Night of Fantasies. Part 2

Info Janet
09 Nov. '18



After they had both passed out for a couple of hours, she awoke to find him deep asleep. 

She allowed her eyes to feast on his entire body, returning over and over to her favourite part. 

Her mind was fighting itself as she tried to decide between letting him rest or walk g him for more. 

She could feel her nipples begin to harden and licked her lips staring at his cock. She knew she would could get the whole thing in while it was flaccid and then enjoy feeling it grow just for her. 

Moving carefully down she gave the tip a soft kiss. He let out a soft exhale. She licked the slit experimentally and felt him shift his hips a little. She sent her lips and tongue on an trip around the whole tip, watching his face to see if it was waking him. 

When he stayed deep asleep, she gently lifted his softness and put her mouth all the way around him.  Her mouth pressed against where the shaft met his balls. Her fingers began lightly ticking his sack. She could feel him hardening on her tongue so she pulled her cheeks tight on it and stayed with it buried deep in her throat. 

She is now feeling the ache of her own excitement build so she carefully moves his hand down to below her excited nipple and rocks it over his knuckles. 

His eyes begin to flutter open and when he realizes she has him in her mouth again his dick instantly swells in her throat. He turns his hand over to play with the nipple she’s giving to him while his other hand twisted in her hair. 

He watched quietly as she did what she does best, letting her pick the pace. He loved how she alternated between slow loving stroke to quick hungry deep throating him. 

He kept squeezing and rolling her hard nub in encouragement. Loving how her throat would vibrate with every moan on his whole shaft. 

More than anything he wanted this to never end, but his mind alerted him to his plan. 

He pulled her off him and got up. Taking her hands he led her over to where he had set up the tablet. Sitting her down at crotch level, he tapped the record button and adjusted so the angle was perfect. 

Standing in front of her he said “until you finish, got it?” She nodded up at him and opened her mouth. 

He took the remote and turned on the tv to watch her service his dick then slid himself all the way in with a groan. 

He watched fascinated as his dick disappeared between her lips. He grasped her head and began rocking himself all the way out then all the way in her face. 

On the screen he could see her own excitement with giving him a blowjob and realized she was also watching on the tablet screen. He ordered her to play with her nipples for him and make herself cum with him in her mouth. Her hands immediately obeyed and her moaning grew longer. He focused on that gorgeous face letting him fuck it and those frantic fingers on the tits he adored. 

He knew she was almost ready to cum so he used fistfuls of her hair holding her in place as his hips thrust him in and out. She gave a long deep moan, twisting the nipples violently and began shuddering as her orgasm rocked through her. 

Giving up the last bit of control he had he pounded her face faster. Watching the whole thing he decided to not warn her. Instead he pulled her head to deep throat and shot his load explosively down. His eyes widened as he finally got to see how her mouth and throat would swallow his gift. Just seeing it made him cum harder. 

After she had swallowed every drop he untangled his fists and released her. 

Knowing his legs were about to give out he dropped onto the bed. 

She casually got up and stopped the recording hitting save. 

Coming back to lay beside him she smiled and curled up to go back to sleep. 


He wasn’t remotely tired now. He lit a smoke and watched her breathing even out as sleep took her. 

He tried to watch tv, he tried to just sleep but his eyes kept going to the tablet  

He had successfully recorded a fantasy and couldn’t wait to watch it then start recording more. 

After 3 smokes, he gave in and switched the input over. Hitting play he waited. It started and he watched fascinated. His dick immediately began to harden. 

They had joked many times that there is an almost psychic connection between them and it seemed correct as he saw her nipples grow hard again and her ass shift. 

He continued watching while letting his fingertips brush those hard nubs. She was still asleep and making soft noises. 

He stopped the video and put it back to the start and paused it. 

Leaning down he sucked those nubs to wake her, fingers exploring her wetness. 

As soon as she was fully awake, he grabbed her and put her facedown on her knees facing the tv. 

Getting behind her he grabbed her hips and pressed play. As he watched his dick disappear in her mouth, he slammed it into her wet pussy with a animal like growl. As the guy on the screen fucked that face he matched the rhythm in her cunt. Letting go of her hip he used one hand to hold her head back to watch too. 

Losing all control he demanded she talk dirty to him. 

“Yeah, baby look how much I love sucking your cock. Look how it makes me cum just having you down my throat. Look how hard my nipples are.” 

“Oh baby I’m gonna cum. Harder. Fuck me harder.”

Watching her cum on the screen sucking him , feeling her pussy tighten as shes cumming now, and hearing her demand a serious pounding sends him completely over too. 

Collapsing on her back he watches fascinated as shes swallowing his load. His dick still inside her gives a jolt just watching. 


As they lay down wrapped in each other’s arms again sleep immediately steals them again. 

His last thought is “next time I will record me pounding her while she watches”