When Old Feelings Return

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07 Nov. '18

The divorce had been final for almost a year and Mike was starting to work his way through it.  He decided that he had spent long enough licking his wounds and hiding in his town house.  He went out to a near by bar to have a drink and try to get back in the mix of life.  

He was forty-four years old, at 6 foot tall and weighed hundred-seventy-eight pounds and was in pretty good shape.  He had dark hair with greying at the temples and broad shoulders.  The bar he had chosen was a popular one and when he got there at  seven p.m. the place was already ready busy. He ordered a vodka martini and took a seat in a small booth toward the back.  

He enjoyed watching the scene before him with men and women playing their cat and mouse games.  So intent was he that he didn't even notice the middle aged man coming up to him.  The stranger's "Hello" snapped him back to reality.  Hi was his responses when the other man said, "Mind if I join you?"

He was a nice looking man, in his early fifties with grey hair, about five, ten, and one hundred sixty pounds.   "I'm Dave," he said as he put out his hand.  Mike offered his and the men shook.  They chatted and Mike soon discovered that Dave was sixty-one years old and retired from the real estate business.  Mike revealed that he was a philosophy professor at the University and both were single.  Dave had never married and Mike of course was divorced

"So, looking for new dating material?" asked Dave.

Mike smiled and replied, "I'm not sure.  I don't know if I'm ready to get back into the relationship thing.  I don't know if I'm ready to find a woman to commit to and besides these women are much younger than I."  

Dave replied, "So what you are really looking for is a FWB situation.  A friend with uhhh, shall we say romantic benefits, without the commitment.  Does that about sum it up?"

Mike laughed, took a drink," and said, "That obvious?"

Now it was Dave's turn to laugh.  "Well, let's just say obvious enough."

"Guess I need to just start looking in different places."  With that Mike waved the waitress over and ordered another drink for both of them.  Dave thanked Mike as they continued to chat.  Finally Dave said, "If I amy be so bold, have you ever thought of looking on the other side of the street?"

Mike craned his neck, looked out the window, to see what was on the other side of the street.  Dave began to laugh.  "No, no.  Not literally.  I meant have you ever thought about developing an FWB relationship with another man."

Now it was Mike's turn to laugh.  "Are you a mind reader," he asked.  "My mind wandered to a couple of events that happened over twenty years ago.  Both with men."

"And were they meaningful?" asked Dave.

Mike answered, "No.  Just one time events.  Both times I was not expecting what was going to happen.  It was fun and occasionally I think back to those times and wondered if a relationship with a man could be fun."    

Dave simply said, "I see."

"I guess I would just need to convince myself and find the right person."

Dave replied, "Well, I do enjoy batting from both sides of the plate, so..." Dave finished his drink, pulled a card out his pocket, slipped it across the table and said, "...just give me a call."

Mike looked at the card and noticed put out his hand as he rose from the table.  "Nice to meet you Mike."  They shook.  "And I hope you give me a call sometime."  

Mike watched Dave leave, finished his drink, put the card in is pants pocket and went home.  

Mike got home from work the following Friday, emptied his pockets, and ran across Dave's card.  He looked at it.  He sat on the edge of his bed holding the card and weighing to idea of calling Dave.  What if he met Dave and he didn't "get into it" so to speak.  What if Dave tried to force him?  What if he did "get into it" and enjoyed it?  These were the questions that were running around in his mind.  

He rose, thought about tossing the card, but then put it on his dresser when he got home.  Got some dinner thrown together and watched some T.V.  He took a shower and as he walked out of the bathroom naked he noticed Dave's card once again.  He got in bed and turned our the lights.  He closed his eyes and began thinking about what it might be like.  As he lay there, thinking about have sex with Dave, he got an erection.  The more he thought about it, the harder he got.  His mind was filled with images of the two of them having sex and as he did Mike reached down and he began to stroke his cock.  It really felt good and suddenly he stopped.  

Ok what if he came now and decided to see Dave tomorrow.  He put is masturbation and fantasies on hold and decided to call Dave first thing in the morning.  

Mike rose in the morning, made a cup of coffee and walked back into his bedroom.  He grabbed Dave's card on his way back to his bed.  He sat down, sipped his coffee, and kept going up and back about calling Dave.  Part of him wanted to get rid of the card but another part wanted him to call.   Finally he grabbed his cell phone and called.  It rang and rang and he was about ready to end the call when Dave answered.  

"Uhhhh Dave it's me Mike.  We met at the bar a few nights ago and..."  "Yes, of course I remember you," said Dave.  "Was hoping you'd call back.  How have you been?"  The two exchanged pleasantries and talked about a few meaning less topics and then there was a long pause in the conversation.  Finally Dave said, "Anything else on your mind?"

Mike was quiet and finally said, "I'd like to stop over and just talk, you know.  No promises just talk and see where it all goes."  Dave said, "Sure.  When do you want to stop over?"

Mike replied, "When is good for you?"  

To Mike's shock Dave said, "How about in an hour and a half."  Mike paused and said, "Ok, see you around 10 o'clock."  Then men agreed and ended the call.  Now Dave started have regrets.  Ugh he thought what have I gotten myself into.  He had another cup of coffee and some toast.  Showered, shaved, and dressed.  He headed for Dave's.  

It was about a twenty minute drive to Dave's place.  He pulled in the driveway and sat for a few minutes debating whether he should put the car in reverse and go home.  Finally he decided what the hell and went to the front door.  He rang the bell an in moments Dave opened the door.  Both men smiled and shook hands.

Dave greeted Mike in only a robe and slippers.  "Uh did I catch you at a bad time."  Dave laughed and replied, "Not at all.  I usually go around the house and the yard nude but I didn't want to scare you off, so I put the robe on."  The men sat with Mike on the couch and Dave in a matching chair.    

Mike tried to pass it off and said, "Oh it wouldn't have bothered me."

Dave smiled, "Great!"  With that he stood and disrobed.  Dave sat back down as Mike just stared.  Dave was in good shape with a nice cock and tight balls.  Dave's body was smooth with just a little hair on the middle of his chest and the hair around his cock was trimmed very close.  As Dave sat down he said, "Mike, it would be fine if you'd like to join me and get undressed."  Mike hesitated and then finally decided what the hell.  He disrobed and the two men sat naked talking.  Mike was moderately hairy with a slightly smaller cock and low hanging balls.  

Dave excused himself and brought back to glasses of iced tea.  He sat down next to Mike on the couch.  As they sipped their tea Dave said, "Why don't you tell me about your experiences so far."  

Mike took a sip, leaned back and said, "I was in my last year of high school.  I went to the doctor for my annual check up.  He had been my doctor since I was very young.  Anyway I got undressed down to my shorts and he had me lie down on the exam table.  He kind of ran his hands over my chest and said, if I was sexually active.  I said no and then he asked if I masturbated.  Mike laughed, "Of course I lied and said no.  He then began to lightly caress my nipples.  Never had anything done like that before and I got hard after about ten seconds my cock was making a tent in my briefs.  He then proceeded to caress my body down to the tops of my briefs.  I was totally embarrassed."

Dave listend intently as Mike continued.  "Then he reached in and slid my shorts down.  Here  I am lying naked in the doctor's office with a hard on.  I didn't know what to do.   He then said, 'We better make sure everything is in proper working order.' and with that he began to stroke my cock while playing with my nipples.  I didn't know what to do.  Maybe this was  normal procedure.  I just didn't know.  All I knew was soon I passed my embarrassment and let myself go.  My eyes closed and the next thing I knew I was closing in on cuming.  I began to sigh, to moan and then I came.  I shot long streams of cum up on to my chest and shoulders.  Finally I was spent and just lay there.  He came back with a towel and began to wipe me off.  'You have quite an impressive squirt.'  I blushed, he told me I was in good he health so I got up, got dressed and left.  All the way home I felt kind of guilty but also very aroused."

Dave replied, "You must have enjoyed it though."

"Why do you say that" asked Mike

Dave pointed, "Because your cock is hard as a rock.  It brought back some very pleasant and good memories."

"I guess it did."

So what was the other experience.  "It was in college it was late on a Saturday night.  We had all been drinking and someone suggested a circle jerk.  We laughed and disrobed.  We sat on the floor and instead of jerking ourselves we jerked the guy next to us.  We all got off and it was fun."

"How did you feel about that?"  

"Mike replied. "Well it felt good and I blamed it on the alcohol."

"But you enjoyed it.  Now you have a clear drop of pre-cum at the tip of your cock."

"I guess I was just confused.   I mean it's supposed to be a man and a women.  And yet it felt good."

Dave reached out and put his hand on Mike's knee.  "Just because you enjoyed it doesn't mean you are gay.  It means you just enjoy sexual fun with men from time to time.  The truth is that there is so much more and it feels so much better."

"To be honest, part of me would like to explore but part of me says it's not a good idea," said Mike.

"Why is it not a good idea?" asked Dave.

Mike was quiet and then said, "I think if that's all it is, just jerking each other off, well it seems like there should be more.  It just all seemed so distant and detached.  I guess I wanted closeness and I didn't seem to get it with other men."

Dave took a sip and said, "Well both situations you experienced were quick and were not set in a close, warm, romantic atmosphere.  The doctor hurried so he wouldn't get caught and Im pretty sure it was the same with the boys.  Let's not get caught."  

"I guess that makes sense," replied Mike.

Maybe what you need is to have a relaxed, slow, lovemaking session with a man who has experience and knows what he is doing and can really show you how good man to man love can be.  

As Mike sat there thinking about what Dave was saying his erection grew much stronger.  When Mike looked up from his cock he saw Dave staring at Mike's cock and smiling.    Mike was a bit embarrassed and simply asked, "Do you know anyone who might be able to help get get started?"

Dave laughed and said, "I think I know someone.  Why don't we go to my bedroom and get more comfortable."  

The two men stood and before they went to the bedroom the two faced each other.  They smiled and Dave put his arms around Mike, pulled him close and they kissed.  It was a long kiss and while Mike was at first taken aback it didn't take long to become an active participant.  Dave's tongue slipped between Mike's lips and Dave moved his tongue in and out of Mike's mouth.  Finally Dave pulled slowly away.  He looked at Mike and Mike simply replied, "That was amazing."  They both smiled and walked to the bedroom.  The bed has already been turned down and there were several candles burning.  

Mike laughed,  "I guess you were expecting me."

Dave replied, "Just hopeful."

Dave got in bed first and patted a spot next to him.  Mike got in and had his head on Dave's outstretched arm.  "Mike I want you to know that this is not sex, for me it is lovemaking.  Slow, gentle, and sensual."  With that Dave turned on his side gave Mike a kiss on the cheek.  Mike smiled as Dave ran his fingertips up and down Mike's arm.  Mike felt a nice tingle as he felt Dave place a kiss on his shoulder.  Mike turned his head and looked directly into Dave's eyes.  Dave leaned in and the two men kissed.  Their lips touching and Mike began to be to feel comfortable.  

Dave pulled away a little and looked at Mike.  Mike smiled, closed his eyes and parted his lips.  Dave moved in and the two men kissed.  Their tongues touched and Mike sighed.  As they kissed Dave reached over and caressed Mike's chest, gently circling his left nipple.  Mike sighed into Dave's mouth as they kissed.  

Dave kissed Mike's jaw, ear, and neck.  It was then that Mike began to feel his cock lifting slowly up from between his legs.  He was getting erect and he liked what was happening.  Dave was now kissing Mike's nipples alternating between the two.  As Dave leaned closer to lick Mike's left nipple, Mike felt Dave's erection poking into his hip.   As Dave circled his tongue on Mike's left nipple, Mike turned his hand over and gently wrapped his fingers around Dave's hard cock.  When he stroked it gently Dave sighed as he continued to lick Mike's nipple.  

Dave kissed his way back up to Mike's mouth and the men kissed and as Mike continued to lightly stroke Dave's cock, Dave slid his hand over Mike's thigh and wrapped his fingers around Mike's cock.  Both men moaned into each other's mouths as they kissed and stroked.  

The men stopped kissing but kept stroking as Dave said, "Mike, how are you doing?"  Mike gave Dave a quick kiss on the mouth and said, "I'm feeling wonderful.  I hope I'm stroking you ok."

Dave smiled and said, "You are stroking me just fine.  In fact do you feel the dampness from my pre cum?"

Mike said, "I think we are both wet."  After a brief pause Mike said, "I am really enjoying myself and I am open to whatever you would enjoy doing."

Dave gave Mike a long, sweet kiss and then said, "I want us to go down on each other and then if you feel up to it, I'd like to fuck you."

"I think i"d like that, as long as you remember I'm a virgin," replied Mike.

Dave said, "I would never hurt you.  It will be sweet and gentle.  Remember we are making love."  Dave moved around on the bed so his face was next to Mike's groin and his was in Mike's face.  Mike looked at Dave's cock.  Smooth and sleek with a drop of clear precum on the tip.  He looked at Dave's balls, devoid of hair and looking full.  He leaned in and kissed the tip.  

Mike then felt Daveis tongue licking Mike's cock from balls to tip.  Long slow licks.  Mike sighed and began doing the same thing to Dave.  Like licking and ice cream cone, Mike enjoyed Dave's erection.  It was a very special moment for Mike.  He felt wonderful that he was able to bring a man such pleasure.  Now he opened his mouth and took Dave's cock into his mouth.  Dave's cock jumped in Mike's mouth as Mike gently slid his head back.  Up and down Mike's mouth on Dave's cock.  The more he sucked the more he got into it.  

As he sucked, Dave put his mouth on Mike's cock and now both men were sucking softly and gently.  As they sucked on each other's cocks Mike felt Dave spreading his cheeks and running a finger around his asshole.  Once again Mike moaned with pleasure.  

Dave pulled his finger away, stuck it in his mouth,and after masking it good and wet he slowly inserted it into Mike's asshole.  Mike relaxed as Dave gently pushed is finger into Mike's ass.  Mike went on sucking on save's cock and soon the finger in his asshole began to feel good.  Dave probed Mike's ass as he sucked on his cock.  

Mike was really enjoying himself.  It was sweet lovemaking and both men were enjoying it.  Mike was very content and was really enjoying his experience.  Both men were taking turns moaning and enjoying the experience.  Suddenly Mike felt a second finger being introduced into his asshole.  He was surprised and closed his sphincter at first but then relaxed so that Dave could get a second finger in his ass.  As Mike sucked he realized that Mike was just stretching him out so when he inserted is cock it would not such a shock.  

Once having both fingers in, Dave began to fuck Mike's ass.  In and out, in and out his fingers moved.  Mike was having such intense feelings it was hard for him to focus on sucking on Dave's cock.  He was getting lost in the pleasure and then would bring himself back to reality and suck on Dave's cock until he surrendered to the pleasure and stopped sucking on Dave.

This went on for a while until Dave released Mike's cock and slid his fingers out of Mike's ass.  Dave moved back around and gave Mike a kiss and then said, "I think you are ready, if you want to try."

Mike gave Dave a quick kiss and said that he was ready.  Dave got a tube of lube out of the drawer on the night stand.  He got between Dave's legs and told him to lift and spread his legs.  Mike did and then he felt Dave insert a well lubed finger into his ass.  That being done Dave then covered his erection with lube.  

MIke pulled his knees up to his chest, then reached down and held his cheeks apart as Mike moved into position.  Mike felt the head of Dave's cock at his asshole and Dave said, "Just relax I'm going to take my time."

Mike felt Dave's cock gently being inserted into his asshole.  It stung but Mike kept as relaxed as he could until Dave was all the way in.  Dave did not move but simply let Mike get accustomed to the new intruder.  The two men smiled at each other and Dave pulled out every so slightly.  He gently pushed back in and then out again.  

"That feels amazing" said Mike.  "I never knew it could feel so good."  Dave just smiled and said it would get even better.   Mike closed his eyes as he locked his legs around Dave's hips.  Dave pulled out a little farther each time until he was doing a nice steady stroke in and out of Mike's ass.  

"Feels so good," said Mike.  And Dave replied, "You're so tight.  I don't think Im going to last very long."  

As Dave moved in and out of Mike he noticed that Mike was now moving his hips up and down in response to Dave's fucking.  The two men moved well together and each moaning in pleasure.   Dave began to pick up his pace and said, "I'g gonna' cum."  Mike responded by moving faster and soon Dave let out a long grunt as he came.  His cock pulsing and spurting into Mike's ass.  "Oh my god.  Feels so fuckin' good," said Dave.  Soon Dave's pace slowed down.  Both men opened their eyes and looked at each other.  

Dave said, "That was so good," to which Mike replied, "Yes, it was."

Dave's flaccid cock slipped out of Mike's asshole and Dave slid down until he was face to face with Mike's erection.  Dave licked a long stroke from Mike's balls to the tip of his cock.   The two men locked eyes and Dave said, "I want you to cum in my mouth.  I want to taste you."  

He then lowered his head and began sucking on Mike's cock.  Mike was not sure if he ever felt anything so good and as Dave moved his head up and down as he inserted two fingers back into Mike's ass.  Mike could not believe how good it felt and he knew he wouldn't last too much longer.  So he just closed his eyes and let it happen.  As Dave sucked and fingered Mike, Mike reached up and began to caress his owns nipples.  It felt wonderful and the pleasure was so intense Mike didn't know if we could take much more.

Mike hit that moment where the orgasm was just beginning.  He wanted to prolong that moment as long as possible yet he wanted release.  He tried to hold back and then he let go.  His asshole contracted around Dave's fingers and Dave felt the first spurt of Mike's cum hit the back of his throat.  His head moved faster as did his fingers.  He heard Mike groan loudly and say, "Oh fuck!"  His hips pumped up and down as he shot stream after stream of pearly white cum into Dave's mouth.  Finally, the last few drops emptied into Dave's mouth and Mike's arms and legs fell limp to the bed.  

As he lay there Dave licked up the last few offerings from Mike's cock.  Then after placing kisses on his balls and the tip of his cock he snuggled up next to Mike.  The two men were quiet.  Mike because it was just too soon to talk and Dave because he wanted Mike to savor the moment and not mess it up with words.  Finally Mike caressed Dave's shoulder and said, "I have never felt anything so good.  Thank you."  Dave gave Mike a little kiss on the cheek  and said, "I'm glad you enjoyed it."

The two men pulled each other close and Mike said, "I want more with you."  Dave smiled and said, "Yes, so much more."