Tiffany At The Beach

There is something about a woman who says “fuck me” that instantly raises my cock and makes me want to do just that until she’s crying out because her voice is the only thing she has left that isn’t acting on its own.  Tiffany had just looked up at me, grinned, and then said that.  She was hot and I knew why.  We’d just come back from doing a little shopping at Walmart.

Shopping with Tiffany isn’t like shopping with any other woman.  Most put on jeans and a T-shirt.  Neither fits really snug, but I suppose they’re comfortable.  Tiffany likes me to tell her what to wear, and I always make sure to dress her in something that’ll turn on every man who looks at her.

That’s not really all that hard to do.  Tiffany has big, heavy breasts with big round nipples and an ass that has a sway that can harden my cock just by watching it.  That afternoon, I had her wear the tightest, low-waist jeans she owned and a T-shirt I’d bought her that fit like a second skin.  She started to balk when I told her she could either wear the bra I’d bought her with cutouts in the cups for her nipples, or she could just not wear one.  Either way, she’d have attracted a lot of attention and I knew she knew that.

I knew that even though she had a really hard time actually saying she liked the attention, she did.  I also knew after an hour of having men stare at her and me telling her what they were probably thinking, her panties would be getting wet and she’d want my cock as soon as I took her home.

I did let her wear panties, but I told her they had to be thong panties.  I also let her put one of those thong panty liners in the red thong.  If I hadn’t, by the time we got back, she’d have had a dark spot in the crotch of her jeans.

When she got dressed, I was ready to strip all those clothes off, lay her on the bed, and fuck her right then and there.  She’d chosen the open tip bra, and her big nipples stuck out like gumdrops.  The T-shirt was a little short in the waist and the jeans were cut really low, so anytime she bent over even a little, the little “Y” where the strap of the thong joined the waistband peeked out.  I figured if she squatted down, like I was going to have her do, the crack of her ass would peek out about two inches.  I didn’t tell her about either of those things.  That would come once we were shopping.

She was OK until I pulled my truck into the parking space at Walmart.  Then Tiffany looked at me.

“I don’t think I can go in there dressed like this.”

“Why.  You look like any of the other women I see going in.  They’re all wearing jeans and T-shirts, just like you.”

“Yeah, but their nipples don’t show like mine do.”

I looked at Tiffany and then stroked her left nipple.  It started getting hard.

“Well, as long as you don’t play with them, they won’t show all that much.  Come on.  We’ll just go in and get what we need and then we’ll come home.”

Tiffany grinned when she got out of my truck.  I knew what she was thinking.  She was always like this, telling me she couldn’t go anywhere dressed like I told her to dress, but inside, she was thrilled.  Once we got inside, she’d be embarrassed to death and she’d love ever minute of it.

It started as soon as we walked in the automatic door.  I was pulling a shopping buggy from the line at the side and saw a guy almost fall over the woman in front of him.  He’d been staring at Tiffany.

When I pushed the buggy up beside Tiffany, I chuckled.

“You must have made quite an impression on that guy with the black ball cap.”

“I didn’t see him.  What did he do?”

“Well, he was staring at those big nipples and just about ran over the woman in front of him.”

Tiffany turned bright pink and looked down at her chest.

“Do they show that much?”

“No, not really…no wait, they’re starting to get stiff.  Now they do show.  He probably just wanted to suck on one for a while, that’s all.”

“He’d want to suck my nipples?”

“Well sure.  I love doing that.  Why wouldn’t he?”

“Oh God, I hope they go down.”

I reached over and brushed her right nipple.  I think it got a little longer.  Tiffany brushed my hand away.

“You don’t have to make it worse than it already is.”

I chuckled.

“I don’t think it looks bad.  You just look like you want every guy in the store to give your nipples a little tweak.  I can ask a couple if they’d like to do that if you want.”

“No, no, no.  Let’s just get our stuff.”

We started down the aisles.  Tiffany had her grocery list and put things in the buggy as we passed them.  She had to bend over a few times, and what I’d seen happen at her house happened then.  The guys walking behind her saw it too.  One guy stopped behind Tiffany until she stood up, and then smiled at her as he went past.  Tiffany looked at me.

“Why was he smiling?”

“I don’t know.  Maybe it was that your thong shows when you bend over.  That makes me smile.”

“It shows?”

‘Yep, not all that much, but it shows.  I imagine he was thinking about how that strap looks going down between your ass cheeks.  Oh, I almost forgot something I need.  Can you pick up about four cans of those chili beans on the bottom shelf for me?”

Tiffany squatted down and just like I figured, I could see a couple inches of the soft crack between her ass cheeks and since I was higher than she was, I could see even a little deeper.  

It was about then there was a crash behind us.  I looked back and saw an older guy picking up the cans of peas he’d knocked off the shelf.  I was chuckling when Tiffany stood up and asked what happened.

“Oh, the guy behind us was getting a can of peas and pulled the whole box off on the floor.  He was looking at you when that happened.  The crack of your ass shows when you squat down.”

“Oh God…how much?”

“About two inches I think.  Squat down again and I’ll measure it with my finger and show you.”

“You wouldn’t dare put your finger there right here in Walmart, would you?”

I shrugged.

“You like it when I do that at home.  Besides, I’d just be measuring.”

“No, thank you.  I’ll just have to remember not to squat any more.”

“OK, nobody will get to see your sexy ass cheeks then.  They’ll still be able to see your nipples though.”

Tiffany looked down and turned pink again.

“Oh God.  They’re huge”

“If you look up at the guy coming toward us, you’ll see he thinks they’re pretty great.”

The guy was grinning from ear to ear.  Tiffany stepped behind me.

“I’ll just walk behind you until we get done.”

“Awe, he’s just looking…and thinking how much he’d like one of your big nipples in his mouth.”

“Do you really think that’s what he’s thinking?”

I grinned.

“It’s what I’m thinking, but I’ll settle for a little pinch until we get home.”

I reached for Tiffany’s left breast, but she pushed my hand away.

“He’ll think I’m easy if I let you do that.  He might want to try it too.”

“I’m sure he would.  I’ll just go ask him.”

I started to walk away, but Tiffany grabbed my arm.

“Don’t you dare.”

About that time, the guy walked past us.  He grinned and whispered, “Nice tits, Honey”, and then kept walking.  Tiffany gasped.

“Did you hear that?”

“Yep.  It’s true you know.  They are nice.  It looked to me like he thought they were more than nice.  I’m pretty sure his cock was stiff.”

“You mean he’d like to…to…”

“I’d bet he would.  If you’d like him to, I can probably catch him.”

Tiffany’s eyes were wide open.  She was trying not to smile, but it wasn’t working.

“No.  I have everything on my list.  Let’s go home.”

Once we were inside her house, Tiffany dropped the plastic bags of groceries on the floor and put her arms around my neck.

“You got me all excited.  Now you have to fuck me.”  I didn’t waste time trying to get her to the bedroom.  I just pushed her down on the couch and started stripping off my clothes.  Tiffany wasn’t sitting still.  She had scooted down on the couch and was lightly stroking her inner thighs.  With any other woman, that would have been erotic.  When Tiffany did it, it was erotic times a thousand.  She got even more erotic when I pulled off her jeans.  I didn’t waste time with the T-shirt.  I just pulled it up over her breasts and left the bra on.  It held her nipples up so they were easier to reach.  I didn’t leave the thong on her.  She lifted her hips and I rolled it down her ass, then pulled it off over her feet.

Tiffany was that erotic to me because the woman everybody thought was an ordinary woman, was anything but.  I’d learned that inside that woman’s pretty skin beat the heart of woman crying out to be embarrassed and to fantasize  about what a man might want to do to her.  I’d also learned that if those fantasies were given a bit of reality, Tiffany was capable of being the lover most men search for but never find.  That Tiffany was that woman who whispered “fuck me” in my ear when I bent down to suck her right nipple.

I stopped for a few seconds just to look at her. She smiled at me, and gently rubbed a finger over that same nipple.  

“Are you going to fuck me or not?”

I smiled.

“Yes, eventually.  Now, spread those legs a lot more than they are now.”

The first time I started to lick Tiffany’s pussy she told me no.  That was on her couch too.  When she came that time, she grabbed the couch cushion so hard her knuckles turned white.

She still always tells me no, but I know she loves it.  So do I.  That’s what I was going to do first.

I slipped my hands up Tiffany’s inner thighs until they touched her pussy lips.  The hair there was a little tangled because of her panties, so I took my time and stroked over her lips until that hair was parted over them.  The hair was a little damp by the time I got the last strands straightened out.  I slipped my fingertip between Tiffany’s lips and stroked up and down a little.  Tiffany grinned, and then closed her eyes.

When I lifted my finger out, she opened them again.  The finger went first to my nose and I inhaled, then smiled and licked my fingertip.

“Ever taste yourself, Tiffany?”

“No…I couldn’t ever do that.”

I slipped my finger between Tiffany’s lips and stroked lightly up and down a few times, then pulled it out.  I held it to Tiffany’s nose.

“Taste yourself now.”

“I told you I can’t do that.  It’s too nasty.”

I chuckled.

“If you want me to put my cock in there, you have to taste where it’s going first.”

Tiffany sniffed the fingertip, then stuck out her tongue, licked, and pulled her tongue back into her mouth.

“I quess it’s not awful.”

“Well, I’m going to do more than just get a taste of you, and I think you’ll like it.”

“No…don’t do that.”

I didn’t say anything because I knew she didn’t want me to.   She sighed when I slipped my tongue between her soft lips.  I probed deeper for her inner lips, and found their rippled, satiny folds already wet with her juices.  As I licked up their length and back down, I felt Tiffany’s hand on my head.  A tiny moan slipped from her throat, and then another as I ran my tongue back up again.

I couldn’t reach where I wanted, so I pulled Tiffany’s hips a little.  This rocked up her hips just enough.  When my tongue plunged through her folds and partly inside her, Tiffany moaned.

I raised up to look at Tiffany.  Her eyes were closed and her mouth was slack.  I chuckled

“It sounds like you don’t like this.  Maybe I should stop.”

She just pushed my head back between her thighs and murmured, “Don’t you dare stop.”

For half an hour, I teased Tiffany with my tongue, with gentle licks over and between her inner lips, and more than once tried to get my tongue as deep inside her as it would reach.  My reward was a small flow of ripe woman on my tongue, a taste that was rapidly taking me to the point of just ramming in my cock and fucking her until I came.  When Tiffany began rocking her hips into my face, I knew it was time.

My tongue wormed slowly up between her lips until it reached the little spot where they joined.  Just above that spot, I felt her small nubbin, swollen tight and extended from it’s little hood.  The firm rasp of my tongue over the tip caused Tiffany’s tummy to roll, her hips to rock up, and a gasp to burst from her throat.  A second caused another gasp.  When I worked my hands up Tiffany’s sides to her breasts and fondled them through the bra, she moaned.  

Tiffany’s nipples were already erect and taut.  I brushed them with my fingertips at the same time I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked gently.  If I hadn’t had my arms around her ass, Tiffany’s lurch would have thrown me on the floor.  As it was, my face went up with her pussy, and just at the top of her arch, I sucked her clit hard.  Tiffany cried out and her hips shook.  I stopped and let her ease back down before sucking gently again and stroking her nipples

I figured Tiffany must be close.  Each lick or suck caused a little moan and jerk of her body.  After pulling my right hand back to my side, I rubbed two fingers between her wet lips, and then slipped one into Tiffany’s passage.  Her little cry of “Oh…” told me I was right.  

With that finger sliding in and out and my lips sucking gently on her clit, Tiffany got a lot wetter very fast.  I slipped a second finger inside her and curled both up toward her tummy.  Tiffany gasped, then gasped again when I sucked hard on her clit.  


I rolled her right nipple between my fingers, and Tiffany began to pant.  A few more seconds was all it took for her to push my face down tight against her lips, cry out, and arch off the couch.  I kept her arched by speeding up my fingers and by tugging on her nipple.  Soft little cries accompanied the spasms that kept her arched high.  Then, Tiffany pushed my face away, sighed and slowly sank back on the couch.  She didn’t say anything for a while.  She just sat there, breathing really fast, with her eyes shut and a smile on her face.

When Tiffany stopped panting, she giggled.

“That wasn’t fucking me.  It was nice, but it wasn’t fucking.”

I grinned.

“That comes next.”

“Oh, I can’t.  Not a second time.”

I slipped my fingers back inside Tiffany’s pussy and started stroking them in and out slowly.

“You always could before. Feeling anything?”

“I feel your fingers inside me.”

“How does it feel?”


I used my thumb to stroke beside her swollen clit.

“And this…how does it feel?”

“Mmmm.  Really nice.”

I leaned over and sucked Tiffany’s right nipple between my lips.

“Like this too?”

Her eyes were closed and she had that same slack mouth.


“Still want me to fuck you?”


I slipped my hand from between Tiffany’s thighs and sat down beside her, pulled her thigh over my lap, and started to pull her up to straddle me.  Tiffany opened her eyes.

“Don’t you want me to lay down?”

“We’ll do that some other time.  Just sit on my lap and put your knees up beside my hips.”

When Tiffany was in position, I scooted down just a little and lifted up on her hips.  As she came up, I could see her swollen lips, open and waiting for my cock.  When I found the right spot, I eased her down.  Tiffany shuddered as my cock slipped in an inch and stopped.  I raised her back up, then let her down again.  After three tries, Tiffany’s ass was sitting on my thighs, and my cock was buried inside her up to the hilt.

“Tiffany, put your hands on the back of the couch and push those big tits into my face.”

I sucked in her left nipple when she did, but that wasn’t the reason I wanted her to do it.  By pulling herself up that far, she’d raised up off my cock enough I could get a decent stroke, and I started stroking.

Tiffany caught up to me before I figured she would.  I knew I’d be ready to cum in a heartbeat.  Licking a woman always does that to me, and I knew enough to keep my strokes long and slow.  I was doing quite well, too, just keeping myself feeling almost ready to start the final lap, before Tiffany started to moan again.  I suppose gently biting her nipples and then shaking my head might have had something to do with that.  

Before I knew it, Tiffany was mashing her big breasts into my face, moaning and gasping, and pushing her pussy down to meet every stroke I made.  My cock was going deep, so deep I was having a hard time staying with her without cumming myself.  I didn’t want to until she did, at least not this time.

I pinched Tiffany’s left nipple between my lips a little more firmly as she rose up.  Her little moan turned into a cry of “Ooooh”, and then a gasp as I pulled my face back.  She slammed down over my cock and her hips began to writhe.  I couldn’t take any more.  When Tiffany raised back up, I let my cock slide almost all the way out, and then rammed it up fast.  Tiffany cried out, her writhing hips seemed to take on a mind of their own, and she started to shake all over.  

The first of my shots splattered deep inside Tiffany.  She raised back up, and then slammed her body down over my cock just as the second spurt raced up my shaft and out the tip.  I’m not sure what happened after that.  Tiffany and I were  both writhing out the spasms and trying to keep that feeling going.

Tiffany collapsed on my chest a bit later, and lay there panting.  From time to time, I felt little contractions grab at my cock and then relax.  When she finally spoke, her voice was low and sultry.

“You didn’t say you’d fuck me like this.”

“Did you like it?”

She giggled.

“Like you couldn’t tell.”

“Wanna do it again?”

Tiffany sighed and then giggled again.

“Yes…but not tonight.  I want to be able to move tomorrow.  Let’s just go to bed.  You can fuck me again in the morning.”

I smiled and looked toward Tiffany’s living room window.

“Suppose your neighbor will be up then, like he is now?”

Tiffany shrieked and tried to cover herself with a throw pillow.

“He’s watching us?”

“Well, not any more.  He just went back inside.  He’s been out there on his steps since right after you sat down on the couch.”

“He saw my boobs?”

I grinned.

“Yeah, at least when I wasn’t sucking your nipples.  He probably liked seeing them bouncing up and down.  The way his right arm was moving up and down, I think he was jacking off while he watched you.”

“Oh God.  He comes to where I work every morning.”

I thought Tiffany was going to cry the next Saturday when I picked her up.  I’d planned to take her to lunch and then to the Opryland Hotel for a walk through the gardens.  With the little shorts, no panties, and the tight shirt she’d be wearing, she’d get stared at a lot.  That meant I’d be having a really great night.

She wasn’t dressed yet.  She still had on her old jeans and a T-shirt.  When I squeezed her breast, Tiffany flinched.

“Ouch, that hurt.  My boobs are really sensitive today.  I’m so sorry.  I was looking forward to today all week, and hoping it would hold off just two more days, but it hasn’t.”

“What’s happened?  Are you ill?”

“No.  If I was ill, we could still go.  I’m…it’s my period.”

I chuckled.

“So?   It’s not like it’s the end of the world.”

“But I’m all bloated and I feel all fat and ugly and I can’t not wear panties like you told me to.”

I laughed.  

“If this is bloated and fat and ugly, I want some more.”

Tiffany slapped my arm.

“You’ve never had to put up with this.  We can’t even have fun.”

It was then the idea struck me.  Tiffany might throw me out on my ass, but…

I grinned.

“Yes we can.  You still have that swimsuit?”

“Yes, but I can’t go swimming either.”

“Well, we won’t actually go in the water.  We’ll just take a blanket and some soft drinks and lay on the beach for a while.”

I waggled my eyebrows.

“All those guys’ll get one look at those big tits and sexy ass, and their cock’s’ll be standing tall.”

“And my bloated tummy will make them go back down again.”

“Nope, ‘cause you’ll have a secret weapon.  You’ll probably be blushing bright red all the time, though.”

Tiffany’s eyes brightened and then her forehead furrowed.

“What are you going to do to me now?”

“Well, you know that little string that hangs out?”

It was a hot day, and there were hundreds of people on the beach.  We picked a spot a ways from the water, but were surrounded by other people just taking in the sun.  I spread out the blanket, set the cooler of sodas at one end and then pulled off my jeans and shirt.  When I’d tossed them on the blanket, I looked at Tiffany.  She was still dressed in a T-shirt that reached almost to her knees.

“Well?”, I chuckled.

“I’m thinking about it.”

“Think faster.  Here come a bunch of guys.”

Tiffany turned around so her back was to the six young guys walking our way, and pulled the shirt over her head.

“Can you see it?”

I grinned.

“Against your tan, it sticks out like snow on a plowed field.”

“Oh, God…why did I let you talk me into this?”

‘Come on, lay down here and get some sun.  Oh, and be sure to open those thighs up.  You want the sun to get there too.”

She carefully folded the T-shirt, and put it on the blanket, then eased down on her tummy.

“Are you going to put lotion on me?”

“Wouldn’t miss that for the world.”

Tiffany’s suit was a one-piece, so I couldn’t rub lotion on her sexy hips or most of her smooth back.  I could rub it on her legs and thighs, and in doing so, I took every chance I got to run my hands up her thighs until they were stroking her pussy through the suit.  Occasionally, I pulled gently on the little white string that peeked out from the crotch of her suit.  After a little lotion, it stuck nicely to her inner thigh so just about anybody could see it.  Tiffany pushed my hand away when I slipped my fingers under the leg of her suit, but she giggled.

“Stop that.  It tickles.”

I decided I’d done her back enough because I couldn’t get any more lotion on her without it running off.

“OK, Tiffany, time for the flip side.  Turn over and show me that tummy and those big tits.”

This part was more fun.  I did her shoulders first, then all of her chest I could see and quite a bit of her that I was certain no sun could reach.  The guy on the next blanket grinned when I slipped my fingers under the bra of Tiffany’s suit and rubbed lotion into the swell of her breasts.  I grinned back, and gave each one a little squeeze.

Tiffany pulled my hand out of her suit.

“Someone will see you.”

I laughed.

“You mean like the guy on the next blanket with the hardon.  I’ll bet he’d fuck you right here if he could.”

“He just doesn’t know.”

“Oh yeah, he does.  He walked past us on the way to his blanket, and tripped over a fat woman’s feet because he was staring at your crotch.”

“Oh God, no.”

I stroked the front of Tiffany’s suit just over her nipples.

“Oh yeah.  That’s when his cock got hard.  You lay still and I’ll do your legs now.”

I did the same with the front of Tiffany’s legs as with the back, including a gentle tug to get the little string visible again.  Tiffany didn't say anything, but I thought I saw her hips move a little when I did it.

We left after a couple of hours, stopped off for a pizza for dinner, and then went back to Tiffany’s house.  After we ate, I asked Tiffany if she had fun.  She frowned a little.

“Yes, for all the good it did.”

“I think it did a lot of good.”

“If I could, it would have.”

“I don’t see any problem here.”

Tiffany looked at me.

“You mean you’d…even though…”

“Why not?  It’s not like you’re sick or anything.”

“But it’ll be…icky”

I chuckled.

“You have a shower, don’t you?”

I didn’t rush Tiffany.  I didn’t even touch her pussy for a long time.  I just stroked her breasts, then wrapped my lips around each nipple, pulled my face back until it slipped out and plopped down on her breast, and then blew on it gently.  I’m always amazed at how that simple thing will make a nipple stand up stiff and tall, and make a woman’s nipple bed go from smooth, dark pink skin to wrinkled up, bumpy dark skin.  

Tiffany moaned when I sucked gently on her right nipple and rolled the left one.  She moaned again when I switched nipples.  When I pinched them between my teeth, her hips jerked.

I moved one hand down to the top of her slit, and rubbed gently beside Tiffany’s clit.  It wasn’t long before she was ready for more that just my finger.  I know, because she moaned, and then murmured “I want your cock inside me.”

I caught the tampon in a wash cloth and set it on the opposite side of the bed, then lowered myself down until my rigid cock could probe Tiffany’s soft lips.  It slipped inside her easily as I knew it would.  

My strokes were slow and deep at first.  I didn’t know how aroused Tiffany really was and I didn’t want to hurry her.  

I didn’t have to worry about hurrying her.  I only had to worry about her getting too far ahead of me.  One minute, Tiffany was lying there, her beautiful, big breasts rising and falling as he breathed deeply, and the next, she had her arms around my back trying to pull me deeper inside her.  When I bent my head down and nibbled the swell of her breast, Tiffany lifted it up so I could reach her nipple.  She moaned loudly when my lips closed around it, and lurched up when I sucked gently.

“Oh God, you don’t know how much I need this.”

The rest was pretty normal until Tiffany came.  For a second, I thought her pussy had my cock clamped so tight I couldn’t move it.  I could, of course, but the already tight fit got a lot tighter.  Tiffany began to rock her hips rapidly just as I felt the tension building in my belly.  She cried out, “Oh..oh..oh” and then became all writhing hips and grasping hands and heaving breasts as the first wave swept her away.  Somewhere in there, I pumped her full of cum and then collapsed into the cradle of her thighs and tummy.

We stayed like that until my cock wouldn’t stay inside her anymore.  When I eased up on my knees with my limp cock over the towel under us, Tiffany sighed.


“I take it you liked it.”

“Sometimes, when it’s this time of the month, I get so worked up I have to use my fingers.  This was a lot better than my fingers.”

I pressed my fingertip between Tiffany’s lips and found her clit, then rubbed it gently.

“I have fingers too.”

She giggled.

“Messy fingers, I bet.  We need to take that shower now.”

We showered together.  I washed Tiffany’s pussy and in the process, she came again and had to hold on to my shoulders to keep from falling down.  After she recovered, she washed my cock.  The outcome of that was inevitable.   She giggled as the thick ropes of cum splashed against her tummy and were washed off by the shower spray.

“I never saw that before.  You shake too.”

“Always do when a hot woman jacks me off.”

I reached down and cupped Tiffany’s pussy, then let one finger slip inside her.  She gently pulled my hand away.

“Tomorrow morning.  I promise.”

We’ve had a lot of tomorrow mornings since then.  We’re going to have one this Sunday, after we have a fantastic Saturday afternoon and evening.  The jeggings I bought Tiffany finally arrived from China.  If they fit her like the girl in the picture, any panties she wears will stick out like a sore thumb.  I don’t intend for her to wear panties.  Those jeggings are cut so low, if she bends over, a lot of her ass cheeks are going to show.  With any luck, she’ll have a camel toe as well, and that will embarrass her to death.  I know she’ll say she can’t wear anything that does that, but she will, and that’ll get her all fired up and ready for some bed play when we come back.

We’re going grocery shopping again, and I’ll have Tiffany pick up a few things on the bottom shelf.  I’ll get a real kick out of seeing every guy at Walmart drooling over her sexy ass cheeks and the cute little crack between them.  Tiffany will too though she’ll tell me she’s embarrassed and wants to leave.  I won’t let her leave for a while though, not until I see her eyes start to look really big.  Then I’ll take her home and let her tell me she needs to be fucked.  Like I said, a woman saying “fuck me” really turns me on, and Tiffany laying on the bed or couch, holding out her arms with her legs spread wide when she says it, well, that does it every time.