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04 Sep. '18

Hi, I'm Craig, 53 yo recently divorced white male.  I'm nice looking, with dark hair and eyes, mustache, six feet tall, and 187 pounds.  I would often think back to the days of dark, xxx movie theaters.  I would sneak in one from time to time and I got quite a bit of enjoyment out of watching them.  I always looked forward to the "money shot" when one of the men would spew his cum on a female.  I was fascinated in watching men, flow, dribble and squirt as they came.  

The more I watched, the more I could not wait to the next "money shot" scene.  Soon I discovered that men in the audience were masturbating while watching the film.  Without being obvious I would try to watch to see if I could see them cuming in the dark theater.  The more I thought about it, the more I thought that I'd like to experience the real thing.  No, I wasn't gay, but I was so enthralled in watching men cum.  

One afternoon I discovered a phone dateline in the local newspaper.  You would leave an ad and wait for people to call you, or you would listen to other people's ads and then respond to them.  I listened to the women and some of them sounded awfully good.  Then by chance I listened to the men wanting to meet men section.  While most of the ads sounded dreadful there was one ad that stuck out.  I re-listened to the ad several times and and decided that since I was no longer attached, maybe I should leave a message.  So, I did.

I actually forgot about it until four days later when I checked and discovered I had a message.  His name was Joel, a professional, and single.  I was nervous but replied.  After a few up and back replies he left me his phone number.  I screwed up the courage to call him when I got home from work.  We talked and he invited me over to his house on Saturday afternoon.  I said yes.  He gave me his address and no sooner had I hung up than I decided I didn't want to go.  I debated up and back whether I should call him or not to cancel.  Finally, it was Saturday.  I decided to go and see him.  I showered, shaved, and headed to his house.  

It was a nice ranch home in the suburbs.  He let me in.  He was a bit shorter than I with dark hair and eyes.  He wore shorts, a button down collar blue shirt, and was barefoot.  I kicked my shoes off at the door and we sat down.  We chatted for a bit and then he offered me something to drink.  We had iced tea as we chatted.  He finally asked why I was thinking about being with a man.  I told him my history about enjoying watching men cum, but I didn't think I was gay.  

"You don't have to be gay, he said, to enjoy the company of a man.  You could be bi, or straight with just an occasional foray into the man to man world."  He talked and I listened.

"Back in the ancient Greek empire young boys and girls had their first sexual encounters with same sex, older partners so they could learn about their bodies.  The Romans perpetuated to a certain extent.  The feeling was what better way to know how your body works than to have someone who has the same body teach you.  Who better to teach a man about sex and making love than another man."  He talked a bit longer and then asked what I was thinking.  

He really gave me a totally new perspective on it.  We had been talking for about an hour when he said, "Why don't you come back to my bedroom and we can just take our time and see how you feel about it.  I promise I will not pressure you and at any time you want to talk, just say the word."

I took a deep breath and said, "Sure as long as you promise to stop when I say stop."  He held up his hand and said, "Scout's honor."

We walked back to his bedroom and stretched out on the bed.  We chatted for a bit when he rolled on his side and began to caress my arm.  I got that familiar tingle and it was confusing because I liked it but it was from a man.   He kept that up for a while and then moved closer and gave me a kiss.  I was a bit taken aback, but then I thought why wouldn't men kiss.  He asked if I was all right and I responded by kissing him back.  His mouth parted and I felt his tongue on my lips.  I let my lips part and received his tongue into my mouth.  As we did that he put his arm around me and pulled me close.  I responded in like fashion.  

It was only a matter of moments before I felt my erection begin to grow.  It felt ok.  One step at a time.  He rolled me on my back and we kept kissing as his hand began to caress my chest.  He found my erect nipples and when he touched them I sighed.  It felt wonderful.  I caressed his back and soon he had unbuttoned my shirt.  Now his fingertips played across my bare nipples and now I moaned out loud.  He pulled my shirt open and began to kiss my chest and spend time kissing and licking my nipples.  I was going crazy.  It had been a long time since I had felt such passion.  He kissed my shoulders and upper arms, then to my nipples, then to my mouth and back to my nipples.  

His hand slid down and he lightly caressed the front of my pants.  He lifted his head from my nipple and said, "that must be uncomfortable.  Why dont we get undressed and get comfy."  I didn't even hesitate.  We both undressed and in moments we were both naked.  I looked at his body.  He was a good looking man with a nice cock.  He was cut, thicker than me, and was trimmed closely.  I was glad I had trimmed my hair.  His balls were tight up underneath his cock.  I smiled and said, he looked good.  As we climbed back in bed he said, he loved my low hanging balls.  We cuddled up and our naked bodies pressed into each other.  

We kissed and then I felt his hand gently stroke my cock.  I sighed and reached out and took his cock.  I stroked it and he said, "How does it feel?"  I said it was very erotic to stroke a man and feel him grow in his hand.   Nice to know I could make him feel good.   We continued to kiss and stroke each other when he gently pushed me on my back.  "I'm going to go down on you."  Without waiting for a response to me he began to kiss and lick his way down my body.  

He was so slow and indirect by the time he got to my cock I was about ready to push his head down on me.  He placed a very tender kiss right on the tip of my cock.  I closed my eyes and just relaxed totally.  He ran his tongue around the head of my cock as his fingers lightly plead with my balls.  Then I felt his moth go down on my cock.  It was wet, warm, and felt wonderful.

His head moved up and down as he made slurping sounds.  He told me to pull one leg up and as I did, he began to caress that little area just behind our balls and your asshole.  He sucked and caressed me.  It was amazing.  No one had ever done anything like that to me.  I guess those ancient Greeks knew what they were talking about.  

He alternated between sucking my cock and licking it.  Up and back he alternated between licking and sucking.  The pleasure was exquisite.  I reached up and gently caressed my own nipples as Joel pleasured me.  Then he removed his mouth and kissed around through my short pubic hair, kissed my balls and worked his way back up to my mouth.  We kissed and it was wonderful.  

"Would you like to do me?" Joel asked.  I smiled and began kissing my way down.  I moved down his body and then came face to face with his cock.  It was very hard and the hair around his cock was more like stubble.  I just looked at it for a moment.  I had never seen a cock close up before.  It was magnificent.  I leaned forward and gave the tip a soft tender kiss and I felt Joel run his fingers through the hair on my head.  I ran my tongue astound the head, swirling it round and round.  He sighed, so I figured I must be doing it right.  It was now or never, so I open my mouth and slowly took his cock into my mouth as far as I could.  He tasted shower clean but his musky scent and taste were there.  I began to move my head up and down on his cock as my hand lightly began to massage his balls.

I did as he did, alternating sucking and licking and he moaned with pleasure.  Soon, he pulled one leg up and I knew he wanted me to caress where he did me.  My finger tips played across that little patch of pleasure and he said, "So fuckin' good."

I smile to myself and felt good knowing that I could bring such pleasure to him.  I then did something he didn't do.  I removed my head, lifted his balls, and ran my tongue around that little patch of skin.  "Oh my god,"  was all I could hear him say.  As I licked I stroked his cock and after a few minutes he told me to stop.  I did and then kissed my way back up his body.  We kissed and chatted.  He said, "Let's do a 69 and you can cum in my mouth and if you want I will cum in yours.  You ok with that?"

I decided that I wanted to do this so I said yes and he moved around. Now my cock was in his mouth and his in mine.  We sucked gently on each other as we caressed each others backs and asses.  I felt his finger tips slide into the crack of my ass and felt his fingers running across my asshole.  It felt wonderful, so I returned the favor.  WE both began to pump our hips at about the same time, signs that we were both getting close to cuming.   He prodded at my asshole with his finger and soon I felt that I had hit the point of no return.  The feeling just before you shoot is exquisite.  I stopped sucking but kept his cock in my mouth.  I held out to enjoy that feeling for as long as possible and then it overtook me.  I squirted into his mouth.  It was so intense that I felt like he was going to suck my balls right through my cock.

My moan was stifled by his cock in my mouth.  And all too soon it was over.  I couldn't move for a few moments and Joel just lightly caressed my back and ass as I recovered.  I began to slowly moving my head, my mouth gliding up and down his cock.  I put as much into sucking him as he had to me.  His face was buried in my groin and he would occasionally place kisses on my limp cock in between moans.

I felt his hips begin to move and his balls move up and then he said he was going to cum.  I thought for a moment of pulling away and just letting him shoot into the air but I thought that wasn't right, so I kept sucking and then he pushed into me, his body froze, and he grunted loudly as I tasted his first offering.  His cum shoot into my mouth.  It was thick and slightly salty.  I sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed until he pulled away because he was too sensitive.  We both rolled on own our backs and said nothing.  We lay there and I felt his hand take mine.  We held hands until finally he moved around. He cuddle up to me and I told him that making love with him was one of the most intense experiences I had ever had.  He stroked my hair and told me there was much more and if I wanted I could come back or better yet stay for the night.  

We kissed and I said, "Do you have an extra toothbrush?"