The Shower

Info silverhawk
01 Nov. '18

She had been working all afternoon, working at cleaning up the mess made by other people in too much hurry or too lazy to do it themselves when they moved out of the apartment complex we own.  She smiled when she walked in the door and said “I’m finally done, and I’m gonna go stand in the shower until I feel human again.  Then, you can take me somewhere for dinner.”

Dinner, among other things, had been on my mind since Marion had left that morning.  I figured our favorite place would work fine.  The other things I’d been thinking about might take a while, and the place was open later than most.

I sat watching TV until I heard the shower running in the bath off our bedroom.  Quietly, I walked back to the bedroom.  Marion shrieked at the water temperature when she stepped in, but then things got quiet again.  I slipped out of my clothes and crept toward the open door to the bath.

Marion was facing away from me when I pulled the shower curtain back and stepped in behind her, and turned at the sound.

“Oh…it’s you.”

“Well, who else would it be?”

Marion grinned.

“I don’t know…maybe the neighbor?  He looks at me every time I go outside.”

I took the bottle of body wash from Marion and squirted a puddle into my palm.

“Well, I don’t mind if he looks, but he doesn’t get to do this.”

I smoothed the body wash over Marion’s shoulders and then began half-washing, half-massaging.  As I worked the lather up her neck, Marion said “mmm, that’s nice.”

I chuckled and move my hands down over her arms.

“Not as nice as it’s going to be.”

My hands slipped from Marion’s arms to her sides and moved up.  She giggled a little when I came to her underarms, but I didn’t stop.

“Hold still.  This is where you always sniff before you go out.  I want to make sure you smell like body wash.”

“I can’t.  You’re tickling me.”

I let my hands slide around to the tops of her breasts.

“This better?”

“Oh yeah.”

After pulling my hands back, I picked up the body wash and squirted more into my palm, then stroked down over her heavy breasts.  I thought Marion shuddered a little when my palms brushed her nipples.

Her breasts are one of my favorite things to play with, and I enjoyed myself.  I cupped both of them and let them slide around on my palms, then squeezed gently.  Marion’s breasts flowed out of my hands until I was left holding a nipple between the fingertips of each hand. I pinched gently.  The little shiver and quiet moan were genuine this time.  

I let her breasts slip back down, and then cupped them again.  This time, when I got to her nipples, they were rigid and standing proud.  I smiled as I rolled each one and then tugged gently, and heard Marion’s little purring sound again.  

The shower spray had rinsed off most of the lather by then, so after replenishing my palm, I moved down Marion’s tummy, but stopped short of her thighs for two reasons.  One was that I love Marion’s tummy and like stroking it.  The other reason was just suspense.  She knew by now what I had in mind.  I just wanted to keep her guessing about when I was going to do it.

I moved my hands to her back again, and rubbed from her shoulders to her hips.  Marion leaned forward and put her hands on the shower wall, and that let me do more massage than washing.  She deserved a little massage after cleaning all day, and I knew she loved having her back rubbed.  I felt her begin to relax after the fourth pass over her muscles, and let my hands slip down to her hips.

Cupping Marion’s hips is another favorite thing of mine, so I wrapped a hand around each one, squeezed gently, and then lifted up and out.  Marion shivered as the water ran between her spread cheeks, and then shivered again when I followed the soft separation with one finger.  She spread her thighs a little in anticipation of what she thought was coming next, but it wasn’t yet time.

Her sexy legs were next and I stroked on body wash from her ankles to almost her soft pussy.  I was teasing her a little before getting to what I’d been thinking about all afternoon.  

I washed the back of her legs, the front of her legs, the outside of her legs, and took some special care with her inner thighs.  I did let my fingers brush her pussy lips a few times, but I didn’t go any further.  That would come next.

Gently, so she wouldn’t slip, I turned Marion around.

“Put your arms around my neck.”


“So you won’t fall down.”

Marion stretched up her arms, put them around my neck, and mashed her big breasts into my chest.  With my fingers full of body wash, I slipped my hand between Marion’s soft thighs and cupped her pussy.  She spread her thighs again as wide as the shower would permit, and when my fingertips stroked over the smooth surface of her outer lips, Marion moaned.

She moaned again when one finger found its way between those satin lips and stroked from her entrance up to her clit.  Ever so slowly, I repeated that stroke, over and over until I felt Marion’s big clit grow stiff.  I brushed the tip with my finger and Marion’s body tightened all over.

“If you keep that up, you’re going to have to fuck me.”

I chuckled.

“Patience, Marion.  You aren’t ready yet.”

Marion’s voice was soft and low.

“Try me.”

With my free hand, I lightly spanked Marion’s ass.

“Just wait.  I’ll know when you’re ready.”

I slipped a finger inside Marion and moved it in and out slowly while I massaged beside her clit with my thumb.  It didn’t take long before she was breathing deeply, and her hips lurched into my hand sometimes.  I moved my free hand from her cheeks to her breast, found a stiff nipple and gently pinched.  Marion sagged into her arms a little, and gasped.

“I’m ready now.”

“Nope, not yet.  Just hold on and enjoy.”

A second finger joined the first stroking in and out of Marion’s wet passage, and a third occasionally brushed the tip of her erect clit.  Every time, she gasped or groaned, and pushed into my hand.  After a few minutes, I reached behind her and turned off the shower.  It felt like the water was cooling off, and I didn’t want to ruin the moment by freezing her.  

I curled my fingers up as they stroked and massaged the little pad just inside her entrance.  Marion rocked her hips into my hand.

“Now?  I know I’m ready now.  If you don’t stop, I’m gonna cum.”

“That’s the general idea, Honey.”

I began moving my fingers a little faster, then a little faster still.  Marion gasped, and I knew she was starting up the slope because my fingers were really, really wet.  She was also pushing into my hand with every stroke, and she was breathing very fast.

The end came for her a couple minutes later.  She cried out and began to writhe on my fingers as the orgasm swept through her, and after the first big waves, she sagged into her arms.  I kept lightly stroking until she caught her breath, then slipped my fingers out of her, and pulled back the shower curtain.  I gently pulled her arms from my neck and then stepped out of the shower.

“Come on out.  I have to dry you off now.”

I patted her body dry with a fresh towel, and then wrapped it around her shoulders while I dried myself.  I then walked her into the bedroom, pulled back the blankets and sheet and pushed her down on her back, then grinned and knelt between her thighs.  Marion opened them for me, exposing her swollen lips, and then held out her arms.  I shook my head.

“Nope.  Not yet.  You’re not ready yet.”

I didn’t wait for Marion to say anything.  I just eased her swollen lips apart to expose her inner lips and stiff clit and settled my face between her thighs.  My tongue quickly began enjoying the taste and texture of her pussy.  Marion was soon enjoying my tongue as well.  It didn’t take all that long before I felt her hands on my head as I licked her soft lips and sucked them into my mouth to roll them around.  She gasped at the first lick at her clit, and then groaned when I sucked it gently.

After adjusting my position slightly, I lifted Marion’s hips, and stuck my tongue as deep in her entrance as it would reach, and then massaged the snug little ring all the away around a couple times before licking her clit again.  Marion was beginning to pant by then, so I risked a long, hard suck to the stiff button.  She groaned and arched up off the bed, then groaned again when I licked the very tip.  

“I’m gonna cum again.”

I didn’t say anything.  I just slipped two fingers inside her and began stroking them in and out as I licked and sucked her clit.  As she began to stiffen and arch a little I suckled her clit, in and out, and curled my fingers up towards her tummy.  Marion groaned, stiffened some more, and then cried out as the second orgasm swept her away.  I stopped sucking her clit when she fell back down on the bed, but kept softly licking her just to feel the little contractions around my stroking fingers.

After a few minutes, I moved to lay beside Marion, and lightly stroked her breast.

“Now, you’re ready.”

“I was ready two times ago.”

“Well, you’re more ready now.  Roll over and get on your hands and knees.”

I spread Marion’s thighs a little wider and looked down.  Her swollen pussy was glistening with wetness, and her lips were slightly open.  It was all I could do to not just ram in my cock and pump away, but I knew better.  Bringing Marion along with me would make it go from great to fantastic.

At first, I just rubbed my cock head over her clit.  I knew she would be pretty sensitive, and I didn’t want to use my finger yet.  That would come later.  I did reach up and lift her left breast and squeeze it gently.  Marion shivered a little when I brushed the nipple, and though it had softened a little, it popped back up stiff again.  I pushed it down flat with a fingertip, and then let it pop back up.  Marion murmured, “fuck me now.”

She was wet enough that stroking my cock through her lips to reach her clit had my cock wet as well, and I pushed it into her soft passage until I felt the tight little place just inside.  I stroked in and out with short slow strokes until Marion began pushing back into me.  After trying to stop her but not really wanting to, I let my cock sink into her wet warmth until my balls touched her mound.  It was my turn to groan then.

“God, I love this feeling.”

“Then fuck me like I want.”

My strokes were slow and deep at first, and I tried to help Marion along by playing with her nipples.  It seemed to work, because she was breathing hard again, and pushing her ass back into my strokes.  I sped up a little then, just enough that my balls rocked into her mound with every stroke.  

Her thrusts grew a little stronger then, so I put my hands around her ass to control them a little.  Holding on to her also let me push a little deeper inside her with every stroke, and before long, I had to concentrate on holding back.  I wasn’t about to just cum and leave her wanting.

As it was, I didn’t have to hold back much.  One finger rubbing beside her clit quickly took her to the point of gasping and rocking her hips.  As I stroked my cock in and out faster and gently rubbed her swollen clit, I used my other hand to spank Marion’s left butt cheek.  She shrieked and bucked into my thrust.  I spanked her again, and she cried out.  

It was like trying to fuck a bucking horse, but the hand rubbing her clit kept me in position and stroking away.  My last stroke before she came was also the first that hinted at the tension building in my belly.  The second I pushed deep inside Marion as she bucked again and cried out.  I felt the sensation of seed racing through my cock and splattering deep inside her rippling passage.  

I’m not certain how many strokes I made before that tension eased enough I could slow down enough to just enjoy the feel of her rippling passage around my cock.  After a few, Marion eased back down on her tummy.  I went with her, my cock still making short strokes deep inside her.

Marion giggled when I slipped from her silky soft passage and rolled over to face me.


“Yeah…wow is right.  We’ll have to do the shower thing more often.”

“Well, right now, I’m hungry and I need to do something about what you left in me.  I can’t let it soak my panties while we’re out.”

I wiggled my eyebrows.

“You could just not wear any panties.  That would be neat.  I could play with you in the car on the way.”

“No, you couldn’t.  You’d get carried away and have a wreck.”

“OK, but I get to play when we get home.”

“I’m not sure I can after that.”

I stroked Marion’s breast and grinned as her nipple swelled taut again.

“Part of you thinks you can.  I’ll bet the rest of you would come around to the idea.”

Marion reached down and stroked my cock.

“Well…maybe…if you think you’re up to it.”

She stroked my cock a little faster.

“Or, maybe I can find a way to get you up to it.”

I knew she’d be able to do that.  Marion can make my cock stand up even without trying.  I figured dinner was going to be nice, but dessert would be even better.