Cassie and the Stranger

Cassie stood looking at herself in the mirror. She brushed her long, chestnut brown hair out of her face and turned her face back and forth. Bright, blue eyes, edged with black lashes looked back at her. Her face was shaped just right that she had super model features, even over her body. She stepped back and let her robe fall open. Her breasts came into view and she ran her hands over them, lifting each in her hands as if weighing them. She ran her fingers lightly over the nipples, watching in amazement as they grew hard under her touch. She twirled each bud between her thumb and forefingers and rolled them back and forth. Her breath caught in her throat. Goosebumps stood out on her skin as her fingers worked at her nipples, causing liquid heat to pool at her center. Cassie pulled a chair over and sat on the edge with her legs apart. She looked into the mirror and could see her sex showing itself to her. She slid her finger down her stomach and into the folds between her thighs. She was amazed at the moisture that was already there as she pressed into the center of her mound of flesh. Cassie pushed a finger into herself and moaned as her pussy tightened around her finger, clutching and pulling, relishing the feeling of fullness that her finger was causing her. She threw her head back and gasped as she began to slide her finger in and out of her wet pussy. Her other hand pinched and pulled at her taunt nipples, causing excited noises to escape from her lips. Cassie opened her eyes, and realized how hot watching herself was making her. Cassie withdrew her wet finger and began to lightly touch her clit, slowing rubbing her finger back and forth across the sensitive bud. The more friction that happened from her fingers, the more her pussy wanted. She was so excited and wet. Reaching down next to the chair, Cassie grabbed her favorite toy, a large rubber dick that had a suction cup on the base that allowed for hands free fun. Cassie stood up and licked the bottom, and stuck it to the chair. Turning around, she threw her leg over the chair and straddled it backwards so the back of the chair could be used for support. Cassie pulled up her robe so that her ass was showing. She slowly lowered herself over the cock and pushed against the rubber cock, so that the tip pushed into her clit. An excited squeal escaped her lips and she shuddered. She finished lowering herself on to the toy, enjoying the feeling of the big cock filling her up. She began to bounce up and down on the cock, letting her wetness coat the dong for easy sliding. Breathing faster and harder, she began to go faster and deeper, fucking herself, pushing herself to the edge. The man stood in the corner, watching Cassie. His hand strayed to the front of his pants where his dick was pushing at the zipper, begging for release. He considered stepping out and shoving his cock into her mouth. This bitch was making him hard as hell and he all wanted to do was just fuck the hell out of her wet cunt. He put his hand against the wall he was leaning on and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. He slowly began to pull on his dick. It twitched and throbbed in his hands as he watched Cassie bring herself closer to coming. He grunted as he braced himself with his legs apart. Cassie, hearing this noise, stopped in her play and looked up from beneath her lashes and seen the man standing in the shadows, watching her. A slow smile spread across her lips. It turned her on to have someone see her pleasuring herself. She lifted her head and looked directly at the man. “Do you like watching me?” she asked him. “Do you want to see me cum?” She stood up and let the toy come out. Pulling it off the chair, she licked the head of the toy and threw it aside. She walked over to the man and grabbing his thick cock in her hand, she led him to the chair and pulled his pants down farther and sat him on the chair. Cassie got to her knees and kissed the tip of his throbbing member. She began to lick and suck on it as the man sighed and caught her hair in his hands. He thrust his hips up, causing his dick to fill her mouth and slightly gag her. She grabbed the base of his cock and began to stroke his stiff dick as she continued to suck him. Cupping his balls in her other hand, she squeezed them and laughed a little as he moaned and jerked from the touch. Before long, the man was groaning and thrashing in the chair, close to shooting his load down her throat. Cassie stood up and pulled the man up. Quickly, turning around and pulling him along with her, caused their positions to be reversed and she lowered herself on the chair, spreading her legs for him. She grabbed his arms and pulled him down so that he was on his knees in front of her. “I want your tongue to taste me. Make me come in your mouth.” Cassie grabbed the man’s head and shoved it between her legs. His tongue darted out and caressed her sensitive flesh, causing a wave of pleasure to flow through her body. Cassie threw her head back and sighed as the man continued to lick and suck on her pussy lips. The man brought his hand up and began to touch her. He pushed one finger inside her, loving the way her pussy wrapped itself around his finger. Pushing another one in, he moaned as she bucked under his assault on her. He continued to lick at her, slowly finger fucking her at first but then gaining speed and depth. Cassie grabbed his shoulders and groaned loudly. “Fuck me hard with your fingers; eat my pussy, yes baby, right there.” She braced her feet on the floor and opened up all the way for him. By spreading her legs, she opened up fully for him and he used this to his advantage. He drove his fingers into her, pushing them in as far as they would go. He caught her clit between his lips and sucked as hard as he could. Cassie jerked and bucked, breathing heavy, her breath coming loudly from her lips. Waves of pleasure were rolling through her body. She was so close to coming. She brought her hands to her breasts and squeezed the hard nipples. She began to pull on the hard nubs, the sensation sending electric bolts through her body. The sensation added to what was being done to her lower half and she knew she couldn’t hold on much longer. She was going to come and she was going to come hard. Bracing her legs wide, she began to thrust herself into his fingers as he continued to finger her. After only a few thrusts, the sensations broke over her. She opened her eyes and mouth wide, and let out a bellow of release. She grabbed the man’s head and pushed it into her pussy. Her juices ran down over his face and he licked them from her thighs. The man stood up and pulled Cassie to her still quaking legs. Pushing her down so that she was bent over the chair, he grabbed her hips and slid his cock into her wet hole. Cassie groaned and pushed back against him. “Please, fuck my pussy.” Grabbing the back of the chair, Cassie spread her legs and thrust her ass into the air. The man slowly slid in and out of her, each thrust ending with a hard slam into her. Grabbing an ass cheek in his hand, he squeezed hard and then released it, bringing his hand down heavily into a skin tingling smack. Cassie’s breath caught in her throat at the assault on her bare ass. Each smack brought another low moan from her lips. The man caught her long hair in his hand and yanked her head back. The feeling of the man pulling on her hair and smacking her ass was almost too much for Cassie. His cock was buried to the hilt in her pussy and her muscles were clamped tight around it. She was close to coming again. He kept holding her in place and all it took all Cassie’s strength not to pull away and fuck him herself. She would try to move her hips and every time she felt his cock slide into her, the man’s hand would slam down onto her ass and he pulled back her head. “Oh my god, please…please let me come:” she whispered in between ragged breaths. “Does this make your pussy feel good? Do you want me to fuck your hot, wet pussy until you come all over me?” the man asked as he slammed into her again and again. Cassie reached down in between her legs and began to rub her clit as he fucked her from behind. She had only gotten a few strokes in before the man grabbed her arms and held them behind her back, not allowing her to touch herself in that certain area. Cassie screamed in her frustration. The man reached around and grabbed each nipple in his fingers and pinched them roughly, drawing an excited moan from Cassie. He continued to fuck her slowly as he pulled and twisted her nipples, each thrust drawing a muffled scream from Cassie. He then reached down, one hand still roughly teasing her breasts and began to swirl his finger tip around her clit. “I am the one that will make you come, when I let you. Until then, you will just have to deal with it.” he said, still stroking her clit lightly as he pushed into her. Cassie ground her hips into his cock and squeezed her muscles tight as she could get them. She was so close to coming now. She was so turned on she could barely breathe. A few more strokes of his finger and the stroke of his thick member in her pussy finally pushed her over edge. She grabbed the back of the chair for support and screamed her release. Her legs shook hard from the orgasm that racked her body. Her juices ran from her and coated his balls. The man did not stop slamming into her even when she came. He did not stop rubbing on her clit or pinching her nipple. He kept up with the assault on her body until she could not stand it any longer. Again, her body pulsed and raged with pleasure. Her wetness squirted from her and ran down her legs. Cassie screamed again from the feeling of ecstasy that ran through her body. It was like she just could not stop coming. The man slammed into her one more time and then stopped and pulled out. Cassie finally caught her breath and turned around. No one was there.