke up and down again almost to the point where just his head was in, then back down to his cock being almost all the way inside her.  After a few strokes, she surprised him by pushing herself all the way down and rested for a moment in that position while she dealt with the tremendous discomfort of the accomplishment, while simultaneously enjoying the tremendous orgasm that had snuck up on her.  Tim could feel her clamping down even tighter on him, as the temperature inside her felt like it went up 10 degrees. She leaned forward on his cock to get the maximum contact with her clitty and then moved up and down just a half inch at a time to draw out every possible shiver.  After another moment of fucking, she lifted off him, both to catch her breath and to lay back so he could mount her.  Tim wasted no time climbing aboard, pushing himself all the way in and fucking her furiously.  She was beginning to feel kind of numb, both between her legs and in her face.  She thought about his cock's 'bounty' filling her mouth as she waited for him to pull out and unload on her face or tits.  Instead, he suddenly lurched forward and emptied his balls into her.  She could feel him filling her with his seed, lost herself in the moment and clamped her legs around him to catch every drop.  She let go a little and he continued fucking her.  The cum made a sticky, gooey mess between her legs and on the floor.  She relaxed as he stopped to let it soak, then suddenly realized she wasn't on any kind of birth control.  A man, who was not her husband, that she had met just weeks before, had cum inside her.  Memories of her first (no shit, first) time with Josh, when their first daughter was conceived, rushed back to her as she began to fully realize the ramifications of what had just happened.  'Oh shit...stupid, stupid, stupid', she thought; as she got up and stumbled toward the bathroom to clean up.

The rest of the girls were sitting on the couch when Mindy realized she was the only one who hadn't been taken care of.  "Hey, what about me", she asked.  With that, Heather positioned herself between Mindy's legs and began slurping.  She was a little sore from the giant plastic monster, but quickly got into the task at hand.  Paula and Trish moved to either side and began suckling Mindy's breasts.  Tim was getting a little hard again ('what can't that man do?', thought Trish.)  He moved in behind Heather to survey her snatch.  He pulled back on his cock to make it hard on the end, and began to fish around for Heather's entrance.  He was surprised when she lowered herself so that he couldn't continue.  She was sore down there and didn't want anything parking in her 'garage' for the rest of the night.  Trish noticed that and laid over on her back so Tim could put it in her if he wanted.  She had waited all night to have him fuck her and waited anxiously for him to move in.  Instead, Tim got up and walked into the kitchen in search of a beer.  Disappointed, Trish rolled back over and gave Mindy a long kiss.  They tongue wrestled while Trish grabbed Mindy's breast and squeezed.  As they kissed, they looked into each other's eyes and felt a closeness that took them both a little by surprise.  If Trish could love a woman, it might be Mindy, or Heather.  She had never bonded with two woman the way she had with these two.  Paula was wonderful, but could be a real bitch, and Beth; and,  well, she didn't know anything about Beth.  Trish looking into her eyes made Mindy's orgasm accelerate sharply and soon she was bucking and writhing under Heather's skillful tongue dance.  Heather covered most of Mindy's pussy hole with her mouth and swallowed everything it was producing.  Heather wouldn't admit it, but she had real feelings for Mindy and Trish too.  As the waves of pleasure diminished Mindy took a deep breath and exchanged one final lingering open-mouthed kiss with Trish.  They all fell back onto the couch and discussed where to get dinner.

Beth finally came out of the bathroom where she tried in vain to get all the goo out of her pussy.  She was really worried about pregnancy and couldn't believe she fell into the sexual trance that kept her from insisting on protection.  She, of all people, should know not to succumb to such temptations without thinking.  She joined the others on the couch after dressing, getting a glass of diet cola, and lighting a cigarette.  It was after four o'clock and their inner dinner bells were ringing.  Trish called Nick, and Beth called Josh to meet them at the buffet.  After getting cleaned up and dressed, they all headed out.

Dinner was destined to be a little awkward for the club as Nick got there first to push some tables together.  Josh arrived second with two little girls in tow.  The rest arrived in separate vehicles a few minutes later and were immediately drawn to the kids.  Nick picked up the oldest and greeted her like she was his granddaughter.  They took a tour of the claw machine at the entrance and came back to the table with three or four stuffed animals to the younger girl's delight.  Nick sat down right next to the kids in their booster seats and continued interacting with them.  Trish really liked that about him.  She knew he had always wanted kids with his ex wife, but it just wasn't in the cards.  Beth stuck very close to Josh, and the kids, with the occasional look of guilt on her face.  She was genuinely worried about Tim letting loose inside her earlier, and had a look of terror on her face when Josh asked about their afternoon.  She replied, "it was OK...nothing to write home about".  She knew that she, by far, had the best fucking of her life and craved more, though the possibility of her being pregnant was scaring the shit out of her. Her mind raced as she considered going to the drug store to get the morning after pill, but knew her Catholic upbringing was solidly against that.  Funny how it didn't prevent her from 'balling' the good looking guy at the party though.  She instead decided to spend as much time as possible in bed with Josh, just in case Tim's seed had reached the promised land.  Her and Josh had talked about adding to their family as recently as a few weeks ago.  She couldn't bear the thought of Josh finding out years from now that it wasn't his.  She went into the bathroom and cried for a few minutes thinking, 'the baby is going to come out with graying hair and a huge cock'.  She laughed just a little as Trish and Heather came in a few minutes later.  They ask her what was wrong and Beth replied, "these fucking allergies are going to be the death of me!".  They knew something else was up, but didn't pry.  They helped her get fixed up and blotted dry, then Heather asked Trish, "can I come to your place for the night?".  Trish nodded yes as they exited the girl's room.

Heather and Tim's seating arrangements were rather telling.  They sat at opposite ends of the table, and didn't interact much.  She had travelled over to the restaurant with Trish.  Heather still hadn't really discussed her apparent falling out with Tim with Trish or Nick, and they were giving her plenty of space on the subject.  They all dined and 'chewed the fat' for nearly an hour before breaking up and going their separate ways.  Trish went on home while Nick dropped Heather off at her place to pick up her car.  They all had to work the next morning so it was lights out when they all got in the house.  Mindy and Paula rode together to Mindy's orgy central to spend the night.  Mindy and Paula were like sisters; having their own drawers and closet space at each other's places.  Neither would ever remarry having had pretty rough experiences with marriage and dating.  Their life suited them fine.

Beth, however, was ready (not really) for action when her and Josh got home.  After the kids settled in to watch the dinosaur sing and dance on TV, the two 'adults' made a 'bee line' to the bedroom.  She attacked him and began tugging at his clothes.  "You had a good afternoon, huh?", asked Josh.  "I ate my first girl out and had multiple women handling my every need".  "Right now, I need you inside me and to feel you close".  They disrobed and went right to the fucking.  Beth hated that about him.  He could be super stud and be attentive to the women he'd been fucking behind her back for a few months, but showed no imagination in their bedroom.  Josh dutifully pumped in and out of Beth's secretly sore, unsatisfied pussy, then tried to withdraw to cum on her stomach.  She pulled his arms out from under him forcing him to fall on her while leaving his penis inside.  He hesitated for a split second, then continued pumping until he came inside her.  She hadn't been letting him cum in her for many months, when they managed to find time to fuck, but she kept him pulled inside of her this time until it soaked for a few minutes.  She lay motionless beneath him and breathed steadily until he pulled out and sat on the edge of the bed.  Then, like a false locker room story, stroking the eager imaginations of a football star's fellow players, she slid off the bed, kneeled in front of him and cleaned his now limp, sticky cock with her mouth, bringing it almost back to attention while going down on it almost to his balls.  She gagged a little and her mouth retreated; she wiped it off on his leg, then pulled him down for a light kiss on the lips.  'Where the hell have you been all my life', Josh thought.  Over the course of the next several days Josh and Beth spent much time on their apparent second honeymoon.  She wasn't about to let a rash decision in the heat of the moment ruin her life, but she couldn't help thinking about Tim filling her with his huge cock then his equally huge load, while Josh was performing his husbandly duties.