Sunday afternoon in the forest

Stella and I had just enjoyed a Sunday afternoon pub lunch near a Wiltshire village called Limpley Stoke (yes - really!). After eating and drinking in the beer garden for the last few hours we were feeling a bit horny and in need of some privacy, so we left the pub and headed off along a footpath that started on the edge of the car park.

The path ran along the side of a gentle hill with trees below and above. The tallest branches sometimes joined overhead, creating a green canopy through which the dappled summer sunlight filtered down onto the dry earth of the path. Families, couples and groups of friends strolled along in both directions, chatting and laughing as they enjoyed the warm afternoon.

We carried on along the path for a while, but when nobody was in sight we ducked off near a wooden park bench and headed a small distance downhill into the light undergrowth, stopping in a patch of ferns. Stella lay down and smiled up at me. I quickly joined her on the ground and we started kissing passionately. My hand soon slid down from caressing her neck to locating and undoing the buttons of her blue short-sleeved blouse. After three were unfastened the front was open to well below her light blue bra. I propped myself up and straddled her in a kneeling position to admire the view.

Stella is a 34A so her breasts don't need support, and when she is on her back they barely exist. But when you strip off her top you see a pair of tiny tits with THE most fantastic coral nipples that can grow from flat buds into hard extended orange points in about ten seconds. What's even better is that because she is so sensitive, when I play with them she starts to moan and arch her back, driving me crazy. Once I sucked a nipple so hard I felt milk shoot out down my throat.

I started massaging the two flat mounds under the thin blue material. After only a couple of minutes she was twisting and sighing dreamily in response to my touch. I had both nipples on full show having opened the plastic clasp on her front-fastening bra and laid the cups flat on the ground, and my sucking and pinching was going down very well. Suddenly, a youngish sounding voice shouted out from close by. I don't think we were anywhere near to being seen, but it was enough to spook Stella whose reflex was to gather her blouse  across her chest and glance around.

"Let's move" I said and pulled her up while she tucked the blouse into her jeans to make herself semi-respectable. "Good idea" she replied as I led the way another 10 yards down the incline to a clearing where a grassy section of ground was bathed in sunlight. She lay back down, and as I kneeled over her I gently pulled the blouse aside and undid the remaining buttons. I then slid it completely off her shoulders along with the bra, theatrically flinging both garments away and out of reach. Now if we were disturbed (or spied on) it would be impossible for her to cover up in hurry.

As you will have gathered I don't mind being watched. I remember once with another girl I was dating, we were lying in the dunes on a beach. I was busy with her floppy bare tits, but after a while she glanced over my shoulder and saw a voyeur, partially hidden in the long grass, watching us from the crest above. She sat up quickly and covered her nakedness by pressing a hand over each breast (a turn on in itself!), indignantly informing me that we were not alone. The watcher skedaddled when I turned round, which was a shame - if anything I would have asked him to come down  and join in. Despite her reaction just now I had an idea that Stella and I were actually like minded on this subject, but I just needed to get her comfortable in order to find out for sure.

I bent down to kiss Stella on the lips, and as I leaned forward she took hold of the hem of my polo shirt and pulled it clean over my head. She looked at me, smiled as if in triumph and threw it to one side saying "Ha - got you back". Not to be outdone I re-positioned myself at her side, placed my left hand gently on her flat belly and slowly slid it down to the button of her tight fitting blue jeans. Given that she was horizontal the fastening wasn't hard to dislodge and the button slid through it's buttonhole easily, allowing me to start sliding the zip down to reveal the top of some prim white briefs beneath. Once the zip was fully open I let go of it and grasped the jeans by the sides in both hands, slowly but firmly peeling them down her long legs. I took care to hook my fingers into her underwear so that as the jeans slid further I exposed the trimmed brown triangle above her bare slit, and at her ankles I also collected pop socks and slip-on shoes, pulling the whole lot off with a flourish and flinging the pile towards where my discarded polo shirt lay. And there she was - slim, naked and exposed to anybody that came by.

Regarding me with a coy grin (a good sign) she propped herself up on her elbows and unselfconsciously let her legs fall slightly apart while I remained kneeling at her side.

I had known all along that we couldn't fuck. Stella can't take the pill due to some circulation problem she has, and I keep my condoms in my bedside draw rather than my wallet so I had none with me.

Stella's left hand moved to my belt, undoing the buckle and pulling it out of my belt loops. Sitting up she pressed her lips and body to mine and I felt her nipples on my chest as she started to kiss me. Meanwhile her fingers began to undo my jeans. I rolled back on my bum as she pulled them off my legs and flung them away. Whilst I was a bit concerned about whether or not my car keys and wallet had stayed in the pocket, my mind was now on other things as I was left laying back on the warm grass wearing just my small white Sloggi tanga and sandals. Stella shifted to my side, knelt over and again started kissing me. Her hand glided down over my abdomen to rub my dick through the soft white material of my underwear. I responded by moving a hand between her parted legs. As she felt me she shifted slightly to allow my index finger to dip into her cunt and use the juice to lubricate and caress the sensitive skin around and above her clit. As I got more aroused the tip of my dick began to poke above the straining waistband. Stella folded her fingers around it, using her other hand to pull the underwear from my body and place it by my side. After sliding off my sandals I too was naked. 

“I bet I can make you cum really quickly” said Stella with a grin. “Oh yeah?!” I said knowing full well that me lasting two minutes would indeed be good going. She placed her right hand on my sac, pulling my balls down to stretch my foreskin and bring my cock vertical, and began slicking her left fist up and down. I lay back while continuing to finger her gently between her splayed legs. After only about a minute of this I was ready and my body started tensing. I felt Stella swap hands as her right hand took over the pumping action and pulled my dick so that my legs were bent, while her left moved under my head to lift and tilt it up so that I could see my shaft in her hand. As I came, she deliberately fired the sperm directly into my face to the accompaniment of my loud groans. When I was done unloading, she brought her face down close to mine and started to lick cum across my lips and cheeks, also insisting on poking some into my mouth with her tongue. All the while her hand continued to fold and squeeze me as I softened. When she was done Stella picked up my Sloggis and used them like a cloth to clean us both, finally poking them playfully into my mouth as she sat back grinning. “Told you I could” she crowed. “Pretty clever” I agreed having removed my underwear from my mouth.

We lay naked in the sun for a while, soaking up the warmth. When we were ready to go Stella said I had to find our stuff since I had had all the fun. I started gathering up the discarded clothing into a pile, thankful to find my valuables had stayed in my pockets. When I finished dressing I got up with all of Stella's clothes in my arms except for her footwear, but instead of taking them to her I gave her a small wave and began heading back to the track. By the time Stella had put her footwear on and started following me I had enough of a lead to make it all the way back to the bench we had seen earlier. I sat and placed Stella's clothes down next to me. 

A family group walked by as I saw Stella approaching about 5 yards down the bank, peering round a tree trunk and giggling. When the group had passed she came out warily and started up the incline just as a couple emerged round the far bend in the track. I held up my hand in a "stop" gesture and shook my head while pointing in their direction. Stella halted and then scampered back behind her tree when she saw what I was pointing at. I continued to signal in this sign language for several minutes as a few passers by came and went, sometimes encouraging her to come out but then shooing her back as the danger of being seen presented itself. Eventually, with nobody in sight, I beckoned her forward and she advanced up the hill to the bench. Standing in front of me she pulled me up to my feet and clasped her hands behind my head, whispering "Keep watch" while starting to plant kisses on my neck. I peered around as she continued to kiss me, enjoying the thrill and danger of her situation as the only one naked while my hands roved over her body and between her legs.

Clearly now very aroused, Stella turned to press her back to me, reaching for my right hand and wantonly directing it to her crease. I moved my left arm across her front and up under her small tits in a sort of bear hug, squashing them skyward so that her nipples poked out above my arm at a crazy angle. With her leaning back against me I began to rub her clit, nibbling the nape of her neck, while she stroked and pinched her tits and occasionally directed my hand to different areas of her genitals. As she grew more frantic I brought my fingers up and poked them into her mouth, letting her lick them and taste herself, while I used a foot to ease her legs further apart and wedge my thigh under her crotch. I moved my wet fingers back between her legs, starting to slide my middle finger in and out of her arsehole while massaging her clit with my thumb. She tensed and spasmed at each insertion. After about a minute I moved my fingers forward to apply harsh pressure at the apex of her slit, rubbing vigorously from side to side to force an orgasm whether she was ready or not (like she had with me). Stella's hand moved to claw at mine in a vain attempt to slow the intense brutal stimulation, but her attempt to regain control failed.

Stella's legs buckled slightly as she came with a series of jerks and groans, juices squirting out of her and staining the jeans where my leg was wedged between hers. My jerking hand slowed as she slumped forward and I took some of her weight using my left arm, sitting back on the bench with her on my knees like a gorgeous, languid ventriloquists dummy. Any inhibitions she had were now long gone as she lay back on me recovering, eyes closed, naked, nipples rock hard and legs wide open while I continued to caress her slit and occasionally re-enter her arse with my finger. She was still groaning softly when a small child came into view along the path, thankfully far enough away not to notice us. "Time to go" I said, pointing in the direction of the approaching child. Stella gave me a peck on the cheek, stood up and sauntered down the hill with her pile of clothes.

I had kept her bra (stuffed in my jeans) rather than putting it in the pile, and was gratified to see her nipples clearly visible when she emerged, smiling coyly, from the vegetation. I looked approvingly at the two prominent points under her blouse. “These should attract some attention on the way back” I said, pinching one in each hand through the thin material, causing her to gasp as I then used them to pull her forward so that her lips met mine in a sloppy kiss. “Well, you seem to enjoy making a show of me so let me help” Stella replied, undoing a couple of buttons to take the opening in her blouse down to almost below cleavage level. As we walked back, me with my arm around her waist, I couldn't help but notice the furtive glances from a couple of the men that passed us. 

Once in the car I again undid the remaining blouse buttons, pulled it out of her jeans and off her shoulders, and positioned the diagonal seat belt strap flat between her naked breasts. "How do you fancy driving home like that?" I dared her. “No problemo!" she replied grinning but probably not taking me seriously. “Ok, blouse on the back seat then please” I said taking the dare a stage further, and to her credit she initially obliged, but we were barely out of the car park before her nerve broke in a fit of giggles as she saw an oncoming car and reached back for the blouse. She quickly pulled it on, but instead of doing up any buttons tied it round her midriff in a bow with the seat belt underneath so that she could easily flash me (and anyone else she felt like) as we drove back to her flat.

I was already looking forward to our next naked adventure.

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