Info Nikkijanes
05 Nov. '18

This is a true story, i hope you enjoy the scenes i have painted in this narrative, some facts may have been altered slightly, but only the barest amount.


We had docked earlier that day and were due to be in Quebec for about ten days as we had a large amount of cargo to discharge and then even more to load. We had knocked off early, so Tommy and I decided to head into town for a walk and a few quiet drinks, not on the Raz, but to relax and unwind. I'm a twenty-three-year-old Chief Electrical Engineer, while Tommy was about ten years old than me and a Mechanical Engineer, over a previous voyage and during the start of this trip, due to a few mutual interests we had developed a firm friendship.

After strolling around for a bit, taking in the sights and getting a feel for the city, we headed to Le Chateau Frontenac, strolling into the cocktail bar, we took a seat at the bar and ordered a couple of Labatt’s. It was early evening and the bar was starting to fill with the early evening crowd.

We noticed a pair of very attractive looking women at a nearby table, they were in their forties, but only just in their forties, the age difference between Tommy and the two women was not so much but for me, it was a lot more. A few looks were exchanged and the two women were definitely interested, welcome to Quebec!

If I had been on my own or with someone younger I probably would not have looked at them twice due to the obvious age gap, this being a time when “Cougars” or “Toy Boys” weren’t that prevalent.

We weren’t out on the pull, but two good looking, obviously sexy women was an opportunity not to be passed up on so we went over and got talking to them. Surprisingly, we got on really well from the off, instinctively pairing off by mutual consent. Tommy was with Pascal a shortish brunet with a good figure. Michelin seemed taller, with a full figure, not as full as Pascal, but she stilled filled her clothes nicely,  a bit fuller than my normal preference, heavy looking firm boobs and a nice rounded arse, round face with intense penetrating green eyes, that somehow seemed to know everything that was going through your mind, blonde wavy hair cut short and close to her head.

Very classy and sexy, very sophisticated, elegant.

When they got up to go to the restroom we got a better view of their figures and they were both stunning, elegantly dressed in well-cut expensive trousers and silk blouses, as guessed at figures were full but trim. Michelins arse swayed as she walked away from me, more than it should have I’m sure, putting on a show, saying look what I’ve got, but it seemed natural not forced, a confident, mature, sexy, woman. I’m never shy or intimidated by anything but these two seemed out of my league, more experienced and worldly, fully mature, confident, women.

After a couple of more drinks the girls reluctantly said they had to leave, so as  we parted we asked them to a party that was being held onboard the ship the next night, Friday, it was for shoreside personnel and ships agents that sort of thing, something we had to do at times, but we could also ask who we wanted. After a moment's hesitation they agreed asking if they could also bring a friend, the more the merrier we replied.

The next night we met the girls as agreed and directed them to the ship,  me in Michelin's car, Tommy with Pascal, getting them through security was no problems, their friend Collette was another good-looking woman, a bit younger than them but much skinnier, she seemed happy to pair off with Paul, the third mate.

Michelin looked stunning, dressed in a turquoise silk dress, cut just below the knee and high necked, elegant, refined and very, very sexy in an understated way. The dress clung to her figure as she moved, mid high heeled, black shiny shoes completed her look. Everyman’s eyes lingered on her as she walked into the wardroom, conversation stopped for a second. I was in awe, this women, who was having such an effect on all the men who saw her was with me. As long as I could hold onto her anyway.

All the other officers were drooling over her, falling over themselves to get her a drink or something from the buffet. She was pleasant and gracious with all of them but never left my side, even to have a dance with anyone else, it was as though we were welded together. And I was surprisingly relaxed and growing more confident in her captivating presence.

The party spread out from the officers' bar to the boat deck as the night was warm and the air soft, Michelin and I following the crowd, and over a drink, I asked her if she wanted to have a look around the ship. She looked at me quizzically, wondering if this was a ruse to get her into my cabin, well it was, but not yet, I honestly wanted to show her around and get to know her more, away from the crowd.

A quick tour of the accessible areas and we were soon on the other side of the boat deck, away from the crowd, I turned to her, placing one hand lightly on her hip, she looked at me with amusement in her eyes as I moved closer, my other arm snaking around her back. She didn’t resist or pull away, just looked at me questioningly, I pulled her closer still, bent my head and we kissed. I didn’t kiss her, we just kissed, a natural thing. A long slow smouldering kiss, a kiss full of expectancy and hope, a kiss that quickly grew in intensity and passion. Waves and waves of desire and longing for this mature woman spread through me. I wanted her, I wanted to make love to her and I mean make love, not have sex.

I knew making love to her would be like nothing I had done before, and she would teach me things I could never learn elsewhere.

Her hands cradled my head as we kissed, eventually we broke off, both gasping for breath, shocked from the passion and lust the kiss had engendered in both us.

Hands on her hips I looked deeply into her piercing green eyes and whispered, “Michelin, vous-les-vous faire l’amour avec Moi ce Soir?”

“Oui, oh oui, c’est possible.” My heart soared and another part of my anatomy was pleased and anticipating, A fact that Michelin noticed with a coy smile, “Oh oui, c’est bonne.”

We re-joined the party for a while, realizing that Tommy and Pascal were noticeable by their absence, gradually the party broke up and discreetly I edged Michelin away and to my cabin.

As we entered the cabin I turned and locked the door, explaining to Michelin that you never left a cabin door unlocked in port for safety and security. As I took her in my arms she melted into me, her body moulding itself to me, pressing hard against me, crushing into me, holding me so tight it was as if she wanted to pull me through her. Pressing a thigh between mine rubbing her groin against me. Taking hold of my head she kissed me, hard, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth, running around my teeth eventually finding my tongue and fighting with it, Michelin was taking the lead in our journey of discovery.

I dropped to my knees in front of her, lifting her dress my hands running up her firm but slightly chubby thighs, my hands were followed by my lips as I placed kisses on her thighs, moving higher all the time until I was at that special place. Taking a risk I kissed her mound through the silk of her pale blue panties. She moaned and pushed her hips to me, taking this as a hint I pulled her panties off. Not hesitating she stepped out of them. I was facing her pussy, protected by a neatly trimmed mound of soft blond hair, parting her lips I kissed deep into her core, burying my face in her womanhood, drinking in the taste and smell of her.

I continued to give her oral pleasure until juice was oozing from her, a thick mucus, salty and sweet at the same time.

With a moan she pulled me to my feet reached behind her and finding the zipper on her dress slid it down, letting the dress slither and slide down her full and mature body until it was pooled in a silken pile at her feet, she stepped elegantly from the pile, how she seemed so elegant I don’t know it was just a natural grace she had. Standing there in front of me, hips thrust proudly at me she quickly removed her bra, now fully naked.

She ripped my shirt from me as I tried to get my pants off as quickly as I could. Taking me by the hand she led me to my bathroom and into the shower.

I wouldn’t say we attacked each other in the shower but it wasn’t far off, hands roaming uninhibitedly everywhere, each of us learning about the others bodies. Her boobs were full and heavy, and to be honest, just starting to sag. I took my time playing with them, getting used to the full weight and size of them in my hands.

Michelin at the same time had found my cock, it wasn’t difficult for her it was sticking into her belly, playing with it, gently holding it in her soft hand, pulling on it, bring me to full hardness. The wanting and desire were building between us. I knew that Michelin was taking the lead, and I was willing to follow, I knew she would take me to places I had never been before, even if only for tonight, or for the whole week we were in port.

Stumbling out of the shower arms around each other, we quickly dried off and Michelin leads me to my bed. One of the benefits of being a senior officer is a larger cabin and a double bed, we would need the size of that bed that night.

Surprisingly we hadn’t said much to each other since we had entered my cabin, we didn’t need to, everything was happing naturally between us, actions louder and more meaningful than any words.

Michelin pushed me onto my back on the bed and dropped to her knees on the deck. Looking at me with those intense green eyes she opened her mouth and placed it over my cock, then stopped, teasing me, with the wait, building my expectation for that first soft touch of her lips on my shaft. A second more and then my throbbing cock was deep in her hot mouth, her soft lips around my shaft.

Keeping her lips tight around me she began to pleasure me, running her mouth up and down my shaft, taking me deep into her mouth, but never going deep throat, never needing to, the feeling she was giving me didn’t need that sort of action, it was more loving, more giving the way she did it. Holding me just in her mouth, lips just behind my mushroom cap, running her tongue around my glans, sending me into paroxysms of delight.

I had surrendered myself to her, letting her take me where she wanted, from my position on the bed and Michelin kneeling on the deck I was unable to touch her apart from running my hands through her hair, and holding her head. My legs were resting on her shoulders, not holding her in-place but able to do so if I wanted to.

“Michelin, I’m cumming,” I gasped as I felt my orgasm build in me, giving her the chance to stop and pull off. No hesitation or stopping she kept on sucking me.

"Michelin, I'm cumming now," I repeated a bit louder now, with the same effect, she just seemed to nod her head and kept teasing me with her mouth, lips, tongue. As I came, shooting cum into her mouth, my legs wrapped around her neck, gently holding her where she was, more symbolic than anything else, Michelin was never going to pull off me.

Sucking deeply but surprisingly gently she took all the cum I could shoot into her mouth, swallowing every drop, relishing it, revelling in the taste and feel of it as it flooded her mouth and throat. Teasing every last drop she could from my cock, milking me till I was dry. Causing me to have one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. I was bucking up and down, hips forcing forward smashing into her face.

I relaxed from the spasm my orgasm had created in my body and flopped back onto the bed, expecting Michelin to get off her knees and join me, how wrong I was. She didn’t stop, she continued to suck me off, never breaking off for a second. This time her lips and mouth were more demanding, forcing me to full stiffness again. This was amazing I had never had a woman or girl do that before. One cum and they had finished, and to be fair I would have been happy with that, but Michelin had other ideas, she sucked me off to a second climax, this one not as intense as before but still earth moving.

As she, at last, climbed onto the bed, after swallowing my second gift of cum to her, she smiled at me and said, “Now you should be able to last long enough for me, as we make love,” a glint in her eyes.

Giving me the slightest moment to recover Michelin soon had me hard again, stimulated by her soft hands and a nice little tit wank, how I got hard again so soon only God knows, three erections in such a short time, I know I was young and horny, but three, there was only one reason, the very sexy women next to me in my bed.

Michelin lay on her back and pulled me on top of her saying, “Nic, faire l’amour avec moi, si-vous-plais.”

I slid into her so easily and naturally, she was sopping wet and I hadn’t really touched her apart from the quick oral when we first entered my cabin. We seemed to fit naturally together, her pussy, warm and welcoming to my cock, stretching slightly to accommodate it, but then clamping tight on it, fitting like a soft velvet glove.

We made love in a slow way, immediately getting into a nice rhythm, long and slow, both judging the pace we wanted to go at, but Michelin subtly leading. We were pushing to and fro at each other, grinding hips round and round, intensifying the pace at times, taking each other to the edge of fulfilment, then easing back, teasing, wanting to finish but not wanting to, wanting this to go on forever. Now I knew why she had milked me dry earlier, I couldn’t have lasted otherwise.

Michelin was getting vocal, muttering things in French that I didn’t understand, but I don’t think she was complaining, she wasn’t loud and shouting, but whispering into my ear, her breath hot, it was just another stimulus to me.

I sensed Michelin was building to her own climax as her movements were becoming more intense and frantic, more urgent, more demanding, her pace increasing, her hips thrusting harder and harder into me, changing from making love to fucking, she wanted to cum.

Wanting to please her I upped my pace and started to slam into her, pounding into her, hammering into her hard. Her response was to wrap her legs tight around my waist, pinning me to her, her fingers like talons were scratching my back, leaving long red marks on me. I was kissing her neck as she arched her back, went still for a second, then with a shriek of pure ecstasy and delight she came, her pussy clenching tight on me, legs crushing me, her hips thrusting hard and fast into me, juices pouring from her flooding out of her, even with me still hard and buried deep in her. She seemed to keep this going for ages, eventually, her orgasm began to ebb and subside, relief clearly washing over her.

Just as she started to come down her pussy gave one more clench on my cock, running in a wave from base to head, grasping it the tightest it had ever been grasped before or since. I came again for the third time that night, flooding her pussy this time. The feeling of my cum hitting her sent Michelin off into another wave of orgasm, not as long or intense as before but still delightful to be a part of and to have caused.

This was one very sexy women I had just shared an intense time with, if it was the only time we made love, I would be happy, but I had an idea we may just stay together for the time I was in Quebec.

Sated, exhausted, spent, hot, sweaty but happy we lay entwined in each other's arms, eventually drifting off to sleep. On awakening in the morning, I was arranging with my cabin steward to get breakfast in my cabin for us when Michelin said, “No we can go to the messroom.” I wasn’t sure if she would have been embarrassed at everyone knowing she had stayed the night with me, but nothing of the sort, she was sophisticated, mature and French, in attitude if not nationality, but then Quebec really is just another part of France.

As we entered the wardroom there were lots of envious looks from all the other officers, but no ribald comments, those would come later in private. Seeing Tommy and Pascal at a table in the corner we joined them for breakfast. The girls talking quietly amongst themselves in French and lots of ooh-la-la.

Although it was a Saturday I had some general work to do, routine weekly tests on safety equipment things like that and Tommy had similar duties to perform so reluctantly we escorted the girls from the ship but not until I had arranged to see Michelin later that afternoon and Tommy with Pascal.

Meeting up with Michelin mid-afternoon we spent a pleasant time, strolling the old part of the town, having a coffee in a sidewalk café, conversation flowed easily between us, despite the age gap. Michelin said “hi” to some friends of hers, introducing me to them, taking obvious delight in showing off her new young stud.

The afternoon morphed into the evening and we had a relaxed dinner at a restaurant that Michelin organised, then after a few drinks in a quiet bar she drove me back to the ship and to my delight came back to my cabin again.

This time the sex between us, and it was sex, not making love, but not simply fucking, had a harder edge to it, more intense. Each pushing the other further in passion, seeing how far we could go, the answer was as far as we could. Michelin rode me that night, hammering her body down hard onto me, the teasing and loving of last night was a thing of the past. This time between us it was primaeval, animalistic, but again was silently mutual, we gelled so well together.

Sunday was spent in a whirl of sightseeing, a light lunch and a stolen session of outdoor sex on the Plains of Abraham, Michelin taking delight in the risk of being caught. Before dinner again, and back to the ship for even more sex.

I saw Michelin every night whilst we were in Quebec. We went to dinner, the theatre, a classical concert, we were in the middle of a passionate, but short love affair, we both knew it would by necessity be brief and seemed determined to get as much from our time together as we could. Michelin delighting in showing me off, and me equally delighted to be in the company of a confident, mature, sexy women. Also confident that the night would end in passionate lovemaking, none of the wonderings that accompanies a younger woman.

One evening we were having dinner in a restaurant when I partially overheard a conversation between the Maitre D and Michelin, my French not good enough to understand everything but I did understand “fils,” son. Michelins look at the Maitre D’ stopped him dead, then taking my hand in hers and raising it to her cheek, kissing it said, "This is not my son, this is my lover, my young, sexy English lover." At the same time, she was obviously rubbing my thigh with her other hand. I just smirked at him.

As we were leaving, the Maitre D’ approached us and gave me an opening I couldn’t resist, “I see you haven’t stopped for dessert. Sir, Madam, can I offer you one compliment of the house? For the earlier misunderstanding.”

“No thank you, we’ll have our desert a little later in private. I’m going to have fun unwrapping it, then making long slow love to each other, more than once. Hope the thought of that gets you through the rest of the night,” I said as both giggling we left the restaurant, my hand slipping onto Michelins bum, showing possession as we left.

We didn’t have desert immediately but took our time strolling through Old Quebec, especially Petit-Champlain, looking at the bistros and shops, Michelin, guiding me and explain about parts of her city, but also showing me off, parading me.

We were so natural together as we strolled around, arms around each other, my hand resting on Michelin's hip and drifting to her bum, hers tucked into the rear pocket of my jeans, feeling my arse, pinching it at times. We were like a pair of young lovers, but there was a twenty year age difference between us.

The Tuesday night as she dropped me back at the ship she refused to come onboard saying that she had an early start the next morning, she worked for the Quebec, or Canadian Film industry as a location scout and had some early morning views to show a director to see if they were atmospheric enough. She parked up near the ship in a dark area where we couldn’t be seen and gave me a fantastic blow job, asking nothing of me in return. The sight of her blonde curls bobbing up and down on me and mature body filling a tight white T-shirt and black leather skirt that hugged her hips meant I didn’t last long. As we parted she said, "You can repay me tomorrow." I would be delighted to.

Wednesday evening, Michelin looked stunning in a pale lemon blouse clinging to her body, usual just below knee-length silk skirt, in a deep blue that swayed and floated as she moved, hair teased to perfection, makeup subtle to emphasise her eyes. We had an early dinner in a small bistro and then went back to the ship. When we were in my cabin, we relaxed into a long session of making love, we went to bed at about nine in the evening.

We caressed each other, hands roaming everywhere, tempting and teasing, pleasuring and seeking, we took out time, we knew we had all night and neither of us was in a rush. Even in the short time, we had been together we had made love so often that we knew what the other wanted, how to give it, or how to deny it, teasing in the denial of relief.

We were building to something special, stimulating each other with our mouths, lips and tongues probing and teasing everywhere, hands and fingers exploring. My fingers had just slid into her pussy, stroking deep in her, thumb playing with her clit, her head pressed into my chest, mouth sucking my nipple into it, when she bit lightly down on it, nipping it between her teeth.

She rolled onto her back, pulling me on top of her, guiding my cock to the entrance of her pussy she pushed up onto me, I didn’t enter her or push into her, she opened up and took me in, pushing onto me, engulfing me in a hot moist place.

I held still letting Michelin set the rhythm and pace, I knew that tonight was for her, we were making love again. She liked making love slowly and romantically, pure sex was harder and shorter, but with Michelin both were great, I didn’t know which I enjoyed the most.

I'd been pumping into her for about twenty minutes, long slow deep pumps, basically just rocking my hips back and forwards, matching the pace that Michelin set, my head bent to take first one then the other of her full round boobs into my mouth, playing with them, licking them from the outmost of the orbs to the smallest and tightest of nipples, nibbling and flicking them with my tongue, when Michelin said, “Nic, I’m cumming soon, finish as soon as you want, I want to feel your cum in me, I want to feel your cum fill me.”

Her words were accompanied by an increase in tempo and urgency in her movements as she pushed harder onto me, pussy clenching tight, a velvet clamp of pleasure on my cock. I stopped playing with her tits and looked into her eyes, wanting to look deep into her soul as we both came.

With a slight sigh and small shudder Michelin came, looks of wonder in her eyes, her orgasm wasn’t as frantic as others we had shared but it seemed for the quietness of it so much more intense, more meaningful to her, more loving.

“Oh mon Dieu, c’est bonne, c’est magnifique.”

Still staring deeply into her slightly unfocused eyes my own orgasm hit me, much more intense than Michelins, hot flushes coursing through me as I shot jet after jet of cum deep into her, just as she wanted, as the first spurt shot into her and hit the top of her cervix, her eyes shot wide in delight, mouth forming into a big smile, hands clenching on my arse holding me in tight, her pussy again clenched on me, milking every drop of cum from my balls and body, dragging it from me, into her. This had the effect of sending her over into another climax, but this time it was an earth-shattering one, Michelin screaming and shouting as her body spasmed and shook underneath mine.

I gazed in wonder at this passionate women as I slowly softened, then slid out. I took her in my arms, kissed her and held her as she slept the night away in my arms and in my bed.

On Saturday evening Michelin had arranged that the three pairs would go to her house, for a meal. This was the first time I had been to her home all our previous lovemaking had been in my cabin, or stolen moments outdoors or in her car.

When we got there I realised why her son was just leaving for the evening and he wasn’t much younger than I was. I really was a Toyboy, and happy to be one!

After a beautiful meat fondue and side salad accompanied by a couple of bottles of wine, we relaxed and then Michelin took me to her bedroom, leaving the others to their own devices.

Michelin slowly stripped for me, removing each piece of clothing in a teasing sensuous way, gradually revealing all of her full mature body for my eyes to admire. When she was naked she walked towards me slowly, then began to undress me, with the same infinite slowness she had done herself, but this time she was kissing each part of my body as she brought it into view. Soft music and low lighting only emphasised the sensuousness of the moment.

When I was finally as naked as her, she led me to her bed and arm in arm we fell onto it, immediately dropping into our routine of lovemaking, first oral stimulation, never sixty-nine, Michelin explained that she didn’t like that position, she felt she couldn’t concentrate on giving and receiving at the same time. Then into long slow lovemaking, first me on top, then Michelin switching to riding me, always facing me, never breaking contact with each other. Eventually, we both climaxed within seconds of each other, mine a long shuddering orgasm my cum exploding out of me deep into Michelin. Michelins equally intense.

As we lay next to each other, recovering in the warm afterglow of mutually pleasing lovemaking a soft knock came on the door, which then slowly opened and Collette came in. She looked nice in a short flimsy semi-transparent nightdress. She was much thinner than Michelin, almost anorexic in look, very skinny and pale, boobs barely making a dent in her nightdress. Where Michelin was full and rounded, Collette was thinner, much, much thinner and slimmer.

The two women were talking animatedly in French that I couldn’t understand. Then Michelin turned to me and said, “Nic, when we are together like this we normally swop partners. This time I’m not sure, do you want to, Tommy and Pascal definitely don’t?”

I took a second to think things through, yes I did, I’d never done anything like that before and Collette although skinny had a certain sexiness about her that intimated she would be fun to go with, but I didn’t want to leave Michelin. I didn’t want anyone else that night.

"In some ways, I'd love to it would be fun and kinky and Collette is sexy, but I only want you, I don’t want to share you.”

Michelin and Collette again exchanged words in French, with much shoulder shrugging from Collette, then with a sigh she turned and left Michelin and me alone again.

We made love time and time again that wondrous night, most times I was on top in the missionary position, rocking my hips back and forth cock, penetrating Michelin, her pussy taking me in, welcoming me. But one wonderous time just before we fell asleep Michelin was astride me, pussy clamping tight and then releasing on my cock rocking back and forth as she loved to do, but this time she was just a little quicker in her movements, pushing onto me a little harder. Somehow more frantic and desperate, wilder, her groin rotating and pushing into mine, trying to get my cock deeper and deeper into her.

As Michelin rode me, hands pressing on my shoulders pinning me to the bed, she bent forward so her full and heavy boobs were swaying inches from my face, large areolas surrounding her erect nipples. I leaned forward, forced myself up and sucked the first one then the other into my mouth, slobbering over them as I delighted in the feel and taste of them in my mouth, the weight of them pressing against my face. Smothering me.

At last, I concentrated on her left boob, nipping the nipple playfully between my teeth, that is something I seemed to have taught her and she loves it now. I could sense Michelins frustration building as she rode to her climax, frustrating in wanting it to come sooner, but also wanting to delay the final release. I went with her pace, wanting to please her, then taking over I thrust my hips higher and harder hammering into her from underneath, sucking her boob deep into my mouth, her fingers were playing frantically with her clit. Then that moment of ecstasy and relief. A scream of pure lust escaped her lips as her pussy clamped on me, and I felt a hot rush of her cum flood over my groin. This was quickly followed by me shooting my cum into her. My orgasm was quieter as my mouth was filled by her left boob.

Michelin slumped forward panting for breath, her gasps echoing in my ear, then that most intimate and loving of things a little kiss in the nape of my neck and a sigh as she fell asleep on top of me, totally at ease, totally spent and sated. It wasn’t long before I joined her in oblivion.

When I woke in the morning it was with Michelins head in my lap, lips around my cock, giving me a slow blowjob, what a nice way to wake up. Especially when I came in Michelin's mouth.

“That was a nice breakfast,” she said.

“Now for mine,” I replied as I flipped her onto her back and ate her pussy until she came. That presaged another round of lovemaking that lasted the morning and into the afternoon. We didn’t see each other on Sunday night as Michelin was visiting her mother as she always does. It gave me time to relax and reflect on our relationship. I think I was a little bit in love with her.

The last night, before the ship sails at six a.m. the following morning and Michelin has picked me up, we are going for a few drinks then dinner and finally back to her place for the night. Only the second time I have slept at hers in our brief time together. Michelin has ordered a taxi for me for the morning so I can get back to the ship on time, also telling me not to wake her but to leave quietly as she is sleeping. Just to quietly slip away.

The meal could have been sad and morbid as we both knew our time together was nearly over, and that what we had had together could have been more so much more, it was more than just a quick fling, it had changed both of us forever. Instead, it was a fun time as we reflected on the things we had done together, even the sex we had had.

Finally, back at hers, she took me quietly to her bed, no teasing or seduction we quietly undressed each other taking our time, savouring the sight of each other as our bodies were gradually revealed, each covering the other with kisses.

When we were both naked we lay on the bed and Michelin slid down and took me in her mouth, soft and gentle, teasing with her soft touches, tongue licking and probing, then her lips closed on my shaft as she took me deep to the entrance of her throat, but not entering it, she kept this up for a while until I could stand no more. I forced her to stop and this time got her flat on her back and returned the compliment and loving.

My lips brushed her pussy tormenting her with the lightest of touches, she sighed as I did so, muttering things in French to herself, encouraging me to continue, her hips pushing  up and forward allowing me easier access to her core as I slipped my tongue deep into her one more time, loving the taste of her, drinking down the juices that were already beginning to flow from her. Her hands were clenched in my hair twisting it and holding me in-place on her. I wasn’t going to move anyway, I was going to bring her to a climax with my mouth.

My tongue flicked on her clit and then I sucked it into my mouth, rolling it around my lips, then teeth nipping on it, not quite biting, but holding it firmly, then flicking the end of it with my tongue as I continued to hold it in my teeth. She did have a large clitoris so I could do that. Michelins moans increased in volume and turned to shouts of pleasure as she gradually built to her release, taken there by the action of my tongue and lips on her. Her hips pushed even higher and with a scream, she came, shudders rippling through her body, her juices flooding out of her, and into my mouth. I made sure I drank down as much as I could, remembering the taste of her.

Michelin kept hold of my hair as she pulled me up her body until I was lying on top of her and so naturally slid my stiff cock into her hot, welcoming and wanting pussy, immediately she began a slow rocking, pushing her hips into me as her legs drawn back and up wrapping around me, ankles clasped on my arse. She then rocked me to my climax, using all her experience and the muscles of her pussy. She was gripping and releasing my cock, I could feel her pussy rippling up and down the length, driving me insane with wanting and need.

Michelin was showering me with kisses as she drove me to my climax until I stopped her and looked deep into her eyes, eyes that were filled with love and desire. Keeping my eyes locked on hers I came in a long body shaking orgasm, spurt after spurt of cum jetting out of my cock, deep into her pussy. Michelins eyes went wide as the first spurt hit her cervix, a look of longing and thanks. She had wanted my cum, had got it and received it with thanks.

As I softened I slid out of her, rolled on my back, took her in my arms hugging her close and tight, as we drifted off to sleep, her body half across mine, head buried in the nape of my neck, breath tickling softly. The final time we would sleep together.

Before she fell asleep Michelin thanked me, for the time we had spent together, thanked me for making her feel young again, for feeling desired, for feeling sexy again, for feeling like a woman. She was all of those things, young, sexy, desirable.

I had been proud to be by her side and know her love during the time we had been together, I didn’t need thanks, being with her, sharing a small part of her life was thanks enough.

I woke at four am, slipped from her embrace, quietly got dressed and after placing one last soft kiss on her head went downstairs to the waiting taxi. The ship sailed at six-thirty in the morning. I managed to slip up onto the deck as we eased away, normally during this period I was stationed in the Engine-room and saw Michelins figure on the quayside, waving quietly.

I had arranged for a single red rose to be sent to her that morning, a red rose for love, a red rose for England, a red rose for Lancashire where I come from, and another one each day for the next ten days, one for every day we had been together.

Reflecting back on our time together as a couple, we had had some great times, we had made love more than we had had sex, and the memory was all the better for it. Michelin had welcomed me into her life and love and given me for a brief moment in time unconditional loving.

I had learnt so much from that woman in our brief time together, the age difference seemingly unimportant, maybe that was because we both knew our liaison would be brief and fleeting both fully committing to it for the time we had together. Unintentionally she had captured a part of my heart and would hold it forever.