Perfect. That’s really the only way I can think to describe any part of the situation I had found myself in. Perfect night, the girl I love snuggled against me on the bed. Her steady, rhythmic breathing washing over my senses in the darkness. Perfect body. Her taught, petite body blocked from view only by a frame-hugging t-shirt, pulled up slightly in the night as she snoozed to reveal her round, perfect ass in her black lacy panties. Wrapped up in my arms as she dreams, blissfully unaware of what her simply being there does to me. Perfect opportunity. Just perfect.

Leaning up on my elbow, I brush the few strands of her chestnut hair from her face, gazing down at the features I’m all too familiar with. She looks so different illuminated by the thin rays of moonlight peeking through the blinds. Her soft, full lips curl into the slightest smile under my watchful eye—her dreams pleasant and undisturbing. I cautiously place a kiss on her cheek, apprehensively awaiting a stir of her long eyelashes and a groan of arousal. Nothing. Perfect.

I softly place another kiss near her jawline and another below her earlobe before moving down to pepper her neck with soft kisses, not daring to increase their frequency for fear of waking my sleeping princess. Feeling a bit bolder, I shift my weight slowly, slipping my hand beneath the hemline of her shirt, my fingertips tracing the top of her barely-covered thigh. I watch her face intently as I let my fingers travel, pulling the fabric up as they explore eagerly, ready to stop at any sign of movement. I settle back down on my side as the edge of the fabric reveals the bottom of her ribcage, but I do not falter in my pursuits. Tugging gently, I pull the fabric away from my prize, releasing it just as I catch a glimpse of her soft, pink nipples. Unable to control myself, I place another kiss on her neck as my fingertips trace her flesh. Her body reacts and her nipple hardens at my touch as my warm breath quickens slightly. I have to do this right I thought. I’ll never find another perfect opportunity like this. It’ll be worth it.

Softly pressing my lips to the nape of her neck, my hand travels down to her thus-far neglected nipple, my rough fingers gently rubbing it to match its twin. Perfect breasts. The soft, supple breasts I adored over our encounters appeared even more perfect in the soft moonlight. Rising and falling gently with those slow, steady breaths. I wanted to taste them. To take her soft nipples between my lips and suck on them, nibbling on them until her eyes flew open and soft moans filled the room, but I knew I did not want to stop there. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop at just admiring her perfect mounds. I needed more, so they would have to wait.

Slipping my right arm carefully beneath the crook of her neck, I let it rest in the crook of my elbow, then I flicked her nipple with my fingertip gently. Again, watching her face for any sign of movement. Nothing. Perfect. My lips met her earlobe and traveled down to her shoulder as I pulled the fabric aside to contact her delicate skin. I sucked on it ever-so-gently before releasing her, my left hand, now free, traveling carefully down her flat stomach, my fingers just barely grazing her curves before stopping at the waistband of her frilly panties. She knew I loved these. The way they hugged her hips and shaped her ass was perfect. God bless whatever man or woman thought of the unique cut of fabric.

I whispered a soft I love you into her ear before allowing my fingers to dip beneath the waistband of the worship-worthy delicates. Her skin was warm and inviting, beckoning my fingers to explore her womanly folds. Who was I to deny her need to be touched, loved, and appreciated? I couldn’t help myself, as my fingers slipped further into the black lace, her smooth skin led me to the spot I yearned for. Running my finger over the top of her slit, I held my breath, certain my movements would wake her. She did not stir and my fingers gently began to stroke. Her warm wetness invited me further.

Removing my hand from the warmth nearly killed me, but I willed myself to brave the cool night air just long enough to gently part her thighs, shifting her leg onto my knee so that I may further continue to seek and explore. Another soft kiss to her cheek and my eager fingers had returned to the depths of her panties. My calloused fingers felt rough against her soft, delicate skin as I reached the limit of my prior adventure, barely hesitating before delving further between her soft thighs. My fingers traced the length of her warm slit. Perfect. Warm, wet, and waiting for me. I strained to listen for any disruption as I gently parted her moist lips with my fingertips, slipping my finger inside to meet her clit. Nothing, no sign of stirring. Perfect.

My fingers probed her growing wetness further, dipping between her womanly folds as her warmth grew. Her wetness coated my fingers as they explored and I began to circle her clit with my thumb, coaxing her love bud slowly, eagerly, toward the tingle I knew she would feel even amidst the most terrifying of dreams. My other hand, fingers still tracing her taught nipples, mimicked the movements of my coaxing and a soft sigh escaped her lips, penetrating the darkness.

“Good girl,” I whispered, feeling myself hardening instantly. “Let Daddy take care of you.” I slipped a finger inside her pussy, her warmth and wetness spreading as her body reacted. Her breath quickened as my intruding fingers stroked her sensitive clit. A low moan rose in the air. Whether hers or mine, I wasn’t sure. I needed her and now as the perfect time.

Slipping my hand from her panties again, I gently pushed them down her thighs. Silently tugging them off her bare legs, I could barely contain myself. The smell of her wetness and need filled the air and glancing down at her bare pussy, a low growl formed in my throat and I hooked my elbow behind her knee, spreading those soft thighs to fully expose her dripping sex. I can’t wait. I need her.

My cock instantly rose to meet her exposed slit. It was nearly throbbing as my eyes took in her beautiful form. Shifting my hips, I rubbed the head against her hardening clit. Another moan, but this time I was positive it had come from my precious girl. Her juices now coating the head of my cock, I couldn’t postpone it any longer, with one swift stroke, I pushed between her pussy lips and dove deep into her.

- She -

A sudden wave of sensations flooded through my body. My eyes flickered open at once and I tensed, confused, trying to gain my bearings of what was happening. I couldn’t control the gasp that stuck in my throat as I heard a moan into my ear. His fingers circling my nipples and his hard cock pumping slowly into my cunt. I fought against a moan rising in my chest but lost as his fingers once again found their destination and began circling my clit.

A breathy moan escaped me as I pushed my hips back and I turned my face go look at him. His lips instantly found mine as his fingers teased my sensitive bud and I whimpered, my tongue rushing to meet his as he parted my lips. Rocking my hips, I silently begged him for more, craving every inch of his hard member inside me. He obliged, quickening his pace and diving deeper.

“Who does this belong to?” He growled playfully in my ear as his fingers flicked my clit, sending sensations and jolts of hot electricity through my body. I felt the whole of my body tense, tingling at the touch as though he’d made it his own personal mission to pleasure me into silence.

“It’s all yours,” I whimpered, quickly losing control. “I’m yours, Daddy.” That was exactly what he wanted to hear. He smiled and shoved your cock deeper into my wetness, making me gasp as you bottomed out. His strong hands left my breasts and grasped my neck, squeezing my throat as he leveraged my body and plunged his cock deeper still, making me cry out from pain and pleasure as he continued to assault my insides. Your fingers furiously moved over my clit, beckoning nearer a wave of pleasure I couldn’t fight against.

“That’s it, Kitten,” He whispered. “This is mine and do you know what I want from it? I want it to squeeze my cock and make me feel good.” He tightened his grip around my throat as his fingers danced on every sensitive nerve, making me buck against him in pleasure.

“Good girl,” He growled. “Now cum on Daddy’s cock.” His words cut through me and I felt myself completely losing control as I jerked and quivered, succumbing to the pleasure rising around me, making me tense and shake uncontrollably.

- He -

I knew I had her as soon as I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock. I gripped her tiny little neck, squeezing as I pumped faster and harder into her wet cunt. You’re mine, now. You’ll do what I say, you’ll react how I want you to, and you’ll cum when I tell you to. I felt her tiny, helpless body buck against me, the overwhelming pleasure intensifying with each stroke of my cock and my fingers. More. I wanted more. I had to have more. Her tight little body felt so good to use.

Watching her begin to gasp for air, I loosened my grip on her throat and slowed my pace as I watched her orgasm subside. Good. Let’s make this last, I thought. I turned her face to look at me, her eyes glazed over, I knew she was expecting the pleasure to end, but I wasn’t done. I needed her again and again for however long it took for my cravings to subside.

“It’s not over until I say it’s over, Princess,” I smiled, still pumping my fat cock into her now dripping-wet cunt. As the glazed look vanished from her face, I reached down to pinch her nipple. I love it when you jump and tense like that.

- She -

“Yes, daddy,” I groan, my toes still tingling from waves of pleasure that had only just subsided moments before. Unaware of his intentions, I continued to push my hips back, savoring every inch of his hard member pumping into my most delicate parts. Without even fully realizing it, I was biting my lip, rocking with him as the pleasure began to build again. I had just closed my eyes to focus on the sensations when I felt him release my leg and hastily pull out. I whimpered at the sudden emptiness and turned to look at him, meeting his sharp gaze just as he grabbed my hips and lifted me from the bed, sliding a thick, firm pillow into position before releasing me to lie flat on my stomach on top of it.

Slightly confused, I started to shift and get up, only to be pushed back into place roughly with firm hands, my wrists pulled up over my head and secured to the headboard with the sudden scraping of metal and the click of a lock. I lay there, my mind racing with images of what he would do to me as I felt a sharp slap to my bare bottom. I barely had even a moment to react before I felt his hard cock enter me again, full force. I couldn’t help but cry out as he gripped my hips in your rough hands, pumping into my slippery cunt at a forceful, steady rhythm, diving deeper with every stroke.

Almost instantly, the pleasure I had fought began to creep up on me once again and I moaned, unable to contain it. I felt his grip tighten on my hips, your fingers digging into my soft flesh as your pace hastened. I bucked against you, half reacting to the pain of the hard intrusion by trying to lessen your depth as I whimpered.

“I’m not done with you, kitten,” He whispered into my ear, moving faster now. I heard his breath quicken as he started pumping harder, tears welling up unwillingly in my eyes as you slammed your cock into my body. Grunting in pleasure, his pumping suddenly became erratic until finally his grip dug harder into my hips and he pushed in, deeper than ever before and held it as he met his release, shooting sticky strands of thick cum deep in my pussy just as the sun began to rise.

- He -

“You’re perfect, kitten, but I’m still not done with you” I nibble on her neck before pulling out, watching strands of cum leak down her perfect thighs. I smile and push it back into her dripping cunt with my finger before I shift her again, flipping her onto her back in one swift motion. She tugs at her bindings, fully expecting them to be released, but I was not ready to oblige. Her tiny little body was so ready—so receptive to my touch that I couldn’t help but crave her again. I leaned forward and took her nipple into my mouth, sucking it between my lips as I began to stroke her thigh with my fingers once again. I felt her goosebumps prickle against my warm breath as I nibbled on her nipple. That gasp always makes me smile. I love the power I have over her when she’s helpless, cuffed to the bed in a compromising position and weak from continued pleasure.

I slip a finger between her swollen pussy lips, circling her clit once again as I move to the other nipple. I explore it with my tongue as I feel her jolt and try to move her sensitive bud away from my eager fingers. I grip her hip with my free hand and hold her in place, watching her body react yet again.

“This is still mine,” I smile, circling her clit faster now. “I’ll use you however many times I want.” Watching her try to fight the pleasure building up inside of her is intoxicating. She bites her lip and tries to shift her hips, but I grip tighter. She tries to close her knees, blocking my access, but I pry them apart and settle between those fleshy thighs. You’re not getting away. You’re mine.

Pulling the pillow beneath her into the proper position, I raise your hips before circling your clit again with my fingers. This is perfect. I have you exactly where I want you. Another moan and some squirming and I know I’ve found the perfect spot. My fingers circle it, moving faster now as I watch her reaction. She closes her eyes, trying to focus, but I can see everything building up inside of her as your skin flushes. Yes, you’re mine. I’ll do what I want with you and you’ll cum when I want you to.

Leaning forward, I kiss her passionately, further drawing her away from whatever distraction she was attempting to envision. My tongue explores her mouth as my fingers eagerly invade her hot pussy, her body nearly pulsing under my fingertips. I move my kisses from her lips and let them trail across her cheek and down her jawline.

“Cum for me, kitten.” I growl into her ear as my fingers move faster on her little clit. I know you can’t hold back much longer. “Cum for daddy.”