My first wife (Tina)’s family lives in the Seattle area, and back when she and I were first dating we spent a lot of time driving up to see them. On one of those trips we decided to stretch our legs a bit. We found a nice campground a stone’s throw from the highway where we parked and got out of the car.

It was winter, and there was snow on the ground, so we started a little snowball fight, which turned into some playful wrestling, which led to me picking her up and depositing her on the hood of the car, at which point we started making out. Mind you, this is in the broad light of day, maybe 2:00 in the afternoon, and a busy Interstate 5 was about a football field’s distance away. 

We were in the early-ish part of our dating period, and our makeout session soon got our juices flowing. I reached down and undid Tina’s belt, unsnapped her pants, and pulled her zipper down. She gave me an “are we really going to do this?” look and I shot her a “you just watch us” look in reply.

I took off my jacket for her to sit on and pulled her pants and underwear down around her ankles. I then unzipped my own pants and pulled them down to reveal my already rock-hard erection.

At which point we started to fuck.  Tina leaned back on the car and I started pounding away. Northbound cars on the interstate would have seen the back of our car and would have had to glance to their right to catch the profile of me banging my cock into her pussy. But southbound cars would have had an excellent view of my white ass pushing in and out.

We weren’t three minutes in and not close to being finished when we saw out of the corner of our eye a park ranger’s pickup on the frontage road, closing on the entrance to the campground. A bolt of adrenaline coursed through my body and we leapt off the hood of the car and scrambled to restore our clothes to their respectable daytime positions.

After some hasty tucking and tying, we leapt into the car, I fumbled for my keys, and was just about to start up the ignition when the pickup pulled up next to the driver’s side window. The ranger gestured for me roll down the window.

I did so and looked over, only to find a shit-eating smirk plastered across his face. He looked me in the eye and made a single comment before driving off…

“Next time, get a room.”


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