Three Is Not a Crowd

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19 Oct. '18

I was on a three day business trip to Phoenix.  My name is Mike, forty-seven, six foot tall, one hudred and seventy pounds with dark hair and eyes.  I got back to my motel around five, took a quick shower, and went down to the bar and grill for a drink and something to eat before I headed back to my room.  

The bar was nearly empty when I sat down.  I ordered a drink and a few minutes later a man and woman walked in and sat down.  He was average height and weight with greying hair.  She was taller, about five foot - eight, with a very nice toned body.  I sipped my drink while looking over the menu.  When I looked up, they were both looking and me and smiling.  I smiled back and went back to reading my menu.  

A few moments later the waitress came back with another drink.  She set it down in front of me and she said, "From the couple over there."  I looked at them, lifted my glass to them, and smiled.   I made my decision on what to eat when the man came over.  

"Hi.  Are you alone?"  I told him yes I was and he asked, "Would you like to join my wife and I for a drink?"  I said sure.  There isn't too much worse than eating alone in a restaurant on a business trip so I was glad to get the invitation.  He was Van and she was Kate.  We chatted for a while, ordered dinner, and then had another drink.  

Mid way through our meal Kate looked at me and said, "Van and I come here about once a month and spend the evening.  We come here to add a little spec to our relationship and we were hoping that you might join us back at our room after dinner."

At first I wasn't sure what they were asking and then Van spoke up.  "From time to time Kate enjoys having the attention of two men.  Kate is in charge and if you agree to join us you need to understand that.  She not only loves to participate, but she enjoys watching.  So if you decide to join us, leave your inhibitions at the door, and be ready to do whatever she tells us to do."

I was stunned to say the least and wasn't sure I wanted to join them.  I took a sip of my drink and asked, "What does she like to watch?"

Van answered, "She likes to watch two men enjoy each other sexually."

I almost choked on my drink.

"Is that a problem. for you?" asked Kate.  I told her that I had had a couple encounters with men back in college but was just rather surprised at the whole situation.  

"Well, as Van said, 'If you join us I am in charge.  You will do what I say and  you will be prepared to spend some intimate time with Van.'"  She reached over and placed her hand on mine and said, "I really hope you join us.  I'm sure you will have a good time."

As we finished our meal they shared that they had been doing this for over four years and they felt that it added some excitement to their marriage of twenty-one years.  As long as they were together they saw no harm in opening things up.  We finished our meals and Kate said, "Well, are you in the mood?"

I finished my drink and said, "I'd love to join you, and I understand the conditions."  We paid the bill, left a tip and headed to their room.  Van opened the door and Kate walked in, turned, and asked, "Are you sure?"  

I laughed and said, "You make it sound like I'm headed to the gallows."  We all laughed and I walked in.  The room was dominated by a king size bed and a love seat off to the side and a chair and desk.  There were mirrors on two walls and the curtains had been drawn.   Van pointed to the chair and I sat down as Van opened a bottle of wine, poured three glasses and they sat on the love seat.   "I'm straight," Kate began, "but Van has always enjoyed at bi lifestyle.  When we married I accepted that and a few years ago we decided to incorporate that into our regular lovemaking.  I enjoy watching Van with another man, it excites me a great deal.  Van enjoys the whole range of bi behavior from kissing to making out, from oral to anal.  He is open to it all.  And and how about you?"

I took a swallow of wine and said, "I guess I have always figured if you are going to put you mouth on a man's cock why wouldnt you kiss him.  I have done oral but never anal.  Not sure how it would feel or if I'd want to.  But I am willing to try."

They both smiled, "Good, that's all we want is an open mind," said Van.  

"Why don't you two get undressed.!"

As if on cue we both stood and began to disrobe.  When we were naked Van was fully erect and I was half way there.  "Well Van, I think our new friend Mike is very interested.  Why don't you two like on the bed and stroke each other while I undress."

We climbed into the bed and lie down.  Van reached over any began to lightly caress my cock as I began to stroke his.  

As we stroked each other we watched Kate disrobe.  She was a very striking woman with average size, upturned breasts, and a full bush of red hair between her legs.  Once undressed she sat back down on the love seat, spread her legs and began to caress her breasts and pussy.  "Why don't you two get a bit more serious and start making out."

We turned on our sides and kissed.  As we did our hands roved over each other's bodies.  It felt odd, not because it was another man, but because we were being watched and used to make this woman aroused.  We were stroking each other's cocks when Van rolled me on to my back.  He kissed his way down my neck and began to kiss and lick my nipples.  I could see Kate masturbating as she watched us.  

"I'm nearing cuming, so Van please suck on our new friend"  With that Van moved down my body and I felt his mouth envelop my cock.  I wanted to close my eyes but was way too interested in watching Kate masturbate to orgasm.  As I watched I saw Kate close her eyes.  Two fingers from one hand pumped her pussy and her middle finger on the other hand caressed her clit.  Soon both hands worked their magic.  Kate moaned as her hips began to move up and down on the love seat.  "Oh fuck, I'm cuming."  I watched her until her orgasm was over and then close my eyes and focused on Van's sucking me off.  As his head moved up and down Kate said, "Van here's some lube, why don't you probe his asshole."  

I opened my eyes to see Kate's smiling face.  She came around to my side of the bed and offered me her sticky fingers.  I opened my mouth and she put her fingers in.  It was then that I felt Van's middle finger invading me.  I moaned around her fingers in my mouth.  It felt wonderful and I could only imagine what a cock moving in and out could feel like.  As I licked her fingers and he probed my asshole his mouth went back to sucking my cock.  It was sexual utopia.  I was beginning to feel the stirrings of my orgasm when Kate said, "Let's change it up."

Van took is mouth off my cock and slid his finger out of me.  Kate said, "I am going to recline agains the head board while Mike gets on his knees and eats my pussy.  While he is doing that Van is going to lube up his cock and fuck Mike.  Everyone good with that?"

Before anyone could answer Kate said, "All right let's go."   Van and I gout out of the bed as Kate assumed her position.  Before I got on my knees between Kate's legs I turned to Van and said,  "Please take it easy on me.  I'm new at this."  I then moved between Kate's legs.  Her bush was red and thick.  I could see her lips full and parted revealing the pink inner lips and he clit.  I moved my head closer and the scent other pussy was amazing.  I could have spent all night just inhaling her musky scent but i leaned in and gave her lips a soft tender kiss.  As I did I felt her stroke the back of my head.  

She pulled her legs up and I lowered my head father and then slowly licked her from her anus to her clit.  It was a long, slow lick, and when I got to her clit she sighed with pleasure.  I licked her again that way and as I was preparing to repeat that I felt Van get in the bed.  My legs were spread wide and as I felt him move forward he said, "Take a breath and just relax."

I felt his finger slide in and lube up my asshole.  I kept licking focusing on my assignment at hand hoping to take my mind off of what was going to happen next.  As I licked Kate shuddered and then I felt the head of Van's cock at my asshole.  He pressed into me very gently.  The head spread my asshole out and once the head was in he paused to give me minute to readjust.  

As he began to push in again i felt Kate's hand running through my hair.  "That's my good little boy.  Take Van's pee pee, deep since you."  The baby talk almost made me laugh but as Van pushed in all I could do was think of what was going on back there and my licking Kate's very tasty, wet cunt.  

I kept licking as Van probed into me and then he was in as far as he could go.  I keep licking Kate's pussy as he slowly withdrew about an inch and then back in again.  He kept up that pace going out and in at about one inch.  He kept fucking me, each time now drawing his cock out a little farther and then back in.  

In and out he moved.  It was then that Kate moved.  She did a one-eighty and suddenly I felt her hands, one on my balls and one on my cock.  As she stroked my cock he told me to eat her to an orgasm.  The more she stroked and the more Van moved in and out of me the better it felt.  I had always wondered what it would feel like to take a cock in the ass and now that I was it really felt good.  

Soon all three of us were moaning as we neared orgasm.  I was licking as fast as I could while I slipped two fingers inside her pussy.  As I moved my fingers in and out I pressed up into her G spot.  She was panting like crazy now and Van was pumping into me with very fast short strokes as he came closer and closer to cuming in my ass.    

Kate went first.  Her thighs clamped around me as she pushed her hips off the bed and shoved her cunt up into my face.  I cupped her ass and held her against my face.  Her thighs tightened around my head and as grunted in orgasmic pleasure.  Then Van went over shooting is cum in my ass.  I never felt so feminine in my whole life but it was an interesting feeling.  I felt empathy knowing what a woman feels like when she is fucked but also feeling aroused.  

I felt Kate lower her hips and release the grip on my head.  Van didn't move for a bit and finally pulled out of my ass.  The three of us flopped down on the king bed without moving.  We all just lay there savoring the experience.  As we lay there I felt Kate reach over and gently stroke my cock.  As she  pulled  up on my cock she squeezed and then loosened her group on the way back down.  It felt like she was milking a cow.   I reached up and began to circle my nipples as she stroked me.  I could have cum if we had kept this up, but suddenly she stopped milking me and said, "Van, Mike is going to fuck me now, while you go in and take a shower.  Clean your cock real good so you can eat me out later and then you and Mike and do a 69 until you both cum in each other's mouths." 

Van got up without a word and went into the bathroom.  Kate gave my cock a couple of gentle strokes as she told me to move around and fuck her.  I did without waiting to be asked twice.  As I moved between her legs I looked into her eyes.  They were spellbinding eyes.    They were soft, gentle, eyes, but eyes that looked deep into your soul.  Eyes that told you what she wanted. I kept looking into her eyes as I felt her reach up, take my cock, and guide it into her hot, wet pussy.  I pushed til I was all the way in and then her legs wrapped around me.  

 "Don't move,  Just stay in me while we kiss.  I'll tell you when you can move."  She pulled me as tight as possible and we kissed.  She pushed her tongue into my mouth.  I tasted the wine on her tongue and smell her arousal.  We stayed locked like that for quite a while and then she broke off the kiss.  She smiled, caressed my cheek, and said, "Fuck me."  

I felt her loosen her leg lock around my waist and I began to move in and out of her.  It was a nice pace.  I pulled out and felt the tip of my cock caressed by her pussy.  I moved in and out like that for it as her hips moved in opposition to me.  As I pulled out she pushed her hips into the bed.  When I lower myself into her, she raised her hips.  In and out we moved.  It was perfection.  I lowered my head to her ear as we fucked.   She was breathing heavy into my ear.  

I was panting hard as was she.  We were both nearing climax.  I didn't want it to end and I kind of thought she felt the same way.  We moved together and suddenly she pulled my head tight to her body and she moaned, "I'm going to cum.  Don't stop."  I began to move faster as did she.  As our hips met we made a slapping sound.  In and out, in an rout.  Slap.  Slap. Slap.  Then she yelled, "I'm cuming."  I replied, "Fuck," as her pussy contracted around my cock and I came in her.  I moved as fast as I could in and out of her.  It was perfect.  We both began to slow down until we stopped.  We lay there still locked together.  She kissed me cheek and thanked me.  I rolled off and all this had been witnessed by Van who was sitting on the love seat sipping wine.    

She reached over ands held my hand.  "That was lovely."  Then to Van, "Come over here darling.  Lie on your back and suck his cum out of my cunt."  She moved as Van put down his drink, came over, and lay down.  Once he was in place she straddled his head with her face looking at his feet.  She lower herself on him.  His nose stuck in her ass as he opened his mouth and let my cum ooze into his mouth.  "That's it my love.  Stick your tongue in there and lick out the last of his offerings."  

Once done she climbed off and poured wine for the three of us.  "My god, fucking is thirsty work."  We all laughed and sipped our wine.  After she lowered her glass she looked at me.  "Are you enjoying yourself, dear?"  I smiled and said, "I'm having a wonderful time."  

She sipped and said, "I hope you are going to stay for more, the night is till young."  

I smiled and said, "Why would I leave such stimulating company."  We all laughed.

 WE finished our wine and just chatted until finally she said, "Enetertain me boys.  Love to see you two do a nice 69 and cum in in each other's mouths.  But first some kissing and making out."

Van and I turned to each other and smiled.  He moved closer, our mouths met and bodies touched.  Our stiffening cocks pressed into each other.  We kissed and then began to caress each other.  He gently began to stroke my cock as it hardened in his hand.  I took hold of his cock and played with it until he was hard.  Van moved around on the bed so his cock was next to my face and mine next to his face.  I turned on my side, reached out, stroked it a couple of times, and then place a little kiss right on the head.  He shuddered as he put his mouth on my cock and slowly let it slide into his mouth.  I place his cock in my mouth and moved my head into him taking as much of it as I could.  We just stayed like for a few minutes.  Holding each other and after a bit began to move my head up and down his cock

He moaned as I sucked him and then he began to move his head on my cock.  It really felt great.  Suddenly from the love seat we heard, "That's my boys.  Suck it hard."  We did what we were told, not because of her but because we wanted to give  pleasure to each other.  He sucked a while and then ran his tongue around my cock.  I began to lick his like I would an ice cream  cone.  We were both moaning.

The feeling of cumin was building inside me.  I had never participated in anything like this before and I was sure I would never have been fucked or getting ready to let a man cum in my mouth.  The whole situation was simply amazing and the more I thought it the harder I sucked and then suddenly Van moaned and shoved his cock my mouth.  I heard his muffled voice say, "I' cuming."  It was only seconds later I felt his warm cum spurt into my mouth.   I had tasted my own cum before and it was not unlike mine.  Thick, sticky and mildly salty.  He pumped in and out of my mouth never losing contact with my cock and not too long after he was finished I emptied my balls into his waiting mouth.  The feeling was exquisite.  It was the best, if not the best orgasm I had ever had,  We finished by licking up the last few drops off each other's cocks and then we heard Kate clap and say "Bravo!  Bravo!"  

We both lay there not moving until Kate came over and joined us.  Van turned back around and with Kate between us we cuddle up.  She turned to me and asked how I was doing.  I just smiled and said it was the most amazing time I've ever had.  She gave me as quick kiss on the cheek and then asked Van how he was feeling.  He just smiled at her and patted her hand.  We all rested and I wondered if there was to be any more to come.