The Champion and The Prince - Part 2

The elf prince shifted in his throne of living wood and vines. He was discontent. And has been every day since he met the troll in the forest of combat.

He originally intended to rush into that dance of death with confidence, beauty and precision. And exit with the troll's heart in his hand. Except, the troll left with the prince's heart.

Utter and completely.

And his virginity, too. He leapt into battle a sword veteran, and exited a heart-lost non-virgin.

That damn troll was on his mind every day, all day. The elf prince was vain, and thought highly of himself. But his heart longed for the champion's touch again. Just to look into his eyes, and feel his powerful arms wrapped around his body again. To press his hands against that hard, powerful chest and feel safely wrapped up and pulled into those tree-trunk arms.

Every night since, he's been sexually insatiable, thinking of their love in the grass while stroking his throttling member until spent and wet. Until his white sap gooed all over the leaves of his bed. The prince's golden eyes glowered down to look in his own lap, and ignore the social gathering of elf and fairy kind going on in the palace.

“….siiigghhhh…." he breathed hard, looking down sadly into his lap. Like a child who lost their favorite teddy bear. He slowly ran his clear, diamond-like fingernails through his long, silky hair and behind his pointed ear. But the only image in his mind's eye was the troll champion. Flashes of “pictures" his mind took. Of him sitting there, speaking about peace. Of his hard, powerful chest so up close. Of how he looked laying on his back while being ridden. His scent of pine and sweat. His touch: powerful as stone, yet gentle as feathers.

Little did the prince even realize until now just how much his mind had mapped and memorized the unique contours and features of his body.

And he thought about how gloriously full and stretched out he felt, taking the massive powerhouse from behind. Arching his back and feeling his hips grabbed and pulled in. Dominated, loved, controlled, penetrated…

“Your highness, is anything the matter?" spoke a feminine voice in his ear, snapping him out of his private thoughts. He looked up to see a female elf, almost as feminine as him, but slightly taller. She wore a crown of leaves and had her hair braided in a Celtic fashion. “You seem...bothered."

“No, no….I'm fine."

“You sure?"

“Yes, yes. Stop asking."

The elf woman sitting next to him was his to-be-wed, betrothed to him by the Elf queen herself. For political reasons.

But the prince had no interest in her. To be honest, his only interest in females was if he ever saw a style on them he liked. He felt more naturally comfortable and fitting to be touched and oggled by strong, big-shouldered, males. For him, it just… “felt normal." He never truly felt sexually excited except by reveling in his own beauty. And thus, believed he himself truly narcissistic. But, his private thoughts and dreams...have grown beyond just private thoughts about some of the most masculine elfs. 

And yet now? Now, he couldn't get the damned tusked barbarian out of his thoughts.

The inner chambers of the hall he sat in looked like it had more in common with a giant, hollowed-out tree trunk. Complete with holes for moonlight to pour in, glowing mushrooms, gorgeous vines and creepers everywhere. Elfen members of important social class mingle across a wooden and sand floor, hardened flat by millennia of elfen feet compacting and smoothing it down.

The double doors to the grand hall filled with singing bird songs open with a creak, causing the little feathered musicians to suddenly halt the ball's music. The elfs look up at the various birds, wondering why they halted their singing.

The hard steps of naked human-like feet, with the clack-clack of miniature hooves extending from five toes per foot snaps everyone to the reason. Pointed ears of everyone flatten back like a deer's, in submissive recognition. A completely nude 7 foot tall pale-skinned woman, with literally white spots down her naked lower back and buttocks, walks in. Her chin, throat, chest, belly, and groin are all literally white, while the rest of her body is a pecan color. Long platinum-blonde hair runs down her head to the floor, and dragging behind her: like a gown made of silk white-yellow hair. Her plump black lips are licked with a dark purplish tongue, shaped like a human's. Green pubic hair, barely noticeable (as if buzzed by hair clippers) give a beautiful spring green hue to her groin and under her armpits. It is the queen herself.

Her eyes, looking like a deer's eyes in human eye sockets, close vainly as she yawns. This makes the four fangs in her mouth stand out, the two on top long as a vampire's. The two on the bottom even twice as long as that, leaving some to wonder just how in the hell can she even close her mouth. But, it does explain her muffled lisp when she speaks. Her pointed ears stand erect, with tufts of blonde hair rising from the tips, like a lynx's ears.

The entire hall bows to her, ears skint back, and eyes focused upon her superiority. She is the tallest elf in all known elfdom. Her fangs are awe-inspiring. She is the queen. And her matriarchal choices stand as non-debatable, indisputable and irrebuttable. Unless one wishes to be pushed from the “herd" to live alone in the wilderness. Or, experience a hoof-toed kick from one of her long, powerful and upside-down 2-litre shaped legs. Or to get better acquainted with her fangs.

Which nobody did.

Her long, pale legs were dense with muscle and hard as steel. Part of never sitting, except in private. By always standing, she showed her superiority, and her ability to always be the “mother bull" of the herd. Her retinue of older, large, athletic and elegant female elfs followed behind her: the matriarchy.

The prince got off his throne and got down to his knees. He's done it so much that it was almost automatic. His “to-be" also knelt beside him in her knee-length hoola of leaves.

“I'm happy to see you, Vryntorix." she smiled down on him. The prince looked at how solid and strong, yet grooved the little hoofs on the tip of her toes were.

“Thank you, my queen."

“Well, I see the two of you have met. Good, good. But now, it's time for the breeding!" she clapped her palms. The entire palace hall soon followed with applause and ululations. Even the birds gave hard, loud tweets.

The elf princess blushed red, her ears flattening back against her head. The prince's heart leapt in his throat. A mix of disgust and fear of disappointing his queen. Truth be told, he didn't want the girl the same way she wanted him. He had no attraction to her in the slightest. None. All his wet dreams, all his life since puberty, have involved penises. Broad shoulders. And strong masculinity, caressing and worshiping his femininity: that which he held in utmost pride.

The two went back behind large leaf curtains that draped behind the thrones of the hall. They both walked down a wooden hallway, before entering Vryntorix's private chambers. The entire time, he pouted and played with his long, clear fingernails...trying to think of a way out of this. In honesty, the idea of kissing her made him almost wretch.

They opened the door, and she shyly sashayed to the large round bed made of dense, comfortable bushes and giant leaves for a blanket. Even sweet little berries dripped from the thick bush's sides. She pulled down her gown, letting her plump, pink breasts pop out for him to see. She blushed and smiled as the prince kept his eyes down, still lost in thought, and closed the large wooden door.

“I hope I don't disappoint you, my lord..." she smiled sensually, licking her upper lip. Her brown nipples jut out hard and long from her round, milky mounds. She slowly wiggles her hips, letting her gown fall off of her nude body, more and more. Little white hairs along her body shine like translucent threads of a spider's web in the sunlight. She edges back on the bush-bed, her knees high in the air, and her thighs pressed together. Her closed pussy puffs and bulges out, swollen and sensitive with arousal. Drops of clear nectar gloop out the pink lips like a large, clear teardrop of clear glue from a glue-gun.

“Eughh..." he swallows in his throat. Vryntorix moves his ears, listening to outside the room. The queen and the nobles still fill it, making merry about this “breeding." He's got nowhere to run, and that's all he wishes to do.

“Come on, Prince Vryntorix!" she cheers from the bed, “...or are you afraid? Heheheh!"

“...hardly." he unfolds his arms, like a kid who has to do the dishes.

“Well?" she teases, reaching out with a foot and snatching his robe's belt loose. The leaves fall to the floor, leaving his naked, pale body out for all to see. And his penis is as loose and flaccid as can be.


“Well, will you come unto me? Or must I be disappointed?"

Begrudgingly, he walks over to her and she opens her thighs, grabbing him between her legs. Their groins press together, her fluid slicking up his long, flaccid cock.

“Unnhhh…take me..." she whispers in his pointed ear, reaching up and undoing his ponytail to let his long white hair fall free in silken drapes.

Vryntorix closes his eyes, feeling irritated that he's not getting it up.

Matter of fact...he kind of can't.

It just…it just…….it just WON'T.

No matter how much he wills it. He rolls his hips between her legs, hoping the friction will work. His face blazes with embarrassment. He doesn't want to piss off the queen, or shame his people. So much weight on his shoulders.

“What's the matter?" she gasps up at him.

“I just...I can't do this..." he whispers, pulling up off and away from her.

“Is it me?! What did I do wrong?!"

“Nothing, nothing, just…...just leave me alone for awhile. I need to think..."

Vryntorix snatches his robes off the floor, encircling himself in them and clamping his bark belt around his waist. Sword attached. With a ballerina's grace, he leaps into the sill of the window, and leaps from it to fall down in the dark pitch black of the night. His feet, wrapped in curly-toed leaf shoes, silently land on a branch, as he scurries and leaps down branch by branch. Never making one sound, and only causing the tree to sway as if it's merely wind.


It's been about an hour since Prince Vryntorix has jumped out the window of his own private chambers. He walks alone through the night forests, his arms folded arrogantly. Yet, his eyes glow white in the dark, showing his mind is lost and troubled. His white hair blows in the wind like a shimmering cape flowing in the night's gusts.

He's been thinking. Thinking a lot. About his future. About his queen. About his role in this war. His purpose, the law of her kingdom.


It's been weeks since he's seen the troll. And the elfs have succeeded in beating them back from the forests. But the war is still on-going. Yet, the way it is, it should be over soon. He's comfortable, and at peace. He doesn't want to return back home. Not with that blubbering princess and who-knows-what kind of reaction may be there. He groans to himself, just imagining what he may have to deal with. Vryntorix finds himself meandering the secured forests where he had fought weeks ago. As he mindlessly meanders, lost in his own thoughts, he finds himself having wandered to the very place where he had lost his virginity.

His high senses pick up something. He turns his head, letting the wind blow his long hair over his face to hide his blushing smile. He composes himself and stands up with a stern and hard expression. He looks up with his glowing red eyes to see a pair of glowing yellow eyes in the darkness of the forest.

“What are you doing here?" he asks nonchalantly, trying to hide his giddy glee. When the wind dies down, letting his hair fall back down his back and expose his face, he gives off a veiled sense of seriousness. He knows he's being watched. He can feel the gentle warmth exude from the powerhouse sitting in the dark.

“Thinking." rumbles the deep, smooth voice in a gentle tone.

“About me, probably." Vryntorix flips his long hair, arrogantly standing proud.


“Just maybe?" he raises a silver eyebrow with the cocky tone.

“You think of me?"

The massive powerhouse stands up to his full, intimidating height. The prince can feel his every step towards him. The moonlight highlights his massive barrel chest, his solid barrel of a stomach, biceps big as a human head. His soft, beautiful fur, and the long ox-tail switching casually.

“To be honest? Not really." the prince lied.

“Oh?" the troll said with a slightly sad tone. He walked up on the elf, who still had his back to him. Arms folded. And looking away with a haughty, disinterested expression.

“I'm not attempting to be cruel, it's just the truth."

He suppressed a smile when he felt the body heat of the massive Gorraks only half an inch distance from him. His back to the troll's chest. But even though he looked as if he didn't care… Vryntorix was ecstatic inside. He wanted smile so hard that it would burn his cheeks. And he kept getting irritated that the troll wasn't touching him. Inside his thoughts, he kept yelling ((Touch me, you IDIOT. Touch me, touch me, touch me! Didn't you MISS me? AT ALL? SHOW IT!)) But on the outside? On the outside, he'd fool anybody into thinking he didn't give a care at all.

He felt the hard, massive pecs of Gorraks press against the back of his neck. He felt the hard, powerful barrel-like stomach against his back. The huge groin against his firm little ass. And then those huge, massive arms gently wrap around him. The two big hands held each other like a belt buckle as the massive arms embraced the thin little elf.

Vryntorix almost melted. He let go of all his tenseness, and simply leaned back into the troll. He slid his hands along the top of the muscular troll's powerful hands, holding him as he held him. He laid his head back against those solid pecs, savoring the feel of those hard muscles against the back of his head. He felt Gorraks pull him tight. Squeeze him lovingly. Put his tusked mouth against his neck and smell his thick, silvery hair.

“...unhhhh….." he sighed in absolute joy.

“I thought you didn't miss me..."

The elf's red eyes look down as he blushes, smiling. “I didn't."

“Lying little elf."


He leaned all his weight back into his sweet-heart's body, feeling more supported against his powerful frame than if he was leaned against a mighty oak. His tall pointed ears twitch as he savored the slowly speeding up heartbeat of the troll, who he knew could feel his own excited heart thumping.

The troll's soft, warm lips press gently along his soft, white skin. Goosebumps form as the elf feels a tingle roll up his spine and through his groin. His hands grip and clench at Gorraks', pressing them against his body.

“...uhh...touch me..."

The tusked handsome mouth smiles wickedly.

“I shouldn't. You didn't miss me after all."

He presses his hands against the elf's thighs, sliding his clawed fingers along the dense plant cloth. Vryntorix breathes deep, smelling the clean but powerful scent of a alpha male who is absolutely cherishing his every curve. This is what he's been craving. Every night since they made love. As the huge powerful hands slide along his thighs, he shivers in anticipation to feel them grab and knead his buttocks. Or slide along his groin and make contact with his now throbbing erection. He's so hard that his penis almost feels numb. The huge, dark, bull and the small, bright prince. 

Vryntorix arches his back, pushing his ass against Gorraks' groin. He feels the thick, mighty erection pulse at his touch. He closes his eyes and rolls his head against the troll, gasping into the cool night air. Lust and love, longing and wantoness, have overtaken him. The troll's hands stop, holding his hips as if he was a small princess in his grip. Vryntorix lifts his arms up and behind him, wrapping them around the neck of the troll kissing the nape of his neck. His body shivers as he becomes impatient, waiting for the hands to take him and invade his private places.

“Touch me..." he breathes, licking his upper lip.

“No..." the troll grins a mischievous smile.

The elf grips his neck tighter, crushing his head down into his neck and aggressively rolling his ass into the alpha male's groin.

“Whyyy….???!" he whines like a spoiled brat.

“If you missed me, then I MIGHT be inclined to touch you."

“Oh, you bastard..."


Vryntorix rolls his red eyes as if disgusted, and his entire face, neck and chest blaze red as a apple with shyness.

“...fine. I did."

“Did what?"

“Like you don't know."

“I won't, lest you tell me."

“You're getting a kick out of this, aren't you?"


“Unh…...I...I did. I missed you."

“How much?"

The elf prince stomps his foot like a pouting girl, and pulls away from the troll, turning around to look up at him in the face.

“Did you miss me?"

“Tell me yours, I'll tell you mine." the big monster says in a cocky, intellectual way. Glowing red eyes stare up at glowing yellow ones. The elf prince's soft feminine face pouts angrily. He's used to getting his way. And now, he's not. It infuriates him...but also, kind of turns him on. It only seems to make the alpha male look even more alpha.

“Yes, I missed you. I missed you very much!"

“I missed you too."

“DID you?!"

“Every minute."

A shyness conquers the prince's face. His eyes turn down to look at the ground and his cheeks blaze even brighter red.



The troll's hands reach out, grabbing the elf around his waist and pulling him close. He lifts his hands, palms pressing against the big chest he's now pressed against. He arches his back, letting his ass push outward as the troll's hands slide lower along the sides of his buttocks and pull his hips closer. He pushes back at the troll, as if doing a push-back. But it's not that he doesn't want to be close. He wants to feel his strength. Feel how powerful he can hold him. Vryntorix's red eyes get a little bit watery.

“I missed you, too. You bastard…why do I end up missing you SO MUCH?"

He feels overcome with emotion. He's not sure if he's happy, sad, or just worked up. He feels vulnerable, something he as an elf prince, has never felt before. Not in his entire adult life. Gorraks pulls him in closer, squeezing him in a tight, strong hug.

“I missed you of every minute of every day. Every thing reminded me of you. I couldn't even escape dreaming of you..."

The elf reaches out, grabbing his face and kissing him. The huge hands grab the sides of his waist and slide down, gripping his hips in a iron lock.

“Yesss….c'mon...move me like you wanna..."

He likes feeling the power, the domination, the want, the lust. He teases by pushing the troll away, and turning around, wagging his hips. Licking his upper lip, he runs his hands through his hair and cranes his head back, excited to feel those hands again. He swishes away, only stopping when he's an arm's length from a large, heavy tree.

“Come here to me...gimme all that ass..."

His hips are grabbed and locked in a tight grip. The huge palms slide under his clothing, caressing every inch of his body, sliding claws along his flat, taut stomach. He feels his erection throb to life, pulsing with pleasure in his silky tight pants. Vryntorix arches his back and pushes his ass out, slowly sliding his hips from side to side like a taunting snake.

“You can't have me..." he teases, rolling his ass in slow circles. He feels his lover slowly slide his pants down, exposing his soft pale hips and ass to the cool night air. Exposing him. He smiles and licks his lips, realizing his breathing and heart rate have begun speeding up. He presses his hands out against the tree, holding himself up while bent over.

Gorraks slides his pants down, exposing all his ass, and letting the pants drop to the forest floor. The elf kicks the pants off from around his ankles and leans all his weight against the tree, lifting his ass and presenting himself.

“Ohh gods, fucking take me..."

In response, his ass cheek is slapped, sending a loud clapping sound out and making his hips vibrate with the slap's power. He feels the vibration run through his taint, his balls, his cock and down his thighs. He bites his bottom lip, and can't take the smile off his face. He feels the huge, throbbing cock lay against his naked buttocks, and those huge hands slide and hold his naked waist. They slide down his naked cheeks and the sides of his thighs, grabbing, massaging and frottaging him.

“That the best you got, weakling?" he laughs, raising his ass up higher.

“It's like that, huh?"

“I THOUGHT you were strong. Big, masculine troll and a- * SMACK!! *-WWLLL!"

His left buttock is red and jiggling from another pop. Only slightly harder. He smiles harder and gets lost in the hot, stinging wave of pleasure spilling down from his naked ass and into his thighs and taint. He knows Gorraks is strong enough to seriously hurt him, so to know he's holding so much back, is really a turn on.



The other cheek is smacked a bit harder than last. His balls glow hot with excitement and his cock erects completely. A long drip of precum spills down between his legs and he gasps hard and loud. His face has become completely hot and red now, and feeling that huge hard cock resting on his ass is just hypnotic.

The huge hands grab him around the waist, controlling him and holding him. Pinning him down to be mounted, penetrated, deeply. The man he's been dreaming about for weeks is holding him down now, and about to push deep in him. Pound him against the tree, the huge bull who loves him as much as he doesn't want to admit he loves him back.

“...make me yours…." he whispers, hoping Gorraks didn't hear.

“As long as you'll be mine." he whispers back, knowing he wasn't meant to hear that. Vryntorix tries to be mad, but he can't stop smiling.

“….I think I love you…."

“I know that I love you."

Hearing it makes the prince's heart thump hard in his chest. He feels light and giddy. He drops his head low, hoping it hides his blushing red face and huge smile.

“Make love to me…."

He feels his ass kneeded like dough, before they are parted by his mate mounting him. The huge, throbbing head slides between his buttocks slowly. The elf impatiently lifts his ass higher and pushes back. He feels so damn impatient and anxious. He wants to be penetrated so bad.

He feels a hard, spongy and hot pressure push hard against his anus. He throws his head back, gasping in a storm of love, lust and excitement. The huge hands grab around his little girly waist and pull him back. They're so fucking strong. So big. So powerful. He thinks about those huge shoulders, that massive chest, that powerful body of a powerlifter, those massive thighs. Oh fucking gods….Gorraks isn't the thinnest in the world, but he looks like he could take a cut, rippling war god and just snap him in half like a toothpick. ((My man's a superior alpha male…))  he thinks as his anus stretches open and he feels a spongy, hot, hard invader penetrate deep inside him. He feels his entire ass and the area inside his taint feel full of pressure and fullness. Stretched out by fullness.

There is less pain than last time. This time, it just feels like A LOT of pressure inside his taint, and extra hot fullness. A glow of pleasure tornadoes down into his taint and through his balls. He feels his hips held in place. Held tight and secure by huge hands so strong that he couldn't move if he wanted to.

“Deeper….deeper…." he groans, gasping hot ragged breaths. The huge penetration bulldozes it's way inside, making the feeling of pressure and fullness keep increasing. His taint feels like it's glowing and on fire with raw, lustful pleasure. Vryntorix slides his thighs open wider, leans more of his weight against the tree, and pushes himself back.

More. More.

He rolls his hips, feeling a lightning bolt of sexual electricity shoot through the entire inside of his pelvis. That giant cock head is now milking his prostate. He rolls his hips in a circle again, feeling the pressure of the prostate send the greatest sexual pleasure he's felt through his entire groin. He rolls his head, and gasps… “Ohhhh goddzzzzz…." His entire groin becomes wet and sticky from his own leaking precum. “C'mon baby…."


His ass thunders with a hard clap, only doubling the intensity of the huge penetration in him. He clenches his teeth and stands on his tip toes, grunting loud in a girly squeal. He feels more of that powerful bull's cock conquer deep into his insides. The muscle mountain's huge weight presses against him, pushing him more and more against the tree trunk.


The huge hands wrap around his waist and lift him up off the ground, leaving his feet dangling inches above the grass. One of his shoes falls off. Gorraks then pulls his little body back down on his cock and thrust forward at the same time.

Vryntorix's eyes roll into his head and he groans long and loud in pure pleasure. He feels his beloved's huge cock wetten inside him, spilling his precum deep inside. He looks down between his dangling legs to see those huge, heavy balls slapping against him. Just the sound and sight of him makes him dig his long sharp nails into the wood and struggle not to cum right now.

“ I yours?" he moans, leaving long claw marks in the tree trunk.

“You're mine. All mine..."


His shoulders are so fucking huge. He's just...just so powerful. So masculine. Such a...dominating bull. And he loves me.

Gorraks pulls the elf's long, silvery hair, jerking his head back. In the same motion, he pumps deeper, sending the hot and full feeling to plunge up deep behind Vryntorix's belly button. His entire taint now feels full of water and pressure. Like a car's engine spring being pressed down so hard that it can't be pressed down any longer. His pumps are in a steady rhythm, taking control and plunging his cock deep and strong in perfect tempo. On perfect beat. Vryntorix pushes himself back to meet each thrust, feeling his man's steady rhythm pump him closer and closer to a mind-numbing orgasm.

“I'm gonna cum..." the deep, masculine voice gasps in his soft, pointed ear. He thinks of those huge, full balls and the dominating cock deep inside him. He's being held up in the air, one-handed, and fucked hard. Fucked hard, against a tree. By the one he loves and who loves him. He thinks he's in love.


The spring explodes from under the weight. Vryntorix feels like his entire ass, taint, cock and groin erupt in a lightning storm of released pressure and sexual fire. His legs lock up and tighten. His toes curl. His nails dig into the tree. And his cock shoots off like a backed-up fire hose.

He grunts hard, loud and long. As if trying to scream, but keep quiet at the same time. His ass locks down and sucks hard at the huge cock deep inside him. With every thrust inside, he feels like his cock his being stroked from the inside of his body and his balls massaged. From the inside. He can't keep it together.

He cums hard, loud and long. With every pump his mate pushes into him, his orgasm just doubles. And that long, thick cock just keeps on pumping anyway, making him cum so hard that he thinks he might lose his mind.

“URRNNHHH!!!!" Gorraks grunts hard and loud, like a angry bull impregnating his cow.


Each deep pump becomes harder and deeper. And extremely wet. Slippery. And hotter. Gorrak's rhythmic pumps become shorter, deeper. Faster. And with each thrust, Vryntorix's insides feel more full, more warm and more wet. He smiles while cumming, realizing he's being “impregnated." He's pumping so much cum, so damn deep. The prince looks down at his flat, taut stomach, getting turned on even harder by realizing he's so full of sperm inside.

The troll pushes deep. Balls deep. Till their balls are pressed against one another. He holds the pump all the way inside, still releasing his precious seed. The prince just starts to come down from cumming, as he gasps in ragged inhales, trying to catch his breath. He lifts his hips and wags them slowly from side to side. Gorraks grits his fanged teeth and grunts long and hard as if in tremendous pain. His huge, power shoulders bulge big and his arms lock as he grunts and gasps with sounds of pain. But he's not in pain. It's the over-sensitivity of his cock being milked and sucked after he's just finished cumming.

The prince smiles a huge, mischievous grin and begins to roll his hips clockwise. He clenches his ass down, milking his boyfriend without mercy. Get it alllllll inside.

Every. Fucking. Drop.

Vryntorix is greedy and will not stand for his beloved's seed spilling anywhere else. The prince brings the warrior to a gasping, trembling heap of shuddering muscle and power.

“It's mine…." he smiles, clenching down on the base of the cock inside him and rolling his hips to drain those huge balls dry. He feels Gorraks try to pull out. But he can't. Vryntorix loves feeling so weak and small in his huge hands. But...he's really loving this feeling of having the bull by the horns. Or, the cock, one should say.

His insides feel full, wet, hot and fertile inside. He loves the feeling. As he rolls his hips, the erect and spilling cock inside him being rolled and pressed against his prostate ends up milking him of his last drops of cum too. White drops spill all over the forest grass as the gasping troll eases his beloved lady onto her feet. When the elf let's go, the limping cock pulls free of the milking ring with a loud, wet shplop sound. The thick dick hangs limp, not dropping so much as a clear drip. Only looking wet and drained of all it's fertility.

The prince slides down to his knees, on his hands, and pushes the huge creampie out of his insides. A torrent of wide seed spills down his taint, his inner thighs, his naked calves and the grass like a kicked over can of white paint. He flips his long hair, looking back as he feels the thick, slow waterfalls of troll semen spill out of his tight elfen body.

“Oh were really trying, weren't you?" he taunts, a giggly expression on his face.

The huge troll sits down in the grass beside him, his long ox tail switching like a satisfied cat's tail. “Huh? Trying what?"

“Get me pregnant. I mean, gods." Another torrent of fresh, white sperm jets outward like a stream of vanilla frosting being shot out a water gun. “Wow...when was the last time you came?"

“Heh..." the troll blushes hard, not sure what to say. The elf pulls off his one shoe and his shirt, and throws them far off into the wilderness' dark. He crawls forward to his sitting boy toy with a lustful look in his girly face.

“I hope you're not tired out..."

The troll's erection begins to throb back to life. Vryntorix grabs the still wet cock now growing big and hard again and licks the cum-coated head.

“...because you're not even half done, “warrior"."