Our Little Secret

“You could’ve just come over.”  I closed the door behind me and smiled when he leaned in to give me a kiss.  “You didn’t have to call.”

“I know.  Just wanted to hear your voice.”

“Ok, It’s 11:00 at night.  Could you not be…” I waved my hand in front of him.  “You for like...two seconds. I’m not really sure I can handle it.”

He laughed and kissed me on the cheek, warmth blooming over my face.  “How did your audition go?”

“Fine I guess; on short notice.  It’ll be amazing if I do get the part, but the room was seriously packed.  Hopefully I’ll know by Wednesday if I get the callback. How was your day?” 

“Busy and stressful, but overall it was good.”  After taking off his shoes, he followed me into the living room and stood in front of me as I leaned against the back of the couch, stroking his hands up and down my upper arms.  “I just wish I didn’t have to leave and stay late on a Saturday due to someone else’s mistake.”

I raised my hand and ran my fingers through his hair.  “Sorry, baby. Anything I can do to make it better?”

His hands caressed down to my sides.  “Don’t be, it’s not your fault. Everything’s ready for the meeting on Monday, so that’s all that matters.  Just being near you helps a lot.”

The only light in the living room was from the two table lamps on either side of us and the muted television playing a rerun of some reality show.  It really didn’t matter. All I cared about was him in front of me; comfortable in a grey and black t-shirt, dark wash jeans, fresh from the shower and smelling a combination of soap and his intoxicating scent.  

An important conversation and incredible sex spread out on my newly purchased kitchen table had me thinking of everything that went on last night.  Ever since he left this morning I wanted him back here. Knowing his presence lingered throughout my house even when he left both aroused and pained me.  The sweltering August night heat made it even worse now that he was standing in front of me, gazing with those dark eyes and grinning that sexy grin. My eyes averted to the floor—anything to prolong my inevitable fall—and landed on the belt wrapped tight around his waist.  

My fingers played over the gold buckle, somewhat shining underneath the low light.  “I love this.” I said, mumbling more to myself.

“Got it last year while I was in New York visiting some friends.”  His fingers pushed the fallen hair from my bun while his other hand teased the small strip of skin at the bottom of my white cami.  “I guess you could say it’s my favorite.”

“Hmm.”  I dragged my fingers over the soft, worn brown leather.  Painted images aroused my imagination; the belt slowly running over my ass, the sting of pleasured pain shooting straight through my taut body.  Or...

“I can see your mind spinning, sweetheart.  You want to share?”

“Are you hungry?”  My voice strangled more than I thought it would.  “I made some pasta for dinner. I could heat some up.”


It’s only been a few months since we first met, and seeing him surfing through the endless stream of movie channels made me smile, loving how at home he already was in my house.  Time really does fly when you’re spend it with someone you love. Love...still doesn’t feel real we made that leap and both of us said what has obviously been on our minds for a while.  My heart fluttered just thinking about that night.

He thanked me as I handed him the plate, finally deciding to leave it on the local news. We talked about what happened over the past few days of not seeing each other—both of us busy with our separate lives—while discussing some of the news topics that interested us and spending a quiet night together at home.  It was crazy to think how much our relationship has changed in the past few months and how much we’ve changed, thankfully all for the better.

After he finished eating, I curled up into him and laid my head on his chest.  The rhythmic beat of his heart soothed me as he gently combed his fingers through my hair. Feeling the calmness of his chest rising and falling with every measured breath, my eyes slid shut and I relaxed into a lulled contentment.  The warmth of his body, hand sliding down to caress my back while the other played with the remote sitting next to him, fingers lightly tapped over the various buttons.  I could get used to this being our regular Saturday nights.

I teased my hand over his stomach and a small smile curled my lips when his stomach tensed from the tickling touches.  The jazzy opening of the ‘The Late Show’ played throughout the room, his fingers drawing soft patterns along my upper arm as mine traced over the cool metal prong of his belt.   “I would love it if you’d choked me with this one day.” My eyes widened and my hand stilled. Did I really just say that?

“I could do that.”

My skin grew hot as I looked up at him, wondering if I heard him right. “Don’t joke with me.”

“Who said I was joking?”  The back of his hand stroked my flushed cheek.  “If it’s what you want, then…”

“I want to explore and try everything with you.  It’s weird, I know, but it’s something I’ve never wanted with anyone else.”

“Don’t ever be afraid or embarrassed to tell me what you want, sweetheart.  We both want this. If the time comes when there ever is something that makes one of us uncomfortable, then we can talk about it.”

I nodded, moving to sit up on my knees.  A slight grin pulled at my lips. “You bring something out in me.”

His fingers enclosed around my neck; the smallest amount of pressure applied.  Eyes wide and lips slightly parted, the small moan I let out was enough for a low growl to tease my ear.  “That’s what I would like to explore.”

A small smile curled my lips when I leaned in and kissed him, movements growing more passionate when I moved to straddle his lap.  I snaked my hand underneath his shirt and dragged my after dark nails up and down his chest, feeling his once calm breathing turn ragged and the irregular thumps of his quickening heartbeat.

“I’ve never been spanked with a belt before either."

Fingers dug deep into my hips.  “Fuck. Whose teasing who now?”

“You still are, baby.  You always are.”

Lips traced over my neck, tongue darted out and dragged delicate over the rapidly beating pulse point.  A soft nip to my lobe as I rolled my hips into him. Fingers trailed back and forth over the leather, aching for him with every slow, torturous grind.  My head swirled; drunk to his languid seduction, conjuring up all of the delightful things he could do to me. That I wanted him to do to me.

He stopped my hips and traced a finger down my jaw, lifting my head to meet his eyes. “Have you given our previous discussion any thought?”

I whimpered.  “Yes, sir.”

“Take it off.”

The piercing clank of metal echoed deep throughout the quiet living room.  My hands shook underneath the weight of his intimidating presence. Dark eyes stared down until his tight grip settled on my wrist when my fingers moved to the silver button at the top of his jeans.  With composure contained under a thinly-veiled guise of self-controlled breaths, he grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head, throwing it onto the chair across the room.

“Turn around,” he said, his voice rough but contained the slightest tremble.  He was desperate to hold onto any semblance of control, not wanting to let his emotions take over and ruin the moment.  I wanted to assure him, knowing full well he wouldn’t do anything to hurt me, but I knew it would break the concentration and strong demeanor he had built up.  “Bend over the couch.”

Grabbing the remote, I muted the television and got off his lap to pull off my pajama shorts—white and floral panties the only things left on me.  I situated myself over the mounds of cushions against the back of the couch; shivers of anxious excitement ran down my spine. His hand slid over my ass, roughly grabbing and kneading it in his hand as I heard a long inhale of breath.  “Hands behind your back and don’t move.”

Then he was gone before I even had the chance to react.  My legs trembled, breath ragged as I waited for him to return, wanting to relieve the tingling, throbbing wetness between my legs.  My breasts were full and chest was tight confined in the matching bra, pushing against the soft white cushions; nipples hardened with each quick exhale.  Seconds felt like hours wondering where he could have gone to. Obviously, I knew he wasn’t very far since I didn’t hear the front door down the hall, but I couldn’t help but feel nervous.  Not in a bad way by any means. I trusted him and had nothing to hide, mainly because of not knowing what was to come.

Would he go easy on me?  Since it was the first time we have ever done something like this together.  Or, knowing my stubborn and competitive nature, would he dive straight in and show no mercy, taming me in the way I’ve thought about ever since we met.  Flashes of that night blinded any real thought in my head as the throbbing between my legs became almost unbearable. I slowly slid a hand down over my covered pussy—just for a minute I told myself—and rubbed my fingers over my already hard clit, feeling the wet spot that had developed from earlier on.  I slid my bottom lip through my teeth, plump and tingling from his kisses, eyes closed as I drifted off with only thoughts of him on my mind.

"Ah Ah, did I give you permission to touch yourself?"

I jumped a bit, hitting my hand against the back of the couch as I tried to play it cool.  He grabbed my hand and pulled it from between my legs, tongue dragging over the pad of my finger and tasting the thin layer of slick coating left behind.  A distant familiar sound played from my open bedroom door; a wide smile formed on my face. “Love the song choice, baby.”

“Probably a bad idea to add to my playlist.  I really cannot listen to this song anymore without becoming hard, it’s been such a reminder of how you looked that night.”  The carpet rustled underneath each footstep as he walked around the couch to stand in front of me. “Not that I’m complaining, but now it’ll remind me of this moment.”

It was always a sight to see him on the verge of his breaking point; my teasing usually being the culprit.  But this...this was different. Chills ran down my spine from that dark, wild stare penetrating mine. Lips trembled when the rough pad of his thumb dragged slow over my swollen bottom lip; my mind conflicted with wanting him to continue, but also content to see him walk the razor sharp line of control.   

“I’ll be reminded of how beautiful you look right now; plump lips swollen red, half-lidded eyes drowned in pleasure,” he whispered, licking his lips before taking a deep breath and continued on with fingers tickling the sensitive skin of my neck.  “And of course, my favorite belt wrapped firm around your pretty neck.”

Twisted...depraved...wrong.  Words that should not describe a quiet night at home, but that’s how most people would describe this situation.  On the one hand, quiet nights spent cuddled together and mornings around the kitchen table with discussions and coffee with him sounded great—amazing even.  Then I drifted off and thought of fervent kisses and bites against walls, hair pulling over any surface imaginable, and sinful words covertly whispered amongst the unsuspecting masses; a teasing prequel for what would later follow.  

Why would you want that?  This is what filled my mind as he walked back around and slowly pulled down my panties, hearing them drop to the carpeted floor.  After taking off my bra, he positioned my hands behind my back, tying them with what I assumed was a scarf from my room. Another one—a pale yellow and white one that I had hanging on my doorknob—covered my eyes, blinding me from the glare of the TV and everything he was about to do to me.  Senses heightened, the tiny hairs on the back of my neck and arms stood up, and skin vibrated from the pent up anxiousness inside me. He caressed his hand over my ass before a cold wind breezed over me.  “Please!” I said, a little louder than anticipated. “Please don’t go easy.  I can handle it.”

A warm shiver of breath danced over my shoulder blades, warming my already sensitive skin before he placed a soft kiss between both them.  “I want to do this right. I need too. Please forgive me if it seems as if I’m going easy on you, sweetheart.”

Endearing...there wasn’t a word strong enough to describe him or my love for him.  Why even try? Why try and label something that was just us? I smiled and dismissed all my frivolous thought, settling into our precious moment.  

The first smack startled me.  So much so that I gasped and grabbed the soft pillows underneath me.  Nails dug deep into the pale pink throw, grounding myself in preparation for the next hard smack.  Cool leather crawled down my back; teasing swirls soothing my hot skin. The next one was harder, louder, and pulled a small yelp from my lips.  Pain and pleasure ripped though my body, tearing my emotions apart with each rhythmic smack. Hurt? Aroused? A little of both or maybe neither? My mind was a complete jumbled mess as it tried to process everything that was going on.  However, my body took to it much faster. Nipples teased red and hard, skin warm and flushed, and juices tickled my thigh as they dropped slow from my swollen lips.

“You’re shaking, sweetheart.  Is this what you want?”

His hand caressed the heated skin; a small smack awoke me from my daze.  “Yes, sir.”

“You think about this a lot, don’t you?”  I could barely hear his footsteps around me, unsure of his exact location.  “In the morning when you first wake up, at your auditions, in class during a boring lecture, or at night when your hand trails down to your second pair of wet panties.”

“All the time, sir.  I can’t stop thinking about it.”

I sucked in a breath when I heard the low groan.  “You want to stop.  You know you shouldn’t, but you just can’t help but think of such naughty things.”  

I nodded and jumped, startled when I felt his lips caressed my ear. “You,” he said in a rough whisper.  “Are such a bad girl.”

The leather stung my ass with each smack.  The more he continued on, the closer I got to the edge; spankings from a leather belt and his controlled voice the only things getting me there.  Tears stung my eyes from behind the makeshift blindfold. It hurt. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t, but it also felt euphoric. An overwhelming pleasure wracked my body with the need for him to slide deep inside me, having me bent over the back of my couch and reminding me of each pleasurable thrust every time I sit down in it.

“Has anyone around you ever said anything?  I know your cheeks turn pink when you’re aroused.  Did they ever ask if you’re feeling okay or go on about how the warm weather is as you squirm in your seat?”

“A few, sir.”

Another smack followed by another and then his hand soothing over the skin.  He dipped his fingers lower, sliding them between my lips as I rolled my hips into them, biting my pillow to keep the echoed screams inside.  For now anyway.

“I think it’s about time.  Don’t you think, sweetheart?”  

I don’t think I’ve nodded faster in my life.  He pulled his out from between my legs and dragged them over my lips, moaning as I quickly wrapped my lips tight around them. Another hard smack had me sucking his fingers faster, almost deep-throating them until he pulled them out from my mouth with a grunt.  Every sense was magnified to its highest degree. The subtle scent of him before was now so potent that it was hard to breathe. Clothes rustled as he shed them over various places of the room, ringing loud throughout my head.  And my skin vibrated as he deftly slipped the belt around my neck; warmed leather and metal clanking near my ear almost caused me to cum right there.

“Too tight?”

I shook my head slightly.  “No, sir.”

“Remember the signal?”

“Hit the cushion hard twice,” I said, showing him as I leaned back and waited for his soft kiss.  “It’s fine. I trust you, baby.”

Low whispers meant only for my ears melted any kind of uneasiness that was left inside me.  He kissed the top of my head and guided me to lean over the couch again; another kiss gently placed just below my shoulder.  The tip of his cock slid between my wet lips, low moans slipping from my mouth every time the head dragged over my sensitive clit.  Second after second of agonizing torture—moans turned to gasps then to high pitched whimpers—he finally slid inside me, the belt pulled snug against my neck.  Shocks of pleasure shot through my body. My head spun and my lips fell open to the strained, wicked poetry crafted of the most beautifully obscene words my mind could come up with in my lust induced state.  I pushed my hips back into him, needing him deeper, completely filling me.

“Fuck.  You’re so tight, sweetheart.”

“More,” I sobbed.  “Please more. Tighter...harder.”

I wanted to scream when his hips thrusted in slow, teasing movements. The belt was just tight enough to cause a slight pressure, but still loose enough for me to breathe.  My hips moved faster into his, doing everything I could to get him closer to me and that belt tighter around my neck. Another hard smack on my ass vibrated throughout my body as he pulled the belt a little tighter.  “Yes shit, sweetheart. Fuck yourself onto me.”

Pushing myself up a little, I worked my hips back into him, feeling his hard cock slide deep inside me.  Moans flowed with each toe curling, nail digging thrust; shivers from how his cock teased all around me. The belt tightened around my neck and a long whimper slipped out, aroused by the slow restriction of breath.  Muscles tightened, pleasure pulsed through my veins while signals of pain scattered around in my head.

I should stop this; hands loose against the couch, debating whether I should.  Or wanted to. The tighter the belt got, the harder his smacks became, the more difficult it was for me to remember why I should stop.  Not being able to take it anymore, my hand slid down between my legs, circling around my swollen clit and causing his hips to move faster into me.  Fuck, I needed to cum. I could care less about anything else right now, I wanted the slow burn and the sharp pleasure. The stinging warmth on my ass and the tightness around my neck.  I only wanted him and I didn’t care about anything else.

Hard pounds followed by harder smacks against my ass were enough to have my eyes rolling back into my head, hips whipping back as I desperately chased both my next breath and the orgasm teetering on the edge.  I cried out when his teeth connected to the crook between my neck and shoulder, groaning while slipping his hand around to play with my breasts. “Tell me who you belong to.”

“You,” I said, my voice strangled and throat raw from both my harsh noises and my failed attempts at trying to catch my breath from behind the tight belt.  “Fuck. Only you, sir.”

A loud growl throughout the otherwise quiet room startled me, the jagged thrusts of his hips telling me he was just as close to the edge as I was.  Another bite; this time on my shoulder, had me shaking against him, pulling the belt even tighter as I felt him leave a bite mark in the middle of my back.  “That’s it, you’re right there.”

“Oh my,” I said, barely able to speak.  “Harder, faster, tighter. Yes like that, baby.”

I licked my dry lips, hearing the couch creak under the weight of both our movements and almost being lifted off the ground with our continued thrusts.  Our orgasms crashed through our tired and sweat soaked bodies; the mixture of our sounds drowning out even the loudest of noises. Thrust after slow thrust of his hips sent aftershocks through me, his groans sending more shivers down my spine.  He lazily untied my hands and I leaned back into him; our lips connecting in a hungry kiss that ended slow and sweet. A giggle left my mouth when I felt the small grin against my lips after the teasing bite I left.

Once we both recovered, he unwrapped the belt loosely still around my neck and threw it onto the chair across the room, lips connecting to my neck.  Light kisses caressed over teeth carved marks and what I could only assume to be a large red or possibly purple mark circled around my neck. Arms held me close to him as he pulled off the scarf and set it down next to me; dilated eyes adjusting to the wave of harsh, low yellow light.  

We both stood like this for what felt like forever; whispers, strokes and kisses both helped us to come to terms with what just conspired while still prolonging the fire smoldering inside both of us, until we were both ready to continue our quiet night at home together upstairs. On the one hand, I wanted to shout it from the mountaintops about our completely satisfied sex life. But, then I think to myself, maybe it’ll just be our little secret.

Well...as long as the neighbors didn’t hear us.

©2017 Sinful Caramel