The Church Ladies

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30 Sep. '18

Pastor Carol Higgins and Music Director Sue Thompson boarded the plane in Chicago to fly to the National Church Women's Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Both women were in their mid forties, both were blonde with blue eyes but that's where the similarities ended.  Sue was just five ft 2, 113 lbs with very petite, girlish breasts with hardly any hips.   Sue is divorced with two grown children and has been music director at her church for four years.   

Carol is five ft 7, with 36 c breasts and nice hips.  She is unmarried and as been pastor at her present church for six years.  The two women worked closely together to make the church grow and they had become close friends and confidants over the years.

There arrived in Colorado Springs and go to their room, they discovered there was one king sized bed.  The two women shrugged and neither one had a problem sharing a big bed.  There room had a view of Pike's Peak and had a nice shower and two person whirlpool.   They did a bit of sightseeing, had dinner and returned to their room.  

They kicked off their shoes,  opened a bottle of wine, and sat back on the bed.  They talked about church, about ideas for the church, about family, and life in general.   Sue began to take the conversation to a more personal level when she talked about her divorce.  "Steve was not a bad guy, but always busy.  So many trips and then when he'd come home it as all about business and what needed to be done with the house, etc.  We just drifted further and further apart.  We were never what you'd call a close couple, but we did get along.  At the end we were in separate rooms and were more like room mates than husband and wife.  I miss the closeness.  I miss having a warm body next to me."  She began to cry and Carol reached out and held her hand.  They sat in silence for a while until Sue spoke again.  

"Carol, how do you handle he loneliness?"

She laughed a little, "Oh I don't know if I have any secrets.  I just kind of lose myself in my work.  I read.  I go to the gym three days a week.  I fill my life.  Sometimes with silly things but I try to keep busy."

"May I ask you a personal question?"

Carol smiled, "Well, I don't see why not.  You just opened up about the end of your marriage, the divorce and your emptiness.  So, I guess it's only fair."

"Why didn't you ever get married?  Was it because of your work?"

Carol was quiet for a moment and she said, "I guess the work.  I'd be gone a lot.  Demands would be placed on me.  You don't get rich doing this kind of work and she decided that she wanted more than I could give."

Sue listened and took a sip of her wine and she re-played in her mind what Carol had said.  Suddenly Sue blurted out, "SHE?"

Carol laughed.  "Yes, she!  Did I shock you?"

Sue had a horrified look on her face.  "I'm sorry I went too far.  I never should have asked.  I mean who knew you were, uh you know, one of those."


"Well  yes.  I'm sorry that came out terribly.  I was just surprised that's all.  I have no, I mean it's fine."

Carol put her arm around Sue, "It's fine.  You don't have to apologize or feel guilty.  I'm sure you didn't expect that.  But yes I am a lesbian.  I am not ashamed of it, but I don't go around broadcasting it."

As they sipped their wine Sue asked, "What is it like to make love to a woman.?"

Carol smiled and said, "Well, back in college I did make love to a couple of men but for them it was all about the orgasm, their orgasm.  A few kisses, a little touching, and there were ready to get off.  I like women because they take their time.  There is not rush.  It is soft, gentle, and tender.  And I guess who knows who to please a woman better than another woman."

"I know wha you mean," said Sue.  "It seemed like very time Jim and I made love it was all about him and his pleasure.  He didn't seem to really care about my pleasure.  And while he always wanted me to go down on him he would never go down on me.  I guess he must have had some aversion to my pussy."  

"I don't think you are the only woman who has been deprived of that pleasure by her male counterpart.  I guess it's there loss."  Both women laughed as they sipped their wine.  

Sue broke the silence, "Carol, is it wrong for me to want to be with a woman?"

Carol laughed.  "I am not sure I can give you an unbiased answer., but no, not at all.  I mean, if you don't feel pressured, if no one is forcing you, if you want to explore your sexuality, then there is no problem."

"Carol, let me be perfectly honest with you.  Even before my divorce I have thought about being with a woman.  I knew it was wrong then, but I couldn't help it.  And now that my situation has changed I really want to be with a woman in that way."

Carol reached over and patted Sue's hand.  "It's ok.  There is not need to get all wound up about it.  Just be open and honest with the woman and go from there.  It's not rocket science my dear."

"Time for true confession, Carol."

"I'm listening."

"Last week," began Sue, "I went to bed and I started thinking about you and I masturbated, dreaming of making love with you.  I'm sorry but it was wonderful."

Carol was quiet for a moment and then said, "I'm flattered, but did you ever think about how it might change things between us."

"Carol, I have loved you from the beginning and since we first met and started working together my love has evolved.  I have come from loving you like a sister to loving you as a well, as a lover."

"Sue, think about it for a moment.  Let's say we made love and you didn't like it. Then what would happen to our relationship?  Or, what if we did make love and you did like it, where would our relationship go?  Would we keep it on the 'down low'?  Would we be open about it?  Would we want to move in together, get married?"  There are lots of things to think about and I'm not sure either one of us, especially you are ready to make those kinds of decisions."

Sue was quiet and finally said, "I guess I never thought about all of that."

Carol answered, "As long as we are in the true confession mode, I will tell you that I have thought a great deal about you and what it would be like to be with you in a relationship.  It appeals to me and quite honestly when we walked in this room and I saw only one bed, I had some very erotic thoughts about the two of us."

"Now it's my turn to be flattered," replied Sue.  Both women were quiet and then Sue asked, "So what do we do now?"

Carol finished her wine and said, "I am going to take a bath and go to bed.  I think we should sleep on this and see how we feel in the morning."  With that Carol patted Sue's knee, grabbed her nightie and headed to the bathroom.