The Spirit of Cherokee Woman Lake

“They were parked out on Old Newbury Road and miles from the nearest house.  They’d parked there to make out, well, that’s all the girl thought they were gonna do.  The guy was hoping for more, but he knew the girl needed some convincing.  Once they were parked, he turned on the radio to a station that played jazz and stuff like you hear in the movies when a couple are making out.  He thought that would relax her and she’d be more willing.

“Back then, cars had front seats that went all the way across, and they didn’t have air conditioning.  It was summer and it was hot, so they rolled down the front windows so they’d be cooler.  Then the girl scooted over close to the guy and they started kissing.  After they’d kissed a while, he started unbuttoning her blouse.  She didn’t stop him, so he undid it all the way and then squeezed her boobs.  She didn’t stop him from doing that either, and she put her hand on his leg, so he figured he was gonna get lucky that night.”

Christy chuckled.

“You guys think all you have to do is squeeze our boobs and we’ll get so hot we’ll be ready to spread our legs?  I hate to burst your bubble, but it takes more than that.”

“Hush and let me finish”, said Ryan.  “Like I said, she put her hand on his leg and he felt her moving it up to his crotch.  He unhooked her bra then, and when he touched her bare boob, she moaned.  The guy knew he was gonna wet the old wick that night.

“He was sliding his hand up her skirt when the music from the radio stopped.  An announcer came on and said a man had escaped from an insane asylum and was thought to still be in the area.  The man would be easy to spot because he had a steel hook on one arm instead of a hand.  All people were being warned to watch for him and to call the police if they saw him.  The man was completely nuts and had killed six young women by gutting them with his hook.”

“Well, the girl started getting scared then because the insane asylum was only a couple miles from Old Newbury Road.  She pushed the guy away and said she wanted to go home.  He tried to talk her into staying, but finally said OK and started the car.  The girl moved over by the window and rolled it up so her hair wouldn’t blow all over the place.

“When the guy got the girl home, he went around to open her door and just about died.  There, stuck between the window and the window frame was a steel hook attached to a leather sleeve and the straps that would have held it on someone’s arm were broken.”

Tracy moved a little closer to Roy and then asked him to put some more wood on the fire.

He chuckled.

“Why, did that scare you?”

“No, well, a little, but I’m just cold.”

Roy pulled her a little closer with the arm he had around her back and then inched his fingers toward the side of her breast.

“There are more fun ways to get warm.”

Tracy pushed his hand away.

“Just stop it.  I’m not gonna let you do anything while everybody else watches.  I can’t anyway, remember?”

The flames of the fire licked at the new branches for a few minutes before they burst into flame and lit the circle of six people huddled around the fire.  It had been a dare of sorts, but also a way to spend Halloween night without spending a lot of money.  

When they were little kids, they’d have put on costumes and gone door to door playing trick or treat.  When they got to high school, they’d dropped the treat part and spent Halloween night soaping car windows and throwing toilet paper over the trees in their neighborhoods.

Now that they were in college, they wanted something more mature to do.  There were parties in every bar near campus, but none of them could afford the cover charge along with a few beers.  Tracy had come up with the idea.

“We should go down to Cherokee Lake and have a weenie roast.  We could get some hot dogs, buns, and chips to eat, and stuff to make s’mores for dessert.  Then, we could sit around the fire and tell ghost stories.  I used to do that when I was a kid.  It’ll be fun and it won’t cost us much.”

“Don’t forget about the beer”, said Roy.  “It won’t be a party without beer.”

“OK, said Tracy, we’ll get a case of beer, but I know how you get after two.  I’m not gonna do anything with you.  It’ll be too cold.”

“Not even a few kisses?”

“Well, maybe a couple, but you can’t start taking my clothes off like you always do.”

Roy grinned.

“But I like what’s under your clothes.”

“Yeah, I know you do.  It won’t do you any good anyway.  Mother Nature came calling yesterday.”

Christy giggled.

“That never stopped Ryan.”

Ryan patted her on the butt.

“You never want to stop me then.  You get horny as a toad when that happens, not that I mind all that much.”

“Well it stops me”, said Tracy.  “Besides, the point is for us to just go out there and have some fun, and I don’t mean that kind of fun.”

“I think it’s a great idea”, said Aspen.  “It’ll be like what my grandmother told me about.  She was a Cherokee, and she learned about Cherokee history and customs from her grandmother.  At this time of year, the harvest was over but it wasn’t winter yet, so they’d have a big party with lots of food and dancing.”

Jerry, chuckled.

“Like that pole dancing you did last Saturday?  My pole never felt so good.”

Aspen slapped him on the arm.

“No, not like that, and you don’t have to tell everybody everything you know either.”

“I could tell them more, like when you asked me to lick – “

Aspen slapped him again.

“Don’t you dare.”

She turned to the other couples.

“I know just the place.  It’s hard to find, but my grandmother took me there once.  It’s down a country lane that used to go to a house, and it’s only about a hundred feet from the end of the lane to the water.  Nobody ever goes down there anymore because it’s supposed to be haunted.  I don’t believe that but it fits with the season.”

They agreed on five o’clock the afternoon of Halloween night.  The girls bought the food and the guys bought the beer and iced it all down in Ryan’s cooler.  Then they all drove to Cherokee Lake to the spot Aspen had suggested.

By dark, they’d had their fill of hotdogs and chips, and were making s’mores over the fire.  That was when Ryan started telling his story.  After he finished, Jerry told about a girl who had reserved a room at a multiple story hotel.

“She got checked in and pulled her suitcase to the elevator.  Just as the door was closing, a man ran up and tried to keep it open.  The girl pushed the button to open the doors again and let the man inside.  Once the doors closed, he looked at the panel, and then pushed the button for the floor one below the girl’s.  

“He didn’t say anything to her.  He just stared at her and smiled.  When the elevator got to his floor, he walked out and she saw him going to the stairway across the hallway.  As the doors to the elevator closed, she saw him turn around and smile before opening the stairway door.  In his hand, he had a big knife.”

Christy shivered.

“Damn, I won’t ever get into an elevator with just one man again.  Why is it all ghost stories seem to be about things happening to women?  That’s not fair.  There should be stories about things happening to men too.”

“Oh, there are”, said Aspen.  “At least there’s one.  My grandmother told it to me.”

“Well, tell it to us then.”

“It was a long time ago, before white men came to the area where the Cherokee lived.  At that time, women were the most important members of the clan.  They were called ‘givers of life’ because they could have children.  If they had many children, the clan would have many people to hunt and raise crops and they would have plenty to eat.  Men would try to marry women who looked like they would have many children and could care for them well.”

Bryan interrupted.

“So, they looked for big boobs and a wide ass…like Christy has?”

Christy slapped him on the leg.

“This sounds good.  Let her finish.”

Aspen continued.

“Yes, that’s what my grandmother said they looked for.  Anyway, there was a young girl named Kamama in the clan who looked that way, and all the boys of the clan tried to get her to marry them.  Kamama only had eyes for one of them, though.  His name was Wohati.  Wohati was tall and strong, and Kamama thought he would give her many strong babies.  

“They married, but after a year, no baby was on the way.  That was embarrassing for Kamama.  She wanted babies so bad, but something was wrong.  She talked to the spirits one night, and they told her the marriage was the problem.  The next day, she put all her husband’s things out of their house.  That’s how they got a divorce back then.  The wife just put all her husband’s stuff outside their house and when he saw that, he knew he wasn’t welcome there anymore.

“Kamama went looking for a new husband, and she found Onacona.  Onacona was just as tall and just as strong as Wohati, so she was sure she’d have babies with him.

“Wohati got married again too.  His new wife, Adsila, was a tiny woman no other man wanted.  She was shaped more like a boy than a woman, but Wohati loved her.  

“After another year, Adsila had two babies, twin boys, and Wohati was very happy.  Kamama wasn’t happy.  She still didn’t have a baby, so she divorced Onacona.  It was not proper according to the rules of the Cherokee, but she tried to get Wohati to have sex with her and give her babies like he did Adsila.  He wouldn’t because he loved Adsila.

“Kamama stopped trying to marry a man then.  Instead, she’d coax them into her house and then convince them to have sex with her.  She succeeded with many of the young single men and was soon having sex with at least one of them nearly every day.

“The young girls of the clan and their parents were angry.  The clan needed young women to marry and have babies but Kamama was turning men’s heads away from the young women and toward herself.  The parents brought their complaints to a council meeting.

“The leader of the clan listened, though he was already aware of what had been going on.  When the parents finished, he asked what they would have him do.  Some said she should be killed, but the leader would not do that.  Instead, he banished her from the clan.  She came to this lake to live.  That’s why it’s called Cherokee Woman Lake.

“The leader sent a man to the lake every week to make sure Kamama was still there.  The clan didn’t want her to sneak back close to their camp and seduce their men again.  One day, the man sent to spy on her came back and told the leader he’d seen her floating in the lake.  He thought she had jumped or fallen in and drowned.  Several men went back to the lake and found that was true.  They pulled her out and buried her under the floor of her house.

After that, hunters who came alone to the lake to hunt deer and bears came back to the camp and told of meeting a woman there who would lure them into her house and then put a spell on them so they’d have sex with her.  They said she would always get on top of them and ride them until they were exhausted and couldn’t have sex anymore.  Once that happened, she’d disappear.

“My grandmother said when she was a little girl, men still told of seeing the woman.  They said the woman had big boobs and wide hips, and it was impossible to resist her.  She always told my brother he shouldn’t come here by himself or the same thing would happen to him.  My grandmother said she’s still out here even now, but since nobody comes here by themselves anymore, nobody sees her. ”

Tracy’s voice sounded like she was scared.

“Is that a true story or something you just made up?”

Aspen shrugged.

“It’s as true as any legend I suppose.  I told it to my anthropology professor.  She’s a full Cherokee and she collects Native American stories. She said probably parts of it were true, like Kamama seducing the men of the clan and them finding her drowned in the lake.  The part about her being a ghost and having sex with men who come to the lake alone is probably just fantasy or an excuse men gave because they came back from a hunt without bringing any meat.  It’s a good story though, don’t you think?”

“Good enough it gave me the chills”, said Tracy.  She looked at Roy.  

“I think I’m ready to go home now.”

Christy was ready too, so they packed up everything and carried it back to their cars.  

Aspen and Jerry were the last to leave.  Jerry had put the last of their things in the trunk of his car when he said “Dammit.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh, I left my jacket down there.  I got hot once the fire got going and forgot I’d taken it off.”

He handed his car keys to Aspen.

“You start the car and get it warmed up while I go back and get it.”

“You’re gonna leave me here all alone?”

“I’ll just be a couple minutes.  If you’re scared, lock the doors until you see me coming back.  There’s a flashlight in the glove compartment if you need it.  I’ll take the lantern.”

Jerry found his way back to the clearing where they’d built the fire and after a short search found his jacket.  He sat the lantern on the ground, put on his jacket, and was starting to go back when he felt someone touch his shoulder.  He jumped, then turned to see a woman with long, black hair standing there in the light from his lantern.  She was dressed in what looked like a leather dress decorated with shells.  She’d startled him and his voice was shakey.

“Who, who are, who are you?”

“I’m Kamama.  Who else would I be?”

“I don’t know.  What are you doing here?”

“I’m looking for a man.  It’s been a long time since one came here, and now I’ve found you.”

“What do you want?”

“I want you to stand there and watch.”

Jerry was preparing to run when the woman pulled the dress over her head.  After she did that, he couldn’t run.  She had heavy breasts with large, swollen nipples, a wide ass, and a tuft of black hair on her mound.  The sight of her body captured his mind and made him stand there.

The woman stroked her breasts and then the tuft of hair.

“I need a man.  Will you be my man?”

“Are you real or did I drink too many beers?”

The woman pulled his hand to her right breast.

“Feel me and see for yourself.”

She felt real enough to Jerry, and felt more real when his fingertip brushed her thick nipple.  The woman smiled.

She pulled that hand down to her mound, then deeper until Jerry was cupping her sex.  He didn’t intend to curl his fingers up, but they seemed to do that all by themselves.  The woman shivered, then smiled.

“The legends say I seduce men against their will, but they always come to me willingly.  You will be the same.”

He couldn’t stop her when she squatted down and undid his belt buckle, then pulled his jeans and boxer shorts to his knees.  He groaned when she closed her hand around his cock and began stroking it slowly.  

He’d been a little afraid when she’d startled him.  Now, he wasn’t afraid and he couldn’t figure out why.  He should have been scared to death and trying to run away instead of standing there and letting the woman massage his cock until it was stiff and swollen.  He should have been worried about Aspen instead of laying on the ground when the woman pushed him down.  He should have been resisting when she straddled him and then lowered her body until she was poised over his rigid cock.

Jerry looked down over his belly and saw the woman’s lips through the black hair.  As he watched, they opened by themselves.  A second later, the woman stroked his cock head between them, then moved it back and began impaling herself.

It was more like a dream than reality, Jerry thought, but he’d had erotic dreams before and they were never like this.  The women in his erotic dreams never talked and he always woke up before his cock was sheathed inside them.  Neither was the case with this woman, but it still must be a dream.  That was it.  He’d taken Aspen home and then fallen asleep in his bed.  The woman was just a dream caused by the story Aspen had told.

He felt her rippled passage slowly engulfing his cock and he heard her say, “Mmm.  I feel you inside me”.

She began to ride his cock then, slowly rocking up and down over his length.  After a few strokes, she reached for his hands and pulled them to her breasts.  She squeezed his hands to tell him what she wanted, and Jerry complied.  When she guided his hands to her turgid nipples, he squeezed those too and felt her body quickly jerk over his cock.

Her rocking strokes got faster and faster until she was panting and Jerry was thrusting up to meet her.  He felt the surge building and tried to slow her down.  She gasped, rammed her body down on top of him and moaned, “Give me your baby.”  Then, she shrieked and fell down to support her weight with her hands and arms.  Her heavy breasts danced in Jerry’s hands as the woman shook and then cried out again.  He felt a strong contraction grip his cock and then shot the first spurt into the woman’s grasping passage.  After tree more spurts, he let his hands fall to his sides and closed his eyes.  He felt the woman get up and then heard the rustling of leaves as she walked away.

Jerry didn’t open his eyes until he heard Aspen’s voice.  She sounded worried.

“Jerry, it’s been almost a half hour.  What are you doing?”

He sat up and saw Aspen walking toward him.

“Just looking for my jacket like I said I would.  I guess I must have had one too many beers and fell asleep.”

Now, her voice sounded angry.

“You’re wearing the jacket and you have your pants down around your knees.  It looks like you’ve jacked off too.”

Jerry looked down then and saw his limp cock.  There was a thin stream of white leaking from the tip.  He quickly pulled his boxers and jeans back up, then zipped up and buckled his belt.

“Aspen, I could explain, but you’d never believe me.”

“You’d better explain unless you’d rather keep playing with yourself instead of playing with me.”

Jerry stood up and put his hands on Aspens shoulders.

“Aspen, you know that Kamama woman you told the story about?  She was here, and she…well it was like you said.  I couldn’t stop her because it was like I really wanted to.  She said she wanted me to give her a baby.  She sat on me and rode me until she came. That made me cum too.”

Aspen frowned and shook her head from side to side slowly.

“Jerry, Jerry, Jerry.  If you’re going to lie to me, at least make up something that I might have half a chance of believing.  Just tell me the truth - that you came down here and jacked off.  I don’t know why you would want to when you have me, but I suppose all men do.  That’s the only thing I’m gonna believe.”

Jerry thought for a second.  She didn’t believe about Kamama.  He wasn’t even really sure he believed it himself.  Maybe he had drunk too much beer and had fallen asleep and had that dream.  He’d cum from having that type of dream before.  He’d wake up and find his boxers were wet with cum.

“Well, maybe that is what happened.  I fell asleep and had a dream and then did what you said.”

Aspen smiled.

“That I believe.  Now take me home, and if you have anything left, maybe you won’t have to jack off again when you go back to your apartment.  If you have enough left, maybe you won’t have to go back to your apartment until tomorrow.”

The next Tuesday afternoon at three, Jerry was waiting for Aspen outside the Anthropology building.  A couple minutes after three, she came walking out of the building.  The woman behind her stopped, looked at Jerry, then grinned and waved at him.

When Aspen walked up, Jerry asked, “Who was the woman coming out behind you?”

“I didn’t notice.  What did she look like?”

“She was about your height, long black hair, really big boobs.”

“Was she wearing jeans and a denim jacket?”


“Oh, that was Angela Moonstone.  She’s my anthropology professor.  Why?”

“The same anthropology professor you told your story to?”


“You didn’t happen to tell her we were going to have a Halloween party, did you?”

Aspen shrugged.

“I might have.  I don’t remember.  No, wait.  I did.  I told her we were going to go out to Cherokee Woman Lake on Halloween.  I remember now because she laughed and said if we saw Kamama to come back and tell her how she looked.”

“She wouldn’t know anything about Cherokee Woman Lake, would she?”

“Oh, yeah.  She goes out there all the time.  There’s a Cherokee village site she’s been researching for years.  She says she’s a descendent of the clan that lived there.  I’ve never been there, but it’s suppose to be a little way down the lake from where we had our party.  Why are you so interested in her…”

Aspen frowned and her eyes flashed.

“and why do you look like you’ve been up to something?”

 “Oh, nothing.  I just thought I recognized her, that’s all, but she’s not who I thought she was.  I haven’t been up to anything…unless you count what we did last night.”

“Who did you think she was?”

“Just a woman I met once.  


“Oh, a while back… ”