Out on the Bike Path III: The Injured Asian Cutie!

   Holy fuck, guys! What a week on the bike path! I mean, really? How can all this be happening?

   After the super crazy hot and humid summer we’ve had, we slowly seem to be easing into fall today. This morning, it was bright and sunny, but not as hot as the last few weeks, months. I got a little work done this morning, learning my lines for a play I’ll be in next week, and by the time I was through, my brain was fried. I really needed to get some fresh air, take in some sunshine, so I decided to strike out on the bike paths. But believe me… I didn’t strike out! Man!

   In the last few days, I’ve been so lucky on my usual St. Lawrence Seaway run that I thought: “Don’t mess with a good thing,” and I actually chuckled to myself aloud. I know. That seems to be happening a lot lately. Anyway, I rode toward Nuns’ Island, even got really cocky standing on the pedals, ass off the seat, pushing myself further so that I’d get a real work out. The dopamine level in my brain was making me euphoric. Exercise really does excite the brain. Unfortunately, I only discovered this about fifteen years ago. I was a lazy child – as far as exercise and sports went – and not much better as a teenager. Nowadays, I know how good it is for the whole body and soul to really get the blood pumping.

   Since the wind seemed to be working with me, I was really zipping down the bike path and made it across the “estacade” in record time. Well, maybe not Lance Armstrong record, but Tristan record time. I felt great… and although I was a bit sweaty, I wasn’t nearly as wet as I had been on my hot-as-hell summer-day bike jaunts. The fresh wind seemed to dry my skin and leave a cool hue on my body. It felt really nice. I rode on the St. Laurence Seaway and met very little cyclists or joggers as today is Monday, the school year has begun so… the only people out there in the middle of the day are the ones that work shifts, real estate agents and freelancers like myself taking breaks… or procrastinating, take your pick!

   Upon my return, I sped across Nuns’ Island back to Verdun and that’s when it happened. The stunning surprise that made me knit my brow. As I was on the bridge between both islands, I came across a young Asian couple, a guy and a girl, who seemed to have put their bikes aside and were sitting on the ground, in the middle of the bike path.

    ̶  What the hell? That’s really dangerous. They’re in a curve and could get hit by on-coming bikers! So stupid!

   But as I got closer, I realized that something was definitely off. The guy’s knee had been seriously skinned and he was bleeding like hell! His girlfriend… or sister – I was actually hoping “sister” – yeah, I know, right? Not the time at all! So inappropriate!  Come on, Tristan, get it together! – sitting there putting pressure on the wound but not really helping much.

    ̶  Hey guys, what happened? I asked when I got close enough and put a foot on the ground.

    ̶  Stupid accident, the guy replied. I, er… wasn’t looking where I was going.

   He sounded like he didn’t really want to tell me what had actually distracted him.

    ̶  Good thing you were wearing your helmet, I said, just making conversation. I’m Tristan, by the way…

   They both smiled a shy, we’re-kinda-busy-right-now kind of smile.

    ̶  I’m Lucky and this is Ming Yue. She doesn’t speak English.

   Lucky? Really? It took everything I had not to roll my eyes at the irony or at these names Chinese people pick up when they come to America – the US or Canada – so that us morons will be able to pronounce them correctly. It often sounds like they choose soap opera character names… or names from another country altogether. I once had a lover from Hong Kong whose name was… Antonio. He was so sweet, and cute, and funny, and generous… But I digress…

   I just said ‘hi’ to the couple and nodded, feeling it was not the time to hold out my hand for formal introductions. But damn how I longed to have ANY excuse to touch Lucky. He was just totally gorgeous, even with his knee all bloody.

    ̶  You guys need my help? I have a first aid kit.

   Lucky translated for Ming Yue and her face lit up as she turned to me, bowing her head over and over in agreement and appreciation.

    ̶  Man, you’re a lifesaver, Lucky said.

   I couldn’t help but think of a roll of candy with the holes in ‘em! Ugh… ridiculous.

    ̶  My… er, cousin was hoping someone would come along because we left our cell phones at my place and…

    ̶  Oh, I wish I’d brought mine, I admitted. I don’t always, when I’m riding my bike.

   Lucky flashed me an amazing smile. His gorgeous brown eyes were full of lust (was that only in my imagination and my…?) and he was so cute in his green t-shirt and loose-fitting Nike shorts. I couldn’t help but think about the fact that if he’d worn longer pants, he would have ripped them to shreds… as he’d seem to have done his knee! Yikes…

   ̶  Of course, that’s okay, Lucky said. I really appreciate you stopping. Sorry to be such a bother. If only I’d not been looking over…

   His voice trailed off…

    ̶  Don’t be silly! I insisted. I’m happy to do it.

   As I reached over to grab my First Aid kit, I heard them talking Mandarin again.

    ̶  Is your… cousin visiting from China?

   I winked at him with a wicked smile when I said “cousin” and he blushed instantly. Clearly, Ming Yue was not what she was supposed to be! But hey, was that any of my business anyway?

   – Uh, yes, well… sort of. She actually flew to Canada by ways of Toronto. She is staying there with family but… she is in Montreal because… we met on the Internet and her family and mine go way back and… she is supposed to become my wife.

   I was setting up next to him with the first aid kit and almost dropped my shit, like those silly drink-spitting scenes in movies, you know? What? Some sort of arranged marriage? Wow…

    ̶  Wow… that’s uh… that’s something, huh?

   He looked at me like a puppy that had peed on the rug.

    ̶  That’s a big step, I continued, trying to sound positive and optimistic.

   He smiled. A sad smile. I looked over at Ming Yue who was just standing there, looking at me do my thing. I sure was happy to have had that first aid course a few years back. As I finished cleaning the wound, I realized it was actually quite deep. Lucky was definitely out of luck. He was going to need stitches. I used the butterfly bandages to temporarily close up the gash. Lucky winced a few times.

    ̶  I’m sorry.

   He smiled at me.

    ̶  Are you kidding? No, please, I’m such a wimp.

   He chuckled and I followed suit. Ming Yue came in a bit closer and said something in Mandarin, prompting Lucky to switch over to his mother tongue, too.

    ̶  Sorry… she just wanted to know what was so funny.

    ̶  I get it. It must be hard for her, being in a strange country.

   As I finished bandaging up my patient, I stayed in a squatting position, keeping an eye on the Lucky’s knee to make sure I’d controlled the bleeding and that the wound wasn’t still oozing. I suddenly became self-conscious because I was wearing an old pair of short shorts – not my usual biking pants – and had opted for no underwear. I made nothing of it because I didn’t want to attract attention to my crotch, but I did notice that my right hand was still cupping the underside of Lucky’s knee and that my left hand was wrapped around his calf. I looked up at him and he seemed nervous.

    ̶  This is so nice of you, he said, his eyes almost amorous. Are you a paramedic or something?

   I actually burst out laughing and then, thought: “Wow, what a nice compliment! I guess my bed, er… roadside manner is pretty good!”

    ̶  Oh my god, no, I replied. I’m a writer and actor.

    ̶  Really? Wow. That sounds so interesting.

   I chuckled again. How many times had I heard that one?

    ̶  Well, it’s actually much less exciting and glamorous than it sounds… but I love it. I’m sure whatever you do can be much more exciting sometimes…

    ̶  I’m an accountant, he countered.

    ̶  Oh, sorry. I take that back.

   It was his turn to burst out laughing and, once again, he had to translate for Ming Yue who was understandably curious.

   When I looked back down at his knee, my eye caught a glimpse inside the pant leg of his shorts, to his crotch. I could have sworn I was seeing his bulge.  I did a double-take and hoped it was more discreet than it felt!

    ̶  Are you in any pain besides the wound on your knee?

   He swallowed hard.

    ̶  I mean, do you think you pulled anything? Or wounded any other part of your body?

   I really was asking in an innocent, non-sexual way (don’t start with me – I really was!), but I knew you could hear the double-entendre like it was being blasted through dance club speakers!

   He started moving his toes, then, lifted his foot, testing his limbs to make sure nothing else was wrong.

    ̶  I think I’m okay.

   But then, he took it a bit further. He started rubbing his shin against my crotch and I could feel my shorts bunching between my ass cheeks. I was already starting to get hard but that really drove me crazy. And with Ming Yue standing right there…

    ̶  Do you want me to help you up? I asked.

    ̶  Yeah, you must be in a hurry to get back, right? he asked.

    ̶  No rush, I replied. This is actually quite nice.

   He blushed again.

    ̶  It is, he barely whispered as if he was short of breath. It does hurt a bit in my thigh.

    ̶  Here? I asked as I started squeezing the underside of his leg ever-so-lightly. Do you feel some pain?

    ̶  I feel some gain…, he said before starting to chuckle.

   I didn’t understand what he meant so I just looked at him, puzzled.

    ̶  Well, you know the expression “no pain, no gain”? Well, thanks to this pain, I’m feeling a gain.

   He made his cock twitch in his shorts and I was so taken aback, that I pulled my hands off his smooth leg like it had suddenly caught fire.

   Lucky turned beet-red if that’s possible for an Asian guy!

    ̶  I’m sorry, he said, that was really gross.

   I burst out laughing, mostly from being surprised.

    ̶  I, uh… I thought you…

   I smiled at him and started massaging the bottom of his thigh, looking him straight in the eye and whispering:

    ̶  You weren’t wrong.

   As I massaged his thigh, getting closer and closer to his butt – his soon-to-be bride watching us like a hawk – I started getting harder and harder myself. Lucky’s breathing became more erratic. He was clearly liking the feel of my hands rubbing near his growing cock, but he had to play it cool. He started speaking to Ming Yue again. I couldn’t understand, obviously, but he was clearly trying to sound like everything was normal, nothing was going on, this was purely some “medical” treatment I was administrating.

   Through his pant leg, I could see that he was making his cock throb more and more in his underwear. He was also still rubbing his shin between my ass cheeks through my shorts. At that point, even my balls were rubbing on his shin.

   Lucky wasn’t talking to me but was looking me straight in the eye as was I. The fact that he was talking Mandarin – addressing our oblivious spectator, his future wife – made the whole situation even crazier.

   Then, suddenly, as he kept his focus on my eyes, Lucky feigned great pain, groaning and shouting in Mandarin. Since I didn’t know he was faking – it really was top-notch acting, trust me – I freaked out.

    ̶  Damn! I’m so sorry!

   Instead of replying to me, Lucky started looking faint and murmured something else in Mandarin. Then, he fainted!

   Freaking out, too, Ming Yue grabbed the water bottle she had on her bike and hoped over the bike path ramp, running off between the trees like an Olympic athlete. The whole thing was pretty overwhelming and just plain crazy. I was checking for Lucky’s pulse, trying to lift him up, holding the back of his neck, when he suddenly started kissing me on the mouth. Although the kiss was nice, I freaked out again because I was not expecting it.

    ̶  Sorry but I had to get rid of her somehow, right? he whispered to me, smiling.

    ̶  Right.

   We kissed a little more, and Lucky reached inside my shorts, quickly finding my hard cock, moaning and starting to jerk it.

   I reached inside his shorts, too, and managed to extract his cock and balls from his underwear. I could feel his stringy, Asian pubes which felt so familiar to me. He was moving his ass on the hard asphalt, looking for my hand to caress more than just his pubic hair. I cupped his gonads and started kneading them softly like two warm ping-pong balls. As we kept kissing, he said, into my mouth:

    ̶  Oh, this is what I really need.

   I knew we didn’t have long as I started putting things together in my mind. He’d feigned the fainting and probably had told Ming Yue she needed to go down to the river to fill up the water bottle. My head started spinning as I realized I was kissing a stranger and having sex right there in public, on the bike path! How come nobody was coming? How could this be going on without us having an audience? Without us getting in trouble?

   Lucky and I quickly began jerking each other off through the pant legs of our shorts because we knew that Ming Yue would hurry back with the water he’d asked for.

    ̶  Mmmm…. I’m gonna cum, he whispered into my mouth again.

   “That was fast,” I thought, somewhat disappointed, before coming to my senses and realizing it had to be!

   I intensified my jerking of his hard cock, not giving a horse’s ass that he’d be creaming his shorts. Actually, when he did start coming, he spilled his seed on the asphalt as I pulled up his pant leg a bit, bunching it a bit into his crotch. He moaned in delight and I saw his eyes roll to the back of his head, showing me only a slit of white.

   Then, in the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a bike coming from Montreal. I quickly pulled away from Lucky and heard him say:

   ̶  But you didn’t cum!

   ̶  That’s okay, I replied, a bit out of breath and jerking my head toward the bike so Lucky would  know why it was imperative that we stop. I quickly licked the strand up cum that had landed on my hand and saw Ming Yue run back  from the river.

    ̶  You guys alright? he asked, catching his breath.

   Lucky and I just stayed there, not really knowing what to say. The guy sort of looked around, like he was looking for clues as to what was going on. That’s when he caught of glimpse of Lucky’s puddle of cum on the black path. He then looked up at both of us and just said…

    ̶  Well…

   And he winked at us.

    ̶  As long as everyone’s okay, right?

    ̶  Right, Lucky and I replied together, without doing it on purpose.

   That’s when Ming Yue jumped over the fence, talking to Lucky in their mother tongue. She quickly handed him the water and he poured some on his hand, wetting his face and the back of his neck. He thanked her and said some other stuff I didn’t catch.

    ̶  Don’t forget to tell her I kissed you back to life, I said with a wink.

   Lucky was already flushed from having cum, but that definitely made him want to hide his face.

   Our new friend, a blond biker dude with a Louis Garneau cycle and all the right gear… and the right bulge in the right place, knit his brow.

    ̶  What?

   Lucky and I laughed. Ming Yue  ̶  I’m guessing  ̶  asked what the joke was. Lucky patiently replied.

   We all smiled at each other and I told Ming Yue and Lucky I’d call for help when I got home.

    ̶  What do you guys need? asked our biker dude. I have my phone right here.

   When Ming Yue saw the phone, she almost cheered. Lucky asked biker dude to call his brother who apparently had an electric scooter and could come and pick him up. How handy, right? Maybe that's actually his name. Could you imagine? Brothers Lucky and Handy!  But again, I digress...

   Lucky thanked me and looked kind of sad. I have to admit, I would have loved for this not to end so quickly but… what can you do?

   When I got home, I looked Lucky up on Facebook and found him surprisingly quickly. I couldn’t believe my… er, luck. But then I hesitated. Should I get in touch with him or not? There is the matter of Ming Yue and that arranged marriage.

   I think I should take a day or two to think things through.