A Halloween Exhibition to Remember

          "You're so lame!" she said. Yes, that's right, Jamie, my best friend of almost ten years, called me lame because my husband and I were dressing in matching costumes for Halloween. Like we did every year since getting married three years ago.

          It might seem weird that my best friend is nearly eight years younger than I am. But I met her in college. I had taken a break after high school that lasted longer than I intended. So when I went back, I was already almost thirty, and she was barely legal to drink. Somehow, though, we ended up friends.

          But she didn't let me forget that I was the old one.

          "Whatever," I said as I stared into the mirror. The metal of this gold bikini was clearly designed by a man. Or possibly a woman with small breasts. Either way, the edges poked into my skin just beneath my breasts.

          I swung my chest from side to side to see how it would feel with movement. I was starting to wish I had picked a different costume. One that wouldn't hurt to wear. But this was all I had. And Jamie had all but dared me to buy it. You better buy it now before you can't pull it off anymore she said in the store.

          So I did.

          And now I was starting to regret it.

          When I had my hair perfect, I took down my reference picture and laughed at Jamie. "Call me lame all you want, Jamie." I scoffed and walked down the stairs. "But Michael and I enjoy these kinds of things. Isn't that what matters?"

          "Hey, Princess Leia," my husband called from the bottom of the stairs.

          "Well, hello, Han." I couldn't help but smile. My husband was a dead ringer for a young Harrison Ford. Especially in those tight black jeans and that black leather vest. They didn't show off his muscular shoulders or his washboard abs. But they didn't have to. I knew exactly what lay beneath these clothes.

          He wrapped his thick arm around my bare mid-section and twirled me around the room before pressing his lips against mine in a deep, passionate kiss.

          I rolled my eyes and pulled away from Michael. He was holding his leather gun holster for me to fasten.

          I got down on my knees and strapped the holster around his leg as he fastened the belt.

          "Thanks," he said as he pecked me on the cheek.

          "You're welcome," I smiled and reached for my own high-heeled sandals.

          "Lame!" Jamie yelled from the bottom of the stairs. "This is why I won't get married. Sex dies and turns into lame movie references."

          "Fine, Jamie. We get it. Our sex life is dead. We are lame old folks. But until you find some younger friends, you're stuck with us. So come and help me in the kitchen before everyone starts showing up."

          Jamie laughed and skipped across the room into the kitchen. There we ran through the checklist of food, snacks, and utensils needed for this party. It was the first Halloween party Michael and I had ever thrown. And I wanted it to be perfect.

          The doorbell rang. Michael opened the door, and laughter entered the apartment.

          Jamie and I smiled and went out to greet the guests.

          Within an hour, twenty more guests arrived. Each in costume and everyone wearing a smile. The food seemed to be a hit. I stood off to the side watching everyone having a good time. Michael hated it when I did that. He always said it made me look like a snob. But I liked watching people enjoy themselves. Especially when they were enjoying themselves because of something I hosted. Smiling at the food I made. It made me feel good. Appreciated.

          I was turning into the joke I used to make with Jamie: the frumpy housewife who looked forward to hosting the perfect party. But I wasn't sure that was a bad thing.

          Michael handed me a glass of wine and slipped in behind me. "Are you enjoying yourself?" he asked.

          "Yea. It's a pretty great party. Everyone's having fun." I smiled.

          His thumb rubbed my midriff, and he squeezed. I took in a deep breath and leaned back against him. Trying not to let his touch tickle me. He let out a moan and sucked down the rest of his wine. After he had put his glass down, he rubbed and kissed my shoulder.

          "Are you happy?"

          "What do you mean? Of course I'm happy." I replied.

          "I mean what Jamie said, earlier. About our sex life."

          "Jamie doesn't know what she's talking about. I love our life."

          "So it doesn't bother you at all?" He asked.

          I sighed and glanced around the room. Jamie was pouring herself another drink and chatting away with someone straight out of Top Gun. I wondered if she even knew that movie?

          "No, not really. I only worry that I do not satisfy you anymore. But I'm making you happy, and then I'm happy."

          His hand slid down my back and tugged at the maroon scarf hanging from the bottom half of the gold bikini. I was never so glad to be wearing five-inch heels in all my life. Because I seemed to be at the perfect height for the activities he had in mind.

          "Oh God," I whispered and closed my eyes. "Very happy."

          "Keep smiling," his hot breath brushed against my ear as he moved tucked his hand into my bikini bottom. He slid his fingers expertly down to find my core. Within seconds, I was dripping.

          I opened my eyes and continued to watch everyone dancing and eating at the party. The strobe lights Michael hung earlier worked well. Keeping it difficult to focus on any one person's face for very long. I was grateful for the screams and laughter from everyone at the party.

          As Michael pressed his finger up into my waiting pussy, I shivered. His other hand wrapped around my shoulder. To anyone, we must have looked like a boring couple hugging against the wall. But to the heat building up in my stomach, we were the hottest couple in the room.

          I tried my best to keep my face composed. He pulled his finger back out. Spreading my juices across the folds of my pussy, then plunging in deeper. The music drowned out my moans as he continued to drill into me with his fingers.

          Everyone cheered as a couple danced across the room. Their hips were grinding against each other as their tongues did battle across their lips.

          He adjusted his stance and reached further into my panties. Searching for my clit. His fingertips teased my every nerve. Setting them all ablaze as they swirled around my clit. My nipples hardened and pressed against the metal of the bikini top. They ached for attention. My breathing grew deep and sharp.

          Still no one seemed to notice. Their eyes remained focused on the couples dancing provocatively across my living room. One girl dressed as a cheerleader straddled a football player on the reclining chair. She rocked her hips against him. I couldn't hear what she said, but they both laughed, and he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. Minutes later she jumped off him and grabbed a couple bottles of beer.

          Michael's relentless fingers plunged in and out of my pussy as I watched the scene before me. Pretending nothing was out of the ordinary. I pasted my best hostess smile across my lips and secretly reveled in how well his fingers moved against my sensitive core. I leaned forward against the back of the sofa in front of me. Frankenstein turned around and smiled at me.

          "Great party," he said.

          I smiled back, trying my best to hide the fact that Michael's fingers were diving in and out of my pussy just inches away from this guest. "Thanks," I muttered. "I'm glad you're having a good time."

          He smiled again and walked over to the food buffet, stopping to talk to the cheerleader on his way.

          I was seconds away from the strongest orgasm of my life when Michael withdrew his fingers. I growled in disappointment and contemplated dragging him over to the bedroom to finish what he started. My pussy ached at being abandoned.

          I just needed an excuse to leave the party. Any excuse.

          Before I had a chance to grab him, his hard, thick cock brushed against my ass. I closed my eyes and reveled in the heat from his manhood.

          I used my arms to hoist myself up higher over the back of the sofa, lifting my feet another inch off the ground. I wasn't sure this would work at first, but Michael put my mind at ease quickly. His huge cock teased my opening and in return I dripped down his shaft. He eased into me. Stretching the lips of my pussy over the end of his cock and pressing slowly. Deliberately.

          I thought I might cum right then and there.

          A doctor waved at me from across the room. I smiled and nodded to acknowledge him.

          Michael wrapped his arms around me, feigning a loving embrace, as he groaned against my shoulder. Every vein in his cock pulsed inside me.

          Then he pulled out. Just as slow as his entry had been.

          In again.

          I imagined the things we'd be doing if we didn't have an audience of twenty people in the room. If I could be watching Michael fondle and caress me instead of watching the audience to see if they notice. His tongue suckling at my breasts. My hard nipples receiving the pleasure they longed for rather than remaining trapped inside this gold bikini. At least the height of the sofa lined up with my clit. Applying gentle pressure every time Michael plunged into me.

          Jamie was on the other side of the room. Talking to some guy dressed in a horrible gladiator costume that looked like it came straight from the set of some porn studio. In seconds, wrapped herself around him. He picked her up with one arm and pinned her to him. Plunging his tongue down her throat as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She giggled as he licked the nape of her neck.

          I closed my eyes and thought about Michael's hot tongue lapping up my juices. Kissing the sweat from my body. His hot breath still grazing my neck and ear as he continued to drill me in front of everyone. His cock grew stiffer, and his thrusts slowed down even more. I grit my teeth to keep from screaming as the heat built up within me. My orgasm ripped through me. Making me bite down on my tongue. I shivered until my arms couldn't hold me up anymore. And I melted back down to my feet.

          I whirled around and wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders. "I'm sorry," I whispered. "I'm sorry I couldn't hold it any longer."

          He kissed me and zipped his pants. "Bedroom," he whispered.

          No longer caring about whether or not I had an excuse to leave the party, I followed his lead up the stairs, and we locked the bedroom door. He shoved the pile of coats onto the floor, and I jumped on the bed. The gold bikini caused a struggle as he tried to find the hooks to release it. He held his breath when he finally pulled the bikini top open, and my breasts poured out. My nipples ached from being confined inside the metal while the rest of me had been pleasured.

          He sucked one nipple into his hot mouth. His moans turned me on.

          I pushed him back to his feet and started working on his pants. When I got them to the floor, I grabbed his thick cock in my hands and pumped. I sank to the floor, licking the tip of his manhood all the way. Hints of my lip gloss coated his cock, blending the taste of strawberry in with the salty taste of his flesh and the sweet scent of my juices still dripping from him. I grabbed his hips and pushed him deeper into my mouth. Letting my moans vibrate along his pulsing shaft.

          My tongue flattened out along the sensitive underside of his cock. His moans were starting to shake. He tangled his fingers through my hair and grunted. Forcing his cock deeper into the back of my mouth. Every moan made my pussy drip

          I reached down and glided my finger over my swollen clit. Begging for another release. I grinded against my fingers as I pumped his cock. My stomach tightened as the heat of my next orgasm boiled over. Fearing I might accidentally bite down on his manhood, I released him from my mouth and threw my head back.

          Michael pulled me up to him and threw me back on the bed. He buried his mouth into my pussy before my orgasm ended. Wrapping his lips around my swollen clit and flicking his tongue across my lips. His finger plunged down into my pussy. I grabbed the back of his head and thrust my hips into his face. Grinding against his magical tongue until a new orgasm took over.

          I shook down to my very core. I worried at first about smothering Michael, but he just rode the waves of my ecstasy and sat up smiling. He climbed on top of me and kissed my neck as I tried to catch my breath.

          "I don't know if I can go anymore," I whispered.

          "Oh I know you can," he grinned and rubbed the end of his cock against my opening. Smearing my juices all over the end as he teased me.

          I pushed my hips up toward him, guiding his cock into my pussy and groaning as he accepted the invitation.

          He buried the length of his shaft into me. He leaned down and sucked on my breast. Rolling the nipple against his tongue. The base of his cock pressed up against my clit. I raised my hip again. And again. Meeting every plunge with a new thrust. A new groan.

          He moved faster and faster. Pounding his large cock into my pussy. His eyes flashed primal lust as he built toward his own climax.

          "Cum for me," he whispered. "Cum because of me."

          And I did.

          My body quaked beneath him. Every nerve lit on fire as the strongest orgasm of my life took hold. My muscles tightened, and my toes curled. My fingernails dug into his back as he joined my ecstasy. His hot juices filled me, and I milked him with every thrust. I rocked my hips against him until he stopped moving. Until we were nothing but a pile of spent nerves and lust on the bed.

          "Oh my God," he whispered. He leaned up to kiss my neck as he slid his manhood out of me.

          "Yea," I muttered between breaths.

          We stood up and started adjusting our clothes. The music from downstairs still thumped through the air. Someone knocked on the door as I tried to cage my breasts back into the gold bikini.

          "Hey, Annalise," Jamie's voice thundered. "Don't tell me you already went to bed?"

          "No," I called out to her. I threw the gold bikini onto the floor and grabbed a sweater. A quick glance at Michael as he finished zipping his pants and I opened the door. "Not yet. I just needed Michael's help with that metal bikini. It was scratching me."

          "So now you're not even going to be in costume? My God, you two have forgotten how to have fun. I hope I never act as old as you guys."

          I shrugged and grabbed Michael's hand. "I love you," I said as we followed Jamie down the stairs back to the party.

          "I know," he whispered as he leaned in for another kiss.