Tiffany's Wild Weekend At The Lake

If you don’t remember Tiffany from my other stories about her, I’ll give you a quick fill in.  Tiffany is my girlfriend and she’s a great woman.  She’s pretty, has a fantastic pair of big breasts, and I love fucking her.  She loves being fucked too and especially so when I help her indulge her little quirk.

See, Tiffany has this secret desire to show her body to other men, but she’s can’t really bring herself to do that.  What she wants is for me to put her in situations where she can see men lusting after her and then have me tell her what they’re thinking.  It’s a little weird, I guess, but it makes her a really fun woman to be with.  I enjoy watching what other men do when they see her too.

Anyway, that June weekend promised to be warm but not hot, and the sun would be shining.  Tiffany and I hadn’t been out for a while because of the weather.  It rains a lot in Tennessee in spring, and even though Tiffany is hot when she’s wet from the shower, being drenched in a downpour of rain wasn’t something I thought she’d like.  I decided to surprise her and get her libido cranked up a little by a trip to Kentucky Lake.

The cabin I found was small, just two rooms with a kitchenette/living room and a bedroom and bath, but it would do just fine for what I had in mind.  It sat a hundred feet from the lakeshore and had a dock for a boat.  I don’t have a boat, but in my plan that dock would still get some use.  The owner had trucked in a few loads of sand, so there was a little beach of sorts.  The important thing was the cabin sat all by itself so there wouldn’t be any neighbors with kids anywhere close.  I do have some standards, and exposing kids to what I was going to do is one of my few taboos.

I took Tiffany to dinner the Thursday night before.  It was our usual dinner out – Tiffany wore the jeans and tank top I’d picked out for her.  Now, Tiffany’s breasts were pretty big for the built-in bra in that tank top to handle, so they sort of moved around seductively when she did anything except stand still.  She looked embarrassed when she met me at the door.

“Are you sure this is what you want me to wear?  My boobs just swing all over the place when I walk.  Men will be looking at me, won’t they?”

I grinned.

“They’ll be doing more than looking at those big tits.  They’ll be wishing they were feeling them.”

Tiffany blushed.

“But if they look at me that way, you know what will happen, don’t you?”

“Yep, just what’s happening now.”

Just as I knew would happen, telling Tiffany that men would want to feel her breasts had made her nipples swell.  There were two big bumps in her tank top that could only be her stiff, thick nipples.  Tiffany looked down and gasped.

“Oh my God, I knew my nipples would get big, but I didn’t realize they’d actually be able to see them.”

“Yep, they will, and they’ll want to be sucking them, just like I want to now.”

“Would they really want to suck them?  When you do that, it makes them get even harder.”

“I’m sure they’d love to do that.  If you want, I’ll ask one or two if they’d like to go out to my pickup with you.  You can lift up that top and let them suck your nipples until you want them to do more.”

Tiffany smiled.

“No, I’ll just wait until were back home and let you do it.”

“OK, let’s go then.”

We had dinner at a local restaurant.  I ate and grinned at Tiffany.  She kept her shoulders rolled forward in an attempt to keep her nipples below the table top, but when she reached for her glass of iced tea, her right breast would raise up.   Her right nipple wasn’t a stiff as I’d seen it get, but it was still obvious.

The guy at the table next to us was having a ball.  Every time Tiffany reached for her glass, he’d grin.  I thought Tiffany would like to know that.

“Say, Tiffany.  You remember what I said men would want to be doing to you?  Well, the guy at the next table is watching every time you take a drink.  That nipple is getting pretty big and he’s loving it.”

Tiffany started to feel her breast, then blushed and looked up at me.

“Is it really big, big enough he can see from over there?”

“Yep, that nipple is as big as a…no, wait, it’s getting bigger.  Raise up your left arm.  Yeah, that nipple is all swelled up too.  Want me to ask him if he’d like a taste?”

“Oh, God, no.  Don’t you dare.”

I chuckled.

“Why not?  He’d love it, and I bet he’d make your panties get wet.”

“You know what men looking at me does.  They’re starting to get that way already.”

“Well, he’d make them wetter then.  He might even want to…well, you know.”

“Oh, I couldn’t let him do that.  That’s just for you.”

“Well, I bet he’s thinking about doing it.  I sure am.”

By the time we got back to Tiffany’s house, her nipples had relaxed a little.  I could still see them poking out the tank top, but they were just soft bumps.  After I shut off my truck, I stroked her left breast.  Tiffany shivered and that nipple started to grow again.  I chuckled.

“I think this big tit wants a little more.”

Tiffany smiled.

“We could go inside and see if it does.”

Well, we found out her big breasts both wanted some stroking and squeezing.  I did just that once I pulled her tank top over her head.  I knew talking to her about the man at the restaurant would excite her even more, and an excited Tiffany is something you’d have to experience to believe.

I stroked her stiffening right nipple, and Tiffany caught her breath.  I gave it a little pinch and she caught her breath again.

“Is that what you think the man at that table was thinking”, she asked.

“Well, that and other things.  He was probably thinking about this too.”

I bent down and sucked that nipple into my mouth and then licked the tip with my tongue.  Tiffany moaned.

“Would he do it a lot?”

“I imagine so.  He’d probably do this too.”

I closed my teeth on the thick, swollen nub and pinched it gently.  Tiffany moaned.

“If he did that, I wouldn’t want him to stop.”

“Oh, he wouldn’t.  He’d do more.”

Tiffany murmured, “Like what?”

I unsnapped her jeans and pulled down the zipper, then pushed my hand down the front until I was cupping her pussy.  Tiffany’s panties felt a little damp and I laughed.

“He’d want to feel your little pussy.  I think you’ve been thinking about that, haven’t you?”

“Yes”, Tiffany breathed.  “Would he put his fingers in me.”

“Once he got you out of those jeans he would.”

Tiffany pushed me away, pulled her jeans and panties down to her knees, and then fell back on the couch.

“Show me what he wanted to do to me.”

Once I had Tiffany’s jeans and panties on the floor, I lifted her right leg to the back of the couch and put the other on the floor.  Her pussy opened a little and showed me the glistening wetness on her inner lips.  I stroked that wetness from her entrance to her clit and then gave her hidden clit a little rub.  Tiffany arched a little and moaned.

I slipped on finger into her entrance, and Tiffany moaned again.  She felt wet enough, so I put another finger inside her beside the first.  Tiffany gasped.

“Do me now.  I’m ready.”

I pulled my fingers out and chuckled.

“Nope. First I have to have my dessert.”

Tiffany put her hand over her mound.

“You’re not going to do that again, are you?”

I love how Tiffany tastes when she’s aroused.  I knew she’d be more than willing to be fucked, but I’d learned that while she wouldn’t say she wanted her pussy licked, she really did.

“I sure am, and I’m going to do it until you cum at least once.”

Tiffany moved her hand then and my tongue slipped between her inner lips and I tasted a very aroused Tiffany.  She groaned.

“Oh God, don’t stop.”

I had no intention of stopping until Tiffany gasped out at least one orgasm.  She was getting there pretty fast.  When I licked under her clit, Tiffany moaned and rocked her hips up a little.  I pushed my tongue into her entrance as far as it would go and then moved it in and out.  Tiffany started to breathe faster.  When I slipped two fingers inside her and started licking her clit again, I knew it was only a matter of time.

Tiffany grabbed my head with both hands and started to pant a little.  I suppose my fingers pinching her right nipple and twisting it might have helped.  I pinched that nipple and then pulled.  Tiffany gasped and her hips rocked up.

She was really wet by then, so my two fingers didn’t feel much resistance as I stroked them in and out.  Tiffany was feeling them though.  She was panting hard now, and lifting her hips into every stroke of my fingers.  Her clit had swelled out from under the hood and I felt the soft rounded tip with my tongue.  It was about time to take her the rest of the way.

Tiffany gasped again and then murmured, “I’m close”.  That was my cue.  I wrapped my lips around her swollen clit and started to suck in and out.  At the first gentle suck, Tiffany arched her back.  At the second, she moved her hands from my head and grabbed the couch cushions.  It took a dozen strong sucks along with rolling and pinching her nipples before Tiffany cried out, arched high, and then started to shake.  Her pussy clamped down on my fingers and I felt a warm flow coat them.

I kept stroking my fingers in and out of Tiffany’s wet pussy just to keep her feeling the little contractions of the aftershocks.  I knew she’d be ready again in a couple of minutes.  True to form, she eased down from the orgasm and then caught her breath when I lightly stroked her still swollen clit.

“Mmm…I think I need you to be inside me now.”

I smiled.

“That’s what I think too.”

As I started taking off my clothes, Tiffany slipped her right hand down to her pussy and started making little rubbing motions beside her clit.  I asked her what she was doing.

“Well”, she said, “I’m just thinking about what that man was probably thinking about doing to me.”

“You think he wanted to rub your clit?”

Tiffany moaned a little when she touched the tip of her clit, and then looked up at me.


I grinned.

“Well, I’m going to do what he really wanted to do.  Hold those big lips open for me.”

Tiffany was so wet my cock slid in all the way on the first push.  She was also so aroused that first push caused her hips to rock and she moaned.

“Oh, yeah…I was hoping he’d want to do this too.”

“Believe me, this is what he’d want to do.  Now lift those big tits up so I can suck  your nipples.”

Tiffany held up both breasts and I bent my head down so I could reach them.  While I slowly stroked my cock in and out, I sucked and nibbled first one and then the other.  I could tell Tiffany was on the way again after only a few minutes of this.  I knew because she grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled that stroke in a little faster.  I lost her nipple in the process, but that wouldn’t matter now.  Tiffany was at the stage of wanting to be fucked fast and fucked hard.  

Since it was the first time that night for me, it was hard to concentrate on not cumming too quick.  Tiffany wasn’t helping that problem at all.  A minute or so after I started ramming my cock in fast and deep, she started to pant.  I felt her fingernails digging into my ass.  I heard the little murmurs she always makes.

“Oh…yeah…oh God…yeah…like that…oh God, yes.”

I felt Tiffany slide her hand between us and start rubbing her clit.  That meant I wouldn’t have to hold out much longer.  I was just about at the point of no return when Tiffany screeched and lifted us both off the couch a little.  Her hips shook and she screeched again, then started rocking her hips into my strokes.  I gave up and let nature take its course.  My cock throbbed four times and filled Tiffany with my cum while she writhed out her orgasm under me.

I kept stroking my cock in and out of Tiffany’s pussy until it slipped out and was too soft to get back inside her.  Tiffany pulled me down on top of her then.

“Mmm…Is that what that man would have done to me?”

“Oh yeah.  He’d probably want to do it more than once too.”

“How would he want to do it the second time?”

“Well, I imagine he’d like you to ride his cock so he could play with your big tits at the same time.”

“Is that what you’d like?”

“Just as soon as my cock stands up again I would.”

It did stand back up, though it took a while.  I was also a little less sensitive and Tiffany was a little slipperier so I didn’t have to concentrate so much on holding out.  Instead, I concentrated on making Tiffany feel good.  I think it worked pretty well.  When she came, she soaked down my cock, my balls, and the bedsheet.

We got to the cabin about four the next day and it took an hour to get my truck unloaded and everything put away.  After that, we ate a light dinner and then went down to sit on the dock.  

Tiffany was wearing the short shorts and halter top I’d picked out.  I hadn’t stopped on the way from her house to the cabin, so other than a couple of truck drivers, nobody had seen her.  Just to make her blush a little, I did have her lift up the halter top and flash those truckers.  She gave them a few seconds to look at her heavy, bare breasts and then jerked the top back down and asked me to speed up.  I asked her why I should.

“That guy in the truck blew me a kiss.  I think he thinks I want to do more.”

I chuckled.

“Well, if I was that truck driver and saw those big tits of yours, I’d want to do more too.”

“Like what?”

“Like bend you over the bumper of my truck and fuck you until I cum.”

“He’d bend me over his bumper?”

“Yep, and he’d want those big tits naked too so he could squeeze ‘em while he fucks you.”

“He’d go somewhere private, wouldn’t he?”

“I doubt it.  He’d probably just pull over on the shoulder, strip you, and take you right there on the highway.  Anybody driving past would see you.  They might even stop and join in.”

“Oh, God, I couldn’t do that, not with more than one man.”

I reached over and squeezed Tiffany’s left breast.

“Might be fun, one guy with his cock in you and a couple playing with your tits.”

Tiffany shook her head.

“No, I don’t need more than just you.”

I stroked Tiffany’s inner thigh and she shivered.  I grinned to myself.

“You getting hot, Tiffany?”

“A little.  How far to the cabin?”

“About fifteen minutes.  Feel free to play with yourself until we get there.”

“Right here in the truck?”


“No thank you.  I can wait.”

Anyway, we were sitting on the dock watching a family of ducks swimming along the shore.  I asked Tiffany to take off her top.  She looked at me and shook her head.

“Not here, not where anybody can see.”

“Well, Tiffany, I don’t see a soul except for those ducks and I don’t think they care.  I do care and I want to see those big tits naked.  Come on, up with that top.”

“What’ll you do to me if I don’t?”

I scratched my chin.

“Hmmm…well, maybe I’ll put you in the back of my truck, naked, and drive into town for some groceries.”

“You wouldn’t really do that, would you?  Everybody would see me.  I’d be embarrassed to death.”

“Yeah, I expect everybody would see you.  All the men would be thinking about what they’d like to do, probably a couple of the women too.”

“Oh, no.  Not any women.  I just like men.”

“Well, the women would still be thinking about it.  You’ve never wondered what it would feel like having a woman sucking your clit?”

“No, never.”

“Well, suit yourself.  I’ve heard it’s a lot different, that’s all.  I’m sure there’d be more than enough men to take care of you.”

“Well, I don’t want to find out, so I’ll take off my top.  Just tell me if you see anybody coming along.”

I love seeing Tiffany’s bare breasts.  They’re big and they’re round, and she has nipples that swell up at almost anything.  It must have been cooler outside that top than inside, because as soon as she laid the top on the dock, they started getting longer and thicker.  I stroked a fingertip over the closest one.

“Looks like these like being naked.”

“They’re just cooler, that’s all.”

“Well, maybe I should warm them up then.”

I slid over a little and laid my head in Tiffany’s lap.  When I sucked her right nipple into my mouth, she shivered and then giggled.

“You know what that does to me, don’t you?”

I pinched her nipple between my teeth and then let it go when she gasped.

“Yep, and I’m counting on it.   As soon as we go back inside, I’m gonna bend you over the table and fuck you until you cum.”

“Is that a promise?”

I pinched her nipple between my teeth again and Tiffany made a little moan.

“It’s a promise.”

“Let’s go inside now then.  Flashing those truck drivers made me all wet and horny.  I can’t wait.”

The next morning, Tiffany fixed breakfast for us and as we were finishing our coffee, she asked what we were going to do.  I had a plan, but I didn’t tell her all of it.  I figured she’d find out soon enough.

“Well, you put on the bikini I bought you and we’d go for a swim to start.  After that, we’ll just relax on the dock until lunch and then take a nap.”

Tiffany giggled.

“Yeah, I’ll bet you’re going to take a nap.  You just want to get me in bed again.”

“Well, the thought had crossed my mind.  We’ll see how tired we are after some swimming.”

Tiffany put on the bikini I’d bought, but came out of the bathroom shaking her head.

“I can’t wear this.  It doesn’t cover hardly any of me.”

“I don’t know why. It was listed on eBay as ‘one size fits all’.”

“Well, it might be the right size around, but their one size doesn’t fit all of me.  The bra cups are too small, and the bottoms are so small my hair sticks out.”

I looked at Tiffany and grinned.

“I like the look.  So will anybody else who sees you.”

“I can’t let anybody see me like this.  They’ll think I want them to do something to me.”

“Well, it’s either that or you go naked.  Which will it be?”

Tiffany said she’d leave it on until she saw somebody else.  I had a feeling that wasn’t going to take very long.  I hadn’t told her there was a bass tournament on the lake that weekend.  There would be about a hundred boats checking out all the bays and creek channels that lead into the lake.  We were sure to have at least a few boats go by our dock.   I also knew once she knew she was being watched, she’d start getting aroused.

The water was cool, but not too cold when we waded in.  I led Tiffany deeper and then deeper still until the water was lapping over the top of her breasts.  Since the bra of the bikini only covered her nipples, I couldn’t resist stroking the sides that weren’t covered by the cups.

“Damn, this feels great.”

Tiffany laughed.

“That’s what you always say when you feel my boobs.”

“No, the water feels great.  Well, your tits do too, but the water is great.  We’ll have to have another swim this afternoon.”

“I think it’s a little cool, but it does feel pretty good.”

About then, a bass boat at full throttle raced past where we were swimming.  Tiffany shrieked and covered her breasts.  I just laughed.

“Tiffany, your big tits are under water.  They can’t see anything.”

“They can see through the water though.”

“Not as fast as they were going.  No, wait, they’re turning around.  Maybe they will see you after all.”

“Then I have to get out”, said Tiffany.

I grinned at something else I knew that Tiffany didn’t.

“OK, if that’s what you want.  We’ll go back inside.”

She started walking toward the bank, but stopped when one of the guys in the bass boat yelled “hot damn”.

Tiffany looked at the guy, then looked at me.

“Is he saying that at me?”

I chuckled.

“Yep.  If you look down, you’ll see why.”

Tiffany looked down, then wrapped one arm around her breasts and clapped the other hand over her mound.

“He can see all of me, can’t he?”

The guy pretty much could because Tiffany’s white suit had become nearly transparent after it got wet.  It had been advertised that way, and that’s why I bought it.  Tiffany was trying to cover up, but I could still see the big dark circles around her nipples and the dark patch of her bush.

“Looks like he can.  Looks like he’s enjoying the view too.”

“He’s coming this way.  What does he want?”

“Well, he’s probably just going to make a few casts at our dock.  Fish like to hang out under a dock.  Either that, or he wants a closer look at your big tits and bush.  Nope…they both just put their rods down. Want me to invite them to swim with us?”

“Don’t you dare.  They’d probably want to touch me.”

“Well, if I was them, I sure would.  I’d want to do more than just touch you.  I expect they would too.  Put your arms down at your sides so they can see what they’d be getting.”

“I can’t do that.  They might come closer.”

“Don’t worry.  I won’t let them do anything to you except feel those big tits…and maybe finger your pussy…and maybe fuck you if they want.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“If you don’t put your arms down, I’ll tell them you want to fuck them both.  I know they’ll want to then.”

“Oh God, don’t do that.”

“Then let them see.”

Tiffany slowly lowered her arms and the guys grinned.  The boat was only about twenty feet away by then.  I yelled at the guys and asked how the fishing was going.  The guy at the wheel yelled back, “the fishing is pretty good, but this is better.  Looks like you caught yourself a keeper.”

Tiffany’s chest had turned a bright pink and her nipples stuck out like rocks under the bra of the bikini.  I knew she was having a ball even if she couldn’t admit it.  

She looked at me.

“Make them leave.”

“I don’t know.  They seem like pretty friendly guys.  Wave at them and show them you’re friendly too.”

“No.  He’ll think I want him to do something to me.”

“Nah, he won’t.  He’s more interested in fishing than fucking right now.  I can ask him to come back once the tournament is over if you want.”

“Are you sure he won’t want to do something with me?”

“I’m positive he’d like to, but I’m sure he won’t.  Go on, wave at him and make his day.”

Tiffany slowly raised her arm and waved her hand a little.  The guy laughed then sat back down on his casting seat and started flipping his lure around the posts of the dock.  He didn’t catch anything, so about five minutes later, he motored away.

Tiffany’s eyes were bright and shiny, and I thought she was breathing a little faster.

“Whew”, she said.  “I was afraid he was going to keep coming.  I didn’t know what I’d do if he had.”

“He’d have loved it if you’d asked him to fuck you.”

“No, I’m just for you, remember, nobody else.”

“He got you thinking about it though, didn’t he?”

“Well, yes.”

I cupped Tiffany’s hip and stroked it gently.  She shivered, but she didn’t pull my hand away.

“Let’s to go back inside.”

“Nah, it’s early yet.  Let’s sit on the dock and watch the water for a while.”

“Will there be more boats?”

“Probably, but your suit is already drying out.  I can barely make out your nipples now.”

As I thought would probably happen, several more bass boats came by.  Most didn’t stop.  They would have been the pros, and since their income depends on catching fish, they wouldn’t have stopped fishing if Tiffany had been naked and holding a sign that said “come fuck me now”.  There were several amateurs though, and they all got to see Tiffany in her bikini. Tiffany got to get really excited, and by the time we went in for lunch, she was stroking my cock through my trunks.

I didn’t let her do more, though. I wanted her so hot, so wet, that she’d do anything to get me to fuck her.  That happened after lunch.

We were back on the dock, just sitting there, when a small boat with one guy in it motored past.  He didn’t seem to see Tiffany and kept on going down the lake toward a little creek that wandered up the bank about fifty yards from the dock.  I figured he was fishing for bream.  Tiffany breathed a sigh of relief when he kept on going.

“I was hoping he wouldn’t stop.  I don’t know what I’d have done if he had.  I’m so hot I don’t know if I could have stopped him from doing anything to me.”

“What do you think he would want to do to you?”

“Well, he’d probably want to feel my boobs.”

I stroked the bare side of Tiffany’s left breast.

“Like this?”

“Yeah, and he’d probably want to touch my nipples too.”

I slipped my hand under Tiffany’s bra, took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, then pinched gently and rolled it.

“Like this?”

Tiffany moaned.

“Yes, like that.”

“What else?”

“He’d want to feel between my legs.”

“You wouldn’t stop him from doing those things?”

“I probably couldn’t.”

“You’re that hot, huh?  Well, maybe you should do something about it.”

Tiffany looked at me.

“I hope you’re not thinking about doing it right here.”

“No, I’m thinking you should do yourself right here.”


“Just stick your hand in your bottoms and finger yourself until you cum.  You’ve done that before, haven’t you?”

“Well, yes, but I can’t do that, not out here.  Somebody will see me.”

“No, they won’t.  That boat is too far away for him to see anything.  Come on, either pet the kitty or I’ll yell at him to come back.”

Tiffany looked down the lake at the boat, then looked at me.

“You’ll tell me if he gets too close won’t you?”

“I’ll tell you in plenty of time to stop before he can do anything.  Now, lay back and get those fingers busy.  I want to see you cum.”

Tiffany pulled the crotch of the bikini bottoms to the side and stroked her hair covered lips a little, then laid back on the blanket we were sitting on and spread her legs.  She slipped her middle finger between her pussy lips and rubbed gently, then murmured, “remember to tell me.”

Watching Tiffany finger her pussy was almost as exciting as doing it myself.  I rearranged my stiff cock so it was pointing up and then stroked a fingertip over her nipples.  She moaned and her hips lifted up off the blanket a little.  

“If you keep doing that, I’ll cum.”

“No, if you cum now, it won’t be as good.  Just go slow and make it last.”

A couple minutes later, Tiffany had closed her eyes and was slowly rubbing beside her clit.  I wasn’t kidding about her making it last.  That was something I usually did for the first time.  If I hurried, she’d come hard, but it I kept her dangling on the edge for a while, I’d have to hold on or she’d buck me off.  I wanted to see that hard orgasm.  I also wanted to give the guy in the boat time to get to us.

He’d started working his way back up the shore with the trolling motor on his boat.  Trolling motors are so quiet you can barely hear them if you’re on the boat.  If you’re a ways away, they’re almost silent, and so was this one.

They guy was about twenty feet away when he realized what Tiffany was doing.  I waved, and then held my finger to my lips.  He nodded and kept coming until he was only about ten feet away.  Tiffany still had her eyes closed and she was starting to rock her hips into the two fingers in her pussy.

I never thought the guy would do what he did, but I thought Tiffany was going to like it.  He stood up quietly in the boat, unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, and started stroking it.  

I just sat there for a while watching him watch Tiffany and stroke his cock before reaching over and pinching Tiffany’s nipple again.  She moaned and her hips lurched up.  I pulled the bra cups to the side so I could reach her nipples easier, then rolled each one between my fingers.  Tiffany’s fingers started moving faster.

It took about another minute and some tugs to both Tiffany’s nipples before she arched into her hand, gasped, and then came.  I looked up at the guy in the boat, just as his cock spurted a shot of cum into the water.

Tiffany cried out as the strong orgasm hit her.  She jerked her body almost double, then gasped again.  That happened four times before she opened her eyes and grinned at me.

“Ummm…that was great.  Now take me back inside and do me.”

I chuckled.

“I think the guy in the boat would rather you did yourself again so he can jack off again.”

Tiffany looked up and saw the guy slowly stroking his softening cock.

“He’s still doing it.  Did he do it because he saw me?”

“Yep, and he blew his load in the water at the same time you came.  The way he’s smiling, I think he liked it.”

“Oh God, I’m embarrassed to death.  I have to go back in the cabin.”

Tiffany pulled the bra cups back over her breasts, stood up, and ran up the steps to the cabin.  The guy in the boat stuffed his cock back inside his pants, then waved and started his outboard motor.  He was going back up the lake as I gathered up the blanket and walked back to the cabin.

Tiffany was sitting on the couch when I got inside, and her eyes were sparkling.

“Did he really see me have an orgasm?”

“Sure did.  He seemed to like watching you.”

“And he was doing himself too.”

“Yep.  He was watching you finger your pussy and stroking his cock.  When you came, so did he.”

“Show me what he was doing.”

I dropped my trunks and stepped out of them, then started stroking my cock.  I thought Tiffany’s eyes got a little brighter.

“He got all hard like that from just looking at me?”


“Was he going fast or slow?”

“Well, slow at first, but when I started playing with your nipples, he got faster.”

“And he squirted?”

“Yep, just when you came, he shot his load into the water.  I’ll bet he was imagining filling that tight little pussy of yours though.”

“Was there a lot?”

I grinned.

“Enough you’d have his cum dripping out of you when he pulled out.”

“Like when you do it inside me?”

“Yes, just like that.”

“I think you should show me that too.”

“Take off that bikini and I will.”

Well, like I said, when Tiffany thinks about other men looking at her, her libido goes into overdrive.  Actually, it’s more like over-overdrive.  It took her all of about thirty seconds to strip off the bikini top and bottom and then hook one leg over the back of the couch and put the other one on the floor.  She held out her arms then.

“I don’t care what you do to me.  Just make me have another orgasm.”

Well, I did.  I really wanted a taste of her because she gets really wet when she’s like she was then.  I was just getting into sucking her big inner lips and licking her clit when Tiffany groaned, pushed my face down into her crotch and moaned, “don’t stop”.  She came hard a little later because I was sucking her stiff clit and pulling on both her nipples.  I had to let go of her nipples and grab her ass after the first spasm or she’d have bucked my ass onto the floor.

Tiffany lurched her body up into my face three more times before she pulled me up her body, locked her lips on mine, and tried to lick my tonsils.  I was liking the feeling of her stiff nipples against my chest and the way she kept trying to rub her pussy against my stiff cock when she broke the kiss and murmured, “do me again.”

I tried to enter her slowly, but when I was about half-way in, Tiffany groaned and thrust her body up and impaled her pussy on my stiff cock.  She started grinding her hips then and rocking them up and down.

Now, I liked what she was doing, but I was never going to last long enough that way.  Watching her finger herself until she came had gotten me way too ready.  Licking and sucking her until she came again had almost gotten me there.  I pushed my belly down on hers to hold her still as I started stroking my cock in and out.

That helped some, but not much.  Tiffany couldn’t rock her pussy up over my cock any more, but she could still squeeze it and move her hips from side to side.  All that was taking me to the point of cumming a lot faster than I wanted.  I had to speed Tiffany up at least a little.

“Tiffany, play with your tits and nipples for me.”

She didn’t say anything.  She just stroked both breasts and then pinched her nipples with her fingers.  She moaned then, and I felt her pussy clamp down on my stroking cock.  She rolled her nipples and moaned again.  I groaned when she pulled her nipples up and out because her pussy tightened up around my cock and didn’t relax.

I guess Tiffany was so excited that was enough, because about the time I felt the surge building, she gasped, “I’m about there.  Keep going and don’t stop.”

I couldn’t have stopped by then anyway.  With a groan, I rammed my cock inside Tiffany’s wet pussy as deep as it would go.  The first spurt of cum raced up my shaft and I gasped as it flew out the tip.  Tiffany gasped too, and she started to shake.  She pulled her nipples one more time, then dug her fingers into my ass cheeks and started humping up into my strokes.  I shot twice more and Tiffany was still cumming.

When her body stopped jerking, Tiffany pulled me down on top of her and mashed my chest onto her big tits.

“Wow…we have to do this again.”

I chuckled.

“It’s gonna be a while before I can.”

“I know, but you could play with me until that happens…like that guy probably wanted to.  What would he have wanted to do to me?”

“Other than fuck you?”


I raised up on one arm and stroked Tiffany’s right breast with the other.

“Well, these are some mighty fine tits you have.  I expect he’d want to feel them.”

“Show me how he’d have done that.”

Well, an hour later, I’d shown Tiffany how the guy would have squeezed her tits, pulled her nipples, sucked her nipples, pulled on her big pussy lips and fingered her clit.  My cock had also gotten stiff again.  Tiffany wanted to be on top this time, so I just layed on the couch and let her ride my cock until she came again.  I wasn’t quite as sensitive this time, so I held out until she threw back her head and cried out before I filled her little pussy again.  

That seemed to calm her down, so we had a shower and then went out to eat.  I didn’t have her dress in anything special that night.  I was too tired to do anything if she’d gotten all hot and bothered again.  

When I woke up the next morning, Tiffany was laying on her back beside me with one hand on her left breast and the other on her crotch.  I asked her what she was doing.

“I was just thinking about that man yesterday.  Do you suppose he went home and…well, you know.”

“If he had a woman at home, I’d bet she got the fucking of her life.  If he didn’t, yeah, he probably thought about you and jacked off again.”

“Show me what he’d have done.”

“You want me to jack off?”

“Well, not all the way.  Just until I get all excited again.”

Looking at Tiffany slowly rubbing her breasts and her outer lips had my cock hard in no time, and the more I stroked, the harder Tiffany started breathing.  I wasn’t nearly ready to cum when she pulled me between her spread legs and guided my cock into her pussy.  The little minx was already so wet my cock slid inside her with almost no effort.  We didn’t cum quite as hard as the night before, but it was still great.

We packed up after breakfast and I drove us back to Tiffany’s house.  I helped her carry her stuff inside and got ready to leave.  At her door, Tiffany kissed me until I started to reconsider leaving, and then grinned.

“I had a good time.  Can we do this again?”

“Sure.  I like seeing you in that bikini.  Maybe next time, you’ll just wear the bottoms, though.  I think the guys on the lake would like that.”

“Oh, I couldn’t do that.  They’d think I was wanting them to…well, do all sorts of things to me.”

As I drove away from Tiffany’s house, I smiled to myself.  Yes, the guys on the lake would want to fuck her, and Tiffany would like it that they wanted to even though she can’t admit it.  I get a real kick out of indulging her fantasies, because those fantasies end up with some really fantastic sex.  Tiffany is a great fuck anytime.  When she gets all hot and bothered because she thinks men are looking at her, she’s more than most men ever even imagine.  I can’t think of anything I enjoy more.