Watching My Roommate Get It On

Living in a student dorm is one thing. Living in a sisterhood - whole different world.

It was during my exchange year to South America, that I met Tiana. She was my hall supervisor but she didn't look it. Honestly, I felt she was the type of girl who would need strong guidance herself. But Tiana was durable and independent, more than you would know.

The first thing I noticed about her was her ass. Gosh, that girl had thighs! It is the kind of ass you reach for, you squeeze it and you make it jiggle. She liked to wear tights, too, so it was very "in my face" if you catch my meaning. I wasn't complaining.

I believe it was a month into the exchange when she introduced me to her boyfriend Charlie. He was a good guy, just doing his best at life. I liked him, he was sweet, they made for a good couple. Once, Charlie fell very sick and I remember Tiana coming home in tears, crying for him. It showed just how much they loved each other.

Tiana was my neighbor, so we shared a balcony. Both of us had curtains, but neither of us liked to draw them. Instead, we left our business for the world to see - we had nothing to hide. Occasionally, Tiana would come to my room through that same balcony door, and I would do the same to her. She would knock on my window frame, 'May', and I would come to open the door for her.

I was close with Tiana, we shared a lot of time and thought, and I liked her. I wasn't gonna make a move or anything, don't get me wrong, it was just that she was pretty and sweet and we got along. I also liked her boyfriend, and we hung out the three of us plenty over the year.

One night however, we got real close. I knew that Tiana had Charlie over, but I didn't think much of it, when I went by her room. It was late so it was dark out and nobody walked the streets no more. I don't even remember what I wanted. When I raised my eyes and hand to knock, I froze. There was Tiana, stripping, Charlie sitting on the bed.

For a heartbeat, I was just there, couldn't decide for the life of me. Should I go and knock and reveal that I had seen them? Should I pretend I hadn't seen them and just retreat to my room? But then I would risk them spotting me and thinking I had been spying. Also, I liked what I was seeing.

I hadn't made up my mind when Tiana turned around to see me, hand raised, ready to knock. I grinned sheepishly at her, trying hard to focus on her face instead of her bra and panties. It was tough.

She raised her hand to her mouth. I gathered she was saying something cause Charlie got up. He saw me - and then he pulled his shirt over his head.

Imagine my surprise. I raised an eyebrow at him. Then the other one at Tiana. But she smiled in the adorable way that she just did. Her full lucious lips curved upwards, making her cheeks rosy. I was at a loss for words but there was no need for me to speak. I was here to watch.

And watch I did. I grabbed one of the balcony chairs to get comfortable in front of their window. If someone were to walk by, all they would see is someone sitting in front of a light up window. The weather was warm even though the sun had set already. So close to the equator it never seemed to get very cold. The occasional breeze caressed my exposed skin since I was only wearing PJ shorts and a tank top.

In her room, Charlie got up and stood behind Tiana. His straight body was the canvas for her curves. They looked beautiful together, she a little darker than him. She raised her hands to reach behind his head, turned her head and they kissed. Charlie's hands ran down her sides, slipped into her purple panties and I saw them move, saw how Tiana opened her lips for him. Wetness gathered in my own panties and I started to gently press on my clit.

Then he unhooked her bra and set free two wonderfully heavy breasts, with nipples as dark as the night. They stood erect and I couldn't help but tweak my own, feeling how they hardened. Tiana turned around, showing me her back, allowing me a look at her rounded buttcheeks, those gorgeous thighs and I sighed lightly before I could contain myself.

She went down on her knees, opened Chalie's pants, pulled them down and revealed a cock that made my mouth water. My fingers slid into my panties, to play with my clit. Looking up to him, Tiana licked Charlie's shaft, up and down, ran her pink tongue around his head and finally cupped her lips around him. Charlie let his head fall back and I could see the moan on his lips.

Tiana certainly knew what she was doing. Her head bobbed up and down, her hands holding onto Charlie's thighs to keep her balanced in her half-squat-half-kneeling position. Meanwhile I got a little more comfortable in the chair, throwing my legs over the arm rests to gain better access to myself.

When Tiana got back up, I could see the lust in both their faces. I was hoping Charlie would take her right away but it got much better instead. He urged her closer to the window, to her desk. He pulled down her panties and I saw thick lips, no hair, and an invitingly swollen clit. Charlie grabbed Tiana's thigh and liftet her one leg onto the desk, allowing me full view of her privates. She blushed adorably, for now she saw what I was doing to myself right outside her window.

Charlie went on his knees and started eating her. It was delicious to watch. His tongue parted her lips, played around her hole, he inserted one finger, a second one, and when he curled them, I could see it in Tiana's face. She threw her head back and started playing with her nipples, the other hand grabbing Charlie's hair to direct him.

I waited until she looked at me again, before pulling my shorts aside. I wasn't wearing any underwear. Of course she could see little since it was dark out, but I could tell she saw just enough. My thighs were sticky with my wetness and I finally started rubbing myself like I would in my own bed.

The pleasure took over my body more and more. The same was happening to Tiana. Very suddenly, she pulled at Charlie's hair and I knew that she was more than ready to feel him inside her. She didn't have to ask twice. He got up, sat her on her desk and found her entrance in one smooth movement. The moment he penetrated Tiana with his hard cock, I pushed two fingers into my own wet, hot hole.

Pleasure overtook all three of us. I started sighing and moaning, trying to keep it down, while I watched them getting it on indoors. Charlie pounded into her like a madman, his butt clenching, I watched her abs contract and I knew she was close. I started finger-fucking myself almost vigorously, desperately wanting to reach orgsam with the couple.

Just as Tiana grapped Charlie's shoulders for support and he pushed into her a final time, the orgasm rolled over me like a wave, my pussy clenching at my fingers, creamy juices greasing up my hand and thighs. It must have been the strongest orgasm I had ever felt from playing with myself.

Behind the window, cum dropped out of Tiana's hole, onto the floor. The couple held onto each other, until Charlie lifted Tiana up and carried her to the bed to get some rest. I got the cue and got up, trying not to disturb them, retreating into my own room, to catch a good night's sleep - but not before a hot shower.

We never spoke of the incident but the longing looks said more than a hundred words.