My Secret Summer

If any of my buddies had told me the summer before I started college would work out like it did, I’d have said they were nuts.  Even after all the years that have passed since I was eighteen, I still have a little trouble believing it myself.  What started with a visit to one of Mom’s friends ended up being… well, maybe I should just tell you from the start.

Sutter Lake is a small lake in southwest Michigan surrounded by the summer homes of wealthy people from Chicago.  One of Mom’s old friends, I’ll call her Jean, owned a convenience store on that lake.  Along with a few groceries, she also sold bait and gas, and rented boats.  She’d run the store by herself since her husband died ten years before, and now the place needed to be painted.   Jean had called Mom to ask if Dad could help.

The woman who ran up and hugged my mom that June morning didn’t seem like the same person I remembered from when she’d visited a few years before.  The Jean I remembered had been a little chubby with brown hair.  This woman was a lot slimmer and had blonde hair.  Her oversize sweatshirt hid her big soft breasts.  I knew they were big and soft because she mashed me into them when she hugged me.

We were done painting by Thursday, and Dad intended to start home the next day.  It was during dinner that Jean asked if I had a job to earn some money for college.

Well, I’d tried to find a summer job, but there wasn’t anything open in our area, and that’s what I said.  Jean asked Dad if I could stay the summer with her because she needed help with the store.  I held my breath until Dad said “Yes”. The next day, Mom and Dad waved goodbye as they drove away.  I spent Saturday and Sunday learning how to take care of the store.

I just about fell over when I walked into the kitchen for breakfast that Monday. Even that early in the morning, it was already pretty warm, and Jean was wearing tight little shorts and a bikini top.  I hadn’t realized just how nice her figure was.  It was also a little embarrassing.  I mean, she was Mom’s good friend and all, but she was turning me on.  Of course, when I was eighteen, it didn’t take much to make my cock start getting stiff, but it still didn’t seem right.

She didn’t seem to notice, even when she bent over the table to set down my plate of eggs and bacon.  The bikini top wasn’t much more than big enough to hold her breasts, and they almost fell out.  I caught a glimpse of darker pink just before she stood up and smiled at me.

On Tuesday, she wore a little short skirt and a snug T-shirt.  I was getting change for a customer that afternoon, and Jean was getting some minnows for another.  When she bent over the minnow tank with the net, I could see all the way up her skirt.  She was wearing red lace panties.  My customer asked me for the change twice before I woke up and handed it to her.

Every day, Jean dressed in something that turned me on and it was difficult to keep from staring at her.  I think she must have seen me watching a couple of times, but she didn’t say anything.  By Friday afternoon, I was getting a hardon every time I saw her.

That Saturday night, Jean said she was going to cook some steaks on the grill, and suggested I take a shower while they were cooking.  I was pretty sweaty, so I got some fresh clothes and went into the bathroom.  Jean was just putting the steaks on the table when I walked into the dining room.  She smiled and asked if my shower had felt good, and then went back into the kitchen for the salads and drinks.  

The steaks were great.  We finished the meal just sitting there and talking about the crazy customers we had and joking about what they must be like when they were back home in Chicago.

Jean had rented a movie, and asked if I’d set it up while she took a shower.  While she was in the bathroom, I got everything ready and plopped down on the couch.  After her shower, Jean brought a couple of cans of beer and sat them on the coffee table.  She said I’d earned a beer after all the hard work I’d done.  I was a little surprised, but Dad let me have a beer once in a while, so I figured she’d cleared it before he and Mom left.

What surprised me more was that Jean hadn’t gotten dressed.  All she had on was a thin silk robe and her slippers.  The robe was so short it only reached the middle of her thighs, and it was so thin I could see the bumps her nipples made through the material.  When she sat down, the robe somehow got pulled up a little higher, and the overlap at the top kind of gaped open.

We’d watched about half of the movie when I had to pee.  I asked Jean if it would be all right if I paused the movie for a couple minutes.  She just laughed and said I should hurry, because she had to go too.

Jean was standing outside the door when I came out of the john.  It was a few minutes before I heard the toilet flush.  Jean detoured through the kitchen on her way back from the bathroom.  She sat a couple fresh beers on the coffee table and plopped down on the couch next to me.  I caught my breath when I looked at her.  The robe had ridden up even higher, and it was open at the top enough that I could see the swell of her breasts.  She didn’t seem to notice that I was staring.  She just opened her beer and took a sip, then settled back on the couch cushions and started to watch the movie.

I noticed that she was sitting closer to me than before, a lot closer.  She reached down to scratch her thigh, and spread her legs a little to get to the inside.  That caused the robe to open up at the bottom, and I could see smooth, tanned skin.  When she finished scratching, she didn’t close her legs, and her thigh was touching mine.

The movie was a funny one, and Jean kept laughing.  Every time she did, her breasts would jiggle, and I couldn’t stop looking at them.  She also kept opening and closing her legs when she laughed, and that robe kept opening up more and more each time.  By the time the movie was over, the robe was open at both top and bottom almost all the way to her belly.  I could see a few strands of soft hair between her thighs and the round swell of her breasts.  I was also feeling that second beer.  I’d been swigging away at it in an attempt to stop looking at her, but I couldn’t.  

I had another problem, too.  My cock was stuck down the leg of my jeans and was hard as a rock.  It hurt.  I kept squirming around in an attempt to get it free, but I wasn’t doing anything except rubbing my leg against Jean’s, and that made things worse.

The credits started to roll.

“Wow, that was a funny movie.  I rented another one, if you’d like to watch it.  We don’t have to open up until noon tomorrow, so we can sleep in.  What do you say?”

I wasn’t really sleepy, so I said yes.  Jean got up and put in the second movie.  She was bending over the player when I realized she wasn’t wearing any panties.  Her legs were spread apart a little, and I could see her pussy lips and the fringe of fine brown hair around them.  My cock jumped and got harder.  I quickly pushed it up to the front of my pants before Jean turned around.

This movie was one of those blood and guts horror things.  I don’t really like them, but I couldn’t very well tell her that.  It was scary as hell.  At one point, Jean grabbed my hand and pulled it to her chest.  I supposed it made her feel better.  I know I felt better, because the back of my hand was resting on her cleavage.  The music got that tone where you know something bad is going to happen and then there was a crash as that bad thing did happen.  Jean pulled my hand down her chest and into her lap.  Now, I felt soft hair tickling my hand.

I spent the rest of the movie with my hand either on her crotch or on her breasts, and she didn’t seem to notice. When it was over, I started to pull my hand away.  Jean looked at me and said I didn’t have to do that if I didn’t want to.  I looked at her because I didn’t understand what she was saying.  I didn’t get to look for long, because she dropped my hand, put her arms around my neck, and kissed me on the lips.  It wasn’t like the kisses I’d gotten from the girls I’d dated.  She opened her mouth and kind of pushed my lips apart.  Then she stuck her tongue in until it touched mine.  I thought I was going to cum in my pants.

“What’s the matter, Sam?  You’re squirming all over the place.  Haven’t you ever been kissed before?”

I said I had, but not like that.

“Well, that’s how a woman kisses a man.  Didn’t you like it.”

“Yeah, but Jean, your…well, your...”

“I’m older, right?  Well, I’m lonely, Honey.  I’ve been without a man since Rick died, and I needed that kiss.  A woman wants to think she can still excite a man.  Don’t I make you excited?  I’ve been trying all week to make you excited.”

Jean put her hand on the front of my jeans.

“It feels like I succeeded.”

“No, I mean, you’re Mom’s friend –“

“Don’t you think your Mom still likes what a man can do?”  Jean laughed.  “You should read some of the things she writes to me.”  She laughed again.  “You can’t tell me you’ve never heard her and your dad together.”

This was getting embarrassing.  I had heard them.  Mom could be pretty loud  sometimes.

“Well…yeah, once in a while.”

She put my hand inside her robe and on her breast.

“Then why don’t you enjoy yourself, and make me feel good at the same time?”

Before I could say anything, she kissed me again, the same way, and squeezed my hand around her breast.  She made a little purring sound that vibrated down in my throat.

“You have nice hands, Sam.  Squeeze just a little and then rub me there.”

I suppose it was the beer that caused me not to stop, because I did like she said, and felt Jean fumbling with my belt.  Before I knew it, she’d pulled down my zipper and was rubbing me through my underwear.

“You’re quite a man, Sam.  Oh, God, that feels good.  Do it some more, right on my nipple.”

The little bump was swelled up really hard.  I touched it with my fingertip, and Jean gasped.

“That’s it.  Do it again, and squeeze it a little.”

I took the hard little tip and gently pinched.  Jean groaned and reached inside my underwear.  When her hands touched my stiff cock, I almost jumped off the couch.

“Easy there, Sam.  Haven’t you done this before?”

“No, Ma’am.”

Jean let go of my cock, stood up, and took me by the hand.

“Let’s go where we can be comfortable.”

She led me into her bedroom, shut the door, opened the robe, and let it fall to the floor.  She was beautiful, but I didn’t get a chance to look for long.  Jean pulled my T-shirt over my head and then pulled down my jeans and underwear.  I covered myself with my hand.  She ran her hands over my chest and then gently pulled my hands away from my crotch.

“No, Sam, don’t ever be ashamed of your cock.  Come sit on the bed.”

As soon as I sat down, Jean knelt in front of me.

“I’m going to do something that women do to men they think are special, like their lovers or husbands.  Just lay back and don’t do anything.”

Jean put her lips on my cock and kissed it, then opened her mouth and pulled the head inside.  Her mouth was warm and wet, and when she closed her lips and sucked, I thought I’d die.  I pushed up, but she caught me and giggled.

“Nope, not yet, Sam.  I’m not ready for that yet.  Now lay still.”

Jean slipped my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, sucking all the time, and I could feel my cum starting.  Just when I was about to let go, she stopped and squeezed my cock tight.  She would hold me like that for a while, and then suck on me again.  I know I would have exploded after the fourth time if she hadn’t let me go.  That time, she pushed her mouth all the way down over my cock, and then did this swallowing thing with her throat.  I tried to pull out, but she held me down as I shot inside her mouth.  I felt her swallowing like mad as spurt after spurt of cum came out of my cock.  She didn’t stop until I quit humping up off the mattress.

“So, Sam, was that fun?”

All I could do was nod.

“Well, now it’s time for you to make me feel good too.”

Jean climbed up on the bed beside me, and kissed me again. She was rubbing my cock up and down, too, and in a few minutes I was hard again.  Jean threw her leg over me and sat on my belly.  She lifted my hands and put them on her breasts.

“You do what you were doing before, Honey, and I’ll catch up with you pretty quick.”

Her nipples were still hard as rocks, and I rubbed my thumbs over each one.  Jean shuddered and reached behind her to stroke my cock.  She slipped her other hand down over her belly and pushed a finger between the swollen lips I was watching intently.  She began sliding the finger in and out.

“This is how you excite a woman, Sam.  You rub her like I’m doing, and you massage her breasts and pinch her nipples.  Oh God, yes, that’s right.  Just like that.”

Jean was pushing herself into her hand as she rubbed, and I notice that every time I pinched her nipples, she groaned and her hips jerked.  Finally, she raised herself up and I felt soft hair and even softer skin touching my cock.  She moved it around a little, and then slowly lowered her body.  I felt my cock sinking into something warm and wet.  Jean shivered just as she settled her weight on my thighs.

“God, I’d almost forgotten what that feels like.  It’s…Oh, yeah…mmmm.”

Jean started lifting herself and then sitting back down over my cock, and all the time she was rubbing her crotch.  I felt something warm and wet running over my balls.  Jean leaned over and her breasts touched my face.

“Suck on my nipples, Sam.”

I put my mouth over one and sucked in a little.

“That’s it, but harder.  Ohhhh…yeah… that’s it.  More.”

Jean was rocking over me faster and faster, and I could feel that tingle that said I was going to cum again pretty quick.  She was starting to pull her nipple away, so I squeezed it between my lips so I could hold on.

“Oh, damn, yes, Sam.  Do that again and you’ll make me cum.”

I bit down again, a little harder this time, and she slammed down on my cock so fast I thought we’d probably break the bed.  Jean threw back her head and cried out.  Her fingers fluttered on her crotch and she started to hump up and down really fast.  I couldn’t stop myself, and pushed up inside her farther with each stroke.  She cried out again just as I started shooting cum inside her.  I felt her body shake, and then she slammed down over my cock again and started rocking her hips.  She pulled her breast away from my mouth and kissed me, then moaned over and over as she rocked her hips over my cock.  Finally, she stretched out on top of me and lay there panting.

I remember waking up in the sunlight with Jean laying naked beside me.  I was watching her when her eyes fluttered open and she smiled.  Before I could say anything, she kissed me, just like last night, and I felt her fingertips stroking my cock.

“This is a beautiful cock, Sam, and I love you for making me feel like you did.  You don’t feel bad about it do you?”

“Well, I guess not, but what will Mom and Dad think?”

“I’m not going to tell them anything, Honey.  This will be our secret, OK.”


“Good.  My, my, look at you.”

“It’s you that’s doing that.”

“I know, and I’m glad.  It makes me feel great to be able to do that.”

She kissed me again, and then pulled me on top of her.  I felt Jean reach down and guide my cock into her pussy.  It was wetter than last night, and just as hot.  Jean wrapped her legs around my back and pulled on my butt.  I pushed inside her as far as I could, and when she let me go, I pulled back out.  I went too far, and my cock slipped out of her.  

“Not quite so far, Honey.  Stay just a little inside me when you pull out.  That’s right.  Hmmm, you learn fast, don’t you?”

I did learn fast, I guess, because it wasn’t long before Jean was pushing up to meet my strokes.  She had one hand on her breast, rubbing it and pinching her nipple, and the other was between us and rubbing her crotch.  She started to pant, and each time she pinched her nipple, her body lurched up against me.  When that happened, I felt the head of my cock pushing into something really soft, and it was driving me crazy.  I was trying to hold out until she was ready, but that soft spot hitting the head of my cock was just too much.  I couldn’t control the speed of my strokes anymore, and started banging into her as fast as I could.

“Oh, Sam, yes.  Faster, faster.   Now, Honey.   Now.”

I unloaded inside her again just as Jean threw her head to one side and groaned.  I felt her legs tighten around me and she kind of quivered.  Then she sagged back on the bed and pulled my face to hers.

It was about an hour before we got out of bed.  It felt good to lay there on top of her and just kiss her and touch her skin.  Finally she grinned and said we had to get cleaned up for breakfast.  We took a shower together, and almost did it again in there.  I got a hardon just seeing her in front of me, and when I reached around and touched her breasts and pussy, I wanted to put my cock inside her more than anything.

“Not again this morning, Sam.  I need to rest a little or I’ll fall down.  Here, you greedy man.  Stand in front of me and I’ll help you out.”

Jean pushed her big breasts into my back and started jacking me off.  It was just heaven, you know?  The water was warm and her hand was all soft and soapy and slick.  It was great.  She felt me start thrusting my hips, and surprised the hell out of me by slipping a finger around to my asshole, rubbing it, and then slipping her finger just inside.  I thought I was going to shoot my balls out through my cock when I came.

“OK, now, Honey.  That’s enough for this morning.  We have to open the store.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to let you get away for long.”

Well, I “got away” until after dinner that night.  Jean put in another movie, but we really didn’t watch it much.  She got between my knees and sucked me off again, right there on the couch.  Then she said I was going to learn something special.  Jean sat in her armchair and put one leg over each arm, then she pulled her pussy lips apart and showed me what she called her “pearl”.  She asked me to kiss it.  

I’d heard about this at school, and the guys all said it would smell bad.  Jean smelled really nice, I thought.  I kissed the place she’d pointed out and heard her groan.  I kissed it again.

“Lick it Sam.”

I did, and felt a little bump getting stiff under my tongue.  I kept licking and before I knew it, Jean started to shake.  I felt her push my head into her crotch and she cried out.  Something warm ran down my chin and she cried out again.  Then she pulled me up her body and kissed me.

“You did great, Honey.  Now, shut off the TV, and let’s go to bed.   It’s still early enough to…well, I think I’ll let you surprise me this time. ”

We made love at least twice a day, once in the morning and once a night for the rest of the summer, except for a couple special days.  One of those days was the day Jean introduced me to Evelyn, her closest friend.  I didn’t realize just how close they were until Evelyn came for dinner one night.

On the Fourth of July, a woman walked into the store.  She was new to the community of vacationers from Chicago; at least, I hadn’t seen her before.  She was not new to Jane.

Jane took one look, said, “Oh my God“, and ran to hug the woman.

“Evvy.  I was hoping you’d come back this summer.  I’m so glad you did.”

The woman hugged Jane back, then pushed her away to look into her face.

“I couldn’t stay away, Jane.  I love it here.”

Jane hugged her again, then took her by the hand and walked her over to where I stood by the minnow tanks.

“Evvy, this is Sam.  He’s the son of an old girlfriend, and he’s helping me out this summer.  Sam, this is Evvy, well…Evelyn, but I’ve always called her Evvy.  Last year, she bought the house just up the shore from the shop, and we’ve been friends ever since.”

“Hi, Sam.  Nice to meet you.  I’m glad you’re helping Jane out.  This place is a lot for one woman to handle by herself.”

Jane and Evelyn went into the house to talk.  I stayed back to wait on customers, but there weren’t many.  Everybody was getting ready for the parties that would happen that night.  I’d been looking forward to tonight too, because it was Saturday, and that meant we wouldn’t open the shop until noon on Sunday.  Every other Saturday had meant Jane and I made love until we couldn’t anymore, went to sleep together, and then made love again the next morning.  I figured Evelyn’s arrival would screw that up.  Well, there was always next weekend.

About six, I closed up and went in to shower off the minnow smell.  Jane and Evelyn were sitting on the couch talking.  I waved, then headed to my bedroom for a change of clothes.  

 When I came out of the shower, Evelyn was gone.  I didn’t have time to ask Jane about it, because she walked up, planted her mouth on mine, and almost smothered me with the kiss.  It was almost reflex that I cupped her ass cheeks with my hands and squeezed, then slipped one hand up to squeeze her breast through the silk blouse she wore.

Jane giggled and gave my stiff cock a little squeeze.  “You’ll have to wait a while, Sam.  I asked Evelyn to dinner tonight.  I hope you don’t mind.  We can play later, and remember”, Jane grinned and touched my nose, “tomorrow’s Sunday.”

Evelyn arrived about an hour later.  She’d changed from the short skirt and frilly blouse into shorter shorts and one of those tops that hugs a woman’s breasts like a second skin.  It really was like a second skin, because it was easy to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra.  Just after she walked into the air-conditioned living room, her nipples got stiff and made two big bumps in the clingy material.  She didn’t seem to notice, even though she had to see me staring at her.

After dinner, we all went out on the porch.  Jane and Evelyn sat and talked.  I was appointed to carry the beer when our bottles went dry.  It wasn’t so bad, I was thinking.  Two sexy women in sexy clothes sitting right in front of me, and I took advantage of the situation by sitting across from them.  

There was no doubt about Evelyn’s lack of a bra.  When she moved, her breasts made the same little jiggle that Jane’s did when she was naked.  There was also no doubt that Evelyn was turning me on.  She sat open legged on the chaise lounge, and occasionally, I could see right up the leg of her shorts.  I couldn’t really see what was there, because she was partly in the shade of a big pine tree, but just the sight of her satin-smooth inner thigh was enough.  I was glad my cock decided to swell up the front of my jeans instead of down the leg.

I felt a little funny about how Evelyn was affecting me.  I mean, Jane was…well, really the first woman I’d had any real relationship with, and it felt a little like I was cheating on her.  Still, I couldn’t control what I was feeling even if I’d wanted to.

Jane said they needed another beer, so I hopped up, went to the kitchen to get them.  Along the way, I stopped to pee, so I was gone about five minutes.  I handed them the icy cold bottles and then sat back down.  

Evelyn had changed positions slightly, and what was left of the sunlight lit up her shorts and the thighs that disappeared into them.  It also lit up one slender, shaved pussy lip that had escaped somehow from her panties.  After about three seconds of looking, I could have driven nails with my cock.  

Evelyn saved me the embarrassment of trying to get my cock back up the front of my jeans by saying she had to use the ladies room.  After she had gone inside, Jane burst out laughing.

“Sam, I think you’d better rearrange some things.  It looks like you have a cucumber hiding in your jeans.  I wish it was for me, but I think I know better, don’t I?”

“I—I’m sorry, Jane.  I couldn’t help it.  Her shorts…and she’s not wearing a bra…”

“I know about both, Sam, and it’s OK.  I’d be worried if she didn’t do that to you.  Now fix yourself before she comes back.  Wouldn’t want Evvy to get the wrong idea about you, now would we?”

We sat there until dark, just watching the parties along the lake and talking, until Jane slapped her leg.

“The mosquitoes are out.  Time to go inside.  I have some dessert if anyone’s interested.”

Well, every other night, “dessert” for me would have meant Jane, naked and panting under, beside, or on top of me.  The cake wasn’t as good, but it was still pretty good.  After we cleared the dishes, Evelyn excused herself again, leaving Jane and I alone.  Jane patted the couch beside her.

“Sam, come here.”

She kissed me, one of her “please-fuck-me-now” kisses.

“Sam, I know what you were expecting tonight, but Evelyn is a very good friend.  Just wait a while longer and I’ll make it up to you.”

“That’s OK.  Like you said, we don’t have to open up early tomorrow.”

Jane put her hand on my face.

“Evelyn is a very special friend, Sam.  Do you know what I mean by that?”

“No, not really.  I figured you just liked each other a lot.”

“Oh, we do…we like each other a lot…we like each other when we’re together a lot more…like in bed together.  Now do you understand?”

“You’re lesbians?”

Jane laughed.  “Sam, of all people, I’d think you’d be the last to think that about me.  No, we’re not lesbians.  Evelyn used to be married, but now she’s divorced.  I’m a widow.  We needed to feel wanted, to feel sexy, and after we met, it eventually lead to…we both still love men and need to feel a man, but sometimes when one’s not around, girls can make girls feel almost the same.”

“So I need to stay in my room tonight?  It’s OK if that’s what you want.”

“Heavens no, Sam.  Evelyn and I have talked about it.  She liked you the first time she saw you, but was a little afraid to say anything.  When I told her what we’d been up to, well…she’d like to see for herself.  We’d all be together, and we wouldn’t ask you to do anything you didn’t want to do.  We just want you to join us if you’re willing.”

Well, I tell you, I didn’t know what to think.  I really wanted Jane dangling her nipples over my face and crying out when she came all over my cock.  Still, Evelyn had gotten my attention with her bare pussy lip and nipples.  

“Sam, I understand what Jane and I are asking of you.  If you don’t want to, I’ll understand too.”

I hadn’t heard her come into the room, but there was Evelyn standing beside me.  When I turned to look at her, I couldn’t say anything…my mouth was hanging open too far.

Evelyn was almost dressed.  Her breasts were clad in transparent, black lace that did nothing to hide her large rosy-pink nipples.  The tiny thong didn’t do much to hide her shaved pussy either.  The black patent heels did a lot to make her long legs look even longer.  My cock was standing at attention and pushing out the front of my jeans in a second.

Evelyn chuckled.  “I guess that bulge means you like what you see, doesn’t it?”

Jane whispered in my ear.  “Sam, we’d love you to stay, and I promise you’ll enjoy it.  Stay with us, Honey…please.”

If I’d had any doubts, the hot breath that went along with that “please” would have changed them.  I reached for Jane’s left breast and squeezed it gently, then rubbed her nipple through the thin bra she wore.  Evelyn sat on Jane’s other side, slipped her hand up Jane’s smooth inner thigh and inside her shorts, and then kissed her full on the mouth.

I’d never seen two women kiss, well, except in a couple stag films one of my buddy’s dad kept in his closet, and the kisses in those movies weren’t anything like this.  Evelyn’s lips were touching Jane’s, but the touch looked feather light, and both their lips moved together in little rhythmic motions.  My cock was even harder when they separated and Jane reached down to unbutton her blouse.

Evelyn put her hands over Jane’s, then pulled them gently away and began on the buttons herself.  When Jane slipped the blouse off her shoulders, Evelyn reached for the front hook of Jane’s pastel blue bra.  In a second, Jane’s breasts slipped from the cups.

“Jane, your breasts are beautiful, just like last time.  Sam, don’t you think they’re beautiful?”

“Uh….”, was all I could manage to say, because this was the hottest thing I’d ever seen in my life.

“What’s the matter, Sam?”

“Uh… I mean…nothing, and yes I do think so.”

“Well, then why don’t you show me that you do?”

I looked at Jane.  Her eyes were wide open and sparkling.

“It’s alright, Sam.  We’re just three friends making each other feel good.”

Jane groaned when I slipped her nipple in my mouth, and groaned again when I sucked gently.  

“Jane’s taught you well, I think”, laughed Evelyn.  I can hardly wait.”

In moments, Evelyn had Jane’s clothes lying in a pile on the floor, and then came to my side of the couch.  Her touch startled me, but the hands on my back made me quickly relax.  She pulled my T-shirt over my head and then undid my jeans.  I was still kissing Jane’s nipple when she pulled them off me and reached for my jockey shorts.  She was careful to pull the waistband out so they would slip over my stiff cock.  I felt Jane’s hand move to my crotch and begin stroking me.

I didn’t have to be told what she wanted, because I wanted it too.  I nibbled up her inner thigh and then pressed my face into her pussy.

Jane was wet, unbelievably wet, and I knew it wasn’t all me because that had never happened before.  When I slipped my tongue between her swollen lips, Jane rocked her hips into my face and gasped.  It took me only a couple of licks to discover that her clit was stiff and throbbing, and another couple to feel a warm trickle on my chin when Jane rocked her hips into me again.

Jane gasped again, and when I looked up at her, I saw Evelyn on her knees and rubbing her tongue over Jane’s left nipple.  Jane started to pant when Evelyn gently bit the stuff nub, and moaned again when Evelyn changed nipples.

Everything happened pretty fast after that.  With my tongue licking her pussy and Evelyn nibbling her nipples, Jane was soon crying out and arching off the couch as the orgasm swept over her.  After a few more little moans, she giggled and gently pulled me up on top of her.

“WOW!  Sam, that was fantastic, and Evelyn…Honey, you remembered what I like, didn’t you?”

“It was easy, Sweetie, because I like the same thing.  Sam, I’m amazed.  You  did that like you’ve been doing it for years.  I’m also way more than ready for the same, if you want me.”

 Evelyn slowly undid the lacy bra and let it fall to the floor, then rolled the little thong over her hips and down her thighs.  Her breasts were a little smaller than Jane’s, but her nipples were bigger…a lot bigger.  The dark circles around them were tightened into tiny little bumps and a mass of ridges that radiated out from the turgid nubs I really wanted to feel in my mouth.

“Go ahead, Sam.  Show Evelyn what I’ve taught you.”

I got off Jane, and let Evelyn take her place.  She also put one foot on the back of the couch and treated me to an open view of her shaved lips.  I saw moisture glistening in he light of the table lamp, and as I watched, those shaved lips opened all by themselves.  Evelyn’s voice was just a little deeper than normal.  “See, Sam, I’m ready for you, and you haven’t touched me yet.”

Jane had always said not to hurry a woman, so I didn’t hurry Evelyn.  It was hard, because what I really wanted to do was sink my cock between her open, wet lips and pump away for all I was worth.  Instead, I stroked the soft skin of her inner thighs from her knees until I almost touched her pouting lips, then stroked back down again.  The second time I did this, I swear I saw her pussy open a little, and a drop of liquid trickled down to her hip.  The third time, I touched a slender lip with just a fingertip, and Evelyn caught her breath.  “Damn, Sam, you have nice hands.”

She caught her breath again when I nuzzled her mound and inhaled her scent.  It was different than Jane’s, but just as intoxicating.  I had to keep remembering to go slow, because my body was telling me to go faster and faster.

The first lick between her lips was great for me, and like an electric shock for Evelyn.  She lurched her body into me, mashing my nose into her mound in the process, and reached down to stroke my head.  “Oh, God, I’m not gonna last long at this rate.”

Evelyn moaned when I slipped my tongue as far inside her as it would go and then slowly moved it over her rippled inner lips and up to her clit.  It was still under its little hood, so I did what Jane had taught me.  I moved my tongue to the side of the small bump and licked slowly but with some pressure.

After a couple of minutes of this, I felt for the little button with my tongue and found out it wasn’t so small after all.  It wasn’t as big around as my little finger, but almost, and it got bigger when I wrapped my lips around it and sucked.

I looked up at Evelyn, but I couldn’t see her face.  Jane was kissing her and gently stroking her breasts.  I did hear the little moan Evelyn made when I sucked again, and I saw her roll her head to the side when I slipped my finger inside her and moved it in and out.  Just a few strokes later, I felt her get more slippery and slipped in another finger.

When I looked up again, Jane was lifting Evelyn’s breast by one nipple and rolling the other between her fingers.  She smiled at me and winked, then formed her lips into a kiss.

Suddenly, everything got very wet.  I just heard a little “squish” and felt warm fluid hit my chin. I slipped my fingers inside her as far as I could get them and sucked hard on her big clit.  I thought she was going to buck me off both her and the couch.  I sucked in again, and rubbed my tongue over the throbbing tip of her clit, and Evelyn exploded.  She cried out, “God, yes, yes”, whimpered something I couldn’t understand, and then another warm stream splashed into my chin.  She made another little cry, then lifted us both off the couch as the spasm shook her.  Her pussy clamped tight around my fingers and she arched up again, higher this time, and began to murmur, “Oh…oh…yes…y…yes…don’t stop Sam, don’t stop…mmmm…mmmm…now!”

Evelyn’s hips rocked into my face so fast all I could do was keep my mouth on her pulsing clit and my fingers in place.  After a few seconds, she collapsed back down and gently pushed my head away.  “Kiss me Sam.”

It was great to settle my weight on her breasts and nipples, and to kiss her lips.  It was also great to feel her satin soft lips brushing my cock head.  I didn't know if she wanted that, so I didn’t try.  As it was, I didn’t have to try.  I felt Jane’s hand gently stroke me a few times and then guide my cock to Evelyn’s entrance.

I stopped kissing Evelyn and looked at her face.  She mouthed a silent “yes”, and pulled my lips to hers again.  

She was incredibly wet, incredibly warm, and when she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled her pussy over my cock, I almost came right then and there.  The few initial strokes I made were like pouring gasoline on a bonfire.  Evelyn’s mouth devoured mine, her tongue slipped between my teeth and it felt as if a lightening bolt shot all the way from my mouth to my cock.

Evelyn was a lot like Jane.  Once my cock was inside her, her body did whatever it wanted to, and Evelyn didn’t seem to really have control over any of it.  I pushed in deep, and felt this sucking sensation that was incredible.  At the same time, her pussy clamped down on my cock, and Evelyn’s loud moan echoed into my mouth.

Her legs were pulling me into her and her onto me with every stroke.  I knew she was getting close when she started to speed up.  I was doing my best to stay with her until she ran her nails down my back and sank them into my ass cheeks.  Nothing could have stopped me from cumming then.  I rammed my cock in deep, over and over, as fast as I could until I felt the surge flying through my cock.  

Evelyn must have been ready, because with the second spurt, she dug her nails into my ass again and started to shake.  I kept pumping my cock in and out of her writhing body as she arched into me and gasped, then cried out.  I felt her passage ripple over me as wave after wave swept through her body.  

It was a few minutes before I could breathe normally again, partly because of the climax I’d just had, but mostly because Evelyn kept her mouth glued to mine as little tremors continued to shake her.  She finally let me go with a big smile and a whispered, “mmm.  Sam, you can do that to me any time you want.”

As I raised up off Evelyn, she giggled and said, “Jean, Sweetie, I hope I haven’t worn him out.”

Jane just laughed.  “Not my Sam, you didn’t.  It’s amazing.  He’ll be OK in a couple of minutes, but he’s gonna have to wait until morning, I’m afraid.  I came twice just watching you two, and I’m not sure I can even walk to bed, let alone do anything else.

Well, I’d never slept in the same bed with two women before, and I didn’t sleep all that much that night.  I kept feeling a soft thigh being draped over my leg, or a breast under my hands, and while it might have been a dream, I’m sure Evelyn climbed on top of me sometime early in the morning.  I know my cock was still a little wet when I woke up.  

Evelyn went back to Chicago on Monday, and I was sorry to see her go.  I was hoping for at least one more weekend, because that Sunday morning, Evelyn and Jane made love while I watched, and it wasn’t like those movies at all.  I got so horny it was almost painful.  They both fixed me up, though, and I learned some more things in the process.  

Evelyn promised to come back at least by Labor Day.  She managed twice more in between.  Those were special times when I learned what pleasing a woman is all about.

When Mom picked me up at the end of the summer, Jane kissed me good bye, not the same kind of kiss we’d exchanged so often that summer, but a lot more than just a friendly peck on the cheek. I think Mom suspected something had gone on between Jane and I.  

Once we were in the car and driving back, she asked if I’d had a good summer.  I said I had and that Jane had asked if I could come back and work for her the next summer too.  Mom said she guessed that would be OK, and then sort of frowned.  

“Jane looked happier than I’ve ever seen her.  I guess she must have liked having you around.  Just what all did you do for her?”

“Well, I helped her take care of the store and I cleaned the minnow tanks for her and cleaned out the rental boats.”

“Nothing else?”

Well, Jane had said we should keep what we’d done a secret, so I just said I’d done a few other things Jane needed done.  Mom sort of grinned.

“Well, just so you made her happy.  Judging by the way she said good bye, I think she must have liked the other things you did for her a lot.  Maybe one day, she’ll tell me what those things were.  Knowing Jane like I do, I think that would be very interesting.”

As far as I know, Jane never did tell Mom anything about that summer; at least, Mom never said anything more about it.  When I left for Jane’s the next summer, she just told me to work hard and keep Jane happy.  I’m pleased to say I did both, though keeping Jane happy was everything but work.  It was learning by doing, and the doing part was fantastic.