"I got a PHD," bragged Jordan. "Do you know what that means?"

"Do I wanna know?", I asked and grinned up to his face. I had a feeling that it was gonna be something naughty, and he proved me right.

"It's an acronym for pretty huge dick." Jordan's lips carved a boyish smirk in his pretty face.

I laughed. "I could've guessed the D", I said and leaned toward him. He instantly put his arm around me and I snuggled up at his shoulder.

"You're really pretty", Jordan admitted and buried his face in my hair.

I giggled a little and said nothing. In my head, I thought about all the ways he was pretty himself – actually, pretty fucking hot was more accurate. The second I had laid eyes on him I wanted him to bury himself inside me, but of course I wouldn't let that show right away.

His hand found mine and we interlocked fingers as if we had never lived another life. Not to say that either of us was perfect but oh, the chemistry. For some reason, even though I didn't know Jordan very long, I trusted him. Maybe it was those sweet brown eyes or the Caribbean accent – who knew, who cared.

"Watch me", he said and I stared up to him. I knew that he liked to look into my eyes. He was fascinated by how blue they were. In fact, that was his nickname for me: Blu.

We were sitting on a bench in a park near his place. The sun had already set so the lanterns were on but where we sat, it was pretty dark. I like it, the dark. I don't even know why. Sometimes, the dark scares me, too. But not tonight, not by Jordan's side. He was tall and handsome and he could protect me.

But I knew that he was uneasy in the dark. Too many people with guns out here, too many robberies, too much violence. It surely wasn't safe. "Hey, wanna go inside?", I asked. Jordan nodded, got up and took my hand. I let him pull me off the seat and down the street, to his place.

His roommate wasn't home. Good for us. Not that I didn't like her, it was just nicer, him and me and our chemistry. I felt bubbly and light when I looked up to him, my hands on his back while we were making out. He had a thing for me, I could feel it - no pun intended. Not to give anyone a wrong impression: this wasn't a love story. This was purely sexual. Two consenting adults exploring and enjoying each other's bodies.

I ran my fingers through Jordan's hair. When I first met him, he had worn it in a stylish afro, but he had been to the barber's recently to get it cleaned up and now it was plaited. It suited him, I liked the look. When I scratched his scalp, he moaned softly. "That feels so good", he said at my lips and I smiled.

His lips were incredibly full and soft. Every now and then, I pulled my head back and stroked them with my thumb, his tongue following it. The tension between us was building, I could almost feel the temperature rise.

Finally, he gave me a sigh. "Girl, you're making me hard", he admitted. I laughed, a sweet giggle, and let my hand drop to his thigh. "Really", I asked as if I hadn't felt it. "Let me check."

I let myself fall to the floor between his feet. He stared at me like he wasn't sure I was gonna go for it. Boy, I was so gonna go for it. My mouth was watering and I wanted to suck him. One of my ex-boyfriends once said that I might have a bit of an oral fixation on cock. Blowjobs give me almost the same amount of satisfaction as sex does – minus the orgasm of course.

He helped me pull down his pants enough for me to take his cock out. He hadn't lied to me when he bragged about his PHD – and he wasn't even fully hard yet. "I can work with that", I murmured and started working my hands up and down his shaft. He was beautiful, straight and of an interesting shade of coffee, I wanna say. Black with just a shot of milk. Just like I like my coffee.

"Come on, Blu", Jordan urged me. "Suck it."

He didn't have to ask twice. With a devilish smile I lowered my head into his lap. My lips just cupped the head, so I could play around with my tongue, give him just enough stimulation to let his head fall back, his shoulders tense up and release, and his cock grow hard in my hand. I started licking up and down his shaft to lubricate him and when he felt wet enough, I swallowed that PHD in a swoop.

Jordan groaned, staring down at me in amazement and disbelief when my nose hit his stomach. I gagged a little but held him there before I pulled back and started sucking him off. My hands and mouth collaborated to make Jordan feel the most amazing I could possibly achieve.

"Dear Jezuz", I heard him moan. "Who know white chicks could deep-throat?" I almost laughed at his ignorance.

The harder his dick got, the more I felt myself getting wet. There's something so enticing about sucking a guy, tasting him, bringing him immense pleasure while at the same holding all the power. I cannot get enough of that rush.

When Jordan couldn't help himself anymore, he pulled me up on his lap. "I am gonna cum", he admitted. "You suck so good, you should get paid." I kissed him. "Seriously though, I am so ready, you ain't gonna cum before me, not a chance."

"You make it up to me after", I demanded. Jordan nodded. I sat on his lap, pulled my skirt up and my panties aside and sat down on him, taking him in with a sigh of relief. You know that saying, once you go black you never go back? Wonder why.

I didn't ride him for long before he shot hot cum up my pussy. Even though I wasn't even close to an orgasm, I moaned with Jordan, shouting my pleasure out to the world. He held onto me like a drowning man, his huge dick twitching inside me, filling me up to the brim.

When he calmed down, I got off his lap, dripping with his hot jizz which was running down my thighs. The anticipation was building inside me for what was about to come. I lead him from the couch to the bedroom, pulling my top over my head and my panties down. I laid down on the bed, spreaded my legs and looked Jordan deep in the eyes. "Eat that", I said and pointed down to my dripping pussy.

He just stared at me. "I'm supposed to eat my own cum?"

"Do you wanna pay me back or not?"

He was so sweet, so willing. I knew he was gonna do it. He wasn't gonna like the taste but I couldn't care less.

After a moment of hesitation, Jordan finally got between my legs and started kissing my thighs. "Lick it all up", I said, watching his tongue on my white skin. He slowly worked his way to my pussy, kissing, licking, eating. Finally, he got to my hot center. I grabbed his head to steer him the right direction. Using my inner muscle, I pushed the last drop of cum out of my pussy into his mouth.

What followed, was probably the best oral sex I ever got. Jordan knew exactly, what he was doing when he swirled his tongue around my clit, sucked on it lightly. "Bite me", I urged and he did, gently, then a little harder to make me gasp. His fingers found my entrance and he penetrated me with ease since I was all lubed up. He curled his fingers up, hit the G-spot and made me let out a scream. He worked my clit and pussy until I came, harder than I ever knew I could.

After, we lay on his bed, me still out of breath, him with my juices all over his face. It took a moment before I could speak again. "We should do this again some time." Jordan laughed and rolled over to kiss me. "Any time you want, Blu."