My Flatmate Encounter

Info Nikkijanes
09 Oct. '18

I made it through the door to my flat before I broke-down, devastated by the news I had just received, I slid down the wall ending up in a pile on the floor, my body wracked by the loud sobs coming from me. I’d just become another statistic of that modern phenomenon, I’d just been dump by text, and on the day of our second anniversary. The man I loved, who had been sharing my bed and I hoped to share my life had just dumped me in the cruellest of ways.

“Suzie, what’s wrong, what is it?” shouted my flatmate Karen as she came crashing through the door from the living room into the hallway.

I pushed my phone to her as I continued to sob my broken heart out.

“Sorry it’s over, been seeing someone for 6 months now.”

“Oh the bastard, the total bastard. I thought you two were getting engaged next week.”

“W... we... we were. That’s not...worst...” I managed to get out between deep sobs of anguish.

“Oh damn, you poor thing. This should be the happiest day of your life, now this.”

Karen slid down the wall to sit alongside me, taking me in her arms, hugging me tight, comforting me as I continued to sob, until I had no more tears to shed. Pulling me up she said, “You need a shower and a hot drink, come on Suzie, let me help.”

As she pushed me into the large bathroom that is the best thing about the flat that we share, apart from the fantastic piped sound system, she started to strip my Chanel suit and silk blouse from my body. Soon the bathroom was filled with hot steam from the shower. My expensive clothes were in a pile in the corner, but at least my Louboutin's were in the hall where they had fallen off.

 Karen continued undressing me unclasping my bra and then helped me out of my panties so I was totally nude, then pushed me in the shower. Putting a sponge in my hand she waited until I had started to soap myself, then went to make me a hot drink. No alcohol, I’m pregnant!

The hot water steam and fragrant scent coming from the shower gel seemed to be having a calming effect as I soaped myself, along with the soft music coming from the sound system, when I sensed movement behind me and a pair of arms encased me. Pushing back in fright getting ready to fight off my attacker, I became aware that there were a pair of soft breasts pressed against my back, and Karen, whispered in my ear, “Suzie, relax, it’s only me, I’m here to rub your back, nothing more.”

Her arms released me slightly and she placed the slightest of soft kisses on the nape of my neck. Taking the loofa from my hands she applied loads of shower gel and got me to lean against the shower wall, arms outstretched taking my weight, also making it more difficult for me to move quickly, “Relax sweetie, let me help you,” she whispered into my ear, her hot breath tickling. As she said this she began to soap my back, running in firm strokes up and down, all the time her other arm was still around my waist, holding me, controlling me.

Putting the loofa in my hand she continued rubbing my back but this time it was her hands running up and down me, her hands were soft and gentle but firm and controlling at the same time, massaging and comforting, relaxing me. Then they shifted to my sides, at times just catching the sides of my boobs and at times the swell and roundness of my bum. I stiffened at this more intimate touch until Karen again calmed me with her gentle tone and softly spoken words.

“It’s o.k. baby, go with it, relax with me, relax for me, just relax, you’re so tense.”

I was so strung up with the emotion of what had just happened to me that it took me some time before I complied with her wishes, but eventually I melted into her, pushing my body back into her, my bum pushing into her softly rounded belly. Karen moaned as I did so.

It seem natural when Karen’s hands moved to my front, caressing me totally, her touches felt so nice I didn’t resist when her hands began caressing my boobs, running around them, coating them in soapy suds, cupping each of them, taking the weight in her hands, after all she was just washing me, comforting me, comforting me in my time of need, just like a good friend.

Our bodies were pressed together, her boobs crushed against my back, I could feel her nipples were stiff and erect. Karen took the loofa from me and now used that to soap my body. This time her touch was harder on my body, or maybe it was the feel of the loofa, then the loofa was pressing between my legs, Karen insistently forcing my legs open so that she could get the loofa in-between them, rubbing it against the outer lips of my pussy.

Ignoring my initial feeling of reluctance at being touched there by another woman, well not exactly by another women, but what a woman was holding. I gave in to my bodies feelings and needs, tilted my head back and to the side and moaned as Karen kissed my lips, a soft brush of her lips on mine.

My hands reached behind me and I pulled Karen hard against me as best I could, crushing her to me. Karen dropped the loofa and replaced the touch between my legs with her hand, her fingers instantly rubbing up and down my outer lips, caressing me, stimulating me, teasing me.

This was wrong, we were two women, and I was vulnerable, but somehow this intimate but none threatening touch felt right.

I turned to face her and kissed her with more force than she had done with me, my hands tentatively started to explore her firm body, I looked into her eyes, questioning if I was going too far, all I could see was acceptance and acquiescence. Emboldened now but still unsure of what I was doing, and why, I ran my hands over Karen, exploring, probing how far she would go, how far I wanted to go touching her. Eventually one hand reached her pussy, my hand cupping it I slowly slid my middle finger up and down her slit, just on the outside, well not on the outside just inside her lips. The feel was soft and velvety, this was the first time I had ever touched another woman in such an intimate way.

At the first sign of my emboldened state Karen had dropped her head to my boobs and started to suck on them switching from left to right, time after time, making sure each got the same attention as she licked and teased my nipples.

Karen leant back against the shower wall now, pulling me with her as we kissed again, this time with more passion, our tongues getting involved for the first time. After a while Karen pushed me down her body as I kissed it, sucking on one nipple as I found her boobs with my lips for the first time, but not letting me stop there she pushed me lower and lower until at last my face was level with her pussy.

She arched her hips pushing them out towards me, it was obvious what she wanted me to do, encouraging me, tempting me, tempting me to take a step further, the final step. Conflicting motions were whirring through my mind, this was much further than we had already done.

A commitment to make. The forbidden step. A Rubicon to be crossed. Did I want to take that step, could I take it. Could I make that commitment, do something I had never done before, never even contemplated before. If I did things could never go back, the step could not be untaken. These thoughts went through my mind much quicker than it takes to write them down or read them. I was conflicted, I wanted to, I wanted to so much, but I was frightened, I had never ever had thoughts of going with another woman before.

I inched my face forward until it was millimetres from Karen’s pussy, hesitating, I stared at it for a second, then gathering all my courage I placed my lips against it, the merest and softest of touches, before pulling away. With that lightest of touches, in my mind I was committed to what would happen between us this night. I kissed her again, this time longer just holding my lips against her, but then pushing my tongue out and into her. She tasted sweet, with a little salty tang, not like the way I taste, but maybe we taste different to ourselves.

Wanting to go no further, but wanting to go so, so much further I broke my kiss on Karen’s most intimate place, the core of her being. Rose from my knees, shut off the shower, wrapped her in a big fluffy towel and dried her, teasing her with quick presses of my lips all over her body, she doing the same to me.

With my commitment fully confirmed now, Karen led me from the bathroom and into my bedroom, why mine and not hers I’m not sure, could be because mine was closest or that she wanted me to feel at ease in my own room.

As we fell onto the bed wrapped in a warm embrace staring into each others faces Karen said, “Suzie, you sure you want to do this, I didn’t mean things to go this far?”

“Yes... no... yes. Yes, yes I want to.”

We kissed, a long slow comforting, exploring kiss, knowing now that we were committed to the night, there was no rush, we were taking our time, Karen taking me on a journey I had never taken before, deep into the world of Sapphic love. Our kisses were more passionate than before, building in intensity all the time as we both relaxed into the moment.

My hands roamed greedily over Karen’s body, somehow I was taking the lead, I cupped her mid-sized boobs in both my hands as she lay on top of me, fondling and marvelling at the size and weight of them in my hands, pinching the nipples, Karen responded immediately, squealing in pain and pleasure, just the way I do. I raised my head and took one tight nipple into my mouth, holding it in my teeth, biting down ever so gently, then flicking it with my tongue as I still held it in my teeth. Karen bucked hard against me, grinding her groin into mine our pussy’s mashing together, rubbing together.

Karen slid down my body, kissing all the way, pausing at my belly button to push her tongue into it, Karen liked to play and tease, prolonging what was to come, leaving me in anticipation at the thrills to come, then down again until she was opposite her goal. But not yet, delaying still further.

Karen kissed down my legs running her tongue down my silken thighs and then back up again so slowly it was torture. Licking and nipping playfully all the time. At last her face was opposite my pussy, I could feel her hot breath on it. She kissed around the outer of it, never touching my lips, tongue running round adjacent to it. I was going mad with desire and longing, frustration building in my mind and body. I wanted to know what the touch of another woman’s mouth and tongue on me would feel like.

A long deep sigh accompanied a big intake of breath and there it was, Karen’s mouth was planted firmly on my pussy. Not teasing this time, Karen pushed her tongue deep into me at once, oh joy of heaven, it was a touch like nothing I had experienced in my life before. Yes I had had oral sex before, many times, but this was different, softer, more loving, more caring, give to me, not demanding of me. I screamed out in ecstasy. Karen licked up and down my slit, tongue deep and probing, insistent, pleasuring me but now demanding of it’s own right, but it was a demand of wanting to please.

Karen spread me so she could get a better access to me, tongue somehow forcing it’s way even deeper into my inner core, the very essence of a woman’s being.

At the top of a lick, a brief pause, then my clit was in Karen’s mouth as she sucked the sensitive bud between her soft lips. Karen kept sucking my clit, her nose pushed into my pubic hair, rubbing. My pleasure and stimulation was growing, I was approaching an orgasm, Karen pushed two fingers deep into me, but still sucking my clit deep into her mouth, suckling it, feasting on it.

My hands clasped onto Karen’s head, fingers wrapping into her long blond tresses, holding her in place on my pussy as I arched my back and pushed hard against her, grinding into her as my orgasm broke in a wave over me, swiftly build from deep inside me to explode in a hot wave of passion and release. I’ve always been loud in orgasm but the scream I emitted as I came was louder than I had ever done before. I shuddered and thrashed as I continued to cum, hitting peak after peak as Karen kept her face planted on me, licking and sucking furiously until at long last my release started to ebb.

My climax had barely started to subside before I pulled Karen up my body, she had no option but to obey as my hands we still entwined in her hair, when her face was level with mine I could see she was coated with my love juices. I kissed her then licked her face clean, cleaning my juices from her face with my tongue.

Forcing Karen onto her back I didn’t tease her I made straight for her pussy, I wanted to taste it now, I wanted my tongue deep in her, I wanted to taste the juices from her as she had from me. But I was a virgin at this, did I know what to do, would I please her? Hell if a woman didn’t know how to lick pussy who the hell did.

A kiss, a touch of my lips on her and Karen sighed, “Suzie, don’t tease me, lick me, lick me hard, I want to feel your tongue on me, in me, deep in me, please lick me.”

After what Karen had done for me just a few moments ago how could I refuse, so banishing the few lingering  doubtful thoughts about if this was right, even after she had brought me to a fantastic orgasm I plunged my tongue deep into Karen. I don’t know what I liked more of her, the taste, slightly salty but sweet as honey, the smell, musky, or the feel, soft and like velvet. Not one it was all three, all three combined to make Karen what she was to me at that time.

Karen had pushed her hips high so I could gain full access to her and was grinding her groin up and down and round and round on my face as I licked her as deep and fast as I could, tongue like fire on her, savouring every taste and feel, her pussy trying to clamp on my intrusive, tormenting, stimulating tongue, committing everything to memory, a memory of her I would hold forever.

I had one hand deep in Karen’s pussy as I licked her, and when the other roamed up her body to play with her tits, I found them fully looked after as Karen was pawing and groping them, just like a man would do, rough and forceful. I forced one hand off so I could get a hold of a nipple and pulled it out from her boob, stretching it as far as it would go, Karen, moaned and shuddered, then I let it snap back before doing the same again. Karen’s moans were growing louder and her breath was coming in much shorter pants, I could sense she was building to what I knew would be an earth shattering climax.

I was looking up Karen’s body as I continued to pleasure her, driving her relentlessly to orgasm and as she raised herself up our eyes met for a brief second, love and longing in them.

Karen’s eyes lost focus as she came, shouts and screams echoing from her mouth, her juices flooding out of her in a hot sticky torrent, covering my face, coating me. My face was still buried in Karen’s pussy as I tried to drink every-drop of her gift to me.

Why don’t some men like going down on girls or the taste of their cum, it is divine, but maybe only a women can fully appreciate that, or a special man!

As we recovered from our spent and emotional state we lay in each others arms, caressing, gentle pecks of kisses on each others eyes, nose, lips, not saying a word, not needing to, we knew things had changed between us now.

We made love time and time again that night, too  many times to remember fully, sometimes I took the lead, sometimes Karen, sometimes gentle, others pure passion and lust. Eventually we fell asleep, hot sweaty bodies entwined together, inseparable in that moment, on that night.

The pain from being dumped so callously erased for a brief moment.

I awoke to the sun streaming into my bedroom, Karen looking deep into my eyes. “Hi sweetie, feel better this morning.”

“Um,” I nodded.

We spent the morning and most of the afternoon in bed together, not making love, but kissing, caressing, comforting, happy to be with each other, relaxed and content, a friendship changed forever, enhanced, deeper, more intimate.

We never made love again. We never spoke about that night, it wasn’t an elephant in the room, it was just something we didn’t mention. Neither of us regretted what we had done, it was just something that we didn’t repeat or feel the need to repeat. We changed from being very good friends to loving each other, loving in a special way, none physical. I was eternally grateful to Karen, she had given me everything that night, love and comfort at a time I needed them most of all, she gave of herself selflessly and freely. She had instinctively known what I needed.

That was four years ago and Karen is Godmother, to my beautiful, precocious and precious daughter, Abigail Karen Joy. They are both going to be maids of honour at my wedding in a couple of weeks.

I never told Abbies father about her and I never will, on her birth certificate where the space is for fathers name with her consent I put Karen’s initials.