Babe, Come Take A Nap With Me

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11 Oct. '18

            “Babe come take a nap with me?” I take your hand as I lead you to our queen size bed, I pull you under the covers with me as you kick off your shoes, I snuggle unto your solid yet welcoming chest. I’ve been waiting for this all day. I close my eyes and your hand strokes my hair, my breath slows as I take deeper breaths, snuggling closer into you, your hand slowly ceases its movement as your breaths become slower, matching mine, your eyes are closed, mine are too. We sleep, your arms wrapped around my small frame.

            My eyelids flutter open, I’m awake now, I look over to see you are too, I wonder how long you've been that way, knowing you, you probably never actually fell asleep, you’ve just been lying here holding me, making sure I got a good rest. I nuzzle your chin with my nose letting you know I'm awake. I see a smile spread across your face, you move your head and press your lips on mine. I kiss you back sweetly, moving my tongue in, gently caressing your lips, you open your mouth to let my tongue explore your mouth. Our tongues dance, you reach your hand to the back of my head, lacing your long fingers in my hair and pulling me closer to deepen the kiss. I respond in kind, rolling slightly to get closer to you, to get a better angle to kiss you. Our mouths are locked, only seldom do we pause to take a breath and even then we are so close I can hear your slow sensuous intake of breath, we breath together. Our lips meat again, and again, you pull me closer, simultaneously pulling me on top of you, I break the kiss to straddle you as you lie on the bed, reaching my hand up to brush the strands of blond that have escaped their confinements, I lean down and kiss you, pressing my breasts against your chest, I can feel my nipples hardening and pressing against my bra. I kiss you passionately, trailing my long nails through your hair in the way I know you love. I can feel the bulge in your pants, I move my hips as I kiss you, up and down teasing your cock to full erectness even in your pants. Your hands move to my waist, pulling and pushing my body against yours. Your hands move up my body, pulling my shirt along with them, I break the kiss as you pull my shirt off and throw it carelessly to the side. I lean down again to lock your lips in mine as you reach behind me, expertly unclasping my bra. I shrug my shoulders and it falls away. You pull me down, this time taking one of my supple breasts in your mouth. You know I like a little pain mixed with my pleasure, so you suck hard, I moan in your ear. You switch to the other hard nipple, giving it just as much attention as the first.

            I lean down and kiss you, but only momentarily as I make my way down your body, kissing your chest as I unbutton your shirt, I slowly make my way down to your belt line, the tip of your cock is sticking well above the line of your pants, I smile as I loose your belt and unbutton your pants letting your member spring from all its constraints, you sigh, you’re looking forward to whatever I have planned next, I wrap one hand around your shaft, stroking it up and down. I only do it for a few seconds, I can see the pre cum oozing from your tip, I lean down and take the tip in my mouth, savoring your salty precum. I take you farther into my mouth, I can hear a change in your breathing, I feel your hand on the back of my head, guiding me to do exactly what you want. I’m attentive to your signals as I bob my head up and down, sucking and licking your hard cock, I can feel my panties being soaked through with my wetness, the need for your cock is making my pussy ache.

            You pull me up and capture my mouth with yours once more, this time your hands are working to pull my pants down, you hands caressing my soft shaved pussy. Suddenly you flip us, so I'm on my back and you’re on top, my pools of blue stare into your eyes as you make short work of my pants and panties, they are quickly reunited with my top somewhere on the floor out of sight.

            You caress my pussy with one hand, a finger sliding over my clit, you shift your weight to go down on me but I pull you back up. “I’m so wet for you already baby, just give me your sweet cock” I whisper and kiss you hard, lifting my hips to meet your pelvic area. You push me down, rubbing your hard member against my dripping pussy, your tip is already covered with my juices and you haven’t even entered me yet. “please,” I whimper, “I need you now baby.” You need no more encouragement than that, you swiftly push your full length into my hot wet pussy. I take in a sharp breath as you fill me completely, you're just big enough it gives me that sweet pleasurable stretch, you start to move, in and out, slowly, creating a rhythm I can match. I move my hips to meet each thrust. “mmmm you feel so good baby,” you murmur into my neck. I wrap my arms around you as you pick the pace, you feel so good pounding away inside me, I wrap my legs around you, pulling you in closer, deeper into me, you're hitting so far back, every stroke feels like your taking me to new heights of pleasure. “yes.right.there.fuck!.” I say one word for every deep thrust you make. Your breathing quickens and I can tell you're close, our bodies are moving now in a frenzied dance, you thrust, I move my hips to meet you, the tap of our bodies is audible as you conquer me completely. I hear your breath catch and hold, then I feel the first spurt of hot cum deep inside me, then the next and the next, my walls contact around your ejaculating member, milking your cock for all its cum. You slowly extricate yourself, a small stream of cum follows and trails down one of my legs as you role breathlessly to one side. Your head it’s the pillow next to me, our bodies both glistening with sweat. I move to lightly kiss you on the cheek, “I love you” I say sweetly, then lay back on my pillow, a smile of complete contentment spreading across my face.