Up On The Roof

At some point in the history of architecture, somebody figured out that if the pitch of a roof is steep enough, he could make a second story without having to actually build a second story.  He did this by adding what’s called a “dormer”.  Basically a dormer is a projection out of the roof at a right angle to the ridge line with a short roof.  The dormer makes a vertical wall in what is usually an upstairs bedroom.

According to the carpentry books I have, dormers have been used in home construction since the 16th century.  They’ve been leaking rainwater ever since.  I own a roofing business, and I’ve shingled and re-shingled enough roofs with dormers to know.

Dormers are a real pain in the ass for a roofer.  First of all, to get any useable height in what would normally be just a low attic or maybe even just a place to put insulation and work on ceiling lights and such, the roof pitch has to be pretty steep.  That makes shingling the roof a real bitch.  I have to nail step brackets into the roof so my guys and I’ll be able to stand without sliding off the roof and landing on our asses and my guys and I have to wear safety harnesses with retracting cables to stop us if we slip off.  

Since you start laying shingles at the eave and work your way up, those brackets have to be nailed through new shingles and that leaves nail holes that have the potential to be future leaks.  The retracting cables have to be attached to the peak of the roof, so you have to go up once with no cable to nail in the tether, and then once more to unhook the cable.  On a really steep roof, I throw another safety line over the roof and tie it to the bumper of my truck so I’ll have something to pull against when I nail in the tether or unhook the cable.

I know how to keep those nail holes from leaking.  It’s the dormers that are a real pain in the ass.  Where the dormer roof intersects the main roof is a potential leak spot.  Where the sides of the dormer intersect the roof is another.  I’ve fixed a lot of roofs where the original roofer short-cut the flashing.  They always leak and stain the wall and/or ceiling, and sometimes cause structural damage that has to be repaired.  As a result, I’m very careful with dormers.  I don’t want to have to pay for replacing studs, ceiling joists and drywall because my roofing job leaked.

The Ellison’s house was in one of the higher priced developments in town, and I’d gotten the contract to re-roof it.  You’ve seen the type of area, I’m sure.  The lots are usually large and the houses sell for upwards of half a million.  I’d bid the contract right and was going to make some money.  I didn’t bid cheap though.  The house had three dormers with windows and I knew they were going to take some time.  

The owner said one of them had a small leak.  I figured if one of them leaked enough to be seen, the others probably did too.  They just weren’t leaking enough to stain the walls or ceiling yet.  I’d specified in my quote that if there was any structural damage caused by a leak in the original roof, the cost to repair that would be in addition to my roofing quote.

I wasn’t worried that the couple could afford to pay for any damage.  I don’t know what the husband did for a living, but he drove a Mercedes sedan and his wife drove a Cadillac SUV.  As it turned out, she didn’t drive that SUV much.  She was home all day every day except Wednesday.  That’s when she went shopping.  

I have a couple young guys who work for me.  They do most of the work of stripping off the old shingles and felt paper and making sure all that goes into the dumpster I have hauled out to every job.  I was fifty-three at the time, and while I could lay shingles as fast as my young guys, stripping shingles tended to give me a backache.  

We got the roof stripped and checked for any damage.  As I’d suspected, all the dormers showed signs of leaking.  There didn’t seem to be any real damage though, so we started rolling out new roofing paper and putting down shingles.  I had my guys stop about a shingle width away from each dormer because I wanted to do them myself.  We finished the main roof in about a week so I sent my guys to do a new ranch while I finished up the dormers.

I didn’t see much of the wife while we were doing the main roof.  I did catch a glimpse of her that Wednesday when she went shopping.  

All I saw was her back at first.  She walked out of the house and over to her SUV.  It was quite a sight.  The owner was about fifty, I thought, and his wife looked like she was several years younger.  She had the figure of a woman that old anyway – not fat but filled out every place that counted.  Her ass did some pretty neat things when she walked, and the little shorts she wore didn’t do anything to hide it.  One of my guys was watching and nudged me.

“Wouldn’t mind tappin’ that.  Would you?”

I told him to get his ass back to laying shingles.  He just laughed.

“Layin’ her’d be a hell of a lot more fun, don’tcha think?”

He filled his nail pouch with nails and went back to where he’d been working.  I kept watching the woman.

She turned then and looked up at the roof, and waved when she saw me watching her.  As I waved back, I was thinking the same thing Terry had said about tapping her.

She had a pretty amazing set of tits, and apparently didn’t mind showing them to the world.  Her little top just had two little strings that went over her soft shoulders, and the way it looked to me, she didn’t have on anything under that top to keep her big tits in place.  They sort of wobbled around when she waved at me like they were pretty free.  They also looked real, not what my wife, Julie, calls “enhanced” and I call “fake”. Fake tits don’t wobble around like that.  They stay pretty much where they are no matter what.

I know because I’d seen some fake tits up close and naked before.  One of our friends went from a “B” cup to a “D” over a weekend.  Julie says Melody did it because she was self-conscious about her appearance.  

I thought Melody was pretty hot before.  Julie knew that because I’d told her.  See, Julie and I have had this understanding since our kids left home.  We both decided that since we’d been married so long and our bedtime fun had gotten pretty predictable, it wouldn’t hurt anything to spice things up a little.  Melody had been a little spice for me, and her husband Mark had done the same for Julie.

Mark and Melody weren’t the first. The first time was one winter while we were on vacation in Florida.  

Julie’s had two kids, so she doesn’t wear bikini’s any more, but she’s pretty hot in her one-piece suits.  The guy on the blanket next to us evidently thought so too.  As for me, I thought his wife wasn’t quite a hot as Julie, but she looked like she’d be fun.  We got acquainted and had dinner together that night.

The first inkling I had that this might be more than just one dinner was after we got back to our room.  Natalie, the guy’s wife, and Julie had gone to the ladies room together while we were finishing our coffee.  Julie came back with a funny smile on her face.  We finished our coffee and then went back to our rooms.  When we got to ours, Julie grinned.

“Natalie and I were talking while we washed our hands.  She said she hoped she didn’t shock me, but she thought we were a sexy couple.  I laughed and said after two kids, I didn’t feel all that sexy.  Well, she put her hand on my arm and said Mike thought I was.

“The way she touched me was kind of different.  It was more like a caress.  I think she might like girls too.”

“So, are you going to get naked with her and have some fun?  If you are, I get to watch.”

Julie slapped me on the arm.

“You know I’d never do anything like that.”

She grinned then.

“Remember what we’ve been talking about though?  Mike might be fun for me, and I’ll bet you’d like Natalie.  I think they might be agreeable.”

“Did she tell you they would?”

“Not in so many words.  She just said they liked us and hoped we could get together again tomorrow afternoon at the beach.  I said we’d be there.”

Well, that afternoon, we’d been sitting there talking for a while when Mike asked Julie if she’d like to walk down to the concession stand and help him bring back a beer for each of us.  I was kind of surprised that he didn’t ask me, but Julie wasn’t.  She jumped up and said she’d love to.  As soon as they walked off, Natalie grinned at me.

“Julie is a really sexy girl.  Mike thinks so too.  He told me he’d like to tell her that, and he usually says what he thinks.  I don’t think Julie would mind, would she?  I mean, all us girls like to think we’re somebody a man would want.”

I didn’t quite know what to say, so I just said I’d never thought about it before.  

Natalie grinned.

“The way you’ve been looking at me, you’ve been thinking about something.  It’s all right. I like showing myself to men and having them look at me that way.  I’d show you more, but, well, this isn’t the place is it?”

“No, I suppose it isn’t.”

“I know a place that would be, if you’d like to do that.”

Well, I really didn’t know what to say then.  Julie and I had talked about this a lot, so I was pretty sure she wouldn’t be mad.  I wasn’t so sure about Mike.

“I don’t think your husband would think much of that idea.”

Natalie laughed.

“He won’t mind.  If Julie doesn’t want to do the same, he won’t push her.  He’ll just wait until we’re back in our room and then ask me to tell him what happened.  He won’t be mad.   He’ll just listen to me and his cock will get hard.  Then he’ll screw me until we can’t move for a while.  I think Julie won’t tell him no, though.  She wouldn’t have been so eager to go with Mike if she didn’t expect him to do something.”

I had to admit that was true.  Julie wouldn’t normally just go walking off with a guy she’d just met unless she really liked him, and Julie had grinned at me right before she said she’d like to go.  I decided to wait until they got back and see if anything had changed.

They came back about that time.  Julie was grinning again and so was Mike.  I saw him wink at Natalie.

“Nat, honey, Julie was telling me that their room has a great view of the beach and she asked if I’d like to see it.  You wouldn’t mind if she showed me, would you?”

Natalie answered Mike, but she was looking at me.

“No, not at all.  Maybe Matt would like to see the view from our room.”

I never did get a chance to look out their windows.  The only view I saw was Natalie taking off her swimsuit and then looking up at me and grinning.

“Well, what do you think?”

What I thought was that Natalie had big, gorgeous tits and that her ass was one I’d really like to feel bumping my belly.  Her little trimmed bush was pretty hot too.

“I think you’re hot, that’s what I think.”

“I’m warm, but I’m not hot yet.  Think you could make me hot?”

Well, Natalie could get hot all right.  She got hot as soon as I fondled her big right tit, and she got even hotter when I pinched that nipple.  She giggled then.

“You need to get out of those trunks before your cock bends double.  You can’t screw me if it doesn’t stand up straight, and I need to be screwed.”

Natalie really did need to be screwed.  After the first time she’d dug her nails into my ass and screeched while I pumped her tight pussy full of cum, she panted for a while and then said she needed to be screwed again.  It took her a while to get my cock to stand up, but she didn’t seem to mind.  At the time, I figured that was because I was rubbing her big clit.  She wouldn’t let me make her cum that way, but she let herself get really close before she stopped me, got on her hands and knees, and said “do me from behind this time”.

When she started to cum that time, I had both hands on her big tits, rolling her nipples and pulling them.  After her first lurch, it was just one hand doing that.  I had to grab her ass and hold on with the other.  She was jerking so much I’d never have been able to keep my cock in her if I hadn’t.

We were just lying in her bed afterwards when her phone rang.  Natalie jumped up, trotted to the desk, and picked up the receiver.  


“Yes, for now we are.”

“How’s Julie doing?”

“Really?  Three times?  That means you owe me one tonight.”

“OK, five minutes.”

I’d been watching my cum drip out of Natalie as she trotted across the floor.  It was still dripping a little when she put down the phone.

“Natalie, uh…you’re dripping.”

“Oh crap.  I forgot all about that.  Now I’ll have to clean it up.”

She grinned at me.

“It was worth it, though.  I hope this won’t be the last time.”

It wasn’t.  Julie and I spent each night together but we spent each afternoon swapped with Mike and Natalie.  Those afternoons were pretty great.  The nights were better.  That first night, when we got back to the room after dinner, Julie stripped and then sat down on the bed.

“So, how was Natalie?”

“Natalie was pretty good, not as great as you are, but pretty good.”

“Mike was the same way, different, but not better.”

“So, how was he different?  Maybe I could use a few pointers.”

Julie stretched out on the bed and opened her thighs.

“Nah, you don’t need any pointers.  You just need to lick me until I cum and then do me until I cum again.”

The rest of the week was the same way.  When we got home, I needed a vacation from our vacation, but I was really happy.

Well, anyway, like I said, I thought Melody was hot before she got her tits done.  We’d played together a few times before she did, and her tits weren’t big, but they were really nice to feel.  Afterwards, they looked pretty great, but they didn’t feel the same way and they didn’t sit on her chest like I thought tits should.  I decided then that silicone tits were OK, but I’d rather have the real thing.

Sorry I started rambling there, but I got sidetracked.  Thinking about tits does that to me sometimes.

Mrs. Ellison’s big tits looked real, like I said before, and also like I said before, she apparently didn’t mind showing those puppies off.  Her top fit really tight and it was scooped low at the neck so she had a lot of tits and cleavage showing.  She smiled again and then got into her SUV.

Roofing in summer is best done early in the morning because it’s hot and the sun will bake you to a crisp any time after lunch.  It’s even worse if the roof is a dark color, like this one was.  I’d started on the first dormer at six thirty the next Wednesday and watched Mrs. Ellison sway her sexy ass to her SUV.  I knocked off at eleven, so I wasn’t there when Mrs. Ellison came back.

The next morning, I started at six because the weather forecast was for a noon temperature of ninety eight.  I got there just as Mr. Ellison drove off.  After sending six bundles of shingles up the electric lift I use instead of carrying them while trying to hold on to my ladder, I started back in on the first dormer.

The lights were on inside just like they’d been the day before when I’d laid the starter course and four courses of shingles.  I was getting ready to lay another course when I saw movement in my peripheral vision.  It was Mrs. Ellison, and she’d just walked into the room.  I crouched down and watched her over the sill of the window.

When Julie decides to take a shower, she just strips and tosses her top and jeans on the bed.  Her bra and panties go into the hamper in the bathroom.  Mrs. Ellison wasn’t nearly as fast as Julie but she was a lot more fun to watch.

She pulled the T-shirt slowly over her head and then laid it on the bed.  She scratched her left tit through her black lace bra, and then started on her shorts.  They must have fit like a second skin, because she did the same hip rocking thing Julie does sometimes.  When Julie does it, my cock always starts to get hard.  It wasn’t any different when Mrs. Ellison did it.

I thought she was wearing bikini panties until she turned around.  The panties were a thong and the little strap in the back was really just a little string.  She rolled the waistband down her ass and then bent over to pull the thong down her legs.  As soon as the crotch dropped down to her thighs, I was looking at a really nice ass and a pair of very puffy and very naked pussy lips.  My cock got a little harder.

She turned back around, stroked the little bush on her mound, and then slipped her bra straps off her shoulders and pulled them off her arms.  Her big tits fell out of the cups when she started turning the band so the hooks would be in the front.  I’d been right.  They were real tits, and they were something else.  They didn’t hang as low as Julies, but that would be because Mrs. Ellison was a little younger.  That wasn’t what made my cock get hard enough I had to straighten out my leg to give it some room.

It was her nipples.  She had dark pink nipple beds that had to be three inches across, and her nipples were as thick as my thumb.  Those nipples were pretty flat when she took off the bra.  After she rubbed her tits, they got stiff, and I mean stiff enough they stuck out like gumdrops.

After that, she walked through a door I assumed was the master bath.  As soon as my cock softened up a little, I started laying shingles, and I had the courses up to the face of the dormer done and the flashing put on in about half an hour.  I started up the north side of the dormer then, so I don’t know when she came out or what she did after her shower.  I was tempted to have a peek, but then thought better of it.  She evidently hadn’t seen me the first time.  I probably wouldn’t be so lucky the second.

When I finished the north side of the dormer, I walked in front of the window and looked in as I went to start on the south side.  She wasn’t there and the lights were off.  I made a lot better time on the south side and finished the roof too before noon.

At six thirty the next morning, I was on the roof when Mr. Ellison drove away.  I’d stacked up my shingles and roofing nails in front of that finished dormer and took a little time getting ready.  I was hoping Mrs. Ellison took a shower every morning, but I guess she didn’t.  She wasn’t there by seven anyway.  I went down the roof and started on the second dormer.

The first two courses were nailed down when the light in that room came on.  I peeked over the window sill.  It’s a good thing I had my safety harness on and it was secured to a tie up on the ridge.  Otherwise, I’d have probably fallen off the roof.

Mrs. Ellison was in the room and standing beside a double bed that was only about six feet from the window.  I didn’t see the rubber cock in her hand at first because she was stark naked and all that naked was pretty captivating.  She’d been too far away the day before for me to see her pussy well enough to tell anything except she’d shaved her lips.  Today, I could see those pussy lips were pretty thick and they were long.

She sat down on the bed and rubbed her big tits for a while.  When she pinched her right nipple, she closed her eyes and her mouth made this little “O” shape.  

I had to rearrange my cock, and since I was in a safety harness I had to look away to see what I was doing.  When I looked back, Mrs. Ellison was on her back on the bed with her knees up in the air, and she was stroking those big pussy lips.  

She didn’t seem to be in a hurry.  She just laid there and ran one finger up and down her slit for a while.  It wasn’t until I saw her hips lift a little that she went further.

She probed between her big lips and then rubbed up and down some more.  As she did this, her inner lips sort of flowed out.  She pulled on first one and then the other until they were stretched out on each side.  When she let them go, they stayed spread out.

I’d been peeking in the corner of the window and then ducking back down when I thought she was raising her head.  After a while, I realized she always had her eyes close, so I just sat there and watched her.

By the time she slipped one and then two fingers inside her pussy, I could see how wet she was and I was sure if the window had been open, I’d have heard little wet sounds as she stroked her fingers in and out.

She was starting to rock her hips up by that time.  I figured she’d cum and that would be the end of the show, but I was wrong.  When it looked to me like she was really close, she pulled her fingers out.  A second later she’d picked up the dildo I saw her come into the room with and then rubbed it between her long, inner lips.  The damned thing was a little shiny when she started.  After a minute, it was glistening with her juices.  She moved it up to her face, opened her mouth, and sucked about half the length in.

It was still shiny when she pulled it out of her mouth, smiled, and then positioned the tip at her pussy lips.  She pushed in, wiggled her ass around a little, then pushed in some more.  The head of the dildo went inside her and her long inner lips rolled up with it.

The damned thing must have been a foot long, but she kept pushing until most of it was inside her.  She arched her back then, and even through the window I heard her moan.  

Well, my cock was rock hard by then and I really wanted to do something about it.  I couldn’t though.  The fucking safety harness had two straps that went around my legs tight enough I wouldn’t have been able to get my pants down.  Besides, the side of the roof I was on faced the street, so anybody going by would have seen me up there jacking my cock like crazy.  It was hell being able to watch Mrs. Ellison and not do anything about it, but that’s what I did.

Once she had that dildo in as far as she wanted, she started stroking it in and out of her pussy.  At the same time, she was pinching her nipples and twisting them and pulling them up.  

Judging by the way Julie gets when she’s almost there, Mrs. Ellison was too.  She was rocking her ass up and down as the dildo went in and out, and the hand that had been pulling her nipples started rubbing her clit.  She started lifting her sexy ass off the bed a little while later, and after each lift, her hips would rock up and down really fast.  It was less than a minute later that she arched high and I heard her cry out.  She just stayed up in the air a little while the spasm wracked her body, than fell back down to the bed.

She didn’t pull out the dildo right away.  She ran it in and out of her pussy for a while, then used the shaft to rub her clit.  Every once in a while, she’d arch up a little, hang there for a second, and then fall back down on the bed.

She started to get up then, so I ducked back beside the window and started fitting the flashing again.  I wasn’t very fast for a while.  My cock was still rock hard and begging for some attention.

When I finished the flashing, I chanced a peek in the window again.  The lights were still on, but Mrs. Ellison wasn’t there.  The sheet from the bed was gone though.  I figured as wet as she’d looked, she’d probably soaked the sheet and had take it to the wash.  Julie usually has to do that after she’s cum really hard.

I knocked off early that day for a couple reasons.  She’d taken so much time to cum I wouldn’t have been able to get the side of the dormer done anyway.  The other reason was I wanted to get home to Julie.  

She smiled when I walked in the door.

“You quit early.  Must have been really hot on that roof.”

I put my arm around her waist and put the other hand on her right tit and squeezed it.

“Yes, it was hot.”

Julie giggled.

“The way you’re squeezing my boobs tells me the sun wasn’t the only thing that was hot.”

“Well, see, I was shingling this roof and…”

I told Julie about what I’d seen the last two days.  She grinned.

“And now you expect me to drop everything and get naked so you can fuck me?”

“Well, that’s kinda was what I was hoping for.”

She sighed.

“OK, but don’t complain when your dinner isn’t done at six like you like.”

We had dinner at seven, but that was OK.  I got relieved of the tensions Mrs. Ellison had caused.  Julie didn’t seem to mind either.  She came as hard as I did, and then started giggling.

“If this is what watching a women with a dildo does to you, maybe I should buy one and give you a show once in a while.  My legs are all shaky.”

I said I didn’t need to watch her stick a dildo in her pussy to get that way.  All I needed to do was see her naked.  Julie always likes it when I tell her that.

Saturday morning I was back on Mrs. Ellison’s roof and working on the second dormer when the window on the third one opened up.  I didn’t think much about that for a while.  Julie opens up our upstairs windows in the summer if it’s cool in the morning.  She says the house gets stuffy because of the air conditioning and she wants to let in some fresh air.   I just went on working on the side of the dormer.

I’d just stood up to get some more shingles when I heard a little moan coming from that third dormer.  I unhooked the lanyard from my safety harness so it wouldn’t clank and then quietly walked down the roof.

I heard another moan right before I got to the window, and when I peeked in, there was Mrs. Ellison.  The room wasn’t a bedroom.  It looked like an office of some sort.  There was a desk with a computer on it and a file cabinet.  The desk faced the window, and in front of the desk were two wood straight chairs.  Mrs. Ellison was in one of those straight chairs.  She had a different dildo, one of those that has a suction cup on the balls, and it was stuck down to the seat of that chair.  Mrs. Ellison had straddled the chair and was riding that dildo up and down while she played with her big tits.

Like the day before, she had her eyes closed, but I don’t think I’d have moved if she hadn’t.  It was too erotic to not look.

She’d raise up until she was almost off the dildo and then slowly sink down and impale herself.  When she did, her long inner lips would stick to the dildo and then sort of roll up inside her.  She’d go almost all the way down to the balls and then sit there for a second while she pulled her tits up and out by holding on to her nipples.  She’d shudder a little, and then start raising back up.  Those long, slender lips would come out, stick to the dildo and then get stretched out again.

Well, even though Julie had given me a workout the night before, my cock was standing at attention and ready to take on all comers.  At least it was pointing up, so it wasn’t hurting or trying to straighten out down my pants leg.

Mrs. Ellison wasn’t riding that rubber cock very fast, but she was taking it deep, and it was obvious she was liking the feeling.  About every third stroke, she’d sit down almost all the way, rock her hips a little, and then murmur something like, “oh fuck” or “cum in me, Baby”.  I figured she was thinking about Mr. Ellison and I figured he was one lucky son of a bitch.

As I sat there and watched, she started to ride that rubber dick a little faster.  A while later she started to pant, and when she sat down on it, her mouth would fall open and she’d hold her breath for a while.  Then, she’d gasp and start raising up again.

When she came, she was shaking so hard I thought she was going to fall off the chair.  She didn’t though.  She just grabbed the sides of the chair and kept on bobbing her pussy up and down over the dildo.  Her voice wasn’t all that loud, but what she said had me wish I’d been sitting in that chair instead of that dildo.

“Oh Baby, I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum all over your balls…fuck me, Baby, fuck me…I…oh fuck…here it comes.”

She jerked her hips hard, gasped, and then jerked her hips again.  She jerked them hard enough the third time the dildo came unstuck from the chair.  She stopped moving up and down and just sat there holding herself up with her arms.  

I figured she was going to open her eyes, so I ducked back behind the dormer and quietly went back to the other one.  I could still hear her though.  

“Oh fuck, Baby.  That was great.”

She closed the window a little while later while I was finishing up the side of dormer number two.  I got done with that one about noon and went home to see if Julie was in a good mood.

Julie said she had to do some shopping so I’d have to wait until after dinner.  While she was gone, I went to the builder’s supply store and replenished my supply of roofing nails.  I already had enough to finish the Ellison’s house, but it was something to do besides remembering Mrs. Ellison riding her dildo and thinking about jacking off.

That night, after Julie had ridden my cock until we both came, she laid down on my chest with my cock still in her pussy.

“You must have seen that woman again.”

“Yes, only this time she was riding a dildo like you just rode my cock.”

“You’d like to fuck her, wouldn’t you?”

I chuckled.

“The thought had crossed my mind a couple of times.”

“What does her husband look like?”

“I don’t know, about like any other guy I suppose.  Why?”

“Well, if you’re going to fuck her, it’s only fair that I get fucked too.”

“Unless I was dreaming, you just did.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Well, I don’t think there’s much chance of me doing her.  She seems to like doing herself.”

“Maybe that’s because her husband doesn’t do what she likes.  Ever think of that?”

“And you think I could?”

Julie giggled and when her body shook, my cock slipped out of her pussy.

“If you do her like you do me, she’d be pretty happy.  I’d be happy if you could get yourself hard and back in me again.  Think you could do that?”

“Maybe…with a little help from you I could.”

I was kind of glad to be working on the last dormer the next Monday.  I mean, watching Mrs. Ellis was fun, but it was kind of torture too.  It was like when I was sixteen, had just gotten my driver’s license, and went looking at new cars.  It was fun to look at them and fantasize about driving down the highway in a sporty convertible with a really sexy girl in the shotgun seat, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

I’d finished the front and sides and was working on the roof when the window on that dormer opened.  I know I should have just kept nailing on shingles, but I had to go have a peek to see what Mrs. Ellison might be doing.  

I climbed down and peeked through the lower corner of the window and then quickly pulled back.  Mrs. Ellison was standing not two feet away.  She was naked again, but this time she’d seen me.  

I was almost back on the dormer roof when I heard her voice.

“Hey, roofing guy.  Why’d you run off?”

I thought it best to just ignore her.  If she accused me of something, I could just say I was getting some more nails or something.  She wasn’t buying that though.

“If you don’t come back, I’ll tell my husband you’ve been watching me.  He’ll have you arrested for peeping and you’ll have to register as a sex offender.  Bet you won’t get many roofing jobs after that, will you?”

I gave up, climbed down off the dormer roof and walked over to the window.  She smiled.

“That’s better.  Did you like watching me?  I liked being watched.  That’s why I’ve been showing myself to you for three days.”

“Well, yes, I liked it.”

“OK, now that we understand each other, why don’t you take off that whatever it is strap thing and come inside?”

I said I didn’t think that was a good idea.  She just chuckled.

“You mean because of my husband?  He won’t be home until almost seven.  Besides, he never fucks me anymore anyway.”

She lifted her tits and wobbled them with her hands.

“You could play with these if you come inside.  I like having a man’s hand on my boobies.”

She reached down and cupped her pussy then, rubbed it a little, and then grinned.

“I need a man, and you’re a man.  Come on in.  You won’t be sorry.  If you don’t, well, remember what I said about telling my husband?”

Well, what does one do in a situation like this.  It was one of those damned if you do, damned if you don’t things.  I decided being damned for doing it was better than getting my picture on the six o’clock news.  After taking off my safety harness, I stepped through the window.

Mrs. Ellison grinned.

“Now, take off those clothes so we can play.”

She waited to do anything until I had my shirt and pants off.  Well, she waited to do anything with me, but she was rubbing her tits and pussy lips while I did.  When I got to my underwear, she said “I get to do this part”, hooked her fingers in the waistband, and pulled them down to my ankles.  I must have jerked when she yanked them over my stiff cock, because she giggled.

“Awe, did I bend your cock?  I’m sorry.  Here, let me fix it.”

Well, she fixed it all right.  She started stroking it and feeling my balls with her other hand.

“You have big balls.  I like big balls.”

She wasn’t jacking me very hard, but it still felt great.  It felt great when she circled the head with her fingertip.  It didn’t feel quite as great when she used my cock as a handle and led me to the desk, but she made up for that a little later.

When we got to the desk, she let go of my cock and used her arms to pull herself up on the surface.

“You know”, she said, “my dildos are pretty nice, but they’re not the same as a man.  Let’s see how you do.”

She eased back until she was on her back and then spread her thighs.  Those big thick pussy lips I’d seen sort of opened by themselves and I was looking at her inner lips.  The were folded up a little, but Mrs. Ellison fixed that too.  She reached down, took each one between her thumb and forefinger, and spread them out.  She looked up at me and grinned.

“Now, a little tongue action, if you please.”

I figured, ‘in for penny, in for a pound’.  I pulled up a chair and sat down between her thighs.  Mrs. Ellison put her feet on the chair beside my thighs and scooted down until her ass was almost off the desk.

Her long inner lips were already a little wet.  After I sucked each one in my mouth and rolled it around, they got a lot wetter and it wasn’t all me.  I separated them again and saw a little stream of clear liquid seep from her entrance.  When I stuck my tongue there, Mrs. Ellison moaned.

“Oh yeah.  I like that.”

She liked it when I rasped my tongue up from her entrance to her clit too.  Her tummy rolled and she gasped.  

“Oh fuck, this is happening too fast.  Slow down.”

I stopped long enough to look up at her.  She had both her nipples between her fingers, had pinched them tight, and was rolling them.

“Nope. You wanted this.  Now you’re going to get it.”

I locked my lips around her clit then and started sucking.  When she moaned again, I slipped two fingers inside her and started stroking them in and out.  She started rocking her ass a little then, and the more I sucked and stroked, the more she did.  

When I lick Julie’s pussy, it doesn’t take long before she can’t hold still.  She’ll be pushing her pussy up while she’s pushing my face down with her hands.  Mrs. Ellison was the same way.  After I sucked her clit pretty hard and then licked the tip, she gasped and put her hands on my head and pushed.  I thought it only right that since she couldn’t play with her nipples if she did that, I should.  I slipped my free hand up her side, grabbed a nipple, and pinched.  

She gasped, then moaned and arched off the desk a little.  When I rolled her nipple she did it again, then said, “Oh stop, I’m gonna cum.”

I just sucked her clit again and curled my fingers up toward her mound.  When I found the little pad there, I worked my fingers up and down as fast as I could.  Mrs. Ellison, groaned, then arched up, and then cried, “I’m cumming.”

I didn’t stop sucking her clit until she pushed me away.  That was after she’d bounced her ass all over the desk when she came and then tried to squeeze my head between her thighs.  She was still panting when she pushed my head away.

“Oh God, stop for a while.  It’s too much.”

I chuckled.

“I thought that’s what you wanted.”

“It was but I can’t take anymore for a while.”

“OK, so what else can I do for you.”

Mrs. Ellison raised her head up and grinned.

“Let me get up and I’ll show you what you can do.”

I backed the chair up after she’d put her feet on the floor.  She took the two steps that separated us and then said, “scoot down a little”.  When I did, she straddled the chair and put her hands on my shoulders.

It took her a couple of tries before my cock started going in, but when it did, she eased down a little, then shivered as it slipped inside her.  She kept going until she was sitting on my lap and her big tits were hanging right in front of my face.  I leaned forward and sucked her left nipple in my mouth, then bit down a little.  Mrs. Ellison caught her breath and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock.

She rode my cock just like she’d ridden her dildo the day before, just slow up and down strokes of her body.  She’d raise up until my cock head found that snug spot just inside her entrance and then ease back down until she was sitting on my thighs again.

I was doing fine until she started to speed up.  She was keeping me at the point of really enjoying the feeling of her pussy stroking my cock.  I liked the feel of her stiff nipples in my mouth too.  

I think I might have caused the change.  I bit down on her nipple again, right where it was joined to her nipple bed.  Mrs. Ellison groaned and pulled back.  When I didn’t let go, she shuddered but she kept pulling.  Her big tit ended up stretched into a cone.  That’s when she started stroking faster.

She was going fast enough she was pushing my cock into all sorts of angles so I grabbed her ass with both hands to try to control that a little.   That helped me until my finger slipped between her ass cheeks.  She moaned, “lower” and then rocked her pussy down hard.  

I did what she’d asked me to do, and I kept moving my fingertip down until I felt her little wrinkled rosebud.  I wasn’t sure if that’s what she meant of not, so I pushed in just a little to find out.  It was like when I shift my truck into a lower gear.  

She gasped, “Oh fuck, yes”, and then started riding up and down fast enough it was hard to keep her lined up with my cock.  A few seconds later, I felt her get really slippery inside too.

I pushed the little wrinkled ring again, and Mrs. Ellison threw her head back.  I couldn’t make out most what she was murmuring, but I did catch the word, “deeper”, so I pushed that finger a little more firmly.  They way her hips started moving then, she was fucking my cock and my finger at the same time.

She didn’t last long after that, and I was thankful.  I don’t like cumming before a woman does.  My cock gets really sensitive and if I keep stroking, it drives me nuts.  I was feeling that feeling that says trying to hold back won’t work and it got worse when she pushed her big tits into my face.

“Bite and pull again.”

I did, and that was what pushed her over the edge.  She shuddered, moaned, shuddered again, and then lost control of everything.  I had one very hot woman cumming in my lap and that took away any little self-control I had left.  I started ramming my cock up into Mrs. Ellison’s strokes and after four, groaned as the first spurt raced up my cock.  She was still shuddering through spurts two and three, and didn’t start to settle down until I eased back down on the chair.

She just sat there on my cock for a while.  Every few seconds, I’d feel her pussy contract and then hear a tiny little moan.  When she finally did try to get off my cock, she was pretty shaky.  

“Oh fuck”, she breathed.  “Help me stand up.”

I stood up with her and then turned around and parked her ass in the chair.  She looked up at me and grinned.

“Will you be back tomorrow?”

I looked at my watch.

“Yeah, I won’t get done today now.”

“Good.  I’ll be here right after my husband leaves.  You won’t keep me waiting, will you?”

I didn’t keep her waiting.  She wasn’t really waiting anyway.  As soon as I got on the roof the next morning, I saw that window was already open.  When I walked down the roof and looked in, she was laid back on the desk with her dildo in her pussy and stroking away.  When I stepped through the window, she stopped, pulled out the dildo, and grinned.

“I was just getting warmed up for you.  Now, if you’d get out of those clothes, I could go from warm to hot.”

She did…twice, once bent over the desk while I fucked her and played with her tits, and once when she had me lay on the desk and she rode my cock.  She was still sitting on my cock when she grinned.

“I think I’ll tell my husband I saw a leak in the pool house.  You do fix pool house roofs, don’t you?”

When I got back home that afternoon, Julie looked at me and grinned.

“You fucked her again, didn’t you?”

“Well, she sort of made me.”

“Yeah.  I’ll bet.  That’s OK.  I decided to have some bushes planted out by the patio.  The guy is coming tomorrow to put them in.  Since it’s warm outside, I think I’ll put on my swimsuit and watch him while he plants them.”

“You wouldn’t be thinking about him planting his cock in you, now would you?”

Julie smiled.

“Well, if he wants to…”

Well, I’m on my way back to the Ellison’s this morning to re-roof her pool house.  I figure what with her distractions, it’ll take me about a week, but then it’s a pretty big pool house as pool houses go.  When I went out to bid the job, Mrs. Ellison showed me the inside.  It has a bed, though why in hell anybody would put a bed in a pool house is beyond me.  When I asked her that, she said sometimes she likes to rest after she swims but doesn’t want to take off her suit so she put a bed in there.  

She said she probably wouldn’t be wearing her bikini while I was working.  There’s a tall fence that goes all the way around the pool and pool house.  She said they put up the fence so she could swim without the neighbors watching.  Evidently she’s pretty picky about who she strips for.  

I figure between her big tits and her hot ass, I’ll have to come down off that roof and take a break every day.  She asked me if I’d ever done it in a pool before, and I told her I hadn’t.  I’ll bet I get to find out how it is though.