Like a Thong

Well, I know you think they’re great
Don’t want to contradict you
You think they are the best straight bait
But like a rubberband
Every time you slip ‘em on you
The fabric just feels wrong
‘Cause it bunches up in your ass like a thong

Yeah, I know you think I’m strange
Not liking lycra on you
I just want to throw ‘em away
I know you think they’re grand
But every time I rip ‘em off you
My fingers feel all wrong
‘Cause you know I hate ‘em as much as a thong

Every time we get in a fight
And I just think that’s wrong
But I really hate those briefs like a thong

Yeah, you think that they look great
You like how they feel on you
The smell of shit, I just got to say
You know I just can’t stand
Every time those briefs slide in you
The whole thing just feels wrong
‘Cause those briefs are even worse than a thong