The Boss's Wife

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04 Sep. '18

That was a company Christmas party I’ll remember for a long time.  I was standing at the bar waiting for my drinks when someone bumped into me.  When I turned around to see who was being so clumsy, I came face to face with a good looking redhead in a prim black dress.  She apologized for bumping into me, and then walked off into the crowd.  I didn’t remember seeing her before, but I didn’t give her much thought.  There’s a pretty high turnover rate among our secretaries and I figured she was just one I’d missed.  

I picked up my drinks and headed back to join my wife, Jenny.  It was time for the inevitable speech by our vice president.  He always had to, in his words, “say a little about this year’s performance before dinner.”  His few words always turned into at least half an hour while he droned on about sales and profit in the various divisions.

Well, as always, Ted’s speech was about as interesting as watching a scab form.  Jenny’s eyes rolled back in her head after the first five minutes.  After ten minutes, she’d finished her rum and cola, and started drumming her fingers on the table.  I was daydreaming about what Jenny and I would do after the party, and almost missed the word “retirement”.  I couldn’t believe it.  Ted was retiring after the holidays.  

He beckoned to a fortyish looking man sitting at the table next to ours.  When the guy stood up, Ted introduced him as Walt Fellows, the former manager of our London office, and said Walt had been tapped as the new vice president.  The crowd gave Walt the obligatory applause, hoping that would signal the end of the speeches and the start of dinner.  Jenny and I both heaved a sigh of relief when it did.  It was then that I saw Kathy again, although I didn’t know her name at the time.  She was sitting beside Walt, and I saw her smile at him when he sat back down.  

About ten, Jenny went to the restroom.  When she came back she was chuckling.  I asked her why.

“I met your new boss’s wife in the restroom.”


“Well, there was no paper in her stall, so I handed her some under the partition.  She introduced herself while we were washing our hands.  I asked her if she was enjoying living in Chicago.  She said Chicago was OK, but she missed London and all the friends she made there.  I think she’s a little drunk, because she put her hand on my arm and told me she thought we were a very sexy couple.  I think she was coming on to me.  Imagine that, a vice president with a wife who likes girls.  Oh, her name’s Kathy and she’s originally from New York.  She met Walt while he was there on business.”

A scene of me getting fired flashed before my eyes.  My company is pretty conservative about everything, and if Jenny had told Kathy about sometimes liking to be with another woman, and Kathy told her husband…

Jenny looked at me and grinned.

“Don’t look so worried.  I know what you’re thinking and I didn’t say anything except to thank her for the compliment.”

Later on that evening, Jenny poked me in the ribs and whispered in my ear.

“Don’t look now, Sam, but we’re being flashed.”


“Kathy, over there.”

I looked absently around the room as if searching for someone I knew until I was facing Walt and Kathy’s table.  She was sitting there facing us with her legs crossed.  Her black dress had ridden up her thighs and I could see the lace tops of her black stockings.  When I looked up, Kathy was staring right at me and smiling.  She uncrossed her legs and for a second I could see lacy black between her satin thighs.  I quickly looked away, but not before I saw her chuckle to herself.  Walt was absorbed in conversation with Ted, and apparently didn’t notice anything.

I kept sneaking a peek now and then, and if Kathy saw me looking, she would either cross or uncross her long, nylon clad legs, depending on how she was sitting at the time.  Each time, she seemed to pause for just a second to give me a view of her lace clad pussy, and each time, there was that smile.  

Walt turned out to be an OK guy.  He worked our asses off every day, but by July, we all got comfortable with him being our boss and things settled down to what passes for normal in most offices.  We had a pretty good first and second quarter, so Walt threw a picnic for us and our spouses at a local park.  There was lots of food, several coolers of iced down beer, and a softball game for the younger crowd.  

I’m way past playing softball, so I picked up another cold beer and watched.  Mid-way through the third inning, I hiked up the hill to the restroom.  When I came out, there stood Kathy with that same smile on her face.  She looked really sexy in the little short skirt and tank top.  I tried not to stare, but she had great legs and her cleavage pulled at my eyes from the low-cut top.  Kathy didn’t seem to notice.

“I see you don’t play softball either”, she said.

“No.  Used to, but I’m not in the shape I used to be.”

“Looks like you’re in pretty good shape to me.  

“Your husband has me running all day long.  Maybe that’s it.”

Kathy chuckled.  “I’ve heard that before.  He doesn’t wear you out too much, does he?”

“Let’s just say I don’t have much trouble sleeping.”

She chuckled again.  “Then I feel sorry for your wife.”


“Well, if you’re so tired, you can’t…um…well, you know…help her out.”

I’m a bit thickheaded sometimes, and it took a second or two to connect her words with her wicked little grin.  Then I babbled a little.

“Oh, I help…Ohhhh, you mean…-“

Kathy beamed me a huge smile.

“Yes, that’s what I mean.”

“Oh, well, um, we’re not…were not having any problems with that.”

“That’s good.  I’d hate to think my husband was responsible for hurting your marriage.”

“Nope, not at all.”

“Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to burst.  Hey, why don’t you wait for me, and we can walk back together?”

What do you say in a situation like this?   I couldn’t very well say no, so I hung around the restroom until she came out.

Kathy came out smoothing her tank top over her breasts, and I noticed that her nipples were showing.  They hadn’t been before.  Just then she dropped her purse behind her.  When she turned around and bent over to pick it up, I almost fell down.  She was bare under the skirt.  I saw smooth, round hips and shaved lips peeking from the little hollow between her thighs.  I was still staring when she stood up and turned to face me.  There was a frown on her face.

“Now just what do you think you were doing?”

“Uh, well, Mrs. Fellows, I’m sorry.  I couldn’t help but look.  I –“

She beamed me that smile again.  “Of course you couldn’t.  You were supposed to look.  Like what you saw?”

This was getting sticky and I don’t mean the nice kind of sticky.  I just knew I was on the edge of losing my job.

“Mrs. Fellows, I don’t think –“

Kathy batted her eyes and licked her lips.  “You don’t have to think.  All you have to do is answer me.”

“Well, yes, I liked it.  What man wouldn’t?”

“That’s what I hoped you’d say, especially since I took the trouble to take off my underwear for you.  It’s not like I do this for just any man.  I’ve been attracted to you since the Christmas party.  You noticed me then, too, didn’t you?”

“Uh, yes, but I thought you were just a little into your cups.”

“That what your wife thought too?  I saw her looking at me, and it wasn’t just once.  I think maybe she liked me too.  Is that true?”

Jenny and I had talked about that on the way home from the party.  She’d said Kathy turned her on, and that she’d love to play with her.

“Yeah, that’s true too.”

“Ok, then, now we understand each other.  Don’t look so worried.  I won’t say anything to Walt.  See, um, we have a sort of special marriage.  Walt isn’t the man he used to be, and, well, I need things he just can’t give me.  In London…in London I had a close friend who understood.  Richard was about your age, and like you, he was married to a gorgeous, sexy woman.  Her name was Liz – short for Elizabeth.  Walt doesn’t just work you all hours of the day.  He works all day with you, and then he works at night, too.  Richard and Liz kept me being bored to death.”

“And Walt didn’t know?”

“After a while he knew, and it surprised me how he felt.  He liked it.  It’s a little complicated, but basically, since he couldn’t anymore, he liked to hear me tell him about what Richard, Liz, and I did together.”

“There are drugs now, that –“

“We know about them, but I really think Walt likes it better this way.  He likes to hear about his wife having sex with another man.  He loved it when we took pictures and I brought them home to him.  He’d stare at them and tell me how sexy I looked with Richard or Elizabeth.”

“They didn’t get him excited?”

“Sure, they got him excited.  He’d have me lay on the bed, naked, and play with myself for a while.  Then, I’d play with him until he had an orgasm.  All the time, he wanted me to tell him how it felt having Richard inside me, or how it felt when I was kissing Liz.  After he came, he’d use his fingers and mouth to make me cum.  It was nice, but I need something long and hard –“, she giggled, “just like what I see pushing out the front of your slacks.”

I know I turned red, and that made her laugh again.

“Don’t blush, Sam.  I’m flattered.”

“Well, I’m sorry for that.  You’re Walt’s wife and all, and –“

“And you think he’d fire you if he found out, don’t you?”

“Hell yes, he’d fire me.”

“No, he won’t.  He’ll ask me tonight if I turned on any men at the picnic, and I’ll just make up something to get him off.  I would like you to think about how things could be, though.”

Here I was being thickheaded again.  I guess it was too hard to believe what I thought Kathy had asked.

“How things could be?  What’s that mean?”

“Oh, if you took the place of Richard… and Jenny took Liz’s place.”

Well, to say I was shocked would be an understatement.  I was speechless when Kathy put her arms around my neck and kissed me.  Her lips were warm and wet, and when she stuck her tongue in my mouth and found mine, my cock almost burst through the front of my pants.  After a few seconds, she backed away from me and grinned.

“See, Sam, it wouldn’t be all that bad, now would it?  And…”, she slowly pulled her top down over her breasts, “you could play with these.  See how hard you’ve made my nipples.”

I just stood there with my mouth open.  Kathy giggled.

“Sam, you’ll swallow a bug if you keep that up.  Now, here’s my number.  You go talk to Jenny.  I’ll be in touch, or at least, I hope we’ll be touching soon.  Oh, one more thing to convince you before you go back to Jenny.”

Kathy turned around, spread her legs slightly and bent at the waist.  Her short skirt rode up her hips again, and I saw slender, pink lips that slowly parted right before my eyes.”

“See, Sam.  I’m so hot, I’m ready right now.”

Kathy went back to the picnic, and I hung around the restroom until my erection went down.  While I was waiting, I did some thinking.  

A friend we’d met on a vacation had introduced Jenny to the pleasures one woman can give another, but I’d never joined them. Since she moved away, we’d talked swinging a little.  It wasn’t that we were dissatisfied with each other – far from it.  I guess we had gotten into sort of a rut, you know, sex on Saturday morning in the same position with the same foreplay.  Now that our kids were gone, we wanted a little excitement in our lives.  Well, Kathy was sure exciting, to me anyway.  Jenny seemed to like her, too.  Maybe…

Of course, if things went sour, it might mean my job, but after I thought about it for a while, I realized Walt and Kathy had as much to lose as we did.  I mean, the corporate office would take a pretty dim view of a VP who encouraged his wife to fuck other men…and women.

At first, Jenny was a little put out.  She thought I would start liking Kathy more than I liked her.  I assured her that wouldn’t be the case, and when she didn’t believe me, I just told her to forget it.  Of course, she didn’t.  When I came home from work on Monday, she was in the bathtub.  I peeked while I was changing clothes and she smiled at me.  Jenny always excites me when she’s naked, and this time was no exception.  She giggled at the growing bulge in my pants.  

“So, I guess you’re glad to see me?”

“Always am, aren’t I?”

“And you’d be just as glad, even after you’d slept with Kathy?”

I knew she’d been thinking about it all day.

“Yes.   Would you?”

“Would I what?”

“Would you be just as glad to see me after you’d slept with her?  I mean, you might decide you like girls better than me.”

“Well, I’ve thought about it a little.  Made me horny, too, to think about another woman again, but it isn’t the same as being with a man.  I don’t think you’d have to worry.”  Jenny touched my swollen cock.  “After all, Kathy might be a hot little thing, but she doesn’t have one of these.”

“Jenny, if you keep rubbing me like that, you’re going to need another bath.”

“I’m counting on it, Honey, I’m counting on it.”

Women smell so nice just after a bath.  I don’t mean the bubble bath or the other stuff they put in the water.  It’s the natural scent each woman has that’s so erotic to me.  When I kissed Jenny’s inner thighs, her scent came to me, fresh and a little musky.  I knew how she would taste too, and I lost no time in sampling that taste.  

Jenny must have been wet all day, because as soon as my tongue touched her clit she groaned and heaved her hips into my face.  I wasn't about to let her off so quickly.  She’d teased me enough to deserve a little teasing herself.  I stopped, got off the bed and slowly took off my clothes.  It was a little hard to get my pants and jockey shorts off, because Jenny wouldn’t turn loose of my cock.  It’s hard to stand on one leg while your cock is getting stroked and sucked by a very horny woman.

By the time I was undressed, I didn’t want to wait any longer than Jenny did.  As soon as I laid down on the bed, Jenny straddled me and grabbed my shaft.  She almost slammed her body down over it in her haste, but after a slight resistance, she sank over me and put me in heaven.  She was hot and wet inside, and when I looked down between us, her lips were clasping at my cock like they wanted to pull it deeper inside her.  

Jenny started slow, but quickly sped up.  She had one hand on her breast, tugging and twisting her stiff nipple, and the other rubbed furiously at her clit.  I felt her body begin to rock into her thrusts, and then she quietly moaned.

“Oh God, I’ve…oh, I’ve waited all day for this.  Hurry, Honey, I’m close.”

So was I.  It took only a few more seconds before Jenny gasped, bit her lower lip, and clamped her passage around my cock.  I shot at almost the same time Jenny made her first gasping lurch.  After that, she ground her mound into my belly over and over while her fingers stroked her clit.  Then, she collapsed on my chest and lay there panting.  We layed there together for about ten minutes before Jenny kissed me and grinned.

“So, you wouldn’t give me up for Kathy?”

“Not on your life.”

“But you’d still like to have sex with her?”

“Only if you weren’t worried or upset by the idea.  I’m not about to lose you.”

Jenny kissed me again and looked at me with her best come-fuck-me look.

“And if I decided I’d like to have sex with her – or with both of you…?”

“I’d never say no to something you really want.  You know that.”

“Then, I’d like to have sex with her too, and maybe all of us together, at least if both of you would like that too.”

“You’re sure?”

Jenny grinned.  “I don’t know.  It’s still early.  Do me again, and then I’ll tell you.”

We didn’t eat dinner until about ten.  I was going to be a wreck the next day, but it had been worth it.  Jenny had been a tiger, and wouldn’t let me go until she’d had three orgasms.  The last was long, slow, and left us both feeling warm and satisfied.  While she lay there nestled on my chest, Jenny told me she was going to call Kathy the next day.  I fell asleep wondering just what the future would bring.

When I woke up the next morning, Jenny was sitting there looking at me.  I really love it when I wake up to her like that, her hair all tousled and her whole body available.  I put my hand on her inner thigh and slowly stroked up.  Jenny opened her thighs just as my fingertips brushed her lips.  The soft hair was matted together by our lovemaking from the night before.  

“Ouch”, yelped Jenny.  “You’re pulling hair.  Let me go wash a little.”

I followed her into our large bathroom, and when Jenny finished, I walked up behind her, lifted her left breast and squeezed gently while my other hand moved down over her sexy ass to her pussy.  Jenny shivered when I slid a finger inside her.  She was still slippery.

After a few rubs over her inner lips and clit, Jenny rested her arms on the sink, and pushed her little ass back at me.

“Take me quick, just like this”, she groaned.

I slid my cock inside her and put one hand on each of her hips, then started pulling her ass to me with each stroke.  It didn’t take Jenny long.  It never does for these early morning fucks.  It’s like she’s half way there when she wakes up. Within five minutes, Jenny was gasping and grinding her ass back into my thrusts as she came, and after her second cry reverberated off the bathroom wall, I came too.  After a few more pumps that caused Jenny’s ass to quiver and her pussy to clamp around my cock, I pulled out of her.

In an hour I was driving into the office parking lot and knowing that Jenny was going to call Kathy, my boss’s wife, to tell her we were interested.  I had meetings most of the morning, but I called Jenny during lunch to ask her what Kathy had said.  I got the answering machine, both then and again two hours later.

It seemed like the afternoon took a week to end, and Walt didn’t help.  He called  some of us into his office at four for a meeting that didn’t end until after six.  It was past seven when I dragged my ass in the front door.  Jenny asked how my day had gone.

“The usual.  Meeting after meeting, and no time to do any real work.  I’m late because Walt called another at four.  How was yours?”

“Well, it was pretty much the usual for me too.  I took a bath after you left.”  She giggled.  “As much as I love you getting me that way, I was all sticky.  After that, I had a cup of coffee.  Then I went shopping for groceries, and after that, I came home for lunch.”

“What about Kathy?”

Jenny walked up and put her arms around my neck and smiled.
“Oh, nothing much.  I called her and said we were interested in talking more about her offer.  She suggested she meet me somewhere, so I invited her here.  We spent all afternoon making girly love.  When you called the first time, she was licking my nipples.  The second time, she had three fingers in my pussy and was sucking my clit.  I’m still hot.  Think you could finish what she started?”

We had a late dinner…about two hours late in fact.  Jenny was hot all right, and after I’d licked her to make her cum once, she straddled me and rode me to another orgasm for both of us.  Afterward, while we were eating a pizza in bed, she told me what she and Kathy had cooked up for the weekend.

“Right after they moved here, they bought a cabin on a lake north of the city. We’re going to drive up Friday night and stay until Sunday evening.  It’s only an hour from here.  Kathy is bringing the food, and you’re supposed to pick up some wine for us and something for yourself.”

“Any other plans?”

“Well…”  Jenny ran her finger over my chest, “yeah, but it’s a surprise.”

Friday couldn’t end soon enough.  Fortunately, Walt didn’t call a late meeting again, and I was out of the office at five on the nose.  Jenny was all packed and waiting for me when I drove up.  I changed clothes and in fifteen minutes we were on our way.  

The cabin was a little less than an hour from our house, but it was way the hell and gone away from anything else.  All we saw for the last five miles were trees and the occasional squirrel.  We finally turned onto the little dirt road at the sign that said “Private Drive – Keep Out”.  After another mile that took about ten minutes to drive, we pulled up at the cabin.

Kathy was standing on the deck in jeans and a T-shirt.  She waved, and walked over to greet us.

“Welcome.  Did you have any trouble finding it?”

“No, your directions were pretty clear. I’d have never found it by myself though.”

“That’s why we like it.  We own all the property out to the main lake, so we don’t have any neighbors to snoop around, and there’s a buoy at the entrance to the bay that says it’s private.  We shouldn’t be disturbed.  So, I’ve got dinner almost ready.  What did you bring to drink?”

After dinner, Jenny announced she was going to get into something a little less formal.  Since she was only wearing shorts and a little tank top at the time, I figured whatever she and Kathy had planned was going to start.  I wasn’t wrong.  Kathy stood up and said she was going to change too.  I sat back on the couch to wait for whatever was going to happen.

Jenny came back first, and I whistled at her.  She was wearing black stockings and high heels and nothing else.  She’d trimmed her bush sometime that day.  All she had was a little strip just above her slit, and everything else was shaved bare.  She picked up her wineglass and sat down beside me.

“Oh, I’m almost out of wine.  Would you get the bottle?”

When I came back with the bottle, Jenny was stretched out on the couch with one leg hooked over the back and the other on the floor.  Her shaved pussy was open because she was running her fingers slowly up and down her slit.  She looked at me with eyes deep with passion and whispered, “Do you like me like this?”

“If you don’t, I do.”  Kathy’s voice was right behind me.  I turned around to see her and, at first, I couldn’t make any reply.  Kathy had on stockings and heels too, white instead of black, and her bush was identical to Jenny’s except red instead of dark brown.

“Oh, I like both of you.”

“That was the right answer”, chuckled Kathy.  “Jenny has you well trained, doesn’t she?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“Well, Jenny, what do you want him to do tonight?”

Jenny raised up on one elbow and smiled at Kathy and me.  

“Tonight, I think I want him to watch and get so horny he can’t stand it.   Then, when he’s about ready to explode, we’ll decide what to do with him.”

“OK, but we’ll have to keep him from getting himself off.  I think I have just the thing.”

Kathy went to a table beside the couch and opened the drawer.  When she turned, she had something made of plastic with a chain attached. It looked like I was about to be tied up.  I wasn’t really enthused about that, but I decided I’d play along and see what happened.  I could always back out if I wanted to.
Kathy unbuttoned my shirt while Jenny undid my belt and unzipped my slacks.  When they fell to the floor, she pulled my shorts down around my ankles.  I stood there with my cock bobbing in the air while Kathy pulled the shirt off my shoulders.  She knelt down beside me.

The plastic thing was a tube about eight inches long and a couple inches in diameter.  A chain was attached to each side, and there was a loop and clip on one of the chains.  While Jenny held my cock, Kathy slipped the tube over it and then pulled the chains around my waist.  When she had it snug but not too tight, she snapped one into the clip on the other side.  There was another chain I hadn’t seen that now dangled down over my balls.  Kathy reached between my legs, pulled it up and snapped it into the same clip.

“Not too tight is it?”

“No, it feels kinda weird, but it’s OK.”

Kathy giggled.  “Good.   We wouldn’t want it to pinch anything we might want to use later.  Now just sit down and enjoy.  Oh, wait a minute.  We forgot this.  Can’t have you cheating.”

She produced a small padlock and locked the chains to the plastic tube.   My cock was securely out of my reach, and even though I could jack the tube, it was too loose to give me much feeling.

Kathy walked to the wall and flicked a switch.  The room lights went out, and other lights came on.  The room was bathed in a red glow that accented every seductive curve on both women.  As Kathy passed the stereo, she pressed a button, and soft jazz filled the room.  She took Jenny by the hand and led her to the couch.  

They stood there in front of me, Kathy with her hands cupping Jenny’s bottom and Jenny with her arms around Kathy’s neck, and kissed each other.  This wasn’t just a friendly little kiss, though.  It was a full-blown, please-fuck-me-now kiss.  Jenny had kissed me like that often, so I knew how they were both feeling.  

As their lips nibbled and pressed together, each woman began caressing the other.  Jenny started with light strokes to Kathy’s back that slowly moved to her full breasts.  Jenny’s hands cupped each one, then squeezed gently.  Her fingertips found Kathy’s nipples and lightly brushed them.  As I watched, those nipples grew larger and longer and stiff.  Jenny lightly pinched one and I heard Kathy groan.

Kathy’s hands were busy too.  She stroked Jenny’s ass cheeks, then slipped her fingers between them and traced her way down as far as she could reach.  I knew what that did to Jenny, and I didn’t have to wait long for the familiar little shiver and moan.  At the same time, Kathy had moved her body so her breasts were touching Jenny’s.  Each time Jenny moved her hands, she was touching both Kathy’s breasts and her own.

It was spellbinding to watch them making love to each other.  Their caresses were so light, so soft and so slow.  Every motion was sensuous and erotic, and both women’s reactions were the outward display of intense inner pleasure. Together, they were enough to make any man who could still breathe want to fuck both of them at the same time.

Kathy pulled Jenny down to the thick carpet, and then straddled her thigh.  Jenny purred when Kathy lightly stroked the tips of her nipples.  She reached up to caress Kathy’s nipples, and I saw Kathy bite her lip as she moaned.  Kathy’s hips started to move, and her pussy gently brushed Jenny’s with each movement.  

I grabbed that plastic tube and tried like hell to jack off.  It was like fucking a fruit jar.  There was a little sensation, but not enough to do more than make the torture even harder to take.

Kathy slid down between Jenny’s thighs, then kissed and nibbled her way from Jenny’s knees to her shaved pussy lips.  When her mouth touched one puffy lip, she sucked it in and pulled gently.

I gave up trying to jack off for the time being and just watched.  Kathy used her thumbs to part Jenny’s pussy lips and then slowly slid her tongue from Jenny’s opening up to her clit.  When she touched Jenny’s little pearl, Jenny’s hips bucked.  Kathy did it again, and Jenny sighed and put her hands on Kathy’s shoulders and pulled.

I heard Jenny whisper, “Let me do you too, Kathy.”

Kathy quickly moved so that her pussy was suspended over Jenny’s face, and started licking Jenny’s clit again.  I couldn’t see Jenny’s face, but I knew she was doing the same to Kathy because Kathy moaned and pushed her hips down slightly.  I saw Jenny’s hands move up Kathy’s sides to her breasts.  With her fingertips, Jenny brushed Kathy’s nipples, then pinched each one lightly.  Kathy’s nipples grew longer and stiffer.  Kathy stopped licking Jenny long enough to groan, “Oh God, Honey, yes.  Pinch ‘em harder.”

My cock felt like it was going to explode.  I jerked on the plastic tube again in hopes I could at least feel something, but it was no use.  Even though my cock felt bigger than it ever had, I still couldn’t feel enough to make me cum.

Jenny was twisting and pulling on Kathy’s nipples, and both women’s heads were bobbing up and down as they pleasured each other.  Just then, Jenny squeezed her thighs around Kathy’s face and heaved her body up off the floor.  I heard her muffled cries as she tried to keep licking while came.  Kathy didn’t stop.  She was making the little smacking sounds that told me she was sucking on Jenny’s clit again.

Jenny’s body shook for a few moments.  Then, with a sigh, she started pleasuring Kathy again.  Kathy was still licking Jenny when her own orgasm exploded.  She spread her legs wide and lowered herself onto Jenny’s face, then cried out as her hips rapidly rocked into Jenny’s tongue.  

Both women laughed after they’d stopped panting and shaking.  Kathy moved to lie beside Jenny, and kissed her.   Then they both looked over at me.

“Well, Jenny, how do you suppose Sam’s doing?”

“I don’t know”, giggled Jenny.  “Let’s go find out.”

“I’m starting to understand what it feel like to go insane, girls.”

“Awe, Baby, is it that bad”, asked Kathy.


Jenny laughed.  “OK, Honey.  It’s your turn now, but you won’t mind if we tell you what to do, will you?”

Kathy unlocked the lock on my plastic pecker prison, and slipped it off my throbbing cock.  Jenny led me to an exercise bench that stood in one corner of the room.

“Now, lay on your back and put your feet on the floor.”

I felt something warm and wet on my cock, and looked down to see Kathy licking my shaft.  In a second, Jenny was on the other side of the bench and sucking my cock head into her mouth.

Two women on my cock was something I’d never experienced.  They took turns with my cock head.  Jenny did her usual suck and lick the underside that drives me to the brink in a hurry.  Kathy was a bit more direct.  She forced her lips to the base of my shaft and then sucked hard as she pulled her face away.  In no time, I was starting to rock my hips up off the chair.

“OK, I think he’s ready”, giggled Kathy.  “Let’s get down to the real thing.”

Jenny walked around to rails above my head, leaned over to grab them, and then straddled my face.  Her pussy was only an inch from my lips, and it was open.  I could see the gleam of wetness on her inner thighs and swollen inner lips.  Between her thighs, I saw Kathy straddle the bench and guide my cock into her pussy.

Once Kathy had my cock all the way in, Jenny lowered her pussy to my face.   I caught the scent of a highly aroused woman just before her bare lips touched my mouth.  I didn’t need to be told what I was supposed to do.  My tongue was sliding between her lips in a flash and then licking from her passage to her clit.

Her clit was already swollen, and when my tongue rubbed over it, Jenny sagged into her arms and groaned.

“God, I’m almost there again, and we just started.”

I knew how she felt.  After watching them make love to each other and seeing and hearing both their orgasms, then feeling both of them sucking and licking my cock, I was using every bit of self-control I had.  When Kathy rocked her hips into me and clamped down on my cock, I couldn’t stop the groan.  She moved her hips again, and started quickly riding up and down my cock.  I knew she’d found her G-spot and was using my cock to massage it.  The change in angle was giving me some sensations I couldn’t ignore.

I also couldn’t ignore Jenny.  She’d moved her body so that her stiff clit was in my mouth, so I sucked it hard.  I felt her body shake and then she pushed her pussy into my face.  I started sucking that little button at the same pace Kathy was riding me.  

I didn’t last long.  No man could have.  Jenny started gasping, then panting.  She almost smothered me with her pussy lips when she came.  I let go and shot the first of my cum into Kathy just as a flood of Jenny’s wet warmth flowed over my mouth and chin.  I shot another spurt deep inside Kathy, then another before she came too.  The flurry of moans and rapid shudders that her hips made told me this one was stronger then the first one she’d had.

It was a couple of minutes before we managed to untangle each other.   Jenny got off my face and then knelt beside the bench.  Kathy leaned back until she was resting on my legs.  I looked down my belly and was treated to the sight of my softening cock still buried in her shaved pussy.

When my cock slipped out of her, Kathy quickly squeezed her red, swollen lips together.  Jenny helped her to the couch and then motioned for me to join them.

Kathy leaned back and scooted her bottom to the edge of the couch.  Jenny knelt between Kathy’s thighs and spread them wide.  Just as Jenny stuck out her tongue, Kathy pulled her pussy lips apart.  A gush of my cum poured from her wide open passage, and Jenny quickly licked it up.  She turned to me and smiled.

“Kathy got to fuck you first, but I get your cum.”

I saw Kathy contract her pelvic muscles and another flood of thick white fluid spilled out of her.  Jenny planted her mouth on Kathy’s lips and I could see her tongue working as she sucked it up.  Kathy squeezed out another creamy pool, and Jenny quickly scooped it up on her tongue.  She turned to me and opened her mouth.  Her tongue was covered with the milky fluid.

Kathy contracted her body again, and this time, only a thin stream slipped from her opening.  Jenny slipped this into her mouth too.  She looked at me with eyes that said, “fuck me now”, smiled at me again, and then swallowed.

I was ready to fuck her, and when she raised her sweet little ass in the air, I did just that.  Jenny shivered when I sank my cock into her, and then started licking Kathy again.  It wasn’t very long before Jenny was moaning in between licks and she was pushing her ass back into my thrusts.

From the look on her face, I could see Kathy was pretty far gone too. She reached down, lifted my hand off Jenny’s waist and pulled it to her taut nipple.  I’d learned well from the show they’d put on, and gently pinched Kathy’s nipple between my thumb and forefinger.  Her gasp was instantaneous.

“Harder, oh God, harder.”

I pinched hard, then again harder.  Kathy whimpered in pleasure.

“Oh yeah, that’s it.…yeah…again…Jen…Oh…Jenny… Oh God,Jenny, I’m gonna cum… now, Honey,now.”

And cum she did, with a cry and a heave that lifted Jenny’s face about a foot.  Jenny didn’t stop though.  She kept Kathy suspended in the air while spasm after spasm shook her.  Finally, Kathy reached down and gently pushed Jenny’s face away from her pussy.

“Oh, Honey, stop before I pass out.  That was fantastic.  Now it’s your turn.”

Kathy began to fondle Jenny’s breasts and nipples while I pounded away.  My climax slipped up on me, and before I knew it, I was ramming my cock in and out of Jenny’s pussy and shooting spurt after spurt of my cum into her.  Jenny made it seconds later, and after several quiet little cries and lots of shuddering hip rocks, and she fell forward with her face in Kathy’s lap.  When she’d stopped panting, Kathy led us to the bedroom.  We were asleep as soon as we hit the sheets.

Morning dawned with the songs of a thousand birds and Jenny stroking my cock.  I reached for her soft thighs and found Kathy’s hand there slowly massaging Jenny’s pussy lips.  Jenny kissed me and then whispered, “nothing but a little wake-up call, Honey.  You get dressed while Kathy and I fix breakfast.”  She stretched and her heavy breasts slipped out from under the sheet.  “After that, Kathy and I will see if we can think up something for us to do.”

I didn’t get out of bed right away.  I waited until the sound of the shower stopped and then headed for the door.  Both girls were toweling off, and I got to enjoy the sight of soft breasts bobbing around as they dried themselves.  I also got my standard morning hardon, and they didn’t fail to notice.  As they walked out of the shower to dress, each gave me a grin and my stiff cock a little shake.

I showered and dressed, then walked to the kitchen.  Jenny was cooking eggs while Kathy filled the coffeepot.  I patted Jenny on the ass before I sat down.  Kathy mocked hurt voice and said, “Don’t I get a good-morning pat too”?

When she brought my coffee, I gave her ass a soft squeeze and then let my hand follow the curve of her butt cheek down to her pussy and slowly rubbed.

“That good enough, Kathy?”

“Mmm.  No, but it’s a start.”

I was on my second cup of coffee when Kathy leaned over and whispered something to Jenny.

“So, you girls are keeping secrets, are you?”

Jenny smiled at me.  “Yes, but you’ll find out soon enough.  We’re going for a walk.  Wanna come along?”

“Wild horses couldn’t keep me away.”

Their “walk” turned out to be as nice as it was frustrating.  It all started out pretty normally.  There was a path through the trees, and every so often, there was a little sign with an arrow.

“This place used to be owned by a church group”, said Kathy, “and they laid out the trail with these signs so nobody would get lost.  The trail hasn’t been used lately, so it’s good they’re here.”

She bent down to pick up something that caught her eye, and treated me to a view of her delicious little ass cheeks.

“I love being outdoors.  It’s so relaxing and I feel so free when I’m in the woods.”

With that statement, Kathy stripped off her T-shirt, then her bra, shorts and panties.  I was still gaping at her when Jenny’s shirt fell over my head.  I pulled it off and turned just in time to see her wiggling her sexy ass out of her own shorts.  Her bra lay over the sign that marked the trail.  As soon as she had her shorts hanging over the bra, she rolled her thong panties down over her ass and on down over her thighs.  She looked up at me, smiled, and said,  “Well, Honey, what are you waiting for.  We haven’t got all day.”

My shirt was easy.  My slacks, a little harder.  After that, all I had was my jockey shorts, socks and shoes.  After a bit of chiding by both girls, I stripped off my shorts and hung them on the sign.  

“Are you blushing”, chuckled Kathy.

“Well, I’ve never been this naked this outside before.”

Kathy reached down and slowly stroked my cock.  “Nobody’s gonna see but us, Baby.  This make it any better?”

I grinned at her.  “Well, if you keep doing it, it will.”

Jenny was cupping my balls.  “No Honey”, said Jenny.  “This is a walk, remember?”

Twelve trail markers and about half an hour later, we came to the end of the trail.  I asked what we did now.

Kathy answered.  “We walk back and pick up our clothes.  Along the way, we’re going to play a game.”

“And just what would that be?”

“It’s called, ‘getting horny’.”

“Hell, I already am.”

“Oh, I know.  Jenny told me all about you and how horny you are all the time.  You have to get us horny.  It’s a little like ‘Truth or Dare’.  At each sign, you dare the other two to do something.  And no saying for them to have sex.  This is just foreplay.”

At sign twelve, Kathy said I should kiss Jenny’s nipples.  No sucking, just kissing.  I think Jenny appreciated it, at least, she seemed to be breathing a little harder when we started walking again.

At sign eleven, Jenny asked me to caress Kathy’s inner thighs.   I did my best, and when I bumped her pussy lips, I thought I heard a little purring moan.

At sign ten, it was my turn.  My request was for Kathy to kiss Jenny on the back of the neck.  I knew that always got her started, and this time was no exception.  Jenny closed her eyes and smiled, then reached up and cupped Kathy’s breast and squeezed softly.  I thought I was going to have to separate them.

By the time we got back to the cabin, I knew the game was working.  The scent of both girls was all over my hands, and they were both wet.  I sat between them while we ate a cold lunch, and since we were all still naked, I took the opportunity to do a little free lance fondling.

After lunch, we went for a swim in the lake, and then sat on the little sand beach to dry off.  My cock was standing like a flagpole, and Jenny couldn’t resist teasing me.  She wrapped her breasts around it and started stroking up and down.  It was great.  It was even better when Kathy squirted a generous amount of suntan lotion into Jenny’s cleavage.  I laid back and enjoyed.  When I looked over at Kathy, she was fingering her clit and massaging her nipples.  

I was almost ready to cum when Jenny stopped.  

“My turn”, was all she said before turning her delicious ass to me.  I slipped a finger inside her and started sliding it in and out.  Jenny was enjoying what I was doing.  When Kathy used her fingertip to rub Jenny’s clit, she really got into it.  After a while, she groaned and let her arms collapse.  She laid on the blanket with her face to one side and began moving her body to force my fingers all the way inside her.

“Don’t make her cum”, whispered Kathy.  “We’re saving that for later.”

I took Jenny to the point of cumming twice.  She’d start to moan and pant, and then I’d stop.  After the second, Kathy turned her sexy ass to me too, I started fingering her too.  It was fun to feel them begin to writhe and gasp, and then coast back down when I stopped.  After a while, both girls were so hot and ready all I had to do was make a few quick strokes with two fingers and they were there.  That’s when they decided to tease me to death.

Kathy started it.  She pushed me onto my back, spread her pussy lips and sat down on my thighs.  When she moved forward, she pushed my cock down against my belly and started to rub it with her clit. Her pussy was dripping wet from all the fingering I’d been doing, and it was amazing, and incredibly stimulating, to watch.  Her clit was swollen and stiff, and I could see it running up and down the underside of my shaft.  It kept slipping from one side to the other, and every time it did, Kathy gave a little lurch with her hips and moaned.  

After a couple of minutes of this I wanted to fuck her so bad it was hard not to just roll us over and start.  The sensation was great – not enough to make me cum, but enough to keep me hard and enjoying every second.  It was doing great things for Kathy too.  I could tell it was all she could do to stop herself when she got close.

Jenny had been just watching us, but she evidently had her part in my torment too.  She knelt behind Kathy and started to play with Kathy’s nipples.  That was enough to excite me, but what she said in the low, throaty voice she uses when very excited, was worse.

“Do you like it when I do this to her, Honey?  Would you like to see Kathy do mine while I’m riding you.  You know how I love to have my nipples teased.  Mmm. Her nipples are so stiff and hard.  Hear how she moans when I give them a little pinch?  I need somebody to pinch mine, but I guess I’ll have to do it myself.  Oh, God…I need to cum so bad.  I’m so hot, I’m going to cum like crazy tonight.”

At that, Kathy turned her face to the side, and Jenny kissed her.  By the time they stopped, all I could think about was how many times I was going to fuck each of them that night.  Well…how many times I wanted to anyway.  With two very hot, seductive women in bed with me, I figured I’d be good for twice, tops.

We were all sweaty by now, so we had another swim and then took a shower.  Well, they took a shower together.  I had to wait.  I kept thinking that somehow before this weekend ended, I was going to find a way to shower with both of them at the same time.  I was imagining what I’d do when Jenny said they had dinner ready.

After dinner, the girls disappeared into the bedroom for a while, and then came back naked except for their high heels.  They each took one of my hands and led me to the bedroom. The sheets on the king-size bed were pulled down to the foot, and the pillows were piled to one side.

There wasn’t much suspense tonight.  The shower and the meal had done little to cool Jenny and Kathy down.  Jenny kissed me, one of her open mouth, tease my tongue kisses, while she undid my belt buckle.  She dropped to her knees to pull off my slacks, and Kathy took her place.  Her kiss was different, but every bit as hot and seductive.  While she made love to my mouth with her lips and tongue, she unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off my arms.

When the last of my clothes dropped to the floor, both women laid back on the bed and patted the space between them.  I eased down into that space, and both of them snuggled into my arms.  

It was every man’s dream – two soft, sensuous women trying to put as much of their bodies against mine as they could, and running their hands up and down my body as they did so.

“You get to do me first tonight”, whispered Jenny.  She rolled on top of me, then pulled her legs up to my sides and lifted her body up.  When I looked down at her pussy, her lips were spread open and they glistened with her fluids.  Jenny softly stroked her open lips, then moved her hand to my face.

“See…I’m still hot, Honey, and I want you to make love to me.  I need to cum so bad.”

Kathy reached between us and positioned my cock at Jenny’s entrance.  With a little shiver and a moan, Jenny sank slowly over my shaft.  It’s always been amazing and very erotic for me to watch this.  Her lips stuck to my shaft, then rolled inside her as she sank lower and lower.  She raised back up, and they unrolled again and dragged along my cock.

Just as Jenny had promised that afternoon, Kathy sat to one side and softly stroked Jenny’s breasts and nipples with one hand.  With the other, she caressed Jenny’s thighs, then her little strip of bush, and finally, her already swollen clit.  

Jenny didn’t hurry.  Her motions were slow and intended to give her the most pleasure possible.  She kept me hard enough to fill her, but not so aroused I couldn’t control myself.  I knew what was coming, because we’d done this before.  Jenny was going to use me to get herself off at least once before she let me cum too.

Up…down…up…down…Jenny rode my cock ever so slowly.  Her little moans started after a while, and began to build.  Kathy was doing her part well, too.  Her caresses to Jenny’s clit were soft and gentle.  All I had to do was lay there, enjoy, and wait for the explosion.

It was a while coming, and when it did, it was more like a blazing fire than an explosion.  Jenny was riding me, her eyes closed and her mouth open, when I felt the first little tremor race through her body.  Her lips formed a silent “Oh” and she lowered her body over my cock just a bit faster.  A few strokes more and she ground her body into mine.  When Kathy kissed her nipple, Jenny groaned and rolled her hips down to force my cock into her deeper.  The shuddering end came a few strokes later with a few soft cries.  

Jenny put her hands on my chest and sagged into her arms, but didn’t stop riding me.  She was panting softly, and once in a while, made the little mewing moan she always makes when she’s getting close again.  In no time at all, she came again, this time rocking her hips up and down rapidly and panting continuously.  Kathy sucked on her nipple, and Jenny came again.  I know she came again, because I felt the contraction rack her body and the flood of wetness it pushed out around my cock.

“Take her now, Sam”, whispered Kathy.  She gently rubbed Jenny’s clit again.  Jenny cried out, raised up, and slammed her body down on mine.  I grabbed her hips and pushed my cock into her as far as I could.  

I couldn’t take any of this slow stuff anymore.  I began doing the stroking, and there was no way I could do it other than hard and fast.  Jenny gave up trying to match my strokes, and just spread her knees farther apart to give me more room.

She was so wet inside it was fantastic.  With every stroke, I heard the wet little smack of our bodies sliding together.  I wasn’t going to last long at this pace, and I didn’t care.

Nothing was going to stop Jenny either.  Her breathing was just panting gasps and loud moans, and the longer I stroked in and out of her, the more wetness flowed down my cock.  She hadn’t been this hot in a long time.  That explosion I’d been waiting for was about to happen.

Mine did before Jenny’s.  It slipped up on me so fast I couldn’t have stopped it even if I’d wanted to.   I rammed my cock as deep inside her as I could and cum raced through my cock.  I was so deep inside Jenny, I felt it flow back around my cock head.  When the second shot erupted from my cock, Jenny shrieked and went rigid for a second.  She shrieked again and started to shake all over.  

I think I shot once more, but it was hard to tell.  The sensation of Jenny’s shuddering body impaled on my cock was unbelievable.  She was still shaking when she dropped on my chest and nestled her face against my neck.  After a minute or so, she started to giggle.

“Now Honey, that’s how you treat a lady.”

“And now it’s this lady’s turn”, laughed Kathy.  “I have something special in mind.  Think you’re up to it.”

Just then, my cock slipped out of Jenny’s pussy and flopped on my leg.  Kathy lifted it and went “Tsk, tsk, tsk.  I don’t think you are, but we can fix that.”

Jenny was still laying on my chest when Kathy slipped my cock head into her mouth.  Between her soft hand cupping my balls, and what she was doing with her tongue, I was feeling pretty good, not ready for round two yet, but pretty good.

When Jenny planted one of her “I need to be fucked” kisses on me, I felt the first twinge that said my cock would get hard again.

It took them a while, but they got me standing tall again.  A little bit after that, they had my cock head swollen and purple and wanting to feel something wet and soft around it again.  Kathy stopped sucking me and opened the drawer on the night stand.  She pulled out a very slim dildo and a bottle of lube and smiled at me.

“This is my special treat for you.  I don’t do this very often, but I think you’ll like it.  Jenny, can you help?”

Jenny moved to the center of the bed and lay with her feet against the headboard.  Kathy straddled her face with her knees spread wide.  Jenny slid two fingers into Kathy’s pussy and started to slide them in and out.

“Mmmmmmmm. Jenny, that’s fantastic.  Sam, if you don’t want to do this, it’s OK, but I’d love it if you did.”

“What is it I’m supposed to do?”

“Well, you’ve already fucked my pussy and my mouth.  That only leaves one more place.  You have to get me ready first.  Jenny said you’re pretty good at this.”

Kathy handed me the lube and the small dildo.

“Lots of lube, and use your finger first, then the dildo.  After that, you can have me.  You’ll know when I’m ready.”

Kathy seemed to relax as soon as my fingertips touched her soft cheeks.  After spreading her knees a little wider, she said, “Yeah, just like that.  Go easy.  It’s been a long time for me.”

I made sure my index finger was dripping lube and gently pushed it against her rosebud.  Kathy pushed back toward me just a little.  Ever so gently, I started moving my finger around the tight little ring of muscle.  Gradually, I felt the tension grow less.  I pushed again, and my fingertip slipped in.  Kathy made a tiny little moan.

First my finger tip, then up to the first knuckle, then the whole finger, and all the while I heard the soft little smack of Jenny’s fingers sliding in and out of Kathy’s pussy.  I looked down and saw that Jenny’s hand was almost dripping.  Kathy was definitely enjoying this.  

I slowly pulled my finger out and picked up the dildo.  Kathy went stiff when she felt it at the entrance, but not stiff in fear.  She pushed back as I pushed in, and the dildo went in about half way.  I pulled it out and added more lube, then pushed it back in again.  Kathy shivered when the knob on the end bottomed out, then started to move her ass back and forth over it.  She was fucking herself with the hard white plastic cock.

After a while, she had relaxed enough that the dildo slipped in easily.  After putting more lube on Kathy’s rosebud, cheeks, and my cock, I guided it to her waiting entrance.  

There was some resistance when I pushed, but Kathy wiggled her ass and with a tiny little cry from her, my cock head slipped inside her.

“Kathy, is everything OK.”

She whimpered back, “It’s tight, but it feels good.  Don’t stop.”

I pulled my cock back out and put on more lube, then spread her cheeks with my hands and pushed back in.  I got half my cock in before Kathy made a short little “Ah” sound.  

It took several more attempts and lots more lube, but at last my belly was resting against her ass.  Kathy let out her breath when I pulled back out, and then gasped when I pushed back in.

“Oh fuck, yes.  God, it’s been so long.  Don’t stop, Baby, don’t stop.”

She relaxed even more after a few strokes, but she was still tight around my cock.  She was so tight I wasn’t going to last long, but I guess what Jenny was doing had Kathy at about the same point.  I saw Jenny reach up and cup Kathy’s bobbing breast, and then pinch her nipple.  Kathy groaned and lurched back into my thrust.  My balls slapped against the hand Jenny was using to finger Kathy’s pussy.  Her fingers were moving rapidly, and I could only guess she was giving Kathy’s clit a real workout.

Kathy went a lot faster than I’d thought she would.  She started to gasp, then pant, and then moaned, “Now, Baby.  I’m gonna cum.  Come in my ass, Baby.  Oh God now… now Baby, now.”

I came as hard as she did.  It felt like my cock swelled up and then my cum exploded out the end.  Again and again, I shot into her writhing body, and all the time Kathy was making a babble of murmured moans, soft little cries, and mewing sounds.  

“Oh God”, sighed Kathy.  “I didn’t think I’d ever feel that way again.  I’ll remember this for a long, long time.”  She laughed.  “Well, at least until you do me in the butt again.”

I got my wish of a shower with both of them that night, but we were all so tired, not much happened.  We changed the sheets and I fell asleep with both girls hugging me.  As I enjoyed the feeling of breasts against my chest and soft thighs against mine, I wondered what Sunday would bring.

Sunday morning was like Saturday morning.  I woke up with either Jenny or Kathy playing with my cock.  I’m not sure which because I was pretty groggy.  Like Saturday morning, that was as far as things went.  Both Jenny and Kathy headed for the bathroom to dress and I layed there watching my cock get soft again.

After breakfast, Jenny and Kathy motioned me to follow them into the living room.  Jenny pulled a sack from one of the chairs and grinned.

“We went shopping, and we want to show you what we bought”.

She reached in her sack and pulled out what looked like a clear tube with a hose on the end and a rubber bulb on the other end of the hose.  Jenny held it up and grinned

It’s really for us, but we think you’re gonna like it.  Come lay down on the weight bench for us.”

I walked to the weight bench and layed down.  Jenny walked up with the bottle of lube from the bedroom.  

“Now hold still while I put this on.  I know how you get when I touch your cock.”

Jenny dribbled a stream of the clear lube on my cockhead, then used her hand to coat my shaft.  She gave me another squirt and smoothed that on too.  She kept smoothing on that lube until my cock was standing tall.  Then, Kathy slid the long tube over my cock all the way to the base.  It felt pretty good, so I pushed back a little.

“You think this feels good now, just wait a few minutes”, chuckled Kathy.  She squeezed the bulb and released it.  The plastic tube pulled down tight against my body and I felt the sensation of sucking.  She squeezed the bulb again, then again.  

It was kind of fun to watch my cock begin to grow even larger.  First, it was my cock head that swelled, and after a couple more pumps on the bulb, my shaft.  I was a little worried, though.  I had this vision of my cockhead exploding inside the tube.

“Uh, Kathy, you’ll be careful, won’t you.  I mean, I want to have a cock left after this, if you know what I mean.”

“Don’t worry.  I’ve done this before.  Since it’s your first time, we’ll take it easy on you.  In six months or so, I’ll have you filling up the tube and I’ll have to buy a bigger one.”  She giggled.  “I can hardly wait to feel that inside me.  Think he’s ready, Jenny?”

I looked at Jenny.  She was standing next to the weight bench with one hand on her nipple and the other with two fingers buried in her pussy.  Her mouth was open and just then, she moaned.

“I’ll take that as a yes.  You can have Jenny first, Baby.  Don’t worry, my little pump will have you standing tall for the second round, so fuck her as hard as you want.”

She turned a little knob on the bulb and air rushed into the tube.  My cock stayed inflated, and Kathy had to twist the tube off.  I’d never seen my cockhead so purple and swollen, and when Kathy bent down and kissed it, I realized it had never been quite so sensitive either.

“He’s all yours, Jenny.”

Jenny straddled the bench, reached between her thighs and pulled her long pussy lips apart.  She moved her body back and forth until my cock was resting at her entrance, and then started to sink down over the swollen head.  With a little groan, and a lot of wiggling, my cock began to disappear inside her.  When  she was sitting on my thighs, she started to move her hips in circles.  

“That’s right, Jenny, just like I showed you.  You’re driving him crazy with that.”

“Mmm.  It’s doing a lot for me too.”

She was driving me nuts.  Jenny’s pussy isn’t loose at all anyway, and in my swollen condition, every movement she made sent shivers through me.  I was about to say so when she raised up and started pulling herself off my cock.  The head caught at the tight place at her entrance, and she stopped, then slowly sank down over me again.  

I groaned at the sensation, and then groaned louder when she did it again.  I looked at Jenny’s face.  Her mouth was set in a determined manner as she started to stroke herself over my cock.  That look changed to one of pure bliss when Kathy reached around her and pulled out on her nipples.  Kathy pulled on them again, Jenny gasped, and then went into overdrive.  

Jenny comes fast if she’s really excited, and she came fast this time.  She pounded away at my cock, and if it hadn’t been so stiff, I think she’d have bent it double.  As it was, the combination of her wet, stroking pussy and watching Kathy pull on her nipples had me at the edge in minutes.  Jenny shuddered, then cried out when Kathy pinched her nipples hard.  Jenny moaned and gushed fluid all over my crotch.  It wasn’t like I would have noticed.  I was too busy pumping my balls out through the end of my cock and into her, at least, that’s what it felt like.

Jenny kept riding my cock long after I’d shot the last drop.  I slipped my finger between us and found her taut clit.  When I pressed on it and rubbed firmly, Jenny started to cum again.  Her voice was a babble of moans and little mewing sounds, and at the end, she cried out and fell over on my chest.  I could feel her heart pounding away as the little tremors continued to shake her body.

Kathy had to help Jenny up, because she’d come so hard her knees wouldn’t support her.  After sitting her on the floor beside us, Kathy reached for the pump and lube again.  She grinned at me wickedly and said, “My turn.”

“Kathy, I can’t for a while.  In fact, after that, it may be a week.”

“Nonsense.  My little pump will take care of that limp dick.  Just watch.”

She lubed up my shriveling cock with her small hands, then slipped the tube back over it and squeezed the bulb a couple of times.  My cock responded immediately, although I wasn’t feeling much yet.  After another three pumps, it was stretched out to almost full length.

“You just let me know when you start to feel frisky again, Baby.  In the meantime, give my little love button a few nice licks.  That’ll help both of us, I’ll bet.”

Well, she wasn’t wrong on either count.  Kathy sat partially on my face and pulled her pussy lips open.  Her clit was swollen and stiff when I sucked it into my mouth.  

“Just take it easy, Baby.  I want to come on your cock, not on your face…That’s it.  Just enough to keep the motor running.  Oh, fuck, that feels good.”

After about five minutes of that, and a couple more well-timed squeezes of the bulb on the pecker pump, I was hard as a rock and wanting the wet pussy in my mouth to be the dripping pussy on my cock.  

Since Kathy’s pussy was in my face, I couldn’t see my cock until she moved.  When she did, I was amazed.  It was as big as before, maybe even a little bigger.  Kathy quickly released the vacuum and twisted the tube off, then straddled me with her back to my face.  She raised up, reached for my cock, and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy.  With a groan, she pushed it all the way insider her, and gasped when I hit bottom.

“Oh, yes…fuck, yes.”

She started to pump her ass up and down.  I remembered last night and thought I’d help her along a little.  My crotch was soaked in lube, so it was easy to coat my middle finger.  Gently, I rubbed it on Kathy’s little rosebud.  The effect was immediate.  

“Oh…..oh, fuck.  Don’t stop that, Baby.  Don’t ever stop.”

Even though she’d pumped my cock back up, I’d about had it.  It was getting hard to come, so Kathy had to pump away at me a little longer than Jenny had.  She shuddered a couple of times as little orgasms swept through her before I felt the surge building in my balls again.  I pushed a little harder with my finger, and it slipped into her up to the first knuckle.  

It was like pushing the turbo button on one of those remote controlled race cars.  Kathy let out a yelp and her hips started to jack over my cock faster than I’d have thought possible.  When my finger started moving in and out of her tight little ass, Kathy cried out again, then slammed her pussy down over my cock and held it there while her body shook.

I’m afraid I didn’t cum much, but I came hard.  My cock lurched a bunch of times while Kathy was grinding her ass into me.  When she sagged into her arms and gasped for breath, I was already starting to get soft.  She was still panting when my cock slipped out of her.  I heard Jenny giggle.

“Wow, Kathy.  You cum hard when you have a big cock in you.”

Kathy still hadn’t come down all the way.

“Yeah…but… …biting and pulling on my nipples sure…sure helped things along.  Oh, Jenny, help me… help me up before I fall over.”

We took another shower together.  I liked having both girls rubbing up against me and against each other, but we were all too spent to do anything but exchange some soft caresses.  After we had a light lunch, Jenny and I kissed Kathy goodbye and headed home.

Well, that turned into one hell of a weekend.  We’d hit it off, Kathy, Jenny and I.  By Sunday, they were acting like sisters to each other, and sharing me almost beyond my ability to keep up.  I wasn’t complaining, nor did I complain when Kathy said we should do it all again the next weekend.  I just stopped by the grocery store for some oysters on the way home.  I had to settle for canned ones, since the season was still a couple months away, but I figured they’d work about as well. The way the teen-aged girl at the register acted, you’d think nobody ever came in there and bought a dozen cans before.