The Couple From The Other End Of The Bar

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17 Apr. '16

“Something strong.” I didn’t even look at the bartender as I took an empty stool at the bar. So much for the dream vacation.“You okay?” The bartender asked. Without even seeing him, I knew he was looking down at me.
“Just something strong.” I tried to hold back the annoyance in my voice, but it wasn’t easy. I wasn’t in the mood.
He turned around towards his liquor bottles and got to work.
The sounds all around taunted me. The electronic sounds coming from the slot machines. The guys laughing a few chairs down. I wanted to go back to the room and get away from it all, but I might see him there and I wasn’t ready for that.
“This should help you.” The bartender said as he turned back towards me.
“How much do I owe you?” I asked as the bartender slid the drink in front of me.
I looked up at him. Older, but hot. I imagined him finishing off his shift and exploring the casino for a tourist to take home.
“The couple over there bought it.”
I looked at them closer. A man and a woman, slightly older than me. Both good looking. They both dressed stylish, like a night on the town yet at the same time, they looked like they just left some conference. They smiled and I held up my drink. I put on a fake smile back. “Cheers!”
I took a long sip of my drink. It burned going down. It definitely would help.
For a second, I briefly imagined asking them if I could stay in their hotel room. They might say yes, but they would probably take it the wrong way. I could use some of that wrong way, it might help me forget the bad decision called Jason for a little while. However, what I really wanted to do was go find him, tell him that I was the best thing to ever come his way and he had made a bad decision.
Of all of the ways this trip would go, I didn’t plan for it to go this way. I pictured him getting down on one knee and proposing to me in front of the fountains. Or maybe on top of the stratosphere. Nope. We checked off all of the popular tourist attractions and that didn’t happen. Instead over the most romantic meal, not to mention the most expensive one, he told me that he just wanted to be friends.
Why he couldn’t have told me this back home, I don’t know. He could’ve just waited twenty-four more hours, then at least we wouldn’t ever have to see each other again. I could’ve just left and gone back to my apartment. Instead, my suitcase, clothes and everything else was in our hotel room. Not too mention the tickets. I wasn’t looking forward to the flight home. I’d definitely need to change seats so I wouldn’t be stuck next to him. Changing flights sounded like an even better idea.
I’ve been dumped before, but this was different. I thought things were about to go to the next level. I was all dressed up for a night on the town, enjoying an amazing meal and he dumped me. He could’ve done it before we left the hotel room. He could’ve done it a million other times.
Before I realized it, I had nothing but ice in my drink. The bartender looked at me and I didn’t have to say anything.
With the delivery of my next drink, the guy moved next to me. He paid for my drink, so I didn’t stop him.
“I’m Will.” He held out his hand and grinned.
“Andrea.” I reached out and his strong hand gripped mine. “Thank you for the drink.”
“It’s my pleasure.” His look that began in my eyes, dipped down to the cleavage exposed by my low cut dress. He looked at me the way my now ex-boyfriend used to look at me when we first started dating. A relaxing warmth spread through me.
“My woman with me is Amy, my wife.” I looked down the bar past Will and Amy smiled at me. I was a little confused and that confusion became stronger when Will lowered his voice. “I’m sorry to be so forward, but we wanted to know something.” He paused and looked at the bartender who had since moved on to other customers. “How much?”
I didn’t understand. “How much what?”
He looked around again. “You know.”
I looked at him blankly. Looking back on it now, maybe I was a little naive considering my location and state of dress, but I really didn’t know what he wanted to know. How much was my drink? How much was a room at that hotel?
“For a threesome?”
And I knew instantly what he was referring to. I don’t know if my mouth dropped or not. Jason had once described another dress of mine as something a call girl would wear, but I’d never been called a hooker before. I didn’t know how to answer Will. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be offended or if I should take it as a compliment. For a brief second, I wondered what it would be like to share a bed with two of them. No questions asked. I would never see them again. It wouldn’t be my first threesome, I had been pretty wild in college. However, all of those nights had involved a lot more drinking.
“I have a suite upstairs. Nothing kinky.”
Now I looked around. Shit, I was tempted. Sex had been nothing but routine with Jason for months. And by routine, I mean boring and unsatisfying. However, I wasn’t a hooker. A slut maybe, but that was very different from getting paid to have sex.
“I understand.” Will grinned again. “You can’t talk about it here.” Before I had a chance to answer, he took out a business card and a pen. He wrote a four digit number on the back and handed it to me.
I took it without even looking at it. I slid it into my pocketbook and made a mental note to discard it before I got back to my room. Jason wasn’t the jealous type, but then again I never thought he would dump me like he did.
“We’re going to finish our drinks, then head up there.” He smiled again at me, then went back to his wife.
I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to text my best friend and tell her what had just happened. Then I remembered I hadn’t even told her about my breakup yet and my mood cooled down. I took a long sip from my new drink.
When I looked over towards the Will and Amy, they were standing up. They both waved and headed out of the bar. Part of me, the part of me between my legs wanted to follow them. However, the realist in me knew better. I didn’t know them at all and maybe they were ax murders. If I finished my drink, I could go back to my own room, or at least the one I was stuck with sharing with my ex. I could go to sleep early, wake up and fly back to my own life. Then I could move on with my life.
I emptied the glass in front of me of everything but the ice cubes. I took one ice cube with me as I got up, playing with it in my mouth as I left the bar. Chewing on it until it crushed as I waited for the elevator to my room.
Inside the sleek, brass colored elevator, I pressed the button for my floor. Almost too quickly it brought me to the twentieth floor.
In the hallway between the elevator and my room I remembered about the business card Will had given me. I turned around and headed back towards the trashcan next to the elevator.
I took the white card out of my purse. The back had his name, contact information and the generic tech sounding company he looked for. On the back in blue ink, had the number 2742. I dropped it into the tiny trash can, but I didn’t head back to my room. They were probably upstairs in their room, waiting for me. I imagined what it would be like to kiss her soft lips. How he would feel inside of me.
I didn’t want to spend the night in the same hotel room with Jason. I hit the up button on the elevator and waited for it to come back to me.
My heart pounding hard as the elevator doors opened. When I woke up this morning, I didn’t think anything like this would happen in a million years. No, wait. Even earlier this evening when I was putting on this dress I had no idea that my night would end up like this. I pictured it going more along the lines of my boyfriend eying me as we had a romantic dinner, followed by some dancing or maybe gambling. Eventually, we’d end up back in our room where he’d rip off my dress and have his way with me.
The door opened and against my better judgment, I went in. My body needed excitement. I needed satisfaction. Maybe my boyfriend wouldn’t even take the time to rip off my dress. We’d stumble into the room, he’d push me onto the bed and pull up my dress. He wouldn’t be able to wait. He’d have to have me right then and there. He’d fuck me from behind until we were both exhausted.
The elevator rose and seconds later I was on the twenty-fourth floor. For a second, I thought about just staying in the elevator and riding it back down to my floor. I didn’t. I wanted someone, or in this case multiple someones to want me. I wanted to please them. I wanted them to please me. I wanted a story to tell to my best friend when I got back. I wanted to forget about my now ex-boyfriend and I wanted him to be jealous.
I was too damn young to spend a night in a bed with a guy that didn’t want to do anything with me in Las Vegas.
The sign listing the rooms pointed me to the left. I found the door at the end of the hallway. What was I doing? I had done some wild things, but nothing like this before. Yet, I didn’t stop. I knocked lightly on the door.
The door didn’t open right away and I kind of hoped that they weren’t there yet. But before I could back away, the door opened. Amy stood there, a grin on her face. “Come in,” said with a soft and extremely sexy tone.
I did and she shut the door behind me. The vast, luxurious suite was the first thing that I noticed. At least triple the size of my room. The second thing I noticed was Will sitting on the edge of the bed, his pants around his knees. He made no effort to hide his rock hard cock from me or the wide open windows. We were high up, but there were other hotels that would’ve been able to see in.
Based on his position, it wasn’t hard for me to guess what they were doing when I knocked on the door. “Couldn’t wait for me?” I couldn’t believe I said it. Maybe the alcohol in my system. Maybe, the fact that I’d never been so horny.
“You could say that.” Amy touched my waist and spun me so that I faced her. She stood close enough that I could smell her sweet, but subtle perfume. “Five hundred for the night? He can do whatever he wants?”
I still couldn’t believe they thought I was a call girl. I still couldn’t believe they would pay me for this. I would’ve done it for free. I nodded my head in agreement.
She didn’t delay it any further. She kissed me. Her soft lips met mine. Our lips tangled and our tongues explored. My heart pounded harder. The desire in me grew.
She wasn’t the first girl that I had kissed. I kissed friends in high school, fooled around with my roommate in college after too many beers. But this was different. Her kiss exquisite, full of lust and desire. She took my breath away.
While her husband watched less than ten feet away, she kissed and caressed me. Her gentle hands drifting up and down my body, eventually finding my breasts and cupping them in my dress. I had never felt so sexy.
As we kissed she pulled up my dress, exposing the tiny white lace and black trim thong I had bought just before the trip. A little surprise for Jason.
Things were happening so fast, making me feel exposed. Amy didn’t have that problem. She took it a step further. She turned me to face her husband and pulled down the top of my dress, exposing my full breasts and pink nipples.
My skin felt cool in the air conditioned air of the room, but my body felt hot with desire. Was this really happening?
She took off my dress and left it on the floor behind us. Then without a word, she led me towards her husband.
His eyes took me in. He looked at me full of lust. I had never felt so sexy.
“She’ll do whatever we want.” Amy said as she led me right in front of her husband.
I softly nodded my head in agreement. This felt so surreal.
He didn’t need to hear anything else. He took my breasts in his hands, caressing them as our eyes locked together.
Behind me, his wife kissed my bare shoulder. Her hands drifted down my side, pulling down my underwear.
It didn’t stop there. She pushed me towards him, bending me over so that my lips became equal with his. His kiss stronger and overwhelmed with lust. It felt so wrong, but so right at the same time.
I had to use my hands to stay upright, but his wife wanted more. She took my hand and put it right on his cock. There was no going slow and this was happening. My body felt so warm.
I stroked his cock, feeling it grow hard in my hands. I couldn’t wait to feel him inside of me. But not yet.
Amy pulled me down to my knees and she knelt beside me, her husband’s cock right in front of us. I knew what I wanted to do, but I watched her and waited for her to make the next move.
She took his cock in her hand and started to lick up and down his shaft. I followed and he gasped for air. His breathing became very heavy.
Amy and I locked eyes, and we kissed again. A kiss for her husband’s viewing pleasure, but he wanted more.
He guided me back to his cock and I took him in my mouth. He took a deep breath and fell back onto the bed.
His hardness filled me as my soft, wet lips traveled down his hard shaft. I repeated the process twice before Amy moved in for a turn. I knew that I would never forget this night for so many reasons and I wanted to make it a night that they would think about for a long time.
Amy was far more aggressive, taking his cock completely in her mouth. She slid her lips down his shaft multiple times.
“He’s in the perfect position if you want him to taste you.”
Amy didn’t need to say anything else. While she sucked her husband’s dick, I climbed onto the bed. I positioned myself in the perfect position for him to do more than just taste me. His tongue expertly slid between my lips and I felt desire growing inside of me. Even from underneath me, he knew exactly what to do to drive me insane.
The sounds of my moans and Amy’s wet lips on his cock filled the room.
My now ex would never believe this. He thought I was a prude, probably even thought I was boring in bed. He made me that way because every time with him was routine and so unsatisfying. He would go down on me from time to time, but it was always the same and always boring. He could make me orgasm, but never made me feel like this.
Amy stood up and I lowered my body so I could have Will’s cock again in my mouth. While ran my lips up and down his now very hard shaft, she slid out of her black dress. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath it besides sheer black thigh highs, with lace at the top.
I couldn’t help but to look at her body. More petite than my curves, like the body of an athlete. She had perky breasts and a perfectly round ass. I just wanted to lay in bed naked with her, our bodies together as we kissed.
I sat up as she came closer, giving her room for what I knew she wanted. She climbed on the bed and on top of her husband. While I held his cock, she slid onto it. It didn’t seem real.
She lowered himself onto him, his cock filling her. His tongue had encircled my clit with passionate licks, but I wanted what Amy had.
My moans were soft. Hers deep and loud. I doubted that she worried that another room may hear us.
We kissed as she rode him. Our lips melting together with lust. I may have said this before, but it didn’t seem real. This wasn’t my first threesome. It wasn’t even my first time with another girl. However, those had all been awkward or fueled by booze and ended up being too sloppy.
This was something else, like something out of a fantasy. This felt so adult, so sensual and erotic.
I was the first one to orgasm. His tongue knew exactly how to turn my body into a hot, melting pool of desire and lust. His tongue didn’t stop until my moans became screams and my body went stiff as the erotic energy filled me.
I’d never felt an orgasm like that before, but we weren’t done. I climbed off of Will and sat next to him to recover. Amy saw this and she switched positions her husband. As we kissed again, he stood in front of the bed stripping for us. He was older, well into his thirties but he had way better of a body than my ex. His body was toned with just the right amount of muscles.
I wanted him so bad, but Amy wasn’t done with him. She pulled him on top of her, his hard cock between her legs.
I watched as his cock disappeared into her. It felt so surreal to be this close to see it all. It made me want his dick even more.
He pushed her legs up and pushed so deep into her. His thrusts strong, on the verge of being violent. Enough to make her whole body shake with each thrust. She responded to each thrust with a deep moan. It felt almost too intimate to watch, but I couldn’t turn away.
I locked eyes with Will and he turned away from his wife to kiss me again for a few seconds. I can’t even describe that kiss. So raw and so full of heat. I couldn’t wait for my turn.
His thrust became harder and quicker. Amy’s moans more erotic. Within seconds, he pushed her over the edge and made her climax. One loud, long moan came from her mouth. It was clear that they couldn’t get enough of each other. Bringing me into the mix wasn’t an attempt to make things more interesting. It was more about having an adventure. I wanted a relationship like that.
While his wife was still breathing heavy, Will took me by the arm and helped me off of the bed. It was my turn.
I bent over his wife and kissed her as her husband positioned himself behind me. His hardness pressed against me. I let out a moan as he pushed into me.
Instantly he picked up with where he had been with his wife. His cock slammed into me and moans erupted from deep within me. It wasn’t just the force of his thrusts. It wasn’t because he was a little larger than what I’d consider average. It was the way he used his cock. Confidence mixed with desire, sending me into another world of pleasure.
My hands found her breasts. Perky, firm and moist with her sweat. Her hands found my breasts, larger and fuller. Her touch erotic and filled with passion. In between the two of them, I felt like I was in the middle of the steamiest erotic film.
The two of them brought me to my climax. The type of orgasm that I have never felt before that night, nor since then. The feeling of bliss exploded from between my legs and flowed through my whole body. I screamed. I moaned. I grabbed on to her breasts so tight it probably left a mark. I lost control until the feeling passed through me.
A few wild thrusts later and he was done too. He pulled out of me and exploded onto my back. Load after load of him splashed onto my back from my hair to my ass.
The three of us collapsed together onto the bed.
It didn’t become real again until Amy went to the bathroom. She came back with a small stack of twenties. I had forgotten about that. They had already paid me in so many other ways. “You don’t have to.”
“I included a tip.” Amy said as she forced the money into my hand. “You were worth every dollar.”
I didn’t want to go back to the real world. In that world, I had to get dressed, go back to the room I shared with my now ex-boyfriend and then take a long flight back home with him. Then finally I’d be able to go my separate ways and I could start searching for a man that I deserved.
Except now this world wasn’t as bad. Amy helped me get dressed again, then kissed me again before she led me out of the suite.
As I put the money into my purse, I realized I had more than enough for my own room for the night. Without saying anything to my ex, I gathered up my stuff and moved into my own suite for the night. Then the next day, I upgraded to first class so I didn’t have to sit next to him. Plus, I could afford a cab ride home so I didn’t have to ride with him in his car. He tried to talk me multiple times, but I ignored him as much as possible. I’d moved and didn’t need him.
I’ve had several boyfriends since him, all serious upgrades compared to him. I haven’t found the relationship that Will and Amy had, but I’m still looking.
On a side note, none of my friends that I’ve told this story to believe me. Or at least not the part about the money. Then I show them the pictures of my own room and the view it had, as well as a selfie I took in first class. It was very real.