Gimme More Raunch Now!

The relationship between us has always been based on honesty, brutal honesty if needed. But recently, we realized that we've,both kept hidden some secret desires. 

I was the first to come right and express that while I love the tender intimacy we’d shared, I wished he would get a little more aggressive with uncontrolled passion. Once I opened that door, the floodgates were unstoppable. Chris calmly asked for a more detailed explanation of exactly what I needed. 

I took a deep breathe, readied myself and said “well, I’m the more vocal one during sex right? I want YOU to lose control and demand how you want it. What I’m doing right, and what you want more of. I want you to toss me around into the positions you’d like to try. If you want to, just grab my hair and hold me in place. You want a blowjob to be slow and teasing? You hold my head and set the pace yourself.” 

Chris gave a moments pause and agreed he’d love that. 

Feeling empowered I said, “okay, good. I’d also like for you to tie me up and tease me in any way, with anything you’d like. I want to tie you up and do the same. “

Chris chuckled and said, “well, I like where this is going.”

Years ago we jokingly came up with a safe word. I was the nut who decided our safe word would be Elephant, because it’s not a word you’re likely to say out of it was funny to us both. We quickly agreed that would be the word we used if one of us gets too excited or there is anything that makes the other uncomfortable. 

Since that first admission of wanting more raunch, our sexual conversations have become lists of things we’d like to do to one another, or try out together. 

Neither of us are interested in group sex...too possessive of one another...or too insecure perhaps? But, we have our wish list for now and we will do/try everything on them, then maybe...just maybe?

Just thinking of all our fantasies makes me want to start crossing things off those lists immediately. 

I think we’ll start with filming me blowing him, then watch it together while we fuck...gotta go, bye for now.