Antonio and Veronica

Antonio and Veronica

Antonio and Veronica

Antonio and I met on an Internet social network. He wrote me his first message that read "Hello, how are you doing?" I was excited to meet him, because he seemed like an attractive and interesting man. So I decided to answer him and from that moment on we talked with a lot of frequency. We had many similar interests and this was something that united us. 

He lived on an island while I lived on mainland. We talked on WhatsApp at any time of the day. However one day. I decided to tell Antonio that I had a boyfriend. He did not react very well and shortly after that, we stopped communicating. We did not know about each other until many months later when I decided to text him again.

In this "reunion" that Antonio and I had, our conversations were increasingly provocative and hot. Several nights while chatting on WhatsApp, the topic of conversation was fully sexual. We told ourselves the things we would do to each other. "I want to hold you in my arms ... Hold you tightly ... Listen to your breath in my ear ... Consume you with my kisses ... Grab you everywhere!" We even exchanged intimate photos. That was quite shocking. A few months later, another distancing between Antonio and I re-emerged when I told him that I had returned with my ex-boyfriend. We lost contact again until many months later.

In the second reunion we had, we decided to meet in person. We agreed to see each other where I lived. He would stay with me at my parents' house. When he arrived at my parent’s house, I showed him the room where he would sleep. And then I showed him my room. It was late at night so we decided to have dinner and then watch a movie in the room where Antonio would sleep. 

I suspected by his way of acting that he was looking for something from me. Or rather wanted to put something in me. I remember he told me that I looked very beautiful and that he felt a huge desire to touch every inch of my body. I was right. I told him that I had not invited him to my parent’s house with those plans and that I just wanted a friendship with him. This caused him to remain silent for what seemed like an eternity. Deep down inside I wanted Antonio to wreck my pussy into pieces but I played hard to get with him. 

The next thing he told me was to give him a chance to show me that he wanted me at his side and that his heart was beating for me. I answered that it was already late and I went to bed right next to him. I did this with the intention that he would fuck me savagely that same night. Not even two minutes passed and Antonio was already stroking my hair and giving me kisses around my right ear. That made my pussy wet as never before. 

However, I did not say anything to Antonio. It made me crazy. That is, until he began to caress me by my tits. Just when this happened I let go a very loud moan and said "ooooh that is so hot Antonio! Don’t stop baby" This caused Antonio to stroke my tits in a stronger manner all the way down to my belly. Touching my belly Antonio told me filled with pleasure "God! how much I wanted to touch you so Veronica!" 
This caused my pussy to get even wetter than it was. As Antonio tried to put his hand in my pussy, I stopped him and said "Are you sure you want to do this Antonio? What if I never want to see you again after this? What are you going to do?" Antonio replied that he did not care but that at the same time he was going to fight for me and make me his girlfriend. I answered "Well, for the record, I've warned you, you know!" Followed by this he put three fingers of his hand into my pussy which was extremely wet with so much excitement. I started to moan with pleasure. I twisted and moved my hips to the beat of his hand to bring it closer to me. 

I enjoyed having his fingers rummage inside me. "I want to suck your pussy" he said and I answered "Ooooh yes Antonio! Suck my pussy" He then knelt on the floor and I settled on the bed and opened my legs wide open. We looked at each other with lust. I felt his tongue go through me whole. The pleasure invaded me more and more, I let him suck my pussy without interrupting him. I stretched my arms and clung to his head. He went through with his onslaught. He ran his tongue down my buttocks and his nose brushed me as if caressing me. Suddenly I felt his wet tongue touching my anus. The feeling was divine. My moans increased. 

But he stopped and said: "I want to fuck you!" I turned my head and gave him a mischievous look and positioned myself doggy style. The stimulation had me super excited, I was ready, his tongue was “the key that opened the door”. I heard a grunt of pleasure: "hmmm" and he gave me a spank that excited me even more. Finally I felt the tip of his cock inside my pussy. He put it in slowly and then faster. I was paralyzed but feeling a pleasure out of this world. He fucked me hard and aggressively. 

My pussy was about to explode. I felt full, completely full of him, my body arched more to receive that huge orgasm. My pussy released a stream of fluids wetting everything and he could no longer contain exploding all his cum inside my pussy. I shouted "So yummy!" and at the same time Antonio yelled "I love you!" Followed by this we stayed leaning side by side giving each other kisses and appreciating what we had just done. "I love you too," I said to Antonio, while my heart beat a million beats per second. 

The joy I could recognize in his face was out of this world. He gave me a deep and shocking kiss that I will remember forever. "The next round I want you to fuck me in the ass Antonio" I said with a mischievous look like the one I had given him minutes before. He answered "Give me half an hour my queen" And so it was. No more than half an hour Antonio was ready to leave my ass destroyed with his cock. I grabbed a lubricant that I had stored in my closet. I asked him to put it around my ass and put one finger then two and then three. And so he did. I felt like my ass was going to split in two. Even though I had not received his cock yet. 

As soon as Antonio put his cock in my ass, I delivered a huge scream that awakened my parents in their room. A few seconds later my dad knocked on the door and asked if everything was fine. I said “Yes!” and that I had hit a toe of my right foot with the tip of the bed. Antonio could hardly contain an immense laughter. My father told me to be careful and that my scream had scared him and my mother as well. I looked at Antonio and said "Let's continue!" When feeling his cock enter my ass again, I tried as much as possible not to scream. It hurt me enormously but at the same time it felt delicious. 

I asked Antonio to put it in slowly and not too strong. Soon after, he began to put it in and take it out faster and stronger. The bed creaked, our pleasure was huge, I could not stand it and I reached orgasm. He kept fucking me a little longer and stuffed my ass with his hot cum. With a huge smile on my face, I said to Antonio, "Now, I am completely yours, I love you, my boyfriend." This made him embrace me strongly and give me a very passionate kiss. "I love you my girlfriend." Antonio answered to me, similarly with a huge smile on his face. We fell asleep hugging each other and that's how our courtship began.
To be continued...