The Exhibitionist Neighbor - The Conclusion

Info Raphael
31 Mar. '16

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I would just like to express my gratitude to everyone who has followed and enjoyed the journey that The Exhibitionist Neighbor has taken us all on. It was honestly meant as a one off story of Andrea watching her neighbor in her most private moments, the first time she's ever seen another woman touch herself. But it evolved into something different by the end of the first chapter and grew into a full work or art that I didn't anticipate to any degree. I am happy with the characters and the relationships that I was able to create, and I hope that any fans of Andrea and Melissa's that have gotten to this point will be satisfied with the eventual meeting that we all knew was going to come. Please enjoy The Exhibitionist Neighbor - The Conclusion.


Andrea was frozen. The sound of the doorbell made her heart race out of control as her legs began to tingle and grow weak. She still stood naked, her body glistening with sweat, her pussy still tingling with pleasure and wet with release. The doorbell rang again, the sound reverberating in Andrea’s head as she grabbed her nearby robe. It was black and silky, going just low enough on her thigh to cover her butt.

She made her way through the house, her mind reeling. Half of her made her think that Melissa was angry; the other half was convinced Melissa was making a move that she never thought would be made. Neither thought brought a lot of comfort as Andrea looked through the peephole in the door. Melissa stood uneasily on the other side. The look on her face gave Andrea second thoughts, a look that she couldn’t tell was due to anger or frustration or a mix of many.

Andrea opened the door slowly, just wide enough so Melissa could see all of her but that she could close the door easily if she decided to chicken out. Melissa wore the t-shirt and jeans, but Andrea couldn’t help but notice the button was undone as Melissa failed to fully dress (or didn’t bother to do so). She wasn’t even wearing shoes, her toes covered in grass and dew. “Hey,” Andrea said, her voice soft and failing.

“Hey,” Melissa said. She was breathing slightly heavy, but it was only noticeable as the two stared at each other for what seemed like hours. Andrea’s heart was pounding in her ears, the vibration in her chest making it hard to breathe. Just as she was about to speak, Melissa stepped forward, pushing the door open wide as she moved in just far enough to slam it behind her. She grabbed Andrea by the arms and turned her, pushing her against the wall in a way that was firm, but made Andrea feel a jolt of excitement as the stood inches apart. “I need to tell you something,” Melissa said. Andrea could feel her shaking with excitement and nerves and nodded to encourage her to continue.

But Melissa didn’t say a word. She simply leaned forward, pressing her lips against Andrea’s, pushing Andrea’s head gently against the walls. Melissa’s hands slipped to Andrea’s sides, pulling their bodies close together as Andrea’s feelings of shock subsided and her nerves turned to a shot of pure enjoyment. She wrapped her arms around Melissa’s neck and kissed her back, opening her mouth to invite the other girl’s tongue inside. A small moan escaped her lips. It triggered a reaction from Melissa, one that pressed her body against her even more and urged their kissing to another level of passion.

They were breathing heavy against the wall, feeding off each other’s lust. Melissa was certainly more in control, her hands exploring Andrea’s body in a teasing way where she avoided Andrea’s most sensitive spots but made Andrea’s body heat up for the second time that night. Melissa found the sash that kept Andrea’s robe closed, pulling it and letting it all fall to the floor. She stepped back a small bit, biting her lip as she took in Andrea’s naked body up close. “We should probably…” she said, her voice trailing off.

“Yeah,” Andrea said, “definitely.” She grabbed Melissa’s hand and pulled her toward the bedroom, but was pulled back only a few steps into the hallway. They were again against the wall, pushing each other back and forth as they kissed one another hard and deep. Andrea peeled away Melissa’s shirt, exposing a black and purple bra underneath, grasping her breasts as she kissed Melissa’s collar bone. Melissa held her tightly, moaning as she ran her hands up and down Andrea’s exposed skin, grasping her ass firmly as she pulled her down the hallway.

They continued this way, almost reaching the bedroom when Melissa again pinned Andrea against the wall. She grasped Andrea’s breast firmly as they kissed, finding her hard nipple and pinching it lustfully while their tongues flowing over each other’s and hungrily moving as deep inside each other as possible. Melissa’s lips moved to Andrea’s cheek and then her neck as her hand slipped down over Andrea’s stomach. She stopped at the smooth skin between Andrea’s legs; it made her jump, still sensitive from the attention she gave it during her earlier show. Melissa slid a finger along Andrea’s wet lips and breathed heavily into Andrea’s ear; she could hardly stand, propped against the wall like she was. Her knees buckled as she felt Melissa move lower as she heard her say, “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve touched myself thinking about touching you like this.”

Andrea couldn’t respond. Her eyes were closed, rolled back in pleasure as her breath entered and left her body in nearly the same moments. She felt Melissa press against her, pushing just inside; the feeling of something inside her, of Melissa inside her, drew out a low moan that filled the house. The finger slid in and out, starting slow, but picking up speed as she felt Melissa’s natural lubrication cover her. The pressure subsided as Melissa withdrew her finger, much to Andrea’s dismay, but her eyes opened to see Melissa looking directly into her eyes. “I’ve been wondering this too,” she said, slipping the covered finger into her mouth. Melissa sucked it clean, slowly, making an approving sound. A rush flew through Andrea as she watched one of the sexiest things she had ever seen and she grabbed Melissa, pulling her into the bedroom.

Andrea held them together, kissing aggressively, more in control now than ever before. Melissa’s jeans were dropped to the floor, just before they reached the bed. Andrea surprised herself as she pushed Melissa onto the bed; Melissa loved every moment of it, laying back with her arms above her head. Her breasts were still hidden behind the black and purple lingerie she has (luckily) been wearing. She looked to the foot of the bed where Andrea stood, a woman possessed, her breasts rising and falling from heavy breathes. Melissa was breathing heavy too and Andrea found herself mesmerized as she stood over her confidently. Her resolve waned as Melissa smiled, flipping her hair, and opened her legs for Andrea.

She was on top of her in seconds, their lips locked once more as Melissa wrapped her legs around her and held her tightly to her. Andrea pulled her and Melissa responded, sitting up as Andrea’s fingers snaked behind her back and unclasped her bra. Her small breasts became exposed as the bra was dropped to the floor; Andrea took them in her hands, smiling as she felt them for the first time. Her lips moved to Melissa’s nipple as they fell back onto the bed. What followed was a playful banter, flipping each other over, touching each other’s breasts and nipples, kissing everywhere that skin was now exposed.

Melissa found herself on her back at one point, with Andrea kneeling between her legs. Andrea’s hands slid up and down Melissa’s thighs, urging soft moans from her every time Andrea moved closer to her panties. Finally Andrea touched her, running her fingers over the soft fabric; it was warm and damp to the touch, but nothing like what it felt like when she pushed the fabric aside. “You’re burning,” Andrea whispered as she felt the smooth folds of skin, already slick to the touch. She traced her finger up and down, feeling Melissa’s hard clit, making her jump, before sliding the finger down and finding her pussy begging for entry.

“Please fuck me,” Melissa said, her eyes begging for Andrea to enter her, “It’s all I’ve been thinking about this past week.” Andrea smiled and leaned in, kissing Melissa’s stomach as she gently pushed her finger inside. She was all the way in in a moment, going in as easily as she could have imagined. Melissa’s sweet moans filled her ears, moans that Andrea had heard from across the yard, but were all the sweeter in the same room. Andrea moved her finger in and out easily as Melissa’s hips began to rock in time. She pressed her finger up, pulling it to her each time she did to rub against Andrea’s most sensitive inner parts.

They moved faster, together as one person. Andrea removed Melissa’s panties without a word, barely skipping a beat as she slipped her finger back inside. She leaned in then, arching her back from her kneeling position, he breath meeting Melissa’s sensitive clit moments before her tongue passed over it. Melissa jumped at the touch but begged her for more, and Andrea did not disappoint. She removed her finger and laid down, her mouth fully pressed against Melissa’s honeyed lips and clit. She slid her tongue in circles, occasionally sliding down and pressing just against the opening that spilled her juices freely. Andrea couldn’t get enough, but she wanted to make Melissa feel amazing and she knew just how to do it.

She stood up, grabbing the vibrator she had just used off the nightstand. Melissa caught her eye and arched her back as a wave of pleasure moved through her. Andrea moved towards the bathroom to wash the toy, but before she could Melissa said, “No, don’t. It’s fine, I trust you. Just please…” Her words trailed off, making Andrea freeze. But she returned to the bed and laid next to Melissa. The wet toy became even wetter as she rubbed it against Melissa, up and down her lips and gently against her opening. Melissa found it too slow for her liking and reached down, grabbing Andreas hand and forcing the vibrating toy inside her. She screamed at the intensity but pulled and pushed Andrea’s hand until she did it herself. They kissed passionately as Andrea fucked her, pressing their foreheads together as Melissa’s breathing became faster and faster. Her body arched as she gripped Andrea tightly.

“Please don’t stop.” Melissa said it again and again as she shook. Sweat covered her stomach and breasts and slid down her neck as Andrea kissed her from her ear to the base of her neck. Melissa shook violently, her legs crossing, out of control as her pussy clenched around the vibrations. Andrea grinned, biting her ear as she felt her neighbor, her lover, shake in her arms and finally relax and push the toy away. Andrea sat up, kissing her passionately as Melissa tried to catch her breath, only able to after a few minutes of Andrea holding her, kissing her neck and mouth and chest.

“That was incredible Andrea,” Melissa said, staring at the ceiling as Andrea laid next to her.

“I’m glad you agree,” Andrea said. In the dim light of the room, still only lit by the single lamp by the window, she took Melissa’s slender body in. She was gorgeous and Andrea knew she was never going to forget that moment. As Melissa closed her eyes, her small breasts rising and lower as she relaxed, Andrea couldn’t help but say what she had been thinking the entire time.

“I think I’m in love with you,” she said, feeling a flush pass across her face. She watched a smile pass across Melissa’s lips as she turned onto her side to look her in the eye.

“I’m not one to say I love you,” Melissa said, “but I feel the same way.” She strained her neck forward, lightly kissing Andrea once, then twice, holding the third one a moment longer. The third turned into five and then ten, light touches changing to heavy exchanges as Melissa played with one of Andrea’s nipples. She soon pushed Andrea onto her back, throwing her leg over to straddle her, their breasts pressed against each other as they kissed. Melissa started moving down Andrea’s body, looking up at Andrea as she did and said, “I’ve been dying for another taste.”

Andrea laid back as she felt Melissa’s lips around her clit. She sucked gently, just enough to pull on her clit as Melissa’s tongue ran against her again and again. Andrea instinctively reached down, wrapping her fingers in Melissa’s hair and pulling her tighter to her. Melissa did not disappoint as she kissed and licked, sucking on each and every bit before finally moving lower and pressing against her opening. “Yes,” Andrea hissed. Melissa took the hint and continued, pressing her tongue against the sweet opening, lapping up the pleasures that spilled from her. Andrea felt a hand sliding up her thigh, a finger replacing the tongue and entering her swiftly.

Melissa sat up, throwing a leg over one of Andrea’s to straddle her. She worked her fingers like magic, two inside Andrea while she used the thumb of her other hand on Andrea’s clit. Melissa rocked in a rhythemic motion, both hands working together as she ground her pussy against Andrea’s leg. It was heaven for them both, their gasps for breath filling the room as Andrea felt a pleasurable ball beginning to grow in her stomach. Her moans turned to words, repeated again and again to drive Melissa on. “Don’t you dare stop,” Andrea said, over and over.

“Never,” Melissa said, even speeding up to pleasure her more. Andrea’s body tightened as she did and she felt the familiar signs of going too far, of crossing over the edge to ecstasy and pleasure that she had been dying to feel at the hands of another, at the hands of Melissa. Her moans and screams of pleasure echoed out the window and through the neighborhood, but neither woman noticed. The gripped each other tightly, falling onto the bed together; Andrea kissed Melissa again and again as she shook in Melissa’s arms, before finally falling back in perfect relaxation.

Their breathing was the only thing they heard for the next few minutes. Then there was silence as they laid next to each other, side by side, looking into each other’s eyes as they slowly fell asleep.



Andrea and Melissa started dating the next day. The night of passion and lust led to a long conversation as to how they felt, but neither of them could convince themselves that it was just about the lust, about the window watching pleasure. They spent the next weekend together, exploring each other’s bodies in every way imaginable, but also in going out and learning about each other in other ways as well. They clicked even more and after two months of sleeping at each other’s houses, and Melissa slowly moving in, they decided to just make it official.

Melissa’s house was on the market for three months, three blissful months of passion and pleasure, of lust and learning. Their relationship grew in ways that they couldn’t imagine; Andrea found herself cuddled up on the couch watching movies each night, or cooking dinner together. But no matter what they did, they enjoyed it and grew closer and closer.

Of course, their sex life continued to thrill as well. Melissa had a collection of sex toys she introduced Andrea to, and most nights they found themselves heaving with pleasure after hours of passion. Their blinds were never closed of course, even though the house next door remained empty. Melissa’s love for the risk of being seen pushed Andrea to do things she never thought she would do. They sunbathed naked in the backyard, easily in view of anyone who may step out their back door and look down the line of lots. They would go for jogs through the trails in the nearby woods; they rarely completed a run without Melissa taking off her shirt or pulling Andrea just off the trail to eat her out. They began driving to work together, masturbating together and even having sex in the backseat of the car during Andrea’s lunch break one day.

But every night as they changed, both of them thought about the window and the way they felt looking out and expecting to see the other standing there. It was something they both wanted to return to, for fun and excitement if nothing else, but they were unable to truly find a way. It wasn’t until one afternoon, coming home from a day of shopping, when they pulled into the driveway and saw the mover’s truck in the driveway next door. They watched a young couple, around their own age, unpack vans and furniture and bring it into the house. Andrea and Melissa both thought the same thing.

Andrea stepped out of the shower around 9:00. Melissa was just finishing up as she stood in front of her dressing, stark naked in front of the window. The blinds where down, but not turned shut as she glanced out. The bedroom light across the way was on and she watched the young woman who now lived there walk across the room again and again. She stepped towards the window, tingles starting between her legs, tingles she never would have felt if she had never met Melissa. She stood and waited for only a minute before the woman across the yard came to stand in front of the window. She had glanced out and then looked away, only to look back and stare. Her face expressed shock, but Andrea caught her eye and they stared at each other. Andrea raised a hand and gave her a small wave, feeling Melissa come up to stand and put an arm around her. Melissa also waved before turning Andrea to kiss her. They held the kiss for a moment before looking back out the window; a nervous giggle escaped Andrea’s lips as she reached towards the string of the blinds. Andrea gave the woman in the house across the way one more look, one more smile, before closing the blinds.