Tight Apartment 1

    Kat cooed softly as her lover Claire moved down her body. Not used to these kinds of situations, Claire's forwardness left her feeling as if her breath had been taken away. Watching the woman, she looked up at her, her eyes cutting into Kat's. Blushing, she surveyed her body. She was  thicker than the average person around her, but in all the right places, the additional weight also pleasing Kat as it pressed into her smaller frame.

She’d never felt such care with each kiss as Claire ran along her neck and collar, biting her exposed bone and rubbing her thin hips, holding a firm grip. As she reached her breasts, she gave them each gentle bites, leaving soft marks in her shirt as well as some saliva. “Y-You can take it o-off if you w-wan-- Aaa!” Kat gasped as her lover pulled off her shirt and undershirt in one swift motion, smirking up at her from between her small breasts. Kat gasped again, before moaning softly as she begins to suck on her, gripping her hips firmly from both sides and pressing her into the sheets. She moans softly as Claire moves up, forcing her roughly into the bed and kissing her deeply, Kat feeling to melt into her warm body.

Enjoying the music, Claire put her leg in between Kat’s, moving one hand to her ribs as she restrained her and disconnected from their passionate french kiss, smirking at the saliva stream falling between their lips. Kat looked up at her, face bright red and panting from lack of breath. Claire sat up and mounted Kat’s hips before pulling off her own shirt, leaving her lace bra on. Kat moved her hand to touch it, but Claire quickly moved it down her body to her hip, which Kat gave a soft squeeze. Kat’s eyes were obviously begging for more, and Claire was happy to oblige. Moving to her neck, Kat moaned squeakily as Claire gave her multiple hickeys on her neck and collar. Kat whined; “P-Please stop th-that…” she mumbled, but Claire simply stared at her. “I do what I want.”

    After telling her to stop, Claire seemed to become a rougher and less caring, biting down on Kat’s collar and leaving bite marks down her chest. As Claire began to suck on her breasts, Kat shuddered and moved her body into Claire’s, and she followed by putting her hand on the small of her back and pulling her close, moaning into Kat’s soft flesh. As she began biting again, Kat made a sound of protest before being silenced by Claire’s hand gripping her throat. She made a noise of shock, which only caused Claire to grip harder. Gasping for air and looking into Claire’s eyes looking up from her body, she noticed a dark look of lust in her eyes as she moved down to her hips. Letting go of her throat, Kat let out a sound of pain as she bit her delicate hip, enough to draw blood. Whining, she watched Claire lick at the small amount of blood flowing from the bite and started to protest, before Claire gave her a look that made Kat feel smaller than she’d ever felt before. “Is there a problem, bitch?” She muttered, digging a thumb into her uninjured hip and groping her breasts. Kat shook her head and whined to avoid more punishment, moaning softly as Claire teased a nipple with her thumb. “Good.”

As Claire began to pull off Kat’s skirt, she gasped and held it on, mumbling ‘nononono’ and pressing her legs together, feeling too vulnerable to lose any more clothing.

Claire raised an eyebrow at her, keeping a finger under the band holding it to her thin waist.

“D-Don’t call me a b-bitch… I don’t like it… A-And… I-I…” Kat blushes a bright red color, and closes her eyes, whining “I-I’ve never… D-D… You know…”

Claire rolls her eyes. “Whatever. You should know by now that when you’re in my room, you go by my rules.” She looks her over, rubbing her chin and looking at her body. Claire enjoyed the thin girls frame, as well as her light weight making it easy to position her. She grinned as she thought of all the dirty ways she could push her around and bind her, rubbing her soft mint-colored skin and moving in occasionally to kiss hickeys and bites.
    Kat suddenly felt like a piece of meat Claire was simply enjoying as an entree, not as a lover like she thought. Bringing this up to her suddenly brought about a change from her entire demeanor, and it was as if she was sleeping with an entirely different person.
    “No, baby…” She cooed softly into Kat’s ear, the soft drawl making Kat shiver and press into her warm body again. “You know I love you, don’t say things like that… I’m just a little dirty, is all…” Claire kissed her ear and sucked on the lobe gently, causing Kat to ignore her internal red flags for the time being. After this, Claire took the rest of her top off and shimmied a little, showing that her panties were now off, with her leggings still on. She set them on top of Kat’s antenna, and smirked.

Kat was bright red, looking at the now greatly defined hips and inner pelvic area Claire held in front of her. Claire began grinding on Kat’s leg, letting out moans and staring dead into Kat’s eyes, causing the thin girl to blush and quiver, trying to help with movement of her own. After a little while, it seemed that Claire tired of this, and looked at Kat again.

“Have you ever pleasured yourself before, sweetheart?” She mumbled, rubbing herself and beginning to lose the loving facade again. Upon Kat nodding slowly, she smirked. “Figured, you slut.”

Kat didn’t like the name, and frowned at it, but didn’t want to kink-shame her lover. “S-Sorr--!!” Before she could apologize for feeling dirty, her hand was already pressed against Claire’s soft labia. “Why don’t you show me what you’ve got, huh kitty Kat?” Moving her hips onto her fingers, Kat gasped at the heat, and repositioned to service her lover her hand as well as she could.

As Claire’s love fluids began to seep through her pants, Kat grabbed the tight fabric with her teeth and pulled down, taking a deep breath of air and going to kiss and lick Claire's body, doing her best to be gentle and loving, and to hit every spot that made her moan. As she started losing any thought besides servicing her master, Claire pulled Kat on top of her and moved her own hips to Kat's face, pulling off her skirt and leaving the panties for now. As Claire couldn't resist biting and sucking on her hips and thighs, Kat quickly became too distracted to service Claire, until she pushed her face back into her warm pussy and moved her hips upward sharply, snapping Kat’s attention back to her master. Slowly pulling off the inexperienced girl’s panties, she watched her small quivering pussy, and gently rubbed her labia, spreading it with two fingers and smirking.

“Such a beautiful pussy for a cute girl like yourself. It's like I've hit a jackpot...”

Just as Kat began to whine and move off, Claire quickly pulled her so that Kat was sitting on her face on her knees. Unable to resist, Kat called out her lovers name and told her that she loved her, riding her face with little to no regard to how embarrassing it would look. “Call me Mama, Kat... And you can be my baby girl…” Claire mumbled against her pussy. Kat squeaked in reply, and upon hearing soft laughter, Kat couldn’t help but trying to rub her clit, before Claire slapped her hand away and began sucking on it herself, pressing a finger into Kat’s g-spot she had somehow already found. Kat was unable to focus on anything other than the heat in her groin and the pressure in her body. Before she realized, she was crying out Mama and cumming to her lover’s skilled tongue. As she was crying out and moving her hips, Claire suddenly stopped, causing Kat to whine and complain.  Claire pulled her so she was sitting up on her hips again, eyeing her up. “Mmmph… Damn baby girl…” She licks some extra come from her fingers, and Kat blushes deeply and holds her hands over her mouth.

“You’re lucky I’ve got magic on my side, otherwise all that cum would be going to waste…” Claire mumbles softly, adjusting Kat’s position and kissing her deeply. Kat kissed back, her mind blank besides gasping and giggling at Claire slapping her ass and lifting her from her soft bottom. “Mmph?” Kat muttured, opening her eyes again, before a deep kiss caused her to close her eyes again. “M-Mama…” She mumbled, her eyes nearly glazed over, before she felt something thick press against her pussy. She made a sound of confusion, but before she could inquire she felt the unknown thickness push inside of her tight pussy, causing her to cry out in pain and for Claire to moan, keeping a firm hold on Kat’s thighs and smirking. As it began moving yet not going deeper, Kat felt the pain turn to pleasure as her entrance began to stretch around her lover. “Y-You--” Claire silenced her with a kiss as she pushed deeper into her baby girl, groaning. “Such a shame that such a tight pussy gets rewarded before I get to come, but I guess I just love you that much…” Kat gasps against her and moves her hips a little, poorly riding Claire’s magic dick. Suddenly, she feels a grip on her hips and a pain deep inside her, seemingly right below her stomach, before Claire pushed her down on her back and began to fuck her deeper roughly, causing Kat to cry out with each thrust, music to Claire’s ears. As Claire continued pressing deeper with each movement and rotating her hips, Kat’s whines and cries turned to gasps of excitement and screams of pleasure as Claire held her tightly against her body, fucking her virgin pussy roughly and as deeply as she could, making sure she filled the thin girl as much as she could take, which was only about six inches. Frowning as Kat screamed in pleasure, begging that it was too big and she felt too full, Claire slowly pulled out, before pushing in, hitting the six inch mark and pulling out. Unable to speak, she could do nothing but moan and gasp, conflicted between the pain and the pleasure of being stretched. As she felt herself adjust to each inch, she gasped and began moving her hips against her lover, before screaming again and squirting on her cock, unable to control her shakes and spasms. Luckily, Claire held her tight, and her fucking was relentless, yet she made sure not to introduce any more length quite yet. Finally, as Kat felt her pussy squeeze from an oncoming orgasm, she felt Claire grip her throat, her magic cock pulsing inside her. Before she knew it, Claire gasped moaning and telling her that she was a good girl, and Kat felt some hot fluid fill her as Claire continued fucking her brains out, groaning how much she loved her baby girl. “M-Ma-Mama I l-love--oooh!!” She felt the cum overflow from inside her, causing her to reach climax and press into her. Gasping and repeatedly telling Claire how much she loved her, Claire smirked down at her, pulling out slowly and watching the cum pour from inside her. Getting some onto her fingers, she pushes them into Kat's mouth, forcing her onto her hands and knees. “A-Ah--AAA! M-M-Maamaaaaa” Kat moaned as she continued her rough fuck, going seemingly deeper than before. “M-M…” She gasps, pushing back into her, before she feels her move deeper than she believed possible, causing her to lose vision and cry out, and as Claire took this oppurtunity to add another two inches, she rubbed Kat's clit and made sure that she was hitting her g-spot with each entry. Kat tried to turn around to look at her, but it was difficult due to the angle. “M-Mama… I-I wann--AA--I wa-wanna see you…” She moaned, but Claire was seemingly too busy to notice. “M-Mama?” Kat asked, before Claire groaned, pressing all nine inches inside of her, bumping against her uterus, causing Kat to scream even more, her voice becoming hoarse. “I heard you. Shut the fuck up, slut.” Gripping the back of her neck, Claire forced Kat into the sheets and continued fucking her, ignoring any of Kat’s requests or pleas to slow down. Eventually, she gave up, gasping air and moaning into the pillow in front of her, unable to think clearly or even move against her. Eventually, as she began to feel another orgasm through the pain, she felt more hot fluid fill her, and she groaned, sore from the rough treatment but her body responding to the pleasure. Claire picked her up, while still inside, turning her around and kissing her deeply. This kiss made Kat melt in her arms, the pain on her neck and body and hips dull compared to her hot passion. When Kat felt her lover pull out from inside of her, she gasped and whined as Claire pushed her fingers inside, feeling the pussy gripping around them in search of the cock that pleased it so much. Claire gently shushed Kat's noises, kissing her bite marks and hickeys and licking away any blood. Kat collapsed down onto the bed, still catching her breath, and watching her stretched out, Claire couldn’t help but run a hand down her stomach, looking her exhausted servant in the eyes. Moving in close, she cuddled against Kat, whom was falling asleep. Looking at her, she moved in close, too tired to complain about how badly she was hurting. Claire, still awake, looked at her tight fuck, smirking to herself and touching her while she slept. Rolling her onto her back, she looks at her pussy, and moves in close, giving it kisses and gently rubbing her labia, sucking on her clit from lack of self control. Trying to resist, she looks at the damage, parting her labia and giving a few licks, getting deeper. Kat groaned and started shifting her hips, but Claire kept her firm and watched her, before she eventually settled on her back. Looking back to her body, she noticed the bite marks on one of her tits, and looked at the other, which was a pure, minty color. “Shame she doesn’t taste like mint…” Claire muttured, subconsciously pressing on Kat’s g-spot, touching herself as she felt. Watching the exhausted princess squirm was almost too much for Claire to watch, and she internally debated whether or not she could fit a quick fuck in her ass. “Nah, she’s taken enough for one night…” Claire sighs, groping her and grinding against her arm. Unable to resist the temptation of her sweet nipples, she pulled a pillow beside Kat’s ribs and lay on it, pulling the girl on her side so she had easy access to her soft flesh, and her warm body quivering against her.



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Morning after:


    Yawning and stretching, Kat makes a face at the sound of her back cracking, and sighs, looking around. Looking over at Claire, she notices she is asleep beside her, a little bit of drool on the side of her lip. Looking at the bossy girl in such a vulnerable position, she smiles and wipes the drool off, kissing her cheek and nuzzling against her, her memory a little foggy. As she stood up, she felt some kind of pain go through her body, starting from her pelvis, and she let out a moan of pain, sitting down for a moment. She watched as some fluid, a very flush pink, pour out of her onto the sheets, and she suddenly remembered the night before. She gasped and went to the bathroom, looking in the mirror at the damage.

The first thing she noticed was her breasts. It seemed as if she had spent a good while treating her as a chew toy, as she was covered in bite marks and hickeys, her nipples aching from being chafed. Rubbing her sore breasts, she covered her mouth and looked at her inner thighs and ass, the thighs being small bites but the bites on her ass and hips were deeper, and some seemed to have bled when they were made. Whining, she looks up at her neck, which was obviously almost blood red. Her jaw was bitten, but she was past that. About to storm back into Claire’s room, she felt a hand on her hip, and looked up from her own reflection.

“Hey, baby girl.” She said in her sweet, lovey drawl. “Quite a night last night, huh?” She smiled, wrapping her arms around her from behind.

“Y-You…” Kat pouts, becoming angrier. “Wh-Why did you have to mark me so much? W-What the fu--”

Claire quickly turns her around, looking deep into her eyes, and holding her hands delicately. “Its only because you’re my special princess. I… I couldn’t help myself. I’ve never seen such a gorgeous young lady, and to have one in my house… Too much…” She nods and kisses her softly.

Kat, feeling swept off her feet for a moment, kisses her back. With her lips tasting like candy, Kat couldn’t help but move closer. Claire moved their hands, and she held Kat’s delicate facial features in her hands softly, and Kat wrapped her arms around her back, cooing gently. She didn’t mind the pain nearly as much when she was in her arms.


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