Margie's Delight - The Wanting

Info Erosian
20 Oct. '18

Oh Margie, I SO want to fuck you in the ass!  I mean really fuck your asshole like it was a pussy.  I want my cock to be hard and long and I want to bury it in your asshole all the way up to my balls; just pounding your asshole good.  I want you to be bent over on all fours on your elbows on your bed and I want to be behind you kneeling with a full view of your ass and your asshole.  I want your ass pushed out like you’re proud of it and you’re putting it on display.  I want your asshole to be dark brown and shaved clean and puckered and slightly swollen.  I want you to be scared of getting your ass fucked, but still begging me to fuck it. 

I want you to say, “Oh shit, I’ve never had my ass fucked, but I want you to fuck it!  Oh shit, please fuck my ass!” 

“Don’t hurt me!” 

“I want to feel your big cock stuffed up my ass.  Oh, I wish I could see it.”

“Take it easy please, but fill up my ass with your big hard cock.  Oh, it’s going to be stretched so tight!”

“Will it fit Mark?  Please tell me your cock’s gonna fit in my ass!  Oh, I’m going to be so disappointed if my asshole is too small for your cock.”

“I hope this feels amazing – don’t hurt me – take it easy at first.  Let’s be patient, because I want to feel your long, hard cock going deep in and out of my ass and I want to feel your balls slapping against my pussy until I cum while you’re pounding my asshole!  I want to feel your cock so deep inside my ass that it feels like it’s in my stomach.  I want to feel like every inch of my ass is stretched to full capacity when your cock is buried inside me!” 

I want to drizzle oily lube all over your ass and asshole and watch it run through your swollen, wet pinkish-red pussy and drip on your bed.  I want to massage it into your ass for a couple of minutes and then I want to slowly push my right thumb into your pussy while I massage your puckered asshole with my left thumb and you moan and jerk and squeal with pleasure while you grip the bed clothes so tight in your hands.  I want to bury my thumb in your juicy cunt and rub your clit hard with my forefinger while I continue to massage your asshole.  I want to slowly fuck your cunt with my big thick thumb, rubbing your clit hard when my thumb is pressed deep inside your cunt and rubbing on the front wall of your vagina.  As I thumb-fuck you, I want your asshole to soften and begin to unpucker. 

Then I want to quickly rub some lube on my cock and press the swollen head into your pussy lips and slowly guide the tip into the entrance of your pussy while I continue to massage your asshole.  I want you, in a deep, slow groan, to say, “Oh fuck yes; fuck me baby!”, as your pussy stretches tight around my invading cockhead and I slowly push it into your hot, wet cunt.  I want you to get up off your elbows and onto your hands and throw your head back with a grimace of erotic pleasure on your face.  I want you to moan a deep, long groan of pleasure as my ever-thickening shaft slowly stretches and fills your cunt while I massage your asshole firmly with both thumbs and you push back onto my cock.  I want to feel my belly pressed against your ass and my balls squished against your pussy as my cock is buried in your tight, hot cunt.  I want to feel your entrance stretched tight around the base of my cock. 

I want to press my thumb hard against your asshole as I slowly pull my cock out of your pussy, past the head, until just the tip is inside you.  Then I want to massage your asshole with my left thumb as I grab you by the right shoulder with my right hand and slowly but firmly push my long, hard cock back into your tight, hot pussy and you groan with delight again.  I want to fuck you with four slow, full, firm strokes of my cock, and then I want to take it out and press my wet, slippery, swollen head firmly against your beautiful, oily, dark, slightly puckered asshole and hear your gasp with surprise, and fear, and excitement, and lust all at once.  I want to grab my cock in my hand and use my head to play with your asshole while I talk dirty to you. 

“You know Margie, only a naughty girl lets a boy play with her asshole like this.”, while I rub the tip around your asshole and press it against the entrance.  “You like me playing with your asshole don’t you Margie?”

“Yes.”, you moan.

“That means you like being a naughty girl don’t you Margie?”

“Uh-huh.”, you groan. 

“Yeah, a naughty girl will even let a boy stick his dick in her ass.”, I say as I press the tip urgently against your asshole and you whimper with excitement.  I go back to toying with your asshole as I say, “Margie, I think you’re more than a naughty girl.  I think you’re a dirty girl.  Do you know what a dirty girl is Margie?”


“A dirty girl doesn’t just let a boy play with her asshole – she likes it.  You like me playing with your asshole don’t you Margie?”

“Oh, yeah!”

“And you’re not only going to let me stick my dick in your ass, but you’re going to like it aren’t you Margie?”, I say as I press the tip urgently against your asshole and just start to spread it. 

“Uh-huh.”, you whimper with pleasure. 

“And Margie, you’re not only gonna let me stick my dick in your ass; you want me to fuck your ass don’t you?”

“Oh, fuck yes!”, you moan. 

“You’re not just gonna let me stick my dick in your ass, but you want me to fuck your ass good don’t you Margie?”

“Fuck yes!”

“You’re a dirty girl aren’t you Margie?”


“Say it.”

“I, I’m a dirty girl.”

“You don’t sound like you mean it Margie.  Say, “I’m a dirty girl.’, like you mean it.”

“I’m a dirty girl!”, you say lustily. 

“That’s the way.  Margie, you’re only my dirty girl aren’t you?  You don’t let anybody else fuck your ass do you?”


“Does your husband fuck your ass Margie?”


“Do you ever ask your husband to fuck your ass Margie?”


“But you asked me to fuck your ass didn’t you?”


“You told me you wanted to feel my big cock stuffed up your ass didn’t you Margie?”

“Yes.”, you giggle.

“You’ve never told your husband that, have you Margie?”


“That means you’re my dirty girl.  Say, ‘I’m your dirty girl Mark.’, like you mean it.”

You say, “I’m your dirty girl Mark.”, while you press your asshole against my cock. 

“Say it again Margie.”

“I’m your dirty girl Mark.”, as your breath becomes more ragged and you begin a rhythm of pushing back against my cockhead, slowly spreading your asshole. 


“I’m your dirty girl Mark.”, you whimper.  “I’m your dirty girl!”

“Look back at me when you say it Margie.”

“You look back over your shoulder with eyes smoldering, “I’m only your dirty girl Mark. I’m only your dirty girl!  I don’t want David, or anyone else to fuck my ass, but I want your big cock up my ass!”, you growl as you push back and the swollen head of my cock slips past your sphincter ring and invades your ass for the first time.

I want your eyes to get as big as saucers with excitement, and your mouth open as, for the first time in your life, you feel my cock inside your ass.  I want to look up to the ceiling of your bedroom and etch in my mind what it feels like to have my cock in your ass; so hot and so tight.  Instinctively, your asshole clenches and pushes me out, but you drop down onto your elbows for better leverage and push against my cock as I press it past your asshole and back into the heat of your ass.  I want you to say “Oh, fuck yes!”, as I hold my big swollen head just inside your ass. 

I want to feel your asshole clenching and releasing my cockhead as you learn how to take my cock in your ass.  I want you to say, “Shit, your dick is spreading my asshole so wide!”, as my head pushes in and out of your asshole a few times and you get used to the overwhelming feeling.  The next time my cockhead goes in your asshole I want to keep the pressure on your ass and feel it spread and allow the first couple of inches of my shaft to slowly, persistently penetrate you as you quietly groan, “Ooohhhhh fuck – yes.”  I want to grab your hips and look down at your beautiful, dark, shiny asshole spread wide around my shaft as I pull it out of your ass a bit.  I want to slowly, but persistently push my cock deeper into your virgin ass with every stroke.  When my cock is about halfway in you, I want you to say, “Oh, my ass is so full; it feels like your cock is spreading my hips Mark.  It’s so big!”  Every time I push a little deeper I want to feel your asshole stretched as tight as a string around my thick shaft. 

“Does it hurt Margie?”, I want to ask.

“Oh, fuck.  It doesn’t hurt inside, but my asshole hurts a little when you go deeper and my asshole has to spread wider around your cock.” 

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Fuck no!  You stop and I’ll take you out!”

I laugh.  “You like that it hurts a little bit don’t you Margie?” 


“It hurts so good doesn’t it Margie?”


“You wanted it to hurt a little bit didn’t you Margie?”

“Yeah.”, you whimper.

“That’s because you’re a dirty girl Margie.  A real dirty girl wants her ass fucked good and hard, and she wants it to hurt a little bit.”

“Fuck yeah.”, you growl.

“Tell me how it feels Margie.  Tell me how it feels to get fucked up the ass for the first time.  Tell me how it feels to have my long, thick cock fucking your virgin ass Margie.  Fuck your ass with my cock Margie, and tell me how it feels.”

“Ooooohhhhh fuuuuuck!”, you moan as you push your ass back onto my cock a little farther.  “Every time your cock goes a little deeper, it spreads my asshole a little wider and that’s when it hurts, but it also sends jolts of wonderful pleasure into my ass, up my spine, and back down into my pussy.  That’s why I want it to hurt!  Fuck that’s good!”  You start fucking your own ass with my cock at a little faster pace.  “Your cock is like a huge, slippery, metal pole filling up my ass like it’s never been filled before and touching places that have never been touched before; somehow it’s fulfilling, like a dream coming true.”  My cock only has about another inch to go before it’s completely buried in your tight, virgin ass.  “I can feel every inch of your cock inside me and it feels like your head is in my stomach.  Like when you’re completely inside me you’ll be spreading my lungs.”, you explain lustily as you persistently ram my cock a little deeper in your ass.  You are willing your asshole to stretch enough to take in the thickest part of my shaft. 

I reach down to find your nipples; they are at least an inch long and hard as nails.  “Oh fuck yeah baby!  I feel so wicked, but so good, letting you fuck my ass Mark.  It’s so wrong; so dirty, getting my ass fucked on the same bed where I’ve fucked David hundreds of times!”  I moan with decadent, evil pleasure to hear you say those words; I roll your nipples firmly between my fingers and thumbs.  “Oh fuck yeah!  Pinch my nipples baby!”  You growl and push back on my cock just a few more times before my balls slap your dripping, swollen pussy with a loud smack, smack, smack and my pelvis bounces against your ass.  My cock is finally buried inside your tight, hot ass!  “Oh fuck yes!”, you cheer as I pinch your nipples hard and hold my cock as deep inside your ass as it can go. 

I want you to say, “Wait a minute.”, and I’ll ease my cock out of your ass.  I want you to crawl on your hands and knees over to the top of the bed where you grab the headboard firmly with both hands and look back over your shoulder with an evil grin.  I want you to push your ass back out to me invitingly while your tits swing and wobble beautifully down from your chest and above the mattress.  I want you to squint your eyes intently and demand, “Mr. Turner, I want you to take my ass!  I want you to make my asshole your own!  I want you to use me for your filthy pleasure until you shoot a huge load of white, hot cum deep into my ass!  I’m YOUR dirty girl Mr. Turner!”

I want to smile broadly and say, “Oh yeah, Margie.  I will make it my own.”, as I apply more lube to my long, hard cock and stand on the bed, straddling your beautiful ass.  I want to crouch down and grab you by the waist as I aim my cock at your glistening asshole that’s just slightly open.  You whimper with anticipation as my head touches your sensitive entrance and I begin to persistently push it into your hot, tight, forbidden hole.  “Ohhhhh fuck yes!”, you groan as my head disappears inside your ass and your asshole is once again stretched tight and distended around my cock.  “Oh Margie your ass is so hot and feels so good baby.” I tell you while I hold my cock just inside your asshole and feel your sphincter pulsing around my head as you get used to my cock being back home in paradise.  “Hoh, hoh, hoh!” you breathe with eyes closed, focused on how full my pole is making your ass feel.  “Oh shit, how could I forget how huge your cock is going in my ass.”  After you adjust, I grab your hips a little more firmly and start stroking my shaft a little deeper into and out of your ass, much to your delight.  “Oh yes baby!  Fill me up again with your big ol’ cock baby!  Fuck that ass!”  As I establish a rhythm of pumping my thick cock deeper into your ass, I want to groan with delight to see your heavy tits swinging from your chest in rhythm to the ass-fucking I’m giving you.  Your nipples are long and hard as they drag across the sheets like two pendulums swinging from a clock.  Your tits are irresistible and I grope them firmly with both hands, measuring their impressive weight.  I want you to moan with the pleasure running from your ass to your tits and you begin pushing your ass into my cock every time my thick shaft pushes deeper and wider into your ass.  I want to feel my balls slapping against your wet, swollen pussy as I squeeze and pull on your gorgeous tits and you squeal with sensual delight.  I feel my cock fully buried in your ass with each long stroke and marvel at pumping my cock so deep inside your body.  Lust builds in my balls, and they tingle with pleasure.  I want grab your hair with my left hand and pull it tight as I pinch and pull your right nipple with my right hand.  “Oh fuck!” I want you to scream as your head is pulled back, and your back arches.  I fuck your asshole more fervently, and I groan with lusty pleasure.  I want to hear the loud, “Smack.  Smack.  Smack.”, of my belly smacking your ass every time my long, thick cock bottoms out in your asshole and you shout, “Fuck yes!  That’s how you make it your own baby!  Oh you’re fucking my ass so good Mark!” 

I want to release your nipple and use my right hand to rub your clit while I continue to pound your asshole.  You squeal with delight and buck against my hand, your hands have a white-knuckle grip on the headboard, and your heavy tits bounce and swing seductively below your chest.  I pull a little tighter on your hair and growl in your ear, “Cum for me dirty girl.  Cum all over my hand while my big ol’ cock is filling your asshole and I’m fingering your clit.  Let go to your most wicked dream and cum hard for me Margie.  Be my dirty girl and cum for the master of your ass.”  My fingers are in a frenzy, fast and firm, flicking your hard, swollen clit!  Your body is practically convulsing with wicked pleasure as wave after wave of lust-driven climax pulses through you and out of your pussy in a mind-blowing orgasm.  I slip my cock out of your asshole and allow you to ride my fingers in bliss. 

As you come off your orgasmic high, you lose your grip of the headboard.  Your face, elbows, and knees are on the mattress. 

I want to tell you, “Now it’s my turn dirty girl.”  “I’m going to fill you fuller than you ever thought possible and unleash a huge, hot load of cum deep inside you.”  I work three fingers from my right hand deep and tight into your pussy, until they won’t go any further.  “Oh fuck; my pussy’s never been so full.” you whine.  Then, crouching over your beautiful ass, I use my left hand to guide my head up against your willing asshole.  Your asshole has learned how to let me in, but your over-stuffed pussy has it puckered up again.  I press my head slowly and persistently into your asshole and you begin to groan.  “Oh fuck Mark; I can’t believe how full of you I am already.”  I continue to slowly push into your ass and I can feel the head of my cock slipping deeper in your asshole, sliding past my fingers that are stuffed in your pussy.  “Oh fuck!  Oh fuck!  Oh fuck!” you shout as you begin to feel a sexual fulfillment beyond your darkest, most taboo sexual dream.  I continue to slowly stuff my thick, long shaft into your asshole and again marvel at how tightly stretched it is to take me in.  Grunting and groaning, I push the last inch of the base of my cock into your asshole and it feels like your ass has never had a cock in it before – it’s so tight.  Your head is thrashing on the bed and you’re pounding your fists on the mattress as you growl, “Fuck me!  Fuck me!  Fuck me!  Oh fuck that’s so good!  Oh fuck, how could I be so full!  So full!  So full!  You’re fucking me so good!”  I want to begin stroking the full length of my cock in and out of your ass while your pussy is stuffed full with my fingers.  I can feel my shaft slipping past my fingers as I pump in and out of your ass.  I shove my big cock all the way in your hot, tight ass, and then pull it out until just my head is still inside you, before I push it back all the way in again with a grunt of filthy pleasure.  I want to feel your pussy clench with pleasure around my fingers every time my cock is buried in your ass and my belly slaps against your ass.  I never want to forget watching my whole cock disappear inside your tightly stretched and swollen ass, time and time again as you call out in ecstasy, “Oh, it’s so big!  Oh fuck, I’m so full of you!  My pussy and my ass are so full of you!  This feels so good!  How can this even be possible!  Oh fuck, it feels like your huge cock is in my stomach!  My fucking ass is never going to be the same, and I don’t even care!”  I want to rub your clit with my thumb as I start to feel my orgasm tingling in my balls.  I moan while my balls begin to tighten in preparation for cumming, “Oh shit Margie, you’re gonna make me cum!”

“Oh fuck yeah!  Fill my body with your cum Mark!” I want to hear you beg.

I try to hold back and enjoy the waves of sexual pleasure beginning to overtake me, “Oh Margie, your ass is so beautiful, so hot, so tight!” I grimace through clenched teeth as I furiously pump my big cock in and out of you.  I feel my balls begin to pump involuntarily and I proclaim, “Get ready Margie!  Here it comes!  Your ass is about to be full of a huge load of my white, hot cum!”  I furiously finger your clit and bury my cock as deep in your ass as I can while my body convulses.  You feel hot jet, after hot jet, after hot jet of my cum shooting into what feels like your belly!  My cock is forcing my seed as deep inside you as possible!  You feel it like a space heater inside you, from your asshole to your lungs; hot, white cum filling you while I growl and groan the primal way only a well-earned ejaculation can make a man growl and groan!

I can hardly wait to delight you Margie!  Yes, truly, Margie's delight!