Out On the Bike Path II: The Waterfront Masturbators!

Info Tristan LeMay
07 Sep. '18

   OMG, guys! Things have been crazy out on the bike path this summer. I don’t know if it’s the fact that we’ve had the hottest, most humid summer in recorded history or if the human race is just going crazy… or both, but man, who would have thought there would be so much public sex on the bike paths in and around Montreal? Unbelievable!

   Again today, after sitting around watching too much TV on this Labour Day weekend, I decided it was time to move my butt and get a workout in before dinner. So I geared up, slipped into a Lycra t-shirt, a good old pair of black Denver Hayes briefs, and my second pair of Spandex biking pants. With my helmet in place, I was off to ride toward the St. Lawrence Seaway, thinking about the unreel experience I had yesterday with Daniel, the pissing construction worker whom I could almost still feel inside my asshole. Yeah, that is his name. Not asshole. Daniel. He told me as I left yesterday.

   As I straddled my bike, I actually felt myself squeeze my sphincter a few times like I was doing anal Kegels.

   Following what I’d experienced yesterday, it was as though my eyes, my brain, my cock, my butt hole were all on high alert. I was like a sub missile! Zeroing in on a given target… with no real target in sight.

   ̶  What do you expect? Sex on the bike path every day? You’ve been riding for years and… what? You’ve had maybe three encounters…

   I often talk to myself aloud when I ride my bike and that sometimes creates some weird experiences. But nowadays, more and more people look like they’re talking to themselves because they have blue tooth devices or other type of hands-free phone thingamajigs. So weirdos like me can talk to themselves without looking like they need to be institutionalized!

   Anyway, things were looking pretty normal as I started crossing the “estacade”, which is both an ice controlling structure and bike crossing just beside Champlain Bridge. I even started accelerating like I wanted to get a spinning workout, crossing over to the St. Lawrence Seaway bike path. I did glance over to the driving portion of the “estacade” to see if there were any construction workers – maybe even Daniel –, trucks or buses hauling guys to and from the site of the new Champlain Bridge… or on repair work to the “estacade”. Nobody. “Hum… Labour Day”, I thought. Even though work is running late and people on the news said the workers would be doing a lot of overtime, working on holidays and such. Anyway…

   As I came closer to the end of the bridge, looking ahead and down, to my right, I spotted life along the side of the seaway, on a natural beach-like section close to the water, right next to the bridge. From that distance, I couldn’t say if the two figures were guys or girls… or one of each, but I could see that they’d spread out what looked like a blanket and either some camping or picnic gear.

    ̶  Stop imagining sex everywhere, I said to myself with a silly grin on my face, finding myself quite ridiculous.

   But when I got close enough, I noticed it was actually two guys. As a matter of fact, I got close enough to see that one of them was black and the other was probably Arab or Indian or… well, brown, you know? I was also close enough to see that the black dude was wearing a red and white-striped tank top and a red Speedo or briefs… and that the Middle-Eastern-looking guy seemed to be wearing a yellow t-shirt and green bikini-type bathing suit, too. I wish I could tell you the stories I was making up in my head weren’t making me horny just sitting there on my bike with a foot on the ground and a hand on the railing to keep my balance. But I’d be lying.

   I couldn’t tell if they had noticed me as I was pretty much high and out of sight if they looked straight over the water. But I couldn’t stop staring at them. The black guy was propped up on his elbows and his legs were spread while his feet were sole to sole.

   ̶  Kind of like when you dissect a frog in high school…

   I chuckled to myself. Not a very sexy thought and yet… I took out my cell phone to use the camera to zoom in on them, hoping they wouldn’t think I was taking pictures of them because that would have been wrong… not to mention illegal. I couldn’t believe what my eyes caught. The black guy's cock head was peeking out of his right Speedo pant leg. My eyes became wider than the zoom on the camera and my cock twitched in my own pants.

   ̶  Wow! Is he doing that on purpose? I asked myself.

   I looked over to the brown guy who was lying flat on his back like he was soaking in sun rays, his left foot flat on the blanket, closer to his ass. I wondered if the position had anything to do with how big the bulge in his swimsuit looked… or if it was because he was semi-erect… or just really naturally well-endowed. From where I was, it was hard to tell, no pun intended.

   I felt the urge to rub my crotch and maybe even masturbate through my Spandex bike shorts and underwear, but instead, I opted for making my hardening cock twitch over and over without touching myself. Just looking at the two hot guys and imagining them exploring each other’s body was enough to make me really excited.

   Since I looked kind of weird, standing there with my smart phone turned toward the two guys, I quickly put the device away. I kept looking down at them but also had my eyes roam the beautiful view. I mean the trees on the seaway path and the river. After a few minutes, I decided to leave my spot and I sped down, off the “estacade” to the seaway path. I rode for a little while toward Victoria Bridge, but couldn’t stop thinking of the two guys on the little stretch of beach.

   When I got to the other link to the South Shore, I saw that it was raised and that a huge ship was going through the locks. That was my cue to turn around. As I was riding back, I started getting butterflies in my stomach.

   ̶  Stop it! That’s insane! Don’t even think about it…

   But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I just wanted to go to the spot where I’d seen the guys, walk down to the water and check them out up close. My brain was working overtime, trying to think of what I would say to them if I needed to explain what I was doing there. I couldn’t pretend I was looking for a fishing spot since I didn’t have any gear. I couldn’t pretend I was…

   That was it. I was going to do it.

   I hopped off my bike and walked down toward the water with my wheels next to me so my bike wouldn’t get stolen or… whatever. When I got close enough, coming from behind the guys, it looked like the brown guy was rubbing the black dude’s crotch! The ebony hottie’s head had fallen back and I could see that his eyes were closed.

   “Holy shit,” I thought to myself. “Are they really…?”

   I sort of didn’t want to think about it or analyse it. I just wanted to enjoy what I thought I was seeing!

   ̶  Mmmm… yeah, bro. Work my cock.

   What? I guess I wasn’t imagining things. He was actually playing with his friend’s junk. And I was doing my darnedest to not make a sound and attract attention, holding on to my bike with my right hand and rubbing my hardening cock through my clothes with my left.

   ̶  Play with my balls, bro!

   He was kind of whispering, but loud enough so that his buddy would hear him over the sound of the water slapping against the shore and the distant car noises from Champlain Bridge.

   ̶  No, not like that! Take ‘em out.

   I almost gasped out loud. I was so aroused, rubbing my cock furiously through the Spandex of my pants. I knew I must be oozing precum like crazy but the two layers of clothing were serving as a barrier.

    ̶  Are you nuts? What if someone sees?

   The Middle-Eastern guy seemed to be having second thoughts.

    ̶  Nobody’ll see!

    ̶  Oh yeah? What makes you so sure?  

   “Yeah, what makes you so sure?” I thought to myself, pissed that I wasn’t standing in front of them, my back to the water, instead of in the patch of trees and shrubs behind them.

    ̶  Who cares anyway?

    ̶  What if someone comes?

    ̶  Keep this up, and it’s gonna be me!

   I almost burst out laughing because I really wasn’t expecting this banter.

    ̶  Asshole! said the brown guy as he clearly continued stroking his buddy’s cock.

   Then, the black guy reached behind his head and grabbed the scrunched up beach towel that was laying there. He quickly opened up the towel and spread it over both their midsections.

    ̶  What are you…

   Then, the ebony guy wiggled out of his Speedos and put them aside.

    ̶  You’re fucking crazy!

    ̶  Maybe…  but I’m even more horny!

   Again, I had to contain myself not to laugh. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing and I was fighting the urge to pull my pants down and jack off… or just walk a few more steps down and join them.

    ̶  Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about. Grab those balls!

   I glanced up at the “estacade” thinking, “What if somebody’s looking down?” That’s when my bike slipped from my hand and started rolling down toward the guys!

    ̶  Shit!

   The word came out of my mouth as I struggled to catch my ride… but it also came out of one of the guys’ mouth, too, when he realized they weren't alone. I couldn’t say which one.

    ̶  Hey guys! I said, trying to sound innocent. Sorry to bother you. Either of you seen a Gear Fit?

    ̶  A what?

    ̶  A Samsung Gear Fit bracelet, you know? For monitoring workouts…

    ̶  Oh right!

    ̶  Mine is red. Like your Speedos there. I think I might have lost it a few hours ago when I was here.

   I didn’t dare look in their direction because I’d already been pretty bold. But I thought it was a pretty good lie and that my fake looking-around-everywhere was really convincing.

    ̶  Sorry, said the black guy. We didn’t see it. Those things are fucking expensive. Whoever found it probably kept it.

    ̶  Yeah… I know… I was hoping… since not too many people come down here usually…

    ̶  Right.

   There was a weird silence as I continued looking around to keep up appearances and credibility. Then, I went around them, walking close to the water with my bike and turning to check them out from the front. That’s when I noticed that the black guy’s cock was tenting under the spread-out towel and that his erection was leaving his balls uncovered. I decided to chuckle and look away like I was embarrassed.

    ̶  Whoa… sorry, dude. I didn’t mean to check you out like that…

    ̶  What? he replied, looking down. Oh. Yeah. Well, you know… the cool air and…

    ̶  Yeah, of course, I replied, pretending to stutter a bit. Yeah. I totally get it.

    ̶  You look like you're packin’ some hard shit, too, dude…

   I couldn’t believe he was being so bold… and that he’d even really noticed because it’s not like my cock is anywhere near what he seemed to have under the towel.

    ̶  What? I… Bah… you know… just riding the bike sometimes… with your balls rubbing against the seat… through the Spandex…

   I was really being bold. Rubbing and squeezing my cock through my clothes, my eyes locking with his.

    ̶  Yeah, dude, I get you, he continued, slowly removing the towel and uncovering his rock-hard ebony stick.

   I damn near choked on my own saliva, maybe just because I forgot to swallow or because I was salivating so much!

    ̶  So, uh… what are you guys doing down here?

    ̶  Just chillin’, you know? replied the black guy, making me think his brown friend was too nervous and uncomfortable to talk, like I was a cop or something. Looking to relieve a bit of tension, before going back to our stressful workplace, right, Ishaan?

   I could feel that my convo buddy was being a bit ironic and cheeky, but I was actually amused AND even more aroused. His friend Ishaan looked surprised to hear his name and just muttered something intelligible.

    ̶  Ishaan was just about to suck the stress right out of me, weren’t you, bro?

   Ishaan actually turned red before protesting vehemently:

    ̶  Shut up, man. I wasn’t…

   He said that second part to me and I smiled coyly, still squeezing my hard cock through my clothes.

    ̶  Ishaan doesn’t like to talk about it – especially at the office because our boss is a real asshole – but he’s really not into pussy. He really prefers cock. Maybe he’d like to taste some white meat for a change, huh, bro?

    ̶  Shut the fuck up, Rash…

   When I heard the name, I thought it might be a nickname or an abbreviation. Why would a parent call their son “Rash”? Sounds like… well, a rash, right?  Anyway, I didn’t have time to think about that.

    ̶  You look like you might have some tension to release, too, man, “Rash” blabbered on, ignoring Ishaan, looking me straight in the eye.

    ̶  Sure, I replied. I’m open to anything.

   I couldn’t believe I was talking like that, but how could I not with this “Rash” dude sounding like he’d just jumped out of a 1980s gay porn flick.

    ̶  At the office, Ishaan has all this hot pussy throwing itself at him. I mean, you wouldn’t believe how hot some of these girls are… and he only craves dick.

   Rash was now stroking his cock without taking his eyes off me. He’d mostly look straight at my face, but sometimes, he’d look down at my crotch and watch me rub and pull at my tube through the Spandex. When he did that, I would notice he’d push his hard cock away from his belly, pointing it in my direction as though he wanted to show me the drops of precum bubbling up through his piss slit.

    ̶  You’re such an asshole, Rash…

   Ishaan’s tone wasn’t very believable and the fact that he’d slipped his hand inside his own green Speedos and seemed to be frantically pulling on his hard, brown meat was not helping his credibility either.

   ̶  Speaking of assholes… said Rash, letting his voice trail away.

   He reached over to an open little bag that almost looked like a first-aid kit and pulled out a condom. Without even blinking or missing a stroke on his cock, he ripped the wrapper and sexily started sheathing his black pole. This seemed to drive Ishaan even crazier than it was me. He was jacking his cock frantically inside his green, stretching bathing suit and I could see his whole pubic area covered in thick, black hair.

   They really did seem like they didn’t care who might see them anymore. Probably because as their level of horniness was rising, their level of rationality was shrinking dramatically. Ah, to be a testosterone-driven male!

   ̶  Ishaan won’t admit this either, Rash continued, finishing the sheathing of his cock, but he loves feeling a hard cock inside his shit shoot, too.

   ̶ Fuck you, Ishaan whispered, throwing his legs up in the air to whip off his swimsuit, and straddling Rash’s midsection so he could ease his ass down onto his buddy’s joystick. As he squatted, he looked up at me, staring at my face as he copiously spit in his free hand to lube up his own hole.

   I heard them both moan and Rash’s cock started disappearing inside Ishaan.

   ̶  See? Rash continued. He just can’t resist. As soon as my cock is covered and ready to go, he doesn’t waste a second. Now watch him ride me like a rodeo horse and fuck a load right out of his own brown sugar cock.

   Watching this and listening to Rash’s play-by-play predictions was making me frantic. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. I reached inside my Spandex pants and cotton underwear and whipped out my own cock and balls.

    ̶  That’s what I’m talking about, said Rash, twisting his upper body a bit to get a good look at my junk while Ishaan bobbed up and down on the stiff pole, sometimes slamming down against Rash’s pubis for more effect, all the while moaning and groaning in pleasure.

    ̶  You need to haul your white ass over here so Ishaan can get a taste of that.

   Rash’s take-control attitude was making me crazy with lust. I came closer, waddling a bit with my pants pulled down mid-thigh, my bare ass exposed to anybody who might be on the “estacade” at that given moment… but not giving a shit!

   The next thing I knew, Ishaan had grabbed on to my glutes and was engulfing my cock, still riding Rash’s stick for all it was worth.

    ̶  Yeah, bruh, that’s it. That’s what you wanted all along. That’s what I’m talking about. Being a generous, pleasing Indian bitch who just wants to give it his all, right? Right.

   He didn’t give Ishaan a chance to respond. And with both cavities filled, Ishaan didn’t look like he even wanted to dignify Rash’s words with a response. By this point, I can’t say I cared about anything else besides being in the moment myself. Ishaan was sucking my cock and playing with my balls while bouncing on Rash so hard I was expecting our ebony announcer to erupt any second.

    ̶  Yeah, baby, that’s what I’m talking about, Rash repeated. You know you want that load of cream inside you all nice and gooey… Yeah! Fucking take it up your ass, Arab Prince.

   For a second, I thought that was kinda racist, but… my balls started bubbling and my own cream made its way up my cock so quickly, I barely had the time to say:

    ̶  I’m coming, too…

   Before Ishaan pulled my cock out of his mouth and I exploded as he rubbed my cock on his unshaven face. As I watched my cum cover his cheek and shoot up toward his right ear, I also felt a strand of hot cum hit my scrotum and realized Ishaan had erupted, too. He moaned as he looked up at me, with a strange look of thankfulness on his beautiful mono-browed face.

   We had all shot our loads at the same time. I took Ishaan’s hands to help him up off Rash’s slowly deflating cock and he took that as an invitation to kiss me passionately on the mouth as he rubbed his cream-covered cock head on my sweaty, hairy balls. I happily kissed him back and felt my cock twitch as though it was saying, “Oh nice. We’re not done yet.” But we pretty much were. Ishaan quickly caught something in the corner of his eye and pulled away from my mouth, my cum still dripping down his face.

    ̶  Shit…

   Two guys had stopped at the exact same spot I had put my foot down on the “estacade” and were looking down on us, visibly interested in the free porn.

    ̶  That’s hot, said Rash. As long as they don’t take no pictures, right?

   I almost choked on my saliva again. And quite honestly, after what I’d just been through, I was surprised I had any left.