It's Ok II

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24 Sep. '18

The two men lay relaxing in the bed, not saying a word, just enjoying the feeling of satisfaction and contentment.  Finally Joel moved and faced Craig.  "How are you feeling about what happened?" asked Joel.  

Craig was silent for a few moments and then he replied.  "I have to tell you I was nervous, in fact scared might define it better.  I wasn't sure I even wanted to follow through with meeting you.  But then I got here and you made me feel so at ease.  The things you said made it seem so very natural.  I decided to go with it and I have to admit it has been years since I enjoyed such pleasure."

Joel lightly caressed Craig's arm.  "I enjoyed it too.  Sad to say most of the men I have been with are all about the orgasm.  Many don't even like to kiss. Never understood why you'll suck a cock but won't kiss.  Makes no sense.   All they can think about is getting off as quickly as possible, so thank you for not being one of them."  

It was quiet again when Joel said, "How about a glass of wine?"

Craig agreed and the two men walked naked into the TV room where there was a bar.  The two men had wine and chatted about life.  For the first time in his life Craig felt comfortable being naked with someone.  It just seemed so very right for him.  Both men were very relaxed.  They talked sports, politics and it all came so naturally to them.  

Joel said, "What about taking a shower and then seeing where it might lead us."  Craig laughed as he said, "Sounds great."

They got in the shower and took turns doing each other's backs.  Then Joel lowered his hand and inserted a soapy finger into Craig's asshole.   As he did that Joel reached around and gently stroked Craig's soapy cock.  

"Oh my god." was all Craig could say.  

Joel smiled, "You like?"

"It feels fabulous," answered Craig.  Joel then slid his finger part way out and the back in a again, finger fucking Craig's ass hole.  Craig moaned in delight, turned his head, and kissed Joel.  He moaned into Joel's mouth as they kissed.  Before he knew it Joel had introduced a second finger.  Craig almost swooned.  The pleasure he was enduring was amazing.  He never knew something could feel this good.  He didn't want Joel to quit.  Finally Joel withdrew his fingers and the two men rinsed off.  

They dried each other off and then Joel led Craig back to the bed.  They settled in, snuggled up, caressed, and kissed each other.  "I am really glad that you decided to follow through," said Joel.  "I have been looking for a man like you for a long time.  One who loves kissing and making out.  One who enjoys and is comfortable with another man."

Craig smiled and thanked Joel.  Then Joel said, "Craig, you seemed to enjoy what we did in the shower very much.  So, with no pressure Im wondering if you'd be willing to let me fuck you?"

Craig was quiet and Joel continued, "I know it's a big step and if you are not ready I totally understand.  We can forget I even brought it up."

"Joel," began Craig, "I think I would like that very much.  That just seems like the natural progression of things.  What you did to me in the shower felt amazing I just hope there isn't much pain involved."

"I will be totally honest with you.  I will take my time, there will be some discomfit in the beginning but as you relax and get accustomed to it, it will begin to feel good."

Craig rolled over and gave a kiss to Joel.  It was a long passionate kiss as the two men explored each other's mouths with their tongues.  As they kissed Joel began to stroke Craig's back and ass.  Each time he would lightly run his fingers down the crack of Craigs ass.  Joel gently rolled Craig on his back and began caressing his nipples as the men kissed.  Craig was enjoying it immensely as his cock grew and became erect.  

As they kissed Craig felt Joel's cock pressing into his thigh and while he was a bit apprehensive, he was looking forward to having Joel in him.  

Joel was now licking and kissing Craig's nipples as he alternated between stroking his cock and caressing his balls.  Joel slid his finger over the end of Craig's cock and took off a dollop of precut.  He brought it up to Craig's lips and Craig sucked off his own precum.  Joel kissed his way down and enveloped Craig's cock in his mouth.  It was warm and wet and felt wonderful.  As Joel moved his head up and down on Craig's cock Craig reached up and began to caress his own nipples.  It felt wonderful and he was getting ready to cum when Joel stopped and moved.

He rolled over to the night stand and pulled out a tube of lube.  He squeezed a large dollop on his middle finger and told Craig to pull his legs up and apart.  Craig followed instructions and soon he felt Joel's finger entering him.  It slid in quite easily and Craig was relieved.  

Joel knelt on the bed and put a good amount of lube on his erection.  He then looked at Craig and asked if he was ready.  Craig asked how Joel wanted him.  

Joel replied, "Pull your knees up to your chest as I slide this pillow underneath that cute little ass of yours."  

The pillow in place Joel told Craig to lift his legs up over his head and once Joel was in he could put his feet on Joel's shoulders.    Craig lifted his legs and he he felt the tip of Joel's cock at the entrance to his asshole.  "Just relax and let it happen," said Joel.  As Craig relaxed he felt the head of Joel's cock pressing into his anal sphincter.  It opened and then he felt Joel's shafter gliding in.  

Craig felt pressure once again as Joel pushed further up the anal canal.  Craig was breathing as normally as he could and soon he felt Joel push the rest of the way in.  Joel didn't move and asked Craig how he was doing.  Craig relaxed and said he was doing fine.  

As he rested his feet on Joel's shoulders, he felt Joel pull out.  Not all the way but half way and then back in.   Joel was now fucking Craig and Craig was once again amazed at how good it felt.  The two men moved together as Craig reached down and began to masturbate.  

Craig looked into Joel's eyes and both men smiled as Craig close his eyes and began to stroke his cock.  The whole thing seemed surreal.  Craig thought back to that moment when he was thinking about not coming to see Joel and as Joel slid in and out of his ass, he was very glad he followed through.  

"Oh Craig you are so tight.  I'm not going to able to last much longer."  

Craig replied, "Just cum whenever you want to baby."

Joel moved in and out as Craig's hand moved up and down his shaft.  Joel was holding Craig's thighs as he moved in and out and Craig was busy stroking his cock with one hand and caressing his nipples with the other.  

Craig moaned and he began to cum.  As he spurted his cum on his chest and stomach his anus contracted around Joel's cock.  "OH fuck," said Joel as his orgasm over took him.  He spurted deep inside Craig.  The intensity of their orgasms was overwhelming.    

Neither man moved for a moment and then Joel finally pulled his shrinking cock out of Craig.  He moved around to lie next to Craig as Craig lowered his legs to the bed.  Both men were exhausted but very happy and content.  

Craig faced Joel and caressed his cheek.  "That was amazing," was all the Craig said.  

Joel kissed Craigs wet cum covered fingers and said, "Thank you.  That was beautiful."  

The two men said nothing else as they cuddled up and fell to sleep.