Night of Fantasies. Part 1

Info Janet
09 Nov. '18

At the hotel...

After checking in, the couple settled in opposite sides of the elevator staring at one another. 

When the doors opened, they wordlessly walked to the room. 

Letting her lead the way he already had his zipper down and kicked his jeans off. 

Tearing his shirt over his head, he strode to her and pushed her on the bed. Leaving her skirt on, he pulled her shirt up to cover her eyes and grabbed her tits. Dropping his lips down he sucked one nipple then the other squeezing them together to suck both. She writhed under him, almost humping his thigh. He began gently nibbling on her tight peaks. When her hands came down to try to push him into her, he gave each a quick bite and firmly reminded her that this isn’t her body now, it’s his and he will do whatever he wishes with it. 

She nods helplessly and forces herself to remain still. 

He smiles on her aching nipples and states “I doubt you will control yourself, so...”

Grabbing her hands he flips her on her stomach and pulls the robe belt out and ties her hands behind her then roughly flips her in back again. 

He kneels over her and is delighted with how her arms push her body into a arch with those incredible nipples pointing straight to his mouth. He stays kneeling over her and absently plays with them while deciding how he will next use her body for his own pleasure. 

Should he keep teasing these? Giving them both a quick tweak he watches as her teeth chew on her bottom lip. 

Looking at that mouth, he feels what his dick wants us to be between those lips  

Letting his eyes travel down he can see how impressively wet she is for him. He lets his hand stroke down from her tit to the inviting mound and let’s a finger spread the lips. When she tries to move to meet him he pushes her down with the heel of his hand, saying “uh uh don’t make me tie your feet together too. Stay still. “

As his finger slips across her hard nub down to slip into her hole she begins to beg “please. Please?? You’re killing me. I need to cum for you. “

He tilts his head and curls his finger up, seeking her magic G spot and watching her still blindfolded face. He can tell he’s found it when her breathing turns into pants and her vocalizing becomes constant. 

Right before she can find her release he pulls his hand away and pulls her to the side of the bed with her head hanging off. Pressing himself against her lips he orders her to suck him slowly, then stretches himself over her to pull her legs wide. 

He feels that amazing mouth eagerly sliding over him and deeply inhales the scent of her excitement. 

Bracing himself and holding her legs in position he drops his head into the hot wet  crevice. His tongue pokes out to sample the wetness on the lips of her pussy, grinning at the low deep moan it makes her do on his cock. 

Thrusting himself deeper he lets his own mouth move to suck her clit into his mouth, feeling that moan become stronger on his dick. 

He continues sucking, loving how she tastes and how she makes his cock feel when she is about to cum. 

He lets go of one leg to use two fingers to fingerfuck her as his tongue flicks at her clit. He knows he needs to make her cum soon because her taste and that mouth of hers is pushing him over his own edge. 

He slams his fingers into her harder curling them up to bang on her Gspot. His tongue now making frantic circles around her swollen nub. 

Her legs begin to shake uncontrollably with the building explosion and he moves himself deeper down her throat to meet her moans. 

As she finally begins to cum he laps frantically to drink her juices as his cock begins its own explosion down her throat. 

His own legs begin to buckle with the force of orgasm so he braces himself to make sure she gets every drop then collapses beside her.

She rolls onto her belly panting so he unties her arms and pulls her shirt completely off. 

He sits up against the pillows and stares lazily at her pulling off the now soaked skirt and flops on her back with her arms stretched over her head. 

His eyes roam over those still erect nipples and he languidly flicks at them. 

Her eyes roll to meet his and she smiles softly in catlike satisfaction.