Push Me Closer To The Edge, My Animal.

He outdid himself this time.  What the hell was he thinking?  This was definitely the craziest gift I’d ever received.  Still, it didn’t stop the wide smile and throbbing between my legs while I envisioned my semi-mysterious secret admirer.

In the wee hours of this cold, mid-January morning—three-fourteen a.m. to be exact—most people around my cookie-cutter neighborhood were either cuddled up, sound asleep in bed or reluctantly starting their snowy Thursday morning.  However, I was a little over an hour into my latest stream, just like it’s been every Thursday morning for the past five years. Two to eight in the morning, five days a week has been devoted to getting myself off in front of thousands of captivated viewers.

There’s always a bit of a thrill in knowing they have no idea of what goes on right underneath their noses.  The thrill of being caught. The thrill of someone listening in. Or even better, the thrill of me finding out they are a viewer. While on an afternoon jog or shopping at the supermarket, casually greeting my neighbors as we discuss mundane topics, one of them blankly stares at me.  Oh, they pretend to pay attention to the boring conversation, but they know full well who I am and what I do. Their skin begins to tingle, heart races with excitement and it becomes harder to breath as they imagine the things I’ve done for them. Lips swell and cheeks tint to that soft red blush as they vividly remember the private things they did while I performed for them.  Under the cover of darkness while everyone is asleep, they seek me out amongst the darkest corners of the internet to fulfill deep down desires they never knew they had.

The thrill of causing this visceral reaction...that was the biggest thrill of all.

Even though I’m somewhat of a planner and already knew what will go on during each stream, tonight’s stream would be a little bit different.  The first twenty-five or so minutes would be dedicated to chatting with the viewers hanging out in the relaxed chat, while the rest of the hour would be used to kill two birds with one stone; teasing all of my loyal viewers while warming up my body for what I’d been told was a very special surprise solely for me.  From the shocked reaction I had upon opening the enormous box when it arrived, he was not wrong about that statement.

“Ok,” I said and put down the silver bullet vibrator, sighing with simmering pleasure in the pit of my stomach.  “Sorry about the webcam quality for the first half of the stream. But, I think I can make it up to you guys. You see, yesterday I was gifted with a special item from one of you.  Of course, I want to share it with all of you. Does that sound like a good idea?”

After seeing the setup behind me, the chat exploded into a flurry of comments and emotes; excitement about the gift and curiosity at who sent it were amongst most of the quick reply messages.  Giggling at their enthusiasm, I silenced them with one finger and got out of the comfortable black and pink gaming chair to greet the large setup behind me. My two DSLR cameras—one for the stream and a newer one for the high quality VODs and videos—a laptop on the floor to see the chat, a microphone and box lighting setup, one of my pillows, a couple layers of towels, extra towels for later, and the special gift he sent me.

My glossy black nail traced over the raised lines coiled around the shaft; a light wash of peachy-pink gave the jellied toy a sort of human quality.  A long pole made of soft brushed silver held onto the dangling dildo that was attached to a thin wheel and a rectangular silver base. On the base, thick leather ankle cuffs with silver buckles were connected by small chains on either side, making sure there was no possible way I could escape the pleasured torture he would remotely inflict on me.

I laughed to myself, thinking of how awkward it was to put the machine together, but thankfully it was quite easy to assemble due to his detailed instructions.  Doesn’t matter. It was all worth it in the end, knowing the sheer amount of pleasure I would receive from my brand new toy. And, of course, him.

The adorable ding sound signaled a donation had come through, and I looked at the computer screen to see a hundred dollar donation from him with a small caption underneath the fluffy purple dancing kitten.  “Use this song,” the monotone voice stated with a link attached to what I presumed was the song in question.

I giggled at his clipped statement.  “Thank you so much, Daemonium. I will check out the link.”  

While chatting and reading off donations, I pulled up the link on my second monitor and my eyes widened at the lyrics video that had popped up on the screen.  Is this what you want to do to me?

My body was on fire with so much arousal that I could barely concentrate on the long string of donations flashing over my main monitor.  Unconsciously, I caressed my fingers over my swollen breasts, teasing my hard nipples as I added the hyper sexual song to my own playlist.  The song was set to repeat just for me while I set the stream playlist to shuffle through a variety of my favorite rap and EDM songs. Booming bass pumped into the stream, viewers commenting on how much they loved the song, how much they couldn’t wait to see me get fucked or how they were already playing with themselves.  Those were always my favorites due to the jumbled mess of missing or repeated letters.

“I guess I’ll apologize right now if I’m not so talkative in the chat, but you’ll forgive me.  Right?” I asked, making sure the setup was perfect. Wouldn’t want him to miss the culmination of all his hard work.

A sea of ‘fuck yeahs’ and the like flooded the screen as I laid down on the plush rug, adjusting the towels underneath my naked ass.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a small window popup on my laptop screen.  

“Keep your eye on our conversation from time to time for my instructions.  Don’t reply, just lay back and enjoy. Understand, my princess?”

In a nonchalant fashion, I nodded to the camera and signaled to him that I understood his instructions.  Soft silicone teased against my sensitive pussy, the thick red tip dragging over my swollen, wet lips when I bent over to fasten the leather bindings around my ankles.  There was a layer of fear at the unknown from not having the pleasure to experience this type of machine in real life, but I couldn’t help the way my nerves vibrated and hands shook when the last buckle snapped in place, securing me to the robotic contraption.  I collected some of my dripping juices and mixed them a bit of lubricant, stroking the shaft before teasing the tip over my hard clit. Will you take pity on me or will you go all out, my animal?

“I’m so aroused by your very presence.  The thought of you in here; watching me, teasing me, using me as if I was your little plaything.” I shivered, trailing off as I lined the dildo up with my dripping hole.  “You’ve told me plenty of times how you wanted to break my apathetic emotions towards your seduction, but...I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve never told you how incredibly horny you make me.  How hard I’ve cum with shaking fingers between my trembling legs after one of our drawn-out conversations. How I’ve been forced to find any private place just to take the edge off after one of your afternoon messages.  Nasty thoughts of you bending me over, grabbing my hair and fucking me ravage my very soul. I know nothing of what you look like or what you sound like, and yet you have this undeniable, crippling hold over me. I will let you have your fun for now, but I do crave the real thing.  Maybe someday you will be merciful enough to grant me that wish.”

He wouldn’t answer, and every second that passed by with me staring at both the chat and our conversation confirmed that fact.  Questions and comments of who the message was for filled the chat; a few were close but couldn’t pinpoint a name, some were completely off, and most thought it was about them or just a random monologue I came up with.  

“Just some late night musing.  But now...it’s time to begin the show.  Hope you enjoy,” I said and blew a kiss to the camera, unsure of who it was truly for.

The plush carpet scratched against my upper back, adding that little bit of extra pleasure when I wiggled my hips, slowly sliding the lubed dildo inside me.  Normally I wouldn’t care much, seeing as how I’ve been doing this for five years, but it was kind of erotic to hear my moans through the speakers. They were especially for him; a small token of my appreciation for his gift.

“Are you ready, princess?”

I let out a sigh and put my hand on the small black box with one dial; his note in the instructions told me it was a dummy controller, both to signal him when I was ready and to fool the audience into thinking I was the one in control.  Was it really for the audience? Or, was it to give me a false sense of control, even though he was the one masterfully pulling every string in this show? How devious of you, my animal.

A sharp gasp left my lips when the wheel turned, pumping the dildo in slow, steadied strokes.  Closing my eyes, my lips fell open and my breathing quickened, the dildo being the perfect size and length to hit all the right places.  Would he spread me out on a bed of soft sheets, lit with just the light of the moon? Or, would he barely be able to contain himself and take me right up against the front door; a loud banging the title song to the soundtrack of our sinful first night together.  Soft pinches and circles over my nipples caused me to moan as my head fell to the side, seeing the next message popup on the laptop screen.

“Make sure to read some donations every once in a while.  You don’t want the adoring public to feel left out on the fun.”

He was right.  But he was also an ass, knowing I most likely couldn’t speak, let alone read off donations.  Could I prove him wrong? Show him that I wasn’t as deep into his trance as he would like me to be.

“Uh...KaiGutsy1515, thank you for your $20 dollars: ‘How many times do you...shit...do you think you can cum before the end of the stream’?” Fuck, I wanted to cum already.  I could feel my juices dripping to the towel beneath me just from the small amount of teasing and thinking of him. “The machine is really good, so I’m hoping for a lot.”

A wide array of numbers flooded the screen—all of them ridiculous amounts—mixed with comments of how they wanted me to cum hard, to moan and scream, or to play with myself more.  I could do this. “Blondespiri with ten dollars in jewels and a follow: ‘My husband and I love the stream, keep it up hun!’ Thank you very much,” I said, moaning when the machine turned up to level two.”

“Rob_in_Keypta keeping up his streak for twenty-six months: ‘I already came and you still haven’t.  I think you should turn it up a couple of notches. Don’t keep us in suspense, Kytten!’

I could almost see the grin when I heard the ding and saw his next message pop-up.  

“I think he has a point.  Let’s see how long it takes you to cum after I turn it up to say...six.”

My fingers dug into both the carpet and my breast, grabbing on to the first thing I could  as violent shocks of pleasure slammed into my tortured body. Message after message flickered above me; the adorable, melodic chimes played along with the sinfully erotic beat.  Tears welled up in my eyes; the hot studio lights heating me up even more than I had expected. I dragged my hands over my body, hoping to quell the intense throbbing, but it only made it worse when each hard thrust hit straight into that sweet spot.  Moan after loud moan spilled from my lips as frequent as the thick juices dripping from my pussy.

“Hmmm, maybe a bit too much?  I wanted to tease you some more before I let you cum, so lets turn it back to one and start again.  Oh well, I’ll have to remember that.”

The machine slowed to a sluggish pace.  A reprieve from the blinding pleasure was a welcome change, but the slow and shallow strokes were worse, barely scratching the surface of where I needed it.  I looked down to see the dildo covered in my creamy juices, hypnotized by how they coated the dildo every time it pulled out from between my swollen lips and sighed every time it would push its way back inside.

“Fuck, ToysRough and XRomanticxSummerX, thank you both for your subscriptions.  I want to touch myself so bad,” I said, laughing cries at my situation.

“No hands, my princess.  That wouldn’t be fair.”

Because what you’re doing is?  “Ticko_Vamp, wow, thank you so much for the two hundred dollar donation: ‘You’re fucking hot!!  Damn, wish I was that dildo.’

I wanted to answer back, but my back arched tight and my hands flew to pinch my hard nipples when the machine turned up a good two or three more levels.  My toes curled into the carpet, hips rolling as my head spun in a dazed confusion at the combination of pleasure and pain, unsure how to process the overwhelming emotions.

“Oh, I should have warned you that I can stop this at any time.  So...I would suggest you keep up with your stream as you normally would or I may be forced to punish you.  We can’t have you slacking off now, can we?”

I wondered if he would punish me for giving him the finger?  Oh well, maybe next time.

“Chfecson454,” I said in a breathy sigh.  “Thank you for your five hundred jewels: ‘Lve to watch yu gt fcked.’  Giggles mixed with moans at the message, my body closing in on a second orgasm as I continued on with the messages.

“Golderonix26, thank you for your thirty dollars:  ‘Are you into girls? I would love to hook up with you’.  I-I am yes.”

The dildo slowed again just as I was ready to cum.  Tears dripped down my face, tickling my red cheeks and dropped to the floor beneath me.  I couldn’t speak with how hard I gasped for air, my body tense as it sat right on the razor thin edge of my next orgasm, waiting for him to finally push me over.  Another ding played and I wanted to scream, all due to one question.

“Daemonium with another hundred dollar donation, thank you very much.  ‘Are you having fun’?”

Just as I finished his message, my body coiled up and shook when the dildo thrusted more than it had so far.  The perfect intervals of rotating metal and liquid passion lulled me back into my tranced state. Pleasure embraced me as my eyes rolled back into my head, shutting my mind down to anything other than the demon holding onto the other end of my sanity.  My lungs burned, gasping for air when the screaming moans began, praying he wouldn’t stop this anytime soon. Or...should I want him to stop? I was so aroused, I barely gave a damn what he did to me, so long as he kept feeding me this irresistible pleasure running through my exhausted body.

“My guess would be number two?”

“Y-Yes.  Yes. I want more, please.  Fuck me. Marcsonikin_, thank you for your subscription: ‘I’ve spent the past week watching most of your VODs.  You’re my new favorite late night entertainment and my first subscription.’ Thank you so much, Marcsonikin_.”

“You’re doing so well.  I was debating on whether or not to stop, but I think you could handle more.  Are you able to handle some more, my princess?”

“Please.”  I coughed, my throat raw from the screaming moans.  “More. Destroy me. Torture me until you’re completely satisfied, my animal.  Please. I need more.”

Moving metal mixed with the erotic song, the dildo thrusting faster and harder, sending me into another daze I thought I’d never come out of.  Ding after ding from the computer couldn’t even pull me out of this demon’s grasp. I was in deep and couldn’t think of any reason that would make me pull myself out.   

“SnowboardXXXBelle and JacquillnLuvs, thank you for your subscriptions.  RipWetGino777 thank you for your twenty dollars: ‘I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard in my life.  Would love to see some anal action next time’.”

“Oh, you make me so fucking hard.  For four years I’ve relinquished every night to fantasizing of the day I’m finally in your presence.  I understand this isn’t the real thing, but one day it will be, and the first time won’t be so fast and hard.”

I whimpered at his words and grabbed onto the leg of my computer chair, kneading my breasts while I basked in the lull between the end of one incredible orgasm and the start of another one.  

“You’ve told me how you want it that way more than once during our late night conversations, but how about I confess some more of what goes through my mind while I message you?  Tell you of the things that cloud my mind while I trudge through the days until you grace my screen again. Will you listen to a small dream of mine, my princess?”

“Yes,” I said, trailing off into a long groan when the machine slowed to a snail’s pace.

Poison me with your deadly words, my animal.

“I will start by tying your delicate hands and feet to the bed, cover your beautiful eyes in the softest silk, and wrap your kissable lips around a bright red ball; the same color your lips and cheeks become when your aroused.”

Corrupt me with your sinful thoughts, my animal.

“Then, I will use an array of items to tease and torture you.  I’ll lure you to the edge and give you just a taste of the sweet, blinding pleasure that resides just over that cliff, but gently bring you back down just before you’re tempted to fall.  Your moans and screams, your shaking body and falling tears the fuel I need to continue on playing with you.”

Tempt me with your devious ways, my animal.

“And just as you are ready to crumble, I will take you.  Slow and deep, memorizing every fucking thing about the succubus who claimed me for her own.  You won’t be able to think of anyone or anything ever again, just as you have done to me.”

Even if I could find the words to express how spine-chilling but incredibly hot that was, my mouth became incapacitated when he turned the machine up to some obscene number.  I was thankful for the soundproofing I decided on when I made my new setup, because I lost all control of myself. Scream after moan after scream filled the room, eyes rolling back into my head and my body coiled into a taut mess of throbbing arousal.

“Could you handle this?”

Then I fell.  But...not before the evil demon has his way with me a few more times.  After all, I was his to consume.


I bowed out at exactly seven fifty-four a.m., a whole six minutes before my stream ended.  The need to end the stream my excuse, but mainly I forced myself to stop because my body physically couldn’t handle anymore of his torture.

“Thank you to everyone for hanging out, I hope you all enjoyed the stream.  Tonight is my night off, but I’ll be back Saturday night/Sunday morning at the same time to read off your monthly confessions on the stream, so keep sending me your confessions through any of the social media outlets and yours could be picked to be featured and a chance to win a fun prize.  I’ll also be trying out a few new toys I was sent for review and some other fun little things are also planned, so...it should be a fun stream.”

I gulped down the bottle of water next to me; my lips were dry and my throat hurt, but holy fuck did I feel great.  Also dead tired, but great overall.

“Thank you to all the new followers, subscriptions and donations, you are all amazing and it really helps a lot to furthering the stream.  I also want to give a big thank you to my secret admirer for the amazing gift. I don’t think anything could top this one,” I said with a tired laugh.  “Yeah, so thank you all again, and I hope to see you all on the next stream. Take care everyone.”

The chat ended with a string of ‘goodbyes’ and emotes as I turned off the stream and laid back against my chair.  “Computer, stop,” I said; the heater turning off and small peeks of sun slipped through the wall of blackout curtains behind me.  I bit my lip and smiled, thoughts of him entering my mind like they do at the end of every stream. My hand caressed over my stomach, imagining it was his until I heard the loud ding from behind me.

“Are you ok?”

I jumped up and grabbed my laptop, setting it on my desk to type the quick message:  “I want to meet.  Tell me when it’s possible.”

I knew he was there; waiting, contemplating his answer to not only protect me, but to protect himself.  

“You said one day it will be.  Tell me when it’s possible.”

Don’t ignore me, my animal.

“We’re adults.  If planned out far enough, we can take a long weekend vacation, so let’s meet up for coffee and we can go from there.  We can plan it out the details after I’ve had a few hours sleep. Does that sound good to you?”

The loud ding echoed in my ears, causing me to jump while I organized the stream clips.

“Is that what you want?”

I laughed at his loaded question.  “Not really, but I think I can speak for both of us when I say we should do this right.  If starting out in a coffee shop is what I need to do, then so be it.”

It felt like forever until his message popped up on screen.  

“Sleep well.  I hope vivid dreams find your beautiful mind.  When you wake up, you always know where to find me.  Good night, my princess.”

The green light turned red in a matter of seconds.  Well, at least it was a start. I went around the room and cleaned up the mess left behind, glancing at my screen every chance I got to read every one of his messages.  My eyes heavy with sleep, I sat back at my computer and turned off my desktop before focusing on the laptop. The demon has won again. I wanted him here. I don’t know anything about him, but I wanted him here more than anything.

“I’ll see you soon,” I said with a smile as I closed the chat window.  “My animal.”

©2017 Sinful Caramel