A Story About Cum

Once upon a time
There was a lady who liked cum
Drinking cum was sublime
She found this to be fun

Cum in her shakes
Or ice cube trays
She'd put into cakes
Or in pineapple glaze

Men would leave deposits
Of that sticky white goo
Jacking off in closets
This is what they'd do

She'd give them head
And they'd give her their seed
She'd fuck them in bed
Their cum filled her needs

She loved the salty taste
It gave her a boost
She'd put in an anchovy paste
Or shake it into her juice

Cum was her fix
It made her feel high
She also loved dicks
She loved all her guy's

A cock suck each day
A shot full of sperm
She needed it any way
Without any germs

She loved her cock-suck's
But loved the hot cream
She loved to get fucked
This babe was a dream