Info mysteria27
02 Apr. '16

You're a lying son of a gun 
You said I was the one
I see you're having fun
We're absolutely done

How could you do that
With my best friend
You're a fucking rat
This is truly the end

I caught you together
You both deceived me
I was under the weather
Now I'm absolutely free

A liar and a slut
You two should be happy
We were in a bit of a rut
This is making me unhappy

She bought me things
While you fucked her
What about your wedding ring
My mind is in a blur

You fucked her in our bed
In our beautiful house
She gave you head
You're my fucking spouse

We were all friends for years
And you both went behind my back
Here comes the fucking tears
We'll never get back on track

Get out of my home
You cheating bastard
Don't call me on the phone
I know you were plastered

I'll never forgive you
I hope you rot in hell
All for a hot screw
This is not going well

Pack your suitcase
You're not welcomed here
I never want to see your face
We've been married so many years

Does she make you happy
Does she make love better
This is really quite crappy
I found your letter

Have a nice fucking life
I'll see you in divorce court
I don't want to be your wife
I'll be getting alimony and child support

See you when hell freezes
I hope you get a disease
You've now become a sleaze
Karma is now guaranteed