The Church Ladies 2

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01 Oct. '18

The women awoke the next morning and went through their morning ablutions.  They went down stairs and had breakfast in the hotel and then went back up to the room.  They decided that since the opening of the meeting wasn't till seven that evening they would spend the morning and afternoon sight seeing and shopping.  

The women did some hiking and then shopping at Manitou Springs.  They bought some jewelry and art work and then headed back to their hotel.  

It was three when they got back to their room.  The unpacked their bags, kicked off their shoes and stretched out on the bed.  They looked over the next three days agenda and then Sue spoke up, "Carol have you thought about your discussion last night?"

Carol replied, "Yes, I did."

"Any coclusions?" asked Sue.

Carol turned to face Sue.  She smiled and lightly touched Sue's arm.  "Sue, I value as a very close friend and as a co-worker.  I would have to have anything to ruin that.  I mean what if we explore the possibility of our making love and part way through you decide that this is not for you.  You will feel pressure not to stop because you are afraid you will hurt my feelings and yet if we go through with it, you will feel that you gave into something you really didn't want to do and either way you will feel resentment toward me.  I don't want anything to come between us and ruin the relationship we have."

Both women were quiet and Sue finally said, "Well, what if we deny ourselves our feelings?  I mean would you like to make love to me?  And what if we never explored that?  What if we denied ourselves that intimacy because we were both too afraid to hurt each other but at the same time denied ourselves that physical intimacy?  I mean just talking about it is something that should lead us to consider it, right?"

Carol touched Sue's cheek.  "Sue, you are very special to me in so many ways.  My feelings for you have grown and I must admit that you are on my mind quite a bit, not only as a partner in ministry but also as someone who I love."

Sue touched Carol's cheek and smiled.  "Carol, my feelings for you have changed over time as well.  From your assistant to a partner in ministry, and now I love you.  I am in love with you and want to express that love in a physical way with you."

Carol replied, "Are you sure you want to take this step?"

Sue just looked at her and smiled.  She got up took offer her slacks and her blouse.  She reached behind her and took off her bra.  Her petite breasts popped out.  They were creamy white with upturned and elongated nipples.  She smiled as she reached down and slid her paints down and off.  The blonde bush that surrounded her pussy was neatly trimmed and the swollen out lips lay open revealing he erect clit.  

She climbed back in bed and said, "Yes, I am positive I want to take this step.  I thought about it all night and I couldn't get the image of us making love out of my mind.  In the past several months I don't know how many times I have masturbated thinking of you."

Carol pulled Sue close, put her arm around her and gave her a long, slow passionate kiss.  Sue's mouth opened to receive Carol's probing tongue.  She was breathless as she imagined Carol's tongue gently caressing her clit.  Sue put her arm around Carol and kissed her back.  Both women were short of breadth when they broke the kiss.  They looked longingly into each other's eyes as Sue smiled and said, "One of us has way too many clothes on!"

Carol stood and removed her clothing quickly.  Where as Sue's breasts were very petite, Carol's were much larger and where Sue was neatly trimmed, Carol was waxed bare.  Carol climbed back in bed, the two women drew close to each other and they kissed.  It was a very sweet and tender kiss but as they held the kiss the flame of passion was ignited.  They began to caress each other from head to ass and as they caressed lips parted and tongues began to find their way into each other's mouths.  The women were breathing hard with soft little moans escaping their mouths when they broke the kiss.  

Carol smiled and Sue breathlessly said, "That was so much better than I could have ever dreamed of.  I have never felt such love and passion through a kiss.  It was left me breathless."

Carol smiled as she stroked Sue's upper arm, "I'm glad you weren't disappointed."

Sue replied, "Never with you."

Carol gently rolled Sue on her back and said, "This first time should be all about you.  Just lie back, relax, and enjoy."

Carol slowly lowered her head as sue close her eyes.  The kiss was intense and powerful.  As Carol's tongue caressed Sue's lips, Sue open her mouth to receive Carol's tongue.  Their tongues moved together in each other's mouths and Sue was already glistening between her legs.  

As they kissed Carol began to lightly run her finger tips over Sue's body.  The light touch and the lingering kiss make Sue tingle all over.  Sue thought to herself, "If this is all the exists in woman to woman lovemaking, it would be enough."  Carol's hand came to rest on Sue's petite left breast.  Carol gently massaged the breast as she kissed down Sue's jaw to her ear.  Carol ran her tongue around Sue's ear and whispered, "I love you, darling."

Sue moaned at he pleasure and said, "I love you back."  Then Carol places little kisses and little nibbles on Sue's neck and throat as she took Sue's nipple between thumb and index finger and twisted in gently.  Sue moaned as Carol kissed Sue's shoulder and moved her attention to Sue's right breast.  She massaged the right breast as she place soft kisses on Sue's shoulders.  Sue moaned in delight as Carol gently rolled the nipple between thumb and forefinger at the same time kissing and licking Sue's right arm pit.  

Sue could only sigh at the intense pleasure that Carol was creating in her body.  Yet she was taken to new heights of pleasure as Carol kissed and ran her tongue around Sue's nipples.  She alternated between the two breasts and each time the pleasure seemed to increase for Sue.  

Sue remembered how her husband would pay a very little attention to her breasts in his effort to get into her pussy and fuck her til he receives his pleasure.  But this was so different.  She was the center of attention and she knew if their love continued she would be returning that love but it struck her how slow, sensuous, and beautiful female lovemaking was.

As carol took turns pleasuring Sue's nipples her had wandered lower and lower through the Sue's sparse pubic hair and then gently cupped Sue's pussy.  As Carol sucked her whole hand massaged Sue's entire pussy.   Then Carol began to kiss her way down across her tummy pausing to push her tongue in and out of Sue's navel.  

Carol kissed her way through the downy pubic hair, kissed her hip and then down to her thigh completely bypassing her pussy.  Carol took her time in kissing down Sue's leg and then kissing and sucking each toe of her right foot.  Sue was squirming with delight.  She never knew that a "toe job" could be so sexy.  Carol moved to Sue's left foot and repeated the same treatment on her left toes.

Carol kissed Sue's sole and instep, ankle calf, and inner thighs.  Carol moved between Sue's legs and Sue was only happy to accommodate her by spreading her legs.  Carol licked and kisses the hollow are where thigh meets pelvis.  Sue squirmed and then Carol took her tongue dipped it deeply between Sue's ass cheeks and dragged her tongue ever so slowly up Sue's pussy.  Sue just melted and when Carol repeated the process, licking from anus to clit.  

Carol did this over and over again and Sue was twitching and moving trying to get Carol to focus on her clit, but Carol was in no hurry.  Sue was beside herself with pleasure and was afraid for a moment she was losing her mind.  

It was then that Carol changed it up.  She slowly inserted a finger into Sue's pussy and while pressing up on Sue's G-spot Carol ran her tongue around Sue's clit.  "Oh my god," was all that Sue could say as she took her hands and began to caress her own breasts.  

Carol moved her finger in and out of Sue's pussy, pressing up while her tongue played over Sue's clit.  Sue thought in some way she had crossed over into paradise.  The pleasure was overwhelming, like nothing she had ever experienced before.  Carol kept up her ministrations on Sue's pussy and Sue was getting ever closer to orgasm.  

Sue was in the place where she wanted the pleasure to continue but wanted to cum.  It was a battle over which she wanted more.  She fought off the urge to cum for a while but then as Carol kept it up Sue realized it was time to surrender and let herself go completely.  

Her hips began to move up and down as though she was fucking an imaginary cock, her ass was clenched, her nipples hard as pebbles.  Then her whole body began to tremble as she blurted out, "O god Carol, I'm cuming."  Her whole body shook, her clit throbbed,  both her pussy and anus contracted.  Her body glistened with perspiration as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Never had she felt anything so pleasurable.  Never had she felt so loved.  Never had she felt that something was so right as what was happening to her right now.  As all these thoughts rushed through her mind as her body took control, it trembled, shook, and moved on its own accord.   All too soon she began to come back down.  Slowly she came back to earth.  Exhausted her legs and arms fell open.  She couldn't have moved if her life depended on it.  

Soon Carol was next to her, holding her, and cradling Sue in her arms.   Finally Sue opened her eyes, looked at Carol and smiled.  "Carol, I have never been loved like that.  Thank you.  I love you so much and never want to leave your side."  They kissed softly and Sue said, "I just have to rest.  That was so wonderful and overpowering."  The two women cuddled as Sue drifted off to a blissful sleep.