Long distance promise kept

Info Janet
08 Nov. '18

As the plane taxied to the gate, her mind ran over the fantasy he’d shared with her. Anticipation and raw desire made her squirm in her seat impatiently.  

When the plane doors opened she nearly knocked other passengers over to get out to see him. Coming down the ramp, her eyes scanned the waiting crowd for him. When their eyes locked, he reached for her hand and began dragging out to the parking lot. Climbing in his truck she quickly pulled her bra off and readied herself for him. As he settled in the drivers seat, she gave him a kiss and squeezed high up his thigh with a smile. He smirked back and slid his hand down her top to play with those sensitive nipples. She let out a low moan and stroked the crotch of his jeans, delighted to feel he was already hard. 

He put the truck in gear and raced them out onto the interstate. As soon as the darkness swallowed them, she pulled her shirt off and unzipped his jeans. He set the cruise control and shifted to allow her to get his cock out. He rolled and flicked her nipples asking “so, you ready to be my slave now? You gonna fulfill my fantasies?” Meeting his eyes she nodded. Giving a low growl, he gently pulled her head down and ordered “then you suck.”

Immediately, she eagerly dropped her mouth over the head and teased with her tongue. He moaned and pinch her nipple again, feeling the vibrations of her answering moans. Her mouth slid down to envelope the whole shaft. He let go of that amazing tit to twine his fingers in her hair and begin pushing her up and down his dick. He loved how her own moans vibrated on him, how she would suck her cheeks tight against him. 

When he felt his balls begin to tighten with cum, he demanded “youre gonna swallow it all for me aren’t you? She groaned a hungry “mmhmm” as he pushed her mouth to take his dick all the way to the base growling “oh, fuck, baby I’m gonna cum”

Movinghis hand to grab her Lucious tit again, he squeezed as began shooting his load down her throat, delighting in feeling how her mouth and throat felt as she happily swallowed it all. 

When she began to sit up, he gently stroked her hair, and said “nah baby, you just keep him in there until he’s ready for more”

She happily settled in, gently tickled his balls allowing his dick to rest contentedly between her lips.