Daddy Travels

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15 Oct. '18
Daddy Travels

- Baby, I have to tell you something.

- What is it, daddy? she asks and gently brushes Mr Teddy's hair away from his eyes so he can see again. There you go, she whispers to him and sits Mr Teddy back on the bed.

- I have to go away, said daddy.

Her eyes wide open in shock and disbelief, she turns to him. He can sense her eyes welling up any second now.

- Where are you going, daddy? she asks, slight panic in her trembling voice.

- It's a business trip, he sighs. I don't have a choice. I wanted to bring you but... He doesn't need to finish the sentence for her to know what he is trying to say.

That night, they don't talk a lot. She is sad, and he is sad that she is sad. He apoligizes a dozen times, promises her to bring back stuffies and treats and gifts - but it doesn't help. It is those two nights that she'll be by herself that scare her. She doesn't want to be a big girl for so long. A couple of hours a day, sure, that she can manage. But three entire days? Two nights without daddy? That's a lot.

His flight leaves early on Tuesday morning. Monday, they spent most of their time in the kitchen, preparing meals for her so she just needs to throw them in the microwave and doesn't have to cook. He made sure there's enough cereal and plenty of fruit in the house. He even put a playlist with all her favorite songs so she can listen to them when she misses him. Still, he leaves with a bitter taste in his mouth.

When they say goodbye at the door, she cries softly. It breaks his heart to leave her behind like this.

- Cuddle Mr Teddy, will you? he tells her when he turns to go. Then he jumps into his silver Mercedes, and drives off to the airport.

She is left behind by herself, knowing that for the next couple of hours, she won't be able to reach out to daddy. He has to switch off his phone during the flight - but he promised to call her first thing when he reaches the hotel. So she goes back into the house, locks the door behind her and walks straight into the bedroom. Mr Teddy sits on the bed and it seems to her that he is reaching for her to hug him tight.

On Tuesday she eats pasta for lunch. She colors a unicorn and a butterfly, watches My Little Pony, and goes to bed early after a long call with daddy. Her night isn't great. She misses daddy's warm body next to hers.

On Wednesday morning she wakes up with the dooming certainty that this day will be the longest of her life. After breakfast, she calls daddy - she tells him everything she does - and then plays dress-up. She puts on all her cute outfits in pink and glitter, and sends daddy a picture of each. He says, she distracts him from work and he has a boner looking at her, which cheers her up a little. She has rice and vegetables for lunch. The afternoon is especially boring, since daddy is in a meeting with his phone on silent.

At night, daddy and she are on the phone. He tells her how wonderful she looked in the pictures, and she tells him how much she misses his cock inside her. She begs him to let her touch herself, but he tells her to wait.

- No, baby, you need to wait. Tomorrow around 3 p.m. I will be back, and I found a wonderful gift for my favorite girl that we should try out then. Will you be patient for daddy?

She promises.

Thursday morning she wakes up excited. Finally, daddy will come back. After breakfast, she makes sure everything is perfect for his arrival. Around 1 p.m. she gets a text: put on your pink stockings and your hair up in pigtails. She gets nervously excited as she follows his orders.

For lunch, she has mashed potatoes and chicken breast, but she can hardly eat. She sends daddy a picture of her completed outfit and he approves. Around 2:30 p.m. he sends her another message: wait for me on the bed, ass up, head down. When I come, don't look.

She lets little time pass before she does as he said. She is incredibly excited now, to see daddy again, to feel him inside her - so she hopes. Her little body is trembling with tension. The clock rings 3 p.m. No sign of daddy. She doesn't worry, probably traffic. She plays a little with Mr Teddy but listens carefully for the door.

Half an hour passed and still daddy isn't home. Now she becomes worried. What if something happened to daddy? Or what if he doesn't love her anymore? What if he is just gonna leave her here, like this, waiting for him? Impulsively, she starts sobbing, her heart aching, longing for her daddy.

Then suddenly, a key turns in the keyhole. All tears turn to diamonds and fear into excitement. He was back! Quick, get in position. She winks at Mr Teddy one last time, then puts her head down.

Daddy comes through the door and finds his baby just as he ordered, her perfect little ass up in the air, her beautiful hair tied into two pigtails. He can see her pink pussy, clean shaven as always, and he gets hard thinking about how soft and ready she always is for him.

Slowly, he pulls out what he brought for her. It is a vibrating butt plug, not too big, in a elegant black design. It will look so perfect in her tight little asshole - he can hardly wait for it.

Daddy takes off his shirt and pants, and climbs in the bed behind his little girl. She shudders at the light touch of his fingers, whines at the butterfly kisses he gives her back and ass. Finally, he moves behind her, between her thighs. She sighes. He rubs over her ass, spanks it lightly to make her moan, then glides his hand over her wet pussy, not penetrating, just stimulating. His cock is rock-hard.

The lube is right next to the bed on the shelf. He grabs the bottle and lets a couple of drops fall on the new toy, then he asshole. She gasps from its coolness. Gently, he starts massaging the lube into her tight hole, putting more and more pressure, before he slips a finger in, then a second one, spreading her out. She moans his name, and he keeps going.

Then, with a swift motion he pushes the plug into her. She arches her back, and he switches on the vibrator. She lets out a beautiful cry of surprise, and he slips his cock right into her. The sudden stimulation makes her clench around him, moan and shudder, while he starts to fuck her with all the built-up frustration of the last three days.

He can feel the vibrator in her ass and her hot, wet, tight pussy around his shaft and he knows he is home. Nothing compares to this. He reaches up to her, pulls her pigtails so she arches her back more and more.

- Give daddy what he wants, he urges her. And with a cry she cums on his cock, twitching and moaning in his arms, and he allows himself to cum also, while she still cries his name.

After they sink into the bed together, she reaches down to her thighs, pulls up strings of cum and licks them off her fingers.

- I missed you, daddy, she says.

- I missed you, too, little one.