Sperm Donor

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06 Oct. '18


It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon in May. Bryan looked out the window of his above-the-garage office and reflected again on how lucky he was. A nice home in a semi-rural neighborhood of Novato and, financially speaking, the house was well above water. Back  in the mid 90’s when they’d bought, prices hadn’t yet gone completely crazy and Carol was still a full time teacher. Her salary added to his had made the loan possible. Now with all the appreciation and in spite of the 2008 crisis, they were still okay, very okay in fact.

His career. Except for the shitty glitch at the beginning, he was satisfied with that too. After getting his B.S. in civil/structural engineering from Iowa State, he had proudly accepted an offer from  a big prestigious engineering company in Chicago – SMJ and Partners. They had planning and design contracts worldwide – transportation, power, flood control, you name it. His starting salary at SMJ was way more than than double what his Dad made as a farm equipment mechanic back in Eagle Grove, Iowa. What he didn’t know when he signed on was that he was heading for the same slavery that young lawyers got tricked into by big prestigious law firms. Slavery? What else do you call a 70+ hour work week plus take home work? The only difference was that those young lawyers earned 2 and 3 times as much as he did and their lifestyle reflected that: BMW’s, nice 5 room apartments with lake view, etc. Bryan had to be content with a hand-me-down Buick Century and a 3-room apartment with a great view of the neighboring apartment buildings. SMJ had been proud to offer him a job with fringe benefits like sick leave, sickness insurance, pension fund and two weeks paid vacation every year. The trouble was finding the correct time to take the vacation. After twice having to cancel a ski vacation in Colorado due to urgent work, Bryan had told his boss to fuck himself and went back to Eagle Grove with his tail between his legs. After a few weeks of renewing friendships with old high school buddies who talked about mundane shit that wasn’t worth talking about, he had gotten in the Century and headed west on a road trip. Driving into San Francisco on a sunny day in February, he concluded that there were better places to live than in the corn and soybean belt.

Then the sweet voice of his wife, Carol, interrupted his reflections: “Bryan, Robin stopped by and we’re having coffee. Couldn’t you take a few minutes to join us on the patio in back?”

Robin and Carol’s friendship went back to the time when they were both teaching primary school in Novato. Carol being almost a generation older, had been Robin’s mentor when Robin started teaching and they had become close personal friends. A few years ago, Robin had married Ted, a manager type, fast tracking towards big bucks with a hedge fund in San Francisco. Ted’s fat paycheck combined with Robin’s teacher’s salary had allowed the newlyweds to buy a nice condo in Mill Valley and had made it possible for Robin to join Carol in the ranks of substitute teachers. In spite of living almost 20 miles apart and their husband’s lack of common interests, Carol and Robin had remained friends and saw each other regularly. At least weekly they jogged together, either in the forested hills behind Bryan and Carol’s house, or when Carol drove down to Mill Valley, they jogged in Muir Woods or in Mount Tamalpais Park. On non-jogging days, they just got together for coffee.

“Okay, Hon. I’ll be right down. I just have to save this set of calculations.” Bryan was a structural engineer with a license to practice in California. For the past 17 years he had run his own one-man practice, working out of the office over the garage.


Roughly a year earlier, Carol and Robin’s friendship, had taken on a new dimension. That new dimension had to do with Ted and Robin’s unfulfilled desire to have children. After screwing themselves half to death trying to get Robin in a family way, they had finally decided to take a more scientific approach and had had Ted’s semen tested. The result was pretty devastating – there just weren’t enough viable sperm cells in Ted’s semen to get Robin pregnant. Then what? Adoption? No, too much paperwork and bureaucracy and Robin really wanted the child to come out of her own body. They had looked into using a sperm bank, but before signing the contract, Ted had read a story about a bookkeeping error that caused a couple in L.A. to become the proud parents of a baby who was very obviously of a different race. Ted and Robin never signed the sperm bank contract.

Shortly after Ted and Robin had abandoned the sperm bank idea, Carol was having lunch with Robin in Mill Valley. The impossibility of pregnancy had been weighing pretty heavily on Robin and she never hesitated to unload her tribulations on Carol. Not being one who can endure a lot of negative talk, Carol had resorted to scurrile humor: “Robin, I really feel for you. Look if it’s fertile sperm from a healthy male of the same race that you need, I know one hell of a good source.”

“You mean a really super reliable sperm bank? The one that Ted and I didn’t sign with was one of the most expensive and had such a good reputation. Carol, I just don’t know. Anyway can you give me the name and address? I’ll talk to Ted about it. No promises though.”

“Robin, don’t you know how lesbian couples get children?”

“I heard that most sperm banks won’t serve them – actually it’s illegal in some states isn’t it?”

“That’s why so many lesbian couples get the sperm from a friend, often a gay friend I’ve heard. The guy has to masturbate and ejaculate in cup. Then they suck his semen into a syringe and the mother-to-be gets fucked with the syringe. It’s that easy.”


“Robin, really that’s apparently how it goes. Anyway, what’s so wrong with it. These women know the biological father, his background, character and so forth. Isn’t that better than getting your baby out of a freezer somewhere? When the donor is anonymous, for all you know, he might be been a career criminal, or even worse, a Republican.”

“And you have a proper man in mind. a guy who’s gonna ejaculate into a cup and pass it on to me?”

“Absolutely! My husband Bryan. He has plenty of semen, believe me, I know! After we fuck, it flows out of my pussy.”

“Carol, you’re impossible!”

“Robin, believe me, when he comes, he really comes.”

“But didn’t he get a vasectomy? I need sperm, not just semen.”

“No, he didn’t. I had my tubes tied. And does that mean you want to do it?”

 “Carol, wouldn’t it bother you if I were to bear the child of your husband?”

Never in her wildest dream had Carol imagined that Robin would do anything but laugh at the idea. Now she sort of wished she hadn’t brought it up. At this point, she had to keep up the show so she answered: “No, it wouldn’t bother me. I’d just look at the child as, well, maybe sort of a niece or nephew.”

Carol thought she was on safe ground because she was convinced that Ted would never agree. She wondered though if Bryan would. Yeah, interesting question she thought. They had parted with the agreement to ask their husbands. Carol had gotten her answer from Bryan soon enough and it wasn’t the answer she had expected. The final surprise was when Robin called to tell her that Ted had agreed.


For the past year, the two couples had gotten together whenever Robin ovulated. The first few times, Bryan would go into the bathroom where he would  masturbate and ejaculate into a sterile cup. Coming out, he’d hand the cup to Carol to take into the bedroom where Ted was waiting with Robin, already lying on the bed, naked from the waist down, thighs spread, knees bent and with a cushion under her hips to help keep her pelvis up. In preparation for her insemination, Ted applied Pre-Seed lubricant to her vagina. With both of them watching, Carol would transfer the semen to the syringe and hand it to Ted, who worked it into Robin and operated the plunger.

The first few times Carol had been present for the insertion and actual insemination. Recommended practice for a successful insemination is that after injecting the semen, the woman remain lying with her pelvis up for at least half an hour and that she have an orgasm during that time.

Carol and Robin were close but not so close that Robin wanted her to watch Ted finger her to climax so Carol left the room after Ted injected the semen. Once she became convinced that Ted was injecting properly, she would leave the room before he injected. Bryan had never been invited to watch the injection process, but Carol did tell him how they did it. Not that he wanted to watch. To him, the whole thing that they were doing was a rather cold mechanical process, not conducive to making babies. After a few months of no success, he had told Carol his feelings about going into the bathroom and masturbating. She had proposed an improvement - she would masturbate him and hold the cup too. Bryan had at least one thing in common with most of the other 4 billion men in the world – they all enjoy having their wives/partners give their penis the attention it deserves.

Carol’s expert hand-job improved Bryan’s attitude but of course had no effect on getting a baby started and here they were a year down the road and what had they achieved? Bryan had a bunch of really erotic hand-jobs. The relationship between the two couples had advanced to the point where Bryan and Ted actually enjoyed one another’s company. But still, Robin was not pregnant.

Bryan’s cell phone rang. It was Carol speaking in a disappointed voice. “Bryan, I thought you wanted to join Robin and I for coffee.”

“Carol, I’m so sorry. It took longer than I thought. Be down in a jiffy.”

To himself: “Could it be that I shot the silver bullet and they want to celebrate the pregnancy.” The last masturbation/ejaculation/injection session had been 3 weeks before and that would have given Robin time to miss a period. When he joined the two women on the patio, Robin’s sad face and teary red eyes told him that he hadn’t shot the silver bullet.

Carol said the obvious, “Robin’s not pregnant yet.”

Bryan was about to relate all the efforts he had made – sperm count test, reduced alcohol consumption, healthy food, exercise, generous load of semen – but realized in time that that wouldn’t comfort Robin, maybe just make her feel worse. Instead he asked: “Carol, when you transfer and Ted injects, are you sure of the procedure. I mean there must be different techniques and some must be better than others.”

“Bryan, We’ve been following the insemination kit instructions religiously. Robin has even consulted a fertility specialist about the technique. As far as we can tell, the only thing that’d improve our probability of success would be to have actual intercourse.”

Bryan knew that was perfectly true and often wondered why lesbian couples didn’t just have the mother-to-be get fucked by the donor. He was a strong believer in the expression ‘shit or get off the pot’. At the same time he thought Carol shouldn’t have said that in front of Robin. He mumbled something about the need to not give up hope and as soon as he finished his coffee, he said goodbye to Robin, excused himself and went back to work.

Being his own boss and having a one-man company gave him the freedom to work as little as needed and on occasion, he did turn down work that would have meant sacrificing too much time with Carol or with their two sons and daughter whenever they were home from university. The year and a half at SJM in Chicago had been a memorable lesson in how not to live. Around six, he went down to join Carol, who would now be in the hot tub with a gin and tonic ready for him.

From the garage, he could hear the pumps running and knew that indeed, Carol must already be in the tub. And the shower was still wet. So, yeah, she must  already be in so he called: “Carol, you got the gin tonics there with you?”

“Yes hurry up! The ice in the drinks is melting.”

They always went in naked. Even when the kids were home. Neither Bryan nor Carol believed in false modesty and they didn’t think people should be ashamed of the natural human body. That said, they accepted that not all the neighbors would have the same libertarian attitude and Bryan had made extensive use of plantings and screens to seclude the pool so they could bathe in complete privacy.

“I’m showering, be right there.” The thought of being nude and alone with Carol never failed to cause stirrings in his groin. His penis wasn’t hard but it was not hanging either.

“Bryan, please hurry up. I can’t wait to see your handsome naked body.”

Her words caused his erection to go from 50% to 100% in nothing flat. To add drama, he held a towel loosely in front of his body and walked over to the pool. There he tossed the towel away and said: “Carol, look at the nice surprise I have for you.”

“And look at the nice surprise I have for you!” Apparently this was the cue for Robin to pop up out of the water and pop up she did, far enough that she was out from the waist up.

“Jesus Christ Carol! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Then it wouldn’t have been a surprise would it? This way Robin gets to see exactly where her baby is supposed to be coming from.” Carol was a woman who never ran out of ways to take him by surprise.

Bryan quickly got into the foaming water, as if either to cover up his massive erection or cover up his rapidly shrinking erection. He didn’t know for sure what Robin’s presence in the tub meant but he was pretty sure it had to do with Carol’s comment about intercourse as a preferred means of donating sperm. In the future was he going to be fucking Robin instead of getting jacked off by Carol? He didn’t see any gin and tonic’s and he thought he knew why.

Carol: “Bryan, you’re naked in a hot tub with two naked women and you don’t have anything to say.”

“The beauty of you two leaves me speechless. Does this have anything to do with what we talked about over coffee?”

“We didn’t talk much over coffee. You just mumbled and hurried back to work. I expected you to say you couldn’t wait to fuck Robin.”

“Well it was kind of a surprise and something I needed to think over.”

“Nonsense. We both saw the bulge in your jeans. You could have fucked her right there on the coffee table.”

“Carol, how about we let what’s past be past?” Bryan then placed his arms on the sides of the hot tub. “And now, why don’t both of you come and sit by me?” In answer to his invitation, they did come, Carol sat on his right and Robin on his left. He dropped his arms to their shoulders and stroked them gently.

“Girls, I don’t know how this is all going to play out. I say we relax and let nature take its course.”

Bryan and Carol’s swinging experience was limited to once being involved with a couple from Sacramento. In that affair they had mostly just switched partners and only once had anyone watched another couple fuck. Neither Bryan nor Carol had ever done a threesome, or had wanted to. But today, things were different and just thinking about how things would play out got them both excited.

Bryan allowed his hands to drop so that this right hand was on Carol’s right breast and his left on Robin’s left one. The difference was pretty dramatic. Carol was full breasted. Each breast was a handful, when she ran they really bounced. Neither he nor Carol were much into tit fucking but on occasion, Bryan seemed to need it and Carol’s boobs were ideal for that. Robin on the other hand had small pert breasts that would never enclose a penis. Bryan knew, however, that size didn’t mean that the nipples wouldn’t react. And indeed, as he circled Robin’s nipples with his fingers, he could feel them hardening. Robin had her left hand over his as if to encourage him to keep massaging her nipples. His penis was hardening too and Carol couldn’t resist reaching down to hold it.

“Oh Robin, give me your hand. I want you to feel what has to go inside you.”

Now Bryan felt two hands fondling him. Especially he felt Robin’s right hand as it explored his whole penis. She reached further down and held his testicles, as if to gauge their weight. Seeming more sure of what she wanted to do, she encircled the shaft with her thumb and the last three fingers and used her index finger to pet the head – going around on the rim and then up to the hole. Meanwhile Carol was cradling and gently massaging his testicles. Bryan was slowly realizing that he had badly underestimated the sexiness of Robin. The truth he had to admit to himself was that her lithe body and small breasts had blinded him. She was going to be a handful. How he now regretted that the girls hadn’t pressed earlier on the advantages of intercourse over artificial insemination.

With the finger over the hole, Robin said “Bryan, this is where half of my baby is going to come out from. Umm, I can almost feel you squirting into me already.”

Carol: “Robin, you really seem to like my husband’s penis, don’t you?”

“Oh yes. If it weren’t so far underwater I’d put my mouth down there and lick that spot where half of my baby is going to come out of. Or you mean his size? Yes, just wrapping my hand around it is pure pleasure. Please don’t either of you tell Ted that I said this, but Bryan’s is lots bigger than Ted’s.”

The issue of relative sizes had come up during Bryan and Carol’s swing with the couple from Sacramento. He now remembered their names. Ralph and Paula. Ralph didn’t have all that much swinging down between his legs but Carol had really been able to get it on with him, so much so that Bryan even got jealous at one point. And Bryan had done just fine with Paula, although he had to take time for her to really heat up and he usually had her lube him up too. For some time he had wondered how it would be if Ralph were to fuck Paula right after he had fucked her. Then one time they did that – actually it was after they had all four showered together. The way Ralph and Paula had gone at it, his prior stretching of her pussy hadn’t seemed to have mattered one bit.

Bryan: “Say it’s only been what 3 weeks since we tried the last time. Robin you can’t be ovulating today can you? Or do we just do a dry run today?”

Carol: “Robin doesn’t have to be ovulating for a dry run. Actually we need to say ‘practice run’ instead of ‘dry run.’ When you two go at it, if there’s anything dry, Bryan won’t be able to get it in.”

Bryan: “Robin, was it hard to get Ted to go along with this?”

Robin: “I think that he would much rather have you fuck me than have to worry that a baby of another race might come out of my pussy.”

Bryan: “And does he want to be here when we do the insemination for real?”

Robin: “Oh yes, he definitely wants to be in the house when you inseminate me. I just don’t know if he’s decided whether he wants to watch or not.”

Remembering how apprehensive they had been about the size issue with the couple in Sacramento, Carol put in: “Let’s be careful about the watching. Not everybody can be like a porn star. Did you know that there are guys with really gigantic dicks who can’t get in the porn business because they can’t get hard with people watching?”

Bryan: “I thought porn movie makers had fluffers for that.”

Carol: “They don’t pay fluffers to make stars hard, they pay them to keep the stars hard.  Let’s get back to what we were talking about. Robin, you said we have about 10 days before you ovulate again, right.”

Robin: “Yes. Actually 8 to 12 days but yeah that’s about right.”

Carol: “So what I think is that what we ought to do now is go in to our bedroom, throw back the covers and see how things work out. Depending on how it goes with me watching you two go at it, we might get some idea how to approach the idea of Ted watching.”

They must have set a new speed record for three people leaving a hot tub.

At the bedroom door, Bryan stopped them. “Do I get to carry my soon-to-be ravished bride over the threshold?”

Robin: “Oh that’s so sweet of you Bryan.”

Carol laughing: “Yeah right Bryan. That’s very thoughtful. Now just don’t forget to get Robin really wet before you plunge in. Oh, just in case, I’ll get some lube.”

Bryan lay Robin on the big king bed and lay down beside her. They kissed, at first lips to lips, then more and more passionately. Then, they progressed to tongues intermingling. From the coppery taste in her mouth, Bryan knew she was ready for more and he took to kissing her nipples and at the same time lay a hand on her groin, teasing the pubic hair before fingering the top of the wet slit. He found her clitoris and massaged it gently. Robin’s nipples hardened in his mouth. She grasped his penis - almost possessively. Bryan worked two fingers into her vagina, then three and he knew she was ready for him. As he was mounting Robin, he saw Carol sit down at the head end of the bed, next to Robin’s head. Smiling sweetly, Carol pursed her lips as if to send Bryan a kiss and in a low voice: “I’ve got the KY but it looks like Robin’s pussy has made its own lube.”

Bryan got the head of his penis in the folds of Robin’s labia and sought the entrance to her vagina. Robin raised her knees and her feet were now off the bed - she was that eager for the pleasure to come. Using short strokes, Bryan worked his way in, actually the going was easy, but he went in slowly to give her vagina a chance to adjust itself to what was coming. His strokes got longer and longer, sometimes he pulled all the way out, if nothing else to enjoy her sharp gasp as her pussy went shut. Reentering brought an even sharper gasp. Her knees rose higher and soon her legs were over his shoulders, thus giving him maximum access.

“Bryan, oh Bryan, please go all the way in. I’m ready to take all of you.”

And that he did. Their hairy groins ground against each other as he twisted his hips so that his penis made slight rotations inside her.

“Bryan, Bryan, I’ve never had that before. Ohhhhh, fuck me, fuck me more, make me come, please come inside me.” Then she spasmed, her feet kicked his back and her nails dug in to his hips. Her scream made Carol jerk. He stroked harder and wilder and Robin pleaded: “Bryan, please, please come, please come, I want to feel your come in my pussy.”  That was too much for Bryan and he released.

Between breaths, Robin gasped: “Bryan, I felt you come inside me. Oh Bryan don’t leave me please. Carol, please can Bryan stay inside me a little longer?”

“Of course Robin. You know, I can’t wait to watch your face as he gets hard inside of you.”

Robin let her legs slide off Bryan’s shoulders and he collapsed on top of her. They kissed deeply, again tongues intermingling. She wondered what it felt like down there where that soft but still big penis was still poking into her. She reached down and felt the base of his penis, she teased her clitoris and then lay her hand on his scrotum. “Oh sweet Bryan, this will be the source of my baby. Next week, you can squirt it into me. I hope Ted wants to watch and I hope that you want Ted to watch.”

That was the kind of sexy talk that Bryan needed and he was ready before either truly realized it. Again they fucked to a violent climax and lay collapsed together.


A few days later, Thursday afternoon, Carol and Robin got together at Robin and Ted’s condo in Mill Valley to talk about the issue of whether Ted should or would watch the insemination. Carol brought up the size issue and even told Robin about the swinging relationship with the Sacramento couple. Both Robin and Carol knew very well how sensitive a man can be about the size of his penis, especially if that man happens to have the smaller one.

“Carol, I know I told you how Bryan’s is a lot bigger than Ted’s but Ted and I can get pretty wild too. You saw how it was when Bryan fucked me. But really, believe it or not, with Ted and I, things get just as wild. In fact Ted won’t even fuck with the windows open. He doesn’t want the neighbors to hear me scream. Can you believe that?”

“No problem for me to believe that. I certainly had good orgasms with that husband, Ralph, in Sacramento. And you know what? There was this one time at their house in Sac, we had switched - I had fucked Ralph in their bedroom while Bryan was doing it with Paula in the basement family room. Afterwards, the four of us got together in the family room where they had drinks and snacks set out. Of course from all the wild sex, all of us were sweaty, and in places, sticky. They had one of those big showers with a rain showerhead and we all just threw off our robes and went in. Instead of washing ourselves individually, we stayed paired off. Ralph and I washed each other and Bryan and Paula did the same. Well you know what a man’s penis does when a woman washes him. They both got hard and of course the difference was glaring. Bryan’s looked like it was almost twice as big as Ralph’s. Ralph, being a good sport, said something like he doubted if he could satisfy his wife right after she had been fucked by Bryan’s big penis. I might add though, Ralph and I always had great sex in spite of or maybe because of his small penis. Of course I never measured it, but it couldn’t have been any longer than 4 or 5 inches, even when it was fully erect. Anyway Paula was a real game one too and she said Ralph was able to satisfy her anytime, no matter who fucked her first. And she said she was damn well ready to prove it. I wasn’t really comfortable with a sex show like that so I butted in that it wouldn’t really prove anything because too much time had elapsed since Bryan had fucked her.”

“Carol you are a nut, but that was good thinking to say that.”

“Except it didn’t work. Paula came right back with something like ‘Okay, then Bryan just needs to fuck me again. His dick sure looks hard enough.’  So back we go into the family room, she lays down on the sofa and goddamn it if Bryan didn’t fuck her again and wow did they get it on. They both had orgasms right there with Ralph and I looking on. Ralph never lost his erection, I think watching Bryan slam it to Paula got him even hotter. Wow what a sight that was! When Bryan pulled out, his penis was all slick and shiny and there was semen trailing out the end. Paula’s pubic hair was all smeared up with it and there was even a little stream of his semen coming out of her. Well, Ralph didn’t hesitate a bit. He climbed on her as soon as Bryan got out of the way. She probably was a little loose from Bryan because Ralph slid right in without showing much emotion. After a bit of fucking though, he was straining and panting just as he had when he fucked me. And they both had orgasms – Paula’s was every bit as impressive as the one she had had with Bryan.”

“Wow what a story Carol. Do you get as wet telling it as I get hearing it?”

“I get wet telling it, yeah. How wet are you anyway Robin?”

“If we were in a lesbian movie, that would be the opening for us to touch each other to see who is the wettest.”

“Robin, I’m not a lesbian but you know how wild I am. What time will Ted get home?”

“Not for several hours or more. I don’t know if I could have real sex with you, but we could just go to the bathroom and feel each other up. I wouldn’t want to have to explain a squirt spot on the sofa.”

In the bathroom both women removed their jeans and panties and stood facing one another.

Robin: “Okay, I guess we’ll now see who is wetter.”

Carol: “What if we can’t agree on who is wetter?”

Robin: “Then we can just have fun fingering each other.”

Carol: “Are we supposed to embrace and kiss first? I’ve never had sex with a woman before.”

Robin: “Me neither. But no, let’s play it by ear or rather by pussy. You put your finger in me and I’ll put my finger in you. We both wiggle our fingers around a little, pull them out and see which one is wetter.”

Carol: “Robin, you’re crazier than I am!”

Facing one another, they came close and exchanged fingers. Both gasped slightly as their fingers wiggled around in each other’s labia. After withdrawing and holding their fingers up together, Carol’s apprehension turned out to be correct. They couldn’t agree on who was wetter.

Carol panted: “I can’t believe how nice that was. What now?”

Robin also panting: “ Let’s forget the who’s wetter stuff and just finger each other again but for longer this time. You want to come? Wouldn’t it be cool if we came together?”

Carol: “It’d be very cool, but you won’t tell anyone will you? Not even Ted or Bryan?”

Robin: “Of course not. We could just let it be our special little secret. I don’t know if it’d bother them, but all the same, no reason to take the chance. God but you’re fun to be naughty with Carol. Now here’s what we do. Put one hand around my back and use the other to arouse me. I’ll do the same to you. Okay?”

Carol quickly nodded her assent and they stood close together and while looking one another in the face, each put a hand down. As they swirled their fingers in each other’s labia, both were swallowing with pleasure and pursing their lips. Reassuming the lead role Carol whispered: “Follow me. If I do something, you do it too. If you feel like moving on to more, do it and I’ll do it too.”

Carol began massaging Robin’s clitoris and Robin did likewise to her. Both were getting more and more aroused – Carol thought it felt like little bolts of electricity were going through her brain. Then she put a finger in Robin’s vagina. Robin did likewise to Carol. They worked one another’s vaginas probing, swirling, stroking. Then Robin brought two fingers into play and Carol followed.

Robin: “Are you okay with three fingers?”

Carol: “No problem, three of your fingers are smaller than Bryan’s penis.”

They worked each other harder and faster. When it seemed that neither could stand up any longer, Carol threw her head back as if blacking out. Robin screamed and both felt a flow of warm liquid, the other woman’s on their hands and their own on their thighs. Still on their feet, they both had to support themselves by leaning against the vanity.

Carol: “Damn but that was something. We have to do it again sometime.”

Robin: “Yeah, but next time let’s get all naked first. You know I really liked looking at your boobs in the hot tub and afterwards.”

Carol: “You don’t have to wait till next time. We’re all sweaty and our crotches and legs are sticky – we’ve got to shower. May as well do it together. Your shower is big enough.”

In fact Robin and Ted had a giant tiled shower stall with a ceiling mounted shower head. The two first soaked and frolicked around proudly showing their nakedness to each other. Robin squeezed some shower jell into her hand.

Robin: “Carol, I can’t just look at your beautiful boobs any longer. I really want to soap them up. Can I?”

Carol: “Only if you soap my pussy too and if you let me wash you too.”

They got themselves all soapy and rubbed their bodies together. Robin couldn’t seem to get enough of fondling Carols full breasts.

Robin: “Carol I love you boobs. I wish mine were like that.”

Carol: “Don’t. They bounce like hell when I run. And remember how Bryan really liked your pert little tits. In fact he liked your whole slim body. Yesterday at lunch he admitted daydreaming about it and then we both got all worked up and ended up fucking right there on the patio. Big boobs have only one advantage – you can give a man an orgasm by rolling his penis between them. But you know, tit fucking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’d rather have a man’s penis down between my legs than between my tits - any day.”

Robin: “You’re not just saying that are you?”

Carol: “No. Didn’t Bryan go half out of his mind fucking you? Didn’t we just give each other world class orgasms about 15 minutes ago?”

Ted came home to find the two well scrubbed Marin County housewives happily chatting on the sofa.

Carol: “Oops, what time is it. I should have left already. So sorry.”

Robin: “Carol, unless you’ve got something else, please stay for dinner. It’s really no trouble for me. During the week we just have salad and cheese and such for dinner. Now why don’t you sit here with Ted while I put the food out?”

Carol accepted, no surprise to Robin because that was exactly what the two women had agreed on earlier. Ted and Carol exchanged pleasantries and small talk before the talk turned to the big event coming up.

Ted: “Carol, it’s really generous of you to - , what shall I say, offer your husband so Robin can get pregnant. I never thought any woman could ever be so open and generous to a friend.”

Carol: “Ted, it makes me deeply happy that you are so kind and understanding with Robin. The vast majority of men couldn’t stand the thought of their wife having sex with another man, even if it was the only way for her to get pregnant. Ted it’s just really big of you to go along with this.”

Ted: “Robin probably told you that at first I had a hard time accepting this idea of intercourse. But I’m comfortable with it now and I’m glad that she and Bryan tried it out last week. We know it works between them and that eliminates another unknown when Robin ovulates, which by the way should be next week.”

Carol: “And for the big event, Robin and I think it would be best if the two of you came up to Novato for the insemination. You could stay overnight and go to work the next day. Here’s the thing Ted. Getting pregnant necessitates getting a live sperm and an egg together at the same time in the right place and under the right conditions. With artificial insemination, meeting those conditions isn’t easy. I think that inseminating through intercourse is more reliable because there are more opportunities for the sperm and egg to meet – what I mean is that sex is fun and couples will have intercourse more often than they’re going to use the syringe. Hell, you’re in the hedge fund business, you know something about statistics don’t you?”

Ted: “Oh I completely agree with you. In fact, Robin and I have come to same conclusion already. We’ll drive up to Novato for the insemination.”

Robin came in and announced that dinner was ready. After eating they went back to the living room where Ted and Robin sat close together on the sofa and Carol took a seat in an armchair.

Ted: “I think we all agree that we do this in Novato and that you, Robin, should stay up there for the whole time that you are ovulating. Now there’s the question of me watching or just being in the house. You two girls must have talked about that aspect this afternoon. Right? By the way Carol, how does Bryan see that?”

Carol: “On the subject of sex, Bryan is a ‘que sera sera’ person. I tend that way too but we still need to talk about this. There’s some stuff Bryan won’t do and he’s stubborn on those. His two great big no-go’s are anal and man-man. He’s the ultimate hetero. He won’t touch or be touched by a man. Being watched? Yes.  Look Ted, I just told Robin this afternoon, but years ago Bryan and I had a thing going with a couple in Sacramento and once Bryan did it with the wife while the husband and I watched. That was only one time but it worked. Oh boy, did it ever work! Robin can tell you about that later.”

Ted: “Are you and Bryan still into swinging?”

Carol: “Oh no, that thing in Sacramento was a one-and-only and we ended it long ago. You’re probably wondering what happened. Briefly, they were a nice couple and we all had good sex. It lasted less than a year and then we all realized that it was only about sex and not about personal relationships.”

Ted: “This business of Bryan inseminating Robin is sort of swinging too. But you and Robin have a long-standing friendship. Bryan and I aren’t super close, but we enjoy one another’s company on a man to man level. What I’m getting at is, yes, I’d like to watch, at least the first time or two. But I can’t take off work any time next week, so during the day, you three will be on your own.”

Robin: “Oh Ted, I love you so.” And she kissed him deeply.

Carol: “Ted, there’s something else we wanted to talk about.”

Seeing Ted’s worried look, Carol continued: “Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s going to work out but we need to talk about it before you come up there next week.”

Robin broke in: “Ted, Carol and I talked about it this afternoon for quite some time.” She took Ted’s hand and squeezed tightly before continuing. “This is tough because I know how sensitive this can be. Ted, it’s about size. Look, you know from what I told you about the sex that I had with Bryan Tuesday night that he has a really big one.”

Ted: “So if we have a boy, he’s got a good chance of having a bigger penis than I do. That doesn’t seem like a problem. Look, I used to dread the shower after high school gym class because my penis was smaller than what most of the other guys had. There was one guy who had one double the size of mine. He ended up marrying a girl whom I had dated for a while. I often wondered what she thought the first time she saw that monster of his.”

Robin: “You never told me that before. Was she your first time?”

Ted: “Her name was Mary Sue. No we never really had intercourse. We would both get our undies off and play with each other. One time though, she begged me to fuck her, but I only got the head of my penis in to her labia and we both chickened out.”

Carol: “Ooooh, that’s a sexy story. You poor fellow Ted. So you never got to fuck Mary Sue huh? Moving along with what we were talking about, Ted, I haven’t seen your penis but Bryan does have a really big one. Are you sure you’ll be okay watching as it goes in and out of Robin?”

Ted: “Look, it’s a known fact that men get aroused watching a penis go in and out. That’s why they show such detail in porn films and who watches porn? Mostly men. Anyway Carol, Robin’s already told me all about Tuesday. Robin, did you tell Carol how the two of us screwed afterwards?”

Carol interjected: “Yes she did. And Ted, I’d really like to see the thing that makes Robin scream so loud that you have to close the windows. And look, since I’ve gone and let my husband fuck Robin, don’t you think I could at least see your penis?”

Robin: “Ted hasn’t had his shower yet. How about if we all got in the shower together?”

Carol: “Sounds good to me, wow this is going to be fun! Ted?”

Up the stairs they went and all three undressed in record time. Ted was already hard and in spite of that, Carol could easily see that he wasn’t circumcised because his foreskin still covered part of the head. At first they just stood around in a circle, facing in looking at one another’s naked bodies and letting the hot water flow down over them.

Ted: “Well Carol, now you’ve seen me. Do you want to measure me too?”

Carol: “Oh that sounds like fun. But I don’t think we have a ruler here. Remind me later. I’ve never measured a penis before. Ted, I’ve got something else in mind. Maybe Robin told you, but Bryan is circumcised and it’s been years and years since I’ve played with a foreskin. Would you mind? Robin, you don’t mind either do you?”

Carol thought she saw his penis twitch when she said that. Ted eagerly assented and Carol didn’t have to wait for Robin to say anything because that was another thing the two women had talked about earlier in the day. Carol moved around to Ted’s back and reached around both sides to take his penis in her hands. Holding it underneath with her left hand, she used the thumb and forefinger of her right hand to retract the foreskin and expose the head. Ted could only moan. Robin looked on with a pleasant smile, showing she was pleased that Carol was so interested in her husband’s penis. Carol withdrew her left hand from his penis and reached from behind and between his legs to cup his scrotum. At the same time she masturbated him slowly. How different it was from Bryan and she wasn’t comparing size either. Ted’s foreskin was in the forefront of her emotions. Masturbating Ted was a matter of working the foreskin, back to expose the head and then on the upstroke partially covering the head. With Bryan, whose circumcision was rather tight, giving a hand-job was a matter of her hand gliding over the shaft and a lube was helpful. With uncut guys like Ted, the foreskin moved on the shaft so much that a lube wasn’t really needed.

Robin, looking on said: “Carol, be careful Ted might go off before the main event.”

Carol: “That’s why I’m going so slow. God this is something. I forgot how much fun a foreskin can be. I wish Bryan still had his.”

Ted moaning and panting: “Carol, you’re greedy. He’s got such a big dick and you wish it still had a foreskin.”

Carol: “I wish we hadn’t started this size stuff. You know what? When we get together next week, Robin and I are going to measure you both.”

Ted, who liked having Carol’s hands on his penis: “Is that a threat or a promise?”

Carol: “A promise. I like the challenge of trying to measure you guys soft.”

Robin giggled uncontrollably. Ted was too far gone to laugh.

Robin: “I think Ted is going to squirt soon. Carol, didn’t you want to fuck him first?”

Ted’s first stream of semen shot out and hit Robin’s belly. The second and third didn’t go as far, but were still impressive. Carol wondered if that was what drove Robin to scream so loud. She now regretted masturbating his penis for so long.

Ted collapsed to his knees where he ended up looking straight at Robin’s pussy. He beckoned her closer and kissed her pubic hair passionately before moving lower and licking her clitoris. Meanwhile Carol had dropped to her knees as well and held his now soft and much smaller penis in her hand. Robin closed her eyes and trembled. Carol didn’t know if Robin really topped out or not because Robin happened to be where the shower was strongest. Carol turned off the water.

Ted. “Now would be a good time to measure me soft.”

Robin: “I’ll go look for a ruler. And Carol don’t you dare touch his penis before I get back. If he even looks like he’s going to get hard, get a cold washcloth.”

By the time Robin returned with the ruler, Carol and Ted were already dried off and waiting by the big vanity with the double sinks.

Robin: “Okay Ted, lay your penis on the vanity top and go up close so we don’t have to measure in the air.”

Carol: “Do we measure to the tip of the head or to the end of the foreskin? Hey, with Bryan, we don’t have to make that decision.”

Robin: “To the tip of the head silly, that’s what says how deep he can go into our pussies.”

Carol: “Okay, I read three and a quarter inches to the tip. If we included the foreskin, we could add five eighths.

Ted: “Don’t I get credit for my foreskin? It has volume and makes me thicker.”

Carol: “Next time I’ll bring Brad’s calipers along.”

Ted: “Don’t. I’d just get depressed when you compare my girth to Bryan’s.”

Robin: “This size shit is getting to me.”

Ted: “ You girls started the subject. I said right from the beginning I would be okay watching Bryan slam his monster into Robin.”

Robin: “Ted, there you go again!”

Carol: “Okay guys, that’s enough. We’ve got better things to do. All three of us are pretty worked up. How about if we lay down in your big bed and smoke a joint. It’s close to eight. I’ve been here since two and I still haven’t been fucked by Ted.”

Robin nearly blurted out about the nice orgasm Carol had had that afternoon when they fingered each other. That wouldn’t have been fair though because she had gotten off at the same time and she had gotten off again in the shower, thanks to Carol’s jacking Ted off.

The joint seemed to help. Robin, knowing she was going to be in the observer role, took more drags than Carol and Ted together. Ted and Carol were engrossed in each other. Groping, kissing, fingering, twisting. Ted was really hard, though still as before, the foreskin covered part of the head except when Carol playfully tugged it back. Whenever she did that, she would take the head in her mouth, lips snugly around it and blow or suck lightly.

Seeing his penis throbbing madly, Carol murmured: “Ted, sorry I shouldn’t have taken you so far. Can you hold back long enough for us to have a good fuck? I really want it and I really want to come when you do.”

Ted: “Should I get on top or do you want to?”

Carol: “Goddamn Ted, just fuck me how you please. Robin, are the windows closed?” With that, Carol rolled over on her back and spread her thighs. Ted took the cue quickly and got on top. Carol pulled her knees up and before Ted could really get going, the backs of her knees were on his shoulders and she was humping madly. Carol was skilled at sex and was able to control certain muscles in the walls of her vagina. These muscles were strong, strong enough that a guy fucking her felt like his penis was in a hot clamp. For guys like Ted with a moderate penis, that clamping action was a real ego booster that egged them on to higher performance. When she clamped him, he pounded harder and Carol’s climax came in a rush.  Her head was hot, she thought she would faint, a rippling wave started at her clitoris and roared up her vaginal canal. After a light scream, she felt the warm fluid leave her and she felt it flow down over her anus and into the cleft between her buttocks. Carol collapsed back and her legs slipped off Ted’s back. When she caught her breath, she could feel that he was still inside of her and still hard.

“Ted, you didn’t get off!”

“No, why don’t you get on top and fuck me now?”

Without disconnecting, they rolled over and Carol humped him and clamped him for all she was worth. When she thought maybe he didn’t have any juice left, it came. Carol felt a big shot of semen hit her insides. It was followed by two more and then she collapsed against him.

Afterwards, the three lay back and smoked another joint. Now even more relaxed, Robin suggested that Ted nuzzle Carol’s boobs. Ted was only too glad to oblige and Carol enjoyed the attention. After a while Robin said she wished she had big boobs like that for Ted to enjoy.

Ted left Carol and turned to Robin and began sucking on her left nipple, at the same time leaving his right hand on Carols boobs. Carol got up, went to Robin’s other side and sucked on Robin’s right nipple. Now both heads were side by side and busily sucking Robin’s hard and throbbing nipples. Although Robin was moaning all the while, it came as a surprise when she suddenly she screamed and raised her hips off the bed. She had climaxed from nipple stimulation alone!

The three collapsed together, intertwined on the bed and fell asleep.

Friday and the weekend

In preparation for the effort and time that would be needed when Robin ovulated, Bryan got ahead of his workload by spending a good part of the weekend in his office.

The work that Brian did well and got paid well for doing was connected to the fact that California is earthquake country. Whoever builds has to present to the building inspector’s office for approval, plans that satisfy the earthquake oriented building codes. In the case of really simple buildings, the county or city building inspector can easily see if the plan is adequate. For anything more complex, like most of the houses and commercial buildings in hilly Marin County, a licensed structural engineer has to sign the plans as being adequate and even submit calculations if required. That’s what Bryan did. There are lots of folks with money living in Marin and they like to build and rebuild. That was Bryan’s bread and butter. His clients, contractors and architects, had learned that Bryan would turn down work if the deadline was too close. Still, he got work because he was good and he was fast. That was how he avoided stress and made a good living.


On Wednesday morning, Carol came up to Bryan’s office and told him that Ted and Robin would be coming that evening.

That evening, the two couples had dinner on the patio in back near the hot tub.

Ted: “Bryan, I look at the hot tub and I think, ‘Oh this is where Bryan walked out and exposed himself to my wife’.”

Bryan: “Actually Carol tricked me.”

Ted: “Lucky thing she did. I heard you didn’t go for the bait during the coffee break.”

Bryan: “I’m a conservative engineer. I don’t jump into things.”

Ted: “Bullshit! You a conservative? Ha! I know you voted for Obama.”

Bryan: “Just like 100,000 other folks in Marin. You voted for McCain didn’t you? How does it feel to get beaten 4 to 1?” (That was about the ratio of Obama to McCain in affluent Marin County in 2008.) “Anyway being a conservative engineer wouldn’t necessarily mean that I’m conservative politically, which I think I am. Truthfully, I was going to vote for McCain but then he caved in to those Tea Party assholes and chose that stupid Palin cunt as a running mate.”

Robin: “Stop it you guys, we’ve got a baby to make.”

Bryan: “Right you are Robin, and baby making is a lot more fun than politics. Especially now without the cup and syringe.”

Ted: “Come on now Bryan, you got terrific hand-jobs. Carol and I had to screw around with the cup and syringe. And poor Robin had to put up with getting the syringe stuck in her.”

Carol: “How about if I clear away the dinner stuff and the rest of you get in the hot tub and get relaxed? I won’t be long.”

Bryan: “Robin, you know the drill already. But Ted for your benefit, we shower first and go in nude.”

Ted: “Considering what’s coming tonight, the nudity shouldn’t be an issue. Let’s go for it!”

The three undressed right on the patio, showered together and got in the hot tub. Carol wasn’t long clearing away the dinner stuff and joined them.

Bryan: “Ted, I know Carol talked to you and Robin last week about the swinging we did with the couple in Sacramento. Let me repeat that was something we did with that one couple. That was years ago and it didn’t go on all that long. Honestly, it broke off when Carol and I realized that there was nothing but sexual thrills in it. What we have with you and Robin is something a lot stronger and I think it can last a lot longer too.”

Robin: “But the sex part is pretty good too. Bryan, last week Tuesday was a real dream. I just don’t know what was better, what the two of us did or what Ted and I did after I told him what you and I had done.”

Carol: “I know how you feel Robin and I’m glad that both Bryan and Ted can satisfy you so well. But you know, it just isn’t important whether you had a better orgasm with Bryan or with Ted. Both were terrific and that’s what’s important. You know I think all this counting and measuring and comparing is too big a part of people’s lives. When we go skiing at Alpine Meadows, we run into people who can only talk about how many runs they made down Scott Chute. When we mention the view over Lake Tahoe, they don’t know what we’re talking about. When we go to Heavenly, we meet people who’ve never even noticed the desert below when they ski the backside. Bicycling: It’s all about the miles they’ve done since January. In Europe we talked to motorcyclists who rave about the 5 big passes they’ve gone over, but they can’t begin to tell you the name of one peak or one town along the way.”

Robin: “Bryan, I gather that Carol didn’t tell you, but you are kind of the reason behind why we got off on this kick of denouncing counting and measuring. Or maybe I should say that your penis is behind it. Look you and Ted got naked together with me after dinner. You had to see that you are a lot bigger than Ted. But so what? Sure our sex last week was a raging affair. I was really steaming when you fucked me – both times. But when I got home and told Ted, he fucked me too and I got really steamy too. So what’s the big deal? Another thing. I’ve always been so envious of Carol’s boobs and I know Ted has a hard time keeping his eyes off them. Mine are a lot smaller but can you believe it – last Tuesday Ted and Carol got me to orgasm just by sucking on my nipples? Oops sorry, Carol, that just slipped out.”

Bryan: “Don’t be. Damn but that’s erotic! Look I want to be open with all of you. This talk has gotten to me.” He rose up so that his erection was clear of the water and all could see.”

Ted: “Jeez, that actually went into you Robin?”

Robin: “Yes, and without using any lube, didn’t it Carol?”

Carol: “It sure did. I had the lube ready but Bryan was all the way in before I got the cap off.”

Ted: “Damn, what are we waiting for and he rose up too, also with a very hard penis sticking out.”

When they got to the bedroom door, Bryan stopped them and told Carol and Ted to go in first. Then as he had the previous week, he carried Robin to the big king size bed and two lay down in the middle. Ted and Carol sat leaning against the head board on opposite sides. Bryan and Robin were kissing madly, both their bodies twisting and turning in passion. Bryan sucked on her nipples and she threw up her knees and pounded her feet on the bed. He kissed his way down her stomach and to her crotch where he first kissed her pubic hair lightly and then licked her clitoris. From the liquid already trickling from her slit, he knew she was ready, probably even ready for his whole length. When the head of his penis entered her labia, she trembled mightily and tossed her legs over Bryan’s shoulders.

Bryan knew Robin was ready but he held back because he loved the feel of the head of his penis trolling between wet labia and Robins were more than wet. When he trolled up, the head grazed her clitoris. When he trolled down, it grazed the entrance to her vagina and each time he grazed that entrance, Robin thought he might enter. What was he waiting for? Bryan liked sexual talk and music to his ears was when his partner asked to be penetrated. He kept trolling. The tension built.

“Bryan, put it in my vagina, I want all of you.” Without a word of assent, Bryan went in all the way without hitting her cervix as he had been worried about doing. He and Robin humped simultaneously, making the big bed shake violently.

Ted and Carol were both transfixed from watching the wild passion. Ted could barely restrain himself from jacking off. Carol was mad with desire and wondered how long she could keep herself from masturbating. Ted and Carol looked at each other with mouths open. How long could this go on?

Robin’s feet pounded Bryan’s back and she let out a screech as her belly tensed up and her hips rose.

Bryan: “Oh Robin you’re there aren’t you?”

Robin gasped: “Yes, now give me my baby!”

She was sure she could feel the tension in his scrotum and then she felt his big penis jerk inside of her. Robin thought she could feel every drop of the warm semen hit the walls of her vagina. Then they collapsed together and kissed madly.

Ted looked over to Carol, raised his eyebrows and tossed his head to suggest that they go to the spare bedroom. They were locked together as soon as they hit the bed. Ted, although a big fan of Carol’s boobs, didn’t start with them nor did he finger her. He entered her immediately, went all the way in and fucked her loose wet vagina with wild thrusts. Carol was so out of it with passion that at first she forgot to use the muscles in the walls of her vagina to clamp Ted’s penis. When she did, he moaned and couldn’t hold back any longer. Carol stayed clamped around his softening penis and then came too. She relaxed and Ted’s soft slippery penis fell out. He looked at her boobs and buried his face between them.

The next morning, Carol drove Ted to San Rafael to catch the ferry to San Francisco. When she got home and entered the house, she smiled upon hearing the moaning in the big bedroom. Bryan seemed to be taking his sperm donor role pretty seriously. Amazingly, Bryan actually got some work done that day. Later that morning she went into the garage and heard them going at it in his office.

In the afternoon the three had coffee together on the patio.

Carol: By my count, you two have done it twice already today.

Robin: “We’re not counting, we’re just fucking as much as we can.”

Carol: “I wish Ted were here to put it to me. God but I love his cute little penis and the way the foreskin works.”

Bryan: “You mean you wish my parents didn’t have me circumcised?”

Carol: “One doesn’t exclude the other. You know how much I like your penis. It just that when I hear you two doing it, I can’t help but think how I’m missing out. I’m already thinking about the stuff Bryan and I are going to do once your ovulation is over.”

Robin: “I’m so sorry Carol if you feel left out, but you know how important it is to me that I get pregnant. How would it be if you joined us for the next go round? That’d be okay with you Bryan, wouldn’t it?”

Bryan: “Sure, I’d like it even more if Carol were with us.”

Another sip of coffee they were off to the big bedroom. They would have done it on the patio but Robin’s buttocks were still sore from the pounding on the office floor. At the door, Bryan insisted on carrying Robin in. After he picked her up, Carol took him by his hard penis and led him to the bed.

In bed, Carol inched in close to the writhing intertwined Bryan and Robin, alternately kissing both Robin and Bryan passionately on the lips. Reaching down to there grinding groins, she first felt Bryan’s throbbing penis and then Robin’s soaking wet pussy. “Good grief, what are you two waiting for a blessing or something?“

Robin panting: “Actually, the blessing sounds like a good idea. Say doesn’t the pope kiss when he blesses?”

Carol took the hint. Pushing the two apart she planted a kiss on the head of Bryan’s penis and then licked Robin’s pussy. “Bless the two of you and the child you’re about to make.”

Ted returned that night but this time after dinner, Bryan and Robin went to the big bedroom while Ted and Carol played with each other in the pool and later went to bed in the guest room.

Three weeks later Robin still hadn’t gotten her period and the urine test confirmed that the donation from Bryan had worked. For the next 7 months the two couples got together from time to time but without partner exchange. After around 8 months Carol got a call from Robin who asked her to come down and spend the evening. Robin couldn’t have sex any longer and Ted was tiring of the hand-jobs. Carol was only too glad to oblige. The three were not on the sofa long before they retired, first to the shower and then to the bed.

In February of the following year, Bryan and Carol were on ski vacation in Utah when Melanie was born.

A  few months later Robin telephoned and asked Carol if she thought Bryan could babysit with Melanie on Tuesday of the next week. Carol was surprised that she would want Bryan to babysit. Robin went on to explain: “Ever since, well I don’t know how long, Ted has talked about getting circumcised. We finally decided that he should go ahead with it.”

Carol: “Jesus, Robin. That’s a surprise but kind of a shame. I liked his foreskin. Remember that first time when the three of us showered together?”

Robin: “I know how you feel, but like I said, Ted has been thinking about it for a long time. Seeing Bryan, well I think that did it.”

Carol: “Robin, circumcising Ted’s penis won’t make it bigger.”

Robin: “It’s about esthetics. Ted is very self-conscious about his long foreskin and for sex, such a long foreskin can be a disadvantage.”

Carol: “I’ll talk to Bryan and let you know if he can get away. Oh, when and where exactly is Ted going to say goodbye to his foreskin?”

Robin: “It’s scheduled for 9:30 AM next week Tuesday. At this urology clinic in San Rafael where they have an out-patient surgery unit. We need to be there at 8:30 for paperwork and pre-op.”

Carol: “Wait a minute, why Bryan? I’d be glad to babysit with Melanie.”

Robin: “At first I was going to ask you to come and babysit, but I really would like you to be there with me. Actually Ted really wants you to be there too.”

Bryan was even more surprised but he was getting attached to his little biological daughter and wasn’t one for needless argument.

Ted, Robin and Carol got to the clinic ahead of time and after the paperwork was done, they sat down in the waiting area. Ted was visibly nervous about the upcoming operation so Robin and Carol both held his sweaty hands. The pre-op nurse, a blonde stocky woman in her mid-50’s came out and asked them to follow her to the pre-op area. Carol was about to wish Ted luck or something like that, but Robin said she should come along with them into the pre-op.

The pre-op was a long hallway with doors leading to cubicles and the stocky blond nurse directed them to one and told Ted he should undress, remove all jewelry, put on the hospital gown and lie down on the table. She seemed surprised that two women were with Ted, and asked if he was comfortable with being exposed to both. She seemed satisfied when he explained that Robin was his wife and Carol was a close friend of them both.

When the nurse came back, she had an injection kit with her.

Nurse: “According to the forms you filled out, you want your circumcision to be high and medium loose. I’m going to give you an injection to make you get an erection. Then I’ll be able to show you how your penis will look with that style. If you like the way it looks, we make a mark so the doctor will know where to cut. If you don’t like it, we can try another style.” She took the injection kit from her dress pocket, hesitated and said: “By the way, would you ladies like to save him the injection.”

Robin and Carol answered in unison: “Oh we’d rather save him the injection.”

Nurse: “Be careful though, if you overdo it, I’ll have to give the injection anyway. Call me when you have his penis ready.”

Carol pulled up the bottom of the gown to reveal Ted’s penis, which had already started to grow. She cupped his scrotum while Robin, on the other side of the table, masturbated him slowly and tenderly.

When the nurse came in again, she complimented Robin and Carol on the good job they had done. Then she put on surgical gloves, asked Ted to sit up. With her thumb and forefinger, she retracted his foreskin so the head was nearly free.

Nurse: “Sir, with medium loose, this is how your circumcised penis will look when erect. Is that okay or would you like it tighter?”

Ted turning to Carol and Robin: “I think it should be tighter. What do you girls think?”

Both women nodded their assent and together with husky voices said: “Yes, a little tighter!”

After getting the tightness that all three were satisfied with and marking, the nurse told them she also needed to make a mark with Ted’s penis in the non-erect condition. Normally she used a cooling spray, but would the two ladies like to spare Ted that as well? Both women eagerly nodded and the nurse left saying: “Oh yes, there’s a box of tissues on the nightstand behind you.”

When she came back for the non-erect condition, Ted’s penis was flaccid. After complimenting the two women on the fast work and perfect cleanup, she retracted the foreskin, a mark was agreed upon and she told Carol and Robin that it was time and they would now have to wait out front.

In the waiting room Carol and Robin, at first felt a little strange – people do that when a loved one is taken away to surgery - even for something routine like circumcision. Carol looked at Robin: “What?”

Robin: “Ted can’t have sex for something like 6 weeks. We should have had this done during that last two months before Melanie was born – you know when my pussy was off limits.”

Carol: “Either way he has to be chaste for a month and a half.”

Robin: “And me? I got the green light only two weeks ago. He’s not even supposed to get erections for most of that time.”

Carol: “Should I volunteer Bryan?”

Robin: “Oh Carol, when Bryan fucked me to get me pregnant with Melanie, that was one thing. But now? Somehow it would make me feel cheap if I had to come up to Novato for a fuck.”

Indeed, once Robin had become pregnant, the two couples had made social visits but hadn’t done any more partner exchanges.

Carol squeezed Robin’s hand and said: “How about if I came down to help you babysit once or twice a week? Just a nice afternoon together while Ted is at work.”

Robin: “You mean like that afternoon when we talked about whether Ted should watch Bryan fuck me?”

Carol: “That’s pretty much what I had in mind. By the way, when does Ted go back to work?”

Robin: “Monday. I’ll give you a call if he doesn’t go to work. Otherwise, see you then.