The Bodyguard I

She walked in as if she owned the place but didn't want to show off. Rory couldn't see her face since she turned right to the bar after walking in, and he sat at the other end of the place, facing the bar himself. He didn't mind though. If anything, he enjoyed it. This butt must have been handmade by the Gods, he thought to himself. The jeans were so tight it didn't even have room to jiggle, although Rory was sure it had all the potential.

She sat down at the bar, ordered a beer and took a sip right from the bottle. Rory noticed how short she was when she had trouble hopping onto the bar stool. Her short hair was half in a messy bun, the other half she wore down. It looked very effortless. The blouse she had on was a little big for her, the seams of the shoulders rested on her upper arm. She had tied it loosely around her tiny wasp waist.

Rory leaned back against the wall and took a sip from his own bottle of beer. Something about this girl spoke to him. And he didn't seem to be the only one: all the men in the bar and some of the women had turned their heads to follow her movement. When Rory noticed that, a hot rage formed in his stomach and he had to swallow hard not to punch the next guy.

Suddenly, the girl started looking around the room. Rory was surprised to notice how sweet and young her face looked, heart-shaped with large eyes and an adorable nose covered in freckles. On second look however he could tell that she had seen her fair share of life, just by the way the corners of her small mouth pointed south.

Their eyes met across the room. Rory felt a chill down his spine and knew that she was different from all the women he had ever met in any bar. This one was gonna be his.

She started walked and he was distracted by the way her hips swayed from side to side. By the time she had reached his table, Rory had a hard-on that made him speechless. When was the last time a woman had turned him on like this? Maybe never.

"Can I sit with you?" she asked but didn't wait for a reply. She just climed onto the stool and sipped her beer, looking around the room. Rory tried to eye her décolleté as discreetly as possible, examining her perky B-cups.

He became aware of his surroundings only when he heard another man's voice. "Hey doll, wanna dance?" A wannabe-cowboy had approached the table, maybe an inch taller than Rory but not as broad. He was talking to the girl, but staring at Rory with the eyes of an angry bull. Rory knew that look just too well. This guy wanted to pick a quarrel and the girl as his trophy.

Rory looked over to her, feeling that hot ball of rage in his stomach, knowing that he wouldn't be able to let her go with him. He silently begged that she would just say no to the guy but to his surprise she looked straight at him as if she was asking for his approval.

"No" Rory said. "She doesn't wanna dance."

The cowboy gave Rory a mean smirk. "I think the doll can answer for herself."

But the girl just shook her head. "I am with him" she said. "Whatever he says."

Now the cowboy got angry. "Doll, you get up here and dance with me" he demanded. But the "doll" just stared at Rory, cocking her head to the side. Rory was confused. What did she want? Why on earth did she want him to decide? But the longer he thought about it, the more he liked the thought of it.

"She doesn't dance" Rory repeated. In a flash the cowboy was at him, grabbing him by the collar, dragging Rory from his chair. Rory let it happen while he quickly sized him up - and decided that this would be an easy win. It only took him three well-placed punches to take the cowboy out. The fight was over in a moment. It is almost a shame, Rory thought. I was just getting warmed up.

The bartender came over angered by the fight, shouting that the troublemakers should leave instantly. The girl got up and Rory with her, following her bubble butt blindly out into the parking area.

"You drive" she said and threw him the keys to a black Porsche. Rory gulped. That was her car? Oh well, then. He was gonna get some rich pussy. Or was he? He wasn't sure. She had watched the fight without flinching but she didn't seem like the blood-thirsty type either. She hadn't made a move on him - expect of course when she had thrown him her car keys.

They got in, and by direction of the young woman Rory drove into the night. Apart from that, they didn't talk. Rory could feel the tension but admonished himself to wait for an explanation - surely there would be one. Finally, they stopped in front of a huge mansion. It was the kind of building Rory had always wanted to own, but never had the money, and when he finally did, he had already grown out of the desire to show off his wealth.

"I need you to protect me" the girl said with a sigh. "I need you to sleep in my bed. I have nightmares when I sleep by myself." She turned to Rory. "Can you do that?"

Rory nodded. This was the absolute strangest offer he had ever gotten from anyone - but somehow, for her, it worked. She was small and he wanted to protect her, to be the only one in her life. She handed him a remote control and when he pressed the button, the gates opened and he drove into the enclosure.

She lead the way to the door, opened, and went straight to a huge bedroom, not even giving Rory the time to look around. Everything was dark anyway. "There's a knife and a gun beside the bed" she expained and he checked to find exactly that. Before he knew what was going on, she had undressed and laid down on the amazingly huge bed. She tapped on the mattress twice to signal him to get in as well.

As soon as Rory had undressed himself and wrapped his large body around her tiny curves, her breath slowed down and she fell asleep. And just like that, Rory was alone with his confusion.


When Rory woke up, she was gone. His clothes were neatly folded onto the windowsill, his wallet on top. He quickly checked - everything was still in there. So she wasn't a thief. Good news.

A delicious smell drew Rory's attention down to the kitchen where he found a note that just said "Bon Appétit" and then "Zoe". So that was her name. It fits her, Rory though. She looks like a Zoe. She had left him a tower of pancakes, marple syrup and fresh orange juice. Rory noticed how hungry he was and didn't even take the time to sit before he gobbled up the food. It was delicious. Zoe was a fantactic cook.

Since he had nothing else to do, Rory inspected the house and came to the simple conclusion that it was way too huge for just one person to live in it. He wondered how a young girl like Zoe might come by such a huge mansion and just assumed that she must have inherited the compound. Downstairs he found a fully equipped gym including pool and sauna. He made a mental note to go for a swim later.

Rory didn't want to spend all day in a stranger's house, in his old clothes on top of that, so he went outside to find the keys to the car in the ignition. He took it as a sign that he was allowed to use the vehicle and drove to his own place, a small apartment downtown. It wasn't like he had much, but the few things he had, he threw into a sports bag. Before he headed back to the mansion, he allowed himself to take the Porsche for a spin.

Back at the mansion, Zoe wasn't home yet so Rory decided to go for a quick swim. He realized that he had forgotten to pack a swimsuit so he just went skinny dipping. After he had swam a couple of lengths, she was there. She had materialized out of thin air and looked simply gorgeous in a blue and green dress. "I see you found the pool." Without hesitation she pulled the dress over her had and leaped into the water.

She was entirely naked under that dress. Must have been all day. During work - or whatever it was that she was doing. No one could have noticed but now Rory did and oh, how his body responed to her. But he contained himself, not wanting to scare her away by coming on too strong. They swam side by side before she climbed out of the pool, showing off her wonderful butt once more, walking to the shower. Rory followed.

Zoe turned on the water and started washing herself. It was pointless, Rory didn't even try to hide his boner. She would notice sooner or later anyway. What was he gonna do? But could he work for her like that? It was work after all, right? She needed him as a bodyguard against her nightmares. To be fair, he knew a couple of tricks to scare away the bad dreams...

Of course she noticed his erection. Her hand brushed along his shaft and made him shiver when she hosed him down. Rory took a deep inhale. "I can't work for you like this." She nodded slowly. "It's not that I don't want to" Rory hurried to add. "I just can't focus."

She looked him right into the eyes, her blue oceans devouring his worry, making his chest ache. "Please just stay with me" she asked. "You can have access to all my cars, the entire house, I will cook breakfast and dinner for you, during the day you can do whatever, as long as you're here by six p.m." It was a great offer.

Rory looked down at his boner. "Yes" he gasped, then shook his head. "No." He stared at her face as if the answer was hidden somewhere between that small mouth, the freckles and her huge eyes. "Yes" he finally said and she smiled. It was like the sun rose for the first time.

Then Zoe looked down on him, subconsciously biting her lip - Rory felt his cock twitch at that. "Do you need help with that?" Zoe asked and looked back up to his face. "Maybe I can help you."

"Hell yes" Rory sighed and turned off the water. He wanted to do her right here and now in the shower but he didn't know what she would be into. A bed surely was the safest option. "Let's go to the bedroom."

She went before him so he had time to marvel at her ass. It was truly magnificent, swaying from side to side, a slight jiggle running down her thighs with every step. The urge to burry himself inside her became stronger. Finally, they reached the bedroom and she kneeled on the bed, legs slightly apart so he could see her holes when he circled her.

Rory jumped on the bed with her, threw her into the pillows and kissed her almost furiously. His hard-on pressed against her thigh, her belly, wanted to slip inside her so bad. He positioned himself between her legs, when she pulled back her head. "I have never had sex before" Zoe admitted.

Rory froze. A virgin? He was huge, how was that gonna fit? If he wasn't careful, he would murder her, rip her open... Focus, he told himself. Prepare her.

Zoe was spread out like a buffet before him so he sucked it up and went slowly. His heart was racing, there wasn't much blood in his head but Rory knew, if he would just run his dick into her, he might scare her off. Instead, he kissed her, carefully this time, gentle almost. His lips explored her body, inch by inch, as he made his way down to her hot centre. She shivered under his knowing fingers and twitched at the touch of his tongue. The pleasure was locked in her eyes, set free by Rory's sweet sucking.

When he tasted her the first time, they both moaned. She was saltly like the sea with a little spritz of lemon, and the more he demanded, the thicker her juices flowed into her mouth. He inserted one finger, then another. She was so tight around them that he was convinced his cock could never fit. Maybe with the right preparation, he hoped. He moved his fingers to lubricate them, then curled them up and hit her G-spot perfectly.

Zoe gasped, threw her head back. Her soft thighs twitched, so he did it again, marveling at her reaction. She was beautiful, no doubt, and Rory wanted to give her all the pleasure he could. Not one selfish thought crossed his mind while he ate her out. His fingers explored her inside while his tongue and lips and even teeth nibbled and sucked and kissed her clit until he came on his hands and face, contraction after contraction, her entire body hot and sensitive.

When she finally calmed down a little, Rory wiped his mouth on her thigh, his hands on her belly and got up between her legs. She looked like an angel about to be sacrificed to the Gods. Her hazy eyes found his when he placed the tip of his cock at her entrance. He could feel her post-orgasm tightness and needed a moment to swallow.

"This is gonna hurt."

"Then hurt me."

It was all the encouragement Rory needed. He forced himself inside her, she screamed, and it was like oil for his flaming hot body. Without thinking, Rory grabbed her throat, held it tight and pounded away. She struggled under his grip, making him grab her even tighter. Her eyes rolled back and her face turned red. Rory felt her hot pussy strangle his dick like he strangled her. It didn't take long before he came all over her belly, her tits, her face even.

Only then did he let go of her throat. Zoe gasped for air, tried to inhale over and over, before her breathing calmed down again. Rory collapsed next to her on the bed and so they lay, a little sore and exhausted.

Finally, Zoe turned to Rory and her hand reached up to his face. "When can we do this again?"