From Mom To Hot Wife In Five Easy Steps

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16 Nov. '18

Rachael knew she was embarrassing her son and daughter that Thanksgiving, but she didn’t really care.  They’d have been more than embarrassed if they’d known she did more than dressing to attract men, but she’d never tell them about that.  She felt good now, better than she had in the twenty years from the time her daughter was born until her son was in college.  

It had started as the realization she was free to do the things she’d always wanted now that she wasn’t playing taxi driver for her kids and their friends.  It seemed as if every day of the week, there was something going on after school for at least one of them and she always had to drive them someplace.  

Once Jack and Diane had their driver’s licenses, it was a little easier, but since she and her husband, Rick, had agreed not to buy cars for their kids, she was left with two choices.   She could let the kids take her car and stay home, or drive them and have the freedom to go shopping or whatever else she needed to do.  Once Jack went off to college, Rachael was free to do anything she wanted.

She and Rick had started life together about like any other couple, or so it said in the women’s magazines she read at night before bed.  They’d been deeply in love and had sex every night for the first two years.  On Saturdays and Sundays, they woke up at six like every day during the week, but didn’t get out of bed until eight and sometimes nine.  Rachael loved how Rick touched her on those mornings.  She was still warm and relaxed from sleep and his hands stroking her skin made warm and relaxed turn into ready and more than willing.  Only when she’d gasped as the spasms racked her body was she ready to let him go.

After Diane was born, Rachael spent most of her time changing diapers, nursing Diane, and getting her ready to go when they went someplace.  When she gave birth to Jack two years later, Diane was still in diapers and seemed to get into anything and everything she shouldn’t have.  Rachael’s days seemed to all run together in a stream of nursing Jack, changing his diapers, feeding Diane, and in general trying to keep from losing her mind.  She and Rick still had sex, but most of the time, Rachael was too tired to really enjoy it.

As the years went on, things got a little better in some ways but worse in others.  Diane and Jack could take care of themselves more, so Rachael had more time to herself.  That lasted until Diane and Jack started school.  After that, it was drive to the school to take cookies to one of their classes or meet with one of their teachers or race there to take the lunch they’d forgotten.  The older Diane and Jack got, the more trips to the school Rachael made every week.  She often joked with them that she could drive to the school and back in her sleep.

The day Jack left for college, Rachael sat down on the couch and realized she had the entire week to do what she wanted.  That realization also came with some tears.  For almost twenty years, Diane and Jack had been her reason for being.  Now, what was she supposed to do – sit around and grow old while waiting to be a grandmother?  That’s what her mother had done, but Rachael couldn’t see herself doing that.

Rachael thought about finding a job, but they didn’t really need the money and she didn’t relish the idea of working five days a week only to give most of her salary to the government.  Rachael decided to stay home and figure out a way to bring some of the zing back into her love life.

Rachael talked to her mother about that, but her mother wasn’t any help.  She just said Rick’s lack of interest was normal for their age.

“Men to through the change too”, she’d said when Rachael told her Rick hadn’t touched her in a week.  “It’s perfectly normal for a man’s sex drive to decrease.  Your father and I only do it about once a month now, sometimes not that often”.

Rachael didn’t think it was really normal.  None of the articles in her magazines said it was.  In fact, the magazines said it was normal to want to have sex well into their seventies for some people.  She didn’t know about that, but forty-seven was too young to stop.

Rachael also knew what the reason for Rick’s lack of interest really was.  Every morning after her shower, she stood in front of the full-length mirror on the bathroom door and dried herself.  The Monday after Jack left for college, she dried off and then sighed when she saw herself in the mirror.

When she was twenty, her boobs were firm and perky, her waist was narrow, her tummy was flat, and her hips were tight.  Now, her boobs were a lot bigger but they hung down lower and her nipples pointed more down than up.  Rachael didn’t think her waist looked too bad.  It was bigger than back then, but still didn’t look fat.  Her tummy and hips were another matter.  Her tummy had become rounded instead of flat and her hips were wide with what Rachael thought was a lot of fat on her thighs.

Yes, that was why Rick usually just rolled over on his stomach and went to sleep every night.  She was just another fat housewife.  If she’d been thin and sexy, he’d have wanted her.  Rachael sighed again and then started to put on the clothes she usually wore around the house.  

When she put on the plain white bra, she frowned and shook her head.  It didn’t do much to lift her boobs up and out.  Instead, it just held them up enough they didn’t jiggle.  It didn’t even give her much cleavage.  Rachael took it off, hung it back over the towel bar, and went to their bedroom.  When she came back into the bathroom, she had the black lace bra and the black lace thong panties she’d bought to wear to Rick’s office party the year before.

The bra lifted her boobs up enough she had cleavage.  Rachael pushed her hand into each cup and pulled her boobs up a little more.  When she looked in the mirror again, she smiled.  She had deep cleavage and the soft curve of her boobs was showing now.  It wasn’t firm and perky, but it was a lot better.

When she put on the panties, she frowned again.  The coarse, dark brown hair on her mound stuck out from the edges of the panties.  She removed the panties,  got the scissors from the vanity drawer and trimmed away the excess hair, then pinched the rest between her fingers and trimmed off what showed.  When she finished with her mound, she did the same to the hair that covered her lips.

Rachael smiled when she looked at herself again.  She could almost see her lips  through the hair now, and nothing would stick out around the panties.  She pulled them back on and grinned.  With no hair sticking out, she looked a little slimmer.  Her tummy was still too round, but the thong now defined where her thighs joined her body.

She turned around then and used a hand mirror to see the reflection of her backside in the mirror.  Rachael frowned again.  Her butt had dimples and her thighs stuck out even more when she saw them from the back.

Different panties wouldn’t fix that.  Her butt and thighs had gotten that way from doing a lot of sitting.  Only one thing would fix that.

Rachael put on her jeans and top, and then went into the living room and turned on the television.  Every other day, she’d have searched for a movie to keep her company while she vacuumed and dusted.  That day, she found one of the programs she always skipped over, an exercise program.

The exercises were hard to do, but according to the slender girl demonstrating them, would thin her hips and tummy.  Rachael figured if the exercises made her look half as slender and sexy as the blonde girl, it would be worth the effort.  Half an hour later, Rachael got up off the floor and began dusting the furniture while watching another exercise show.  When that girl said an exercise would tighten her hips or tummy, Rachael stopped and did it.

The next morning, her thighs ached, but Rachael knew that was because she’d done some good.  Every day after that, she’d do at least half an hour of exercises and then measure her hips.  To her surprise, in a month, she’s lost an inch off her hips, and her tummy was starting to look at least a little flatter.

She felt good about herself, at least a little, and started wearing little lace teddy’s to bed instead of flannel pajamas.  Rick noticed, but didn’t seem to care all that much.  She tried sleeping nude as well, and Rick definitely noticed.  The first night she’d walked into the bedroom wearing nothing.  Rick had grinned.

“You must want something.”

Rachael smiled.

“Just you, that’s all.”

I felt great to have his weight on her again, not as great as when she felt her body tense tight and then erupt in waves that shook her from her knees to her nose, but still great.  Rick had rolled to her side then and was asleep in minutes.  Rachael lay there and enjoyed the little shocks that tightened her core from time to time.  She was smiling when she finally closed her eyes.

The next morning, Rachael hummed to herself as she fixed pancakes for their breakfast.  She felt almost like she’d felt when they were first married.  Rick seemed happy too.  He fondled her butt when she sat his plate on the table.

When Rick had left for work, Rachael poured herself another cup of coffee and sat down on the couch to think.  If sleeping naked had done that even though her butt was still fat and her tummy still stuck out, if she kept working on those things, maybe it could be like when they were first married.  

Rachael closed her eyes and remembered how it had been then.  Every night, or so it seemed, they’d eat dinner and then watch some television.  They always sat side by side on the couch, and half way into a program, she’d feel Rick’s arm slide around her shoulders.  A little later, she’d feel his fingertips sneaking into her top and down her chest, and she knew they’d never finish the program.

His hands would send tingles through her body until it was begging for more intimate contact.  Rick would do just that.  She’d feel his hand slipping over her tummy, then down and under the waistband of whatever she was wearing.  His fingertip would find that special spot and Rachael would lift her face to Rick’s and kiss him.  Rachael unconsciously let her hand follow that same path as she remembered those kisses.

During that kiss, she’d stroke his thigh and then the bulge that was growing in his pants.  She loved to feel him stiffening because she knew she was the cause.

Rick would take her to the point of not caring where they were before he began undressing her.  Often he didn’t even wait until they were in the bedroom, and Rachael found that making love right there on the couch was a special thrill.  Their living room curtains were always open, so anyone looking in would have seen them together.  

Remembering that caused Rachael to want that thrill again, the thrill of maybe being seen while she lay under Rick or straddled him.  Part of her mind told her that wasn’t right, but another part remembered the thought of being seen arousing her and causing the tremors that shook her at the end to be even stronger.

One of those tremors shook Rachael then, and as she continued to stroke herself, another followed.  She gasped and arched up off the couch as her fingertip took her the rest of the way.  

When her heart stopped pounding, Rachael slipped her hand out of her jeans.  Had things gotten so bad she had to do it herself?  She wasn’t ashamed that she had.  It had been remembering how Rick had done it that caused her to slip her hand between her thighs.  Remembering the thrill of the couch and open curtains had made her continue until the end.  

Rachael grinned.  She could almost see their neighbor, Mr. Jacobs, standing outside that window and watching them.  He’d be looking on as she straddled Rick and impaled herself.  She’d know he was there because she saw him in her periferal vision, but she wouldn’t stop.  She’d just let him watch and see his right shoulder begin to move.  

Rachel knew why his shoulder would be moving.  It was because he couldn’t stop doing to himself what she was doing to Rick.  The end would be wonderful for her, and that would be because she’d know Mr. Jacobs was wishing he was the man on their couch, the man she was riding to take them both to the ultimate shattering end.

Rachael smiled again.  Yes, that would be fantastic.  It had been that same way one time when they were on vacation at a beach in Florida.  She’d been embarrassed when she found out Rick had picked a clothing optional beach, but she’d gone along and taken off her suit after he’d found a spot far away from everyone else and behind a clump of tall grass.  He’d started to play around, and ended up between her thighs.  Rachael had managed not to cry out when the end wracked her body with spasms.  

Rick was easing up from her when they both heard a groan and looked up to see a man standing there.  The man groaned again and jerked his hips three times, then smiled, waved, and walked away.  Rick had laughed.

“We sure made his day.  I used to dream about seeing another couple doing it while I watched.  I doubt that’ll ever happen though.”

Rachael had tried to cover her boobs and mound, but inside, she felt ecstatic.  She didn’t know why, but knowing another man had seen her as Rick slowly stroked her until she was writhing in pleasure kept those little waves racing though her.  

Rachael got off the couch then and turned on her exercise program.  As she did the thigh lifts and situps, she wondered if she’d feel the same way if another man was watching again.  She wondered if Rick would ever want to do that again too.  She thought it would have to be a very good friend before she knowingly allowed herself to do something like that. Then she remembered Rick saying he’d dreamed about watching another couple.  If that good friend was married, maybe they could watch them instead.  

Rachael reconsidered that approach.  She didn’t think she’d enjoy watching another couple.  She’d tried to watch the porn movies Rick had rented before the kids, but wasn’t excited by them at all.  The acting was so fake it was almost funny and the women all had huge enhanced boobs.  The only parts she really remembered were the men.  Most were really big and Rachael had wondered then if they’d feel different than Rick.

Rachael wondered again how a man larger than Rick would feel.  She didn’t think Rick was any smaller than most men, at least according to her magazine articles, but the men in those movies were sometimes huge.  Rachael loved Rick, but the thought of a man so large was intriguing.  Rachael passed that off as just a whim, and fixed her lunch.  As she ate, she read an article in her latest magazine.

The article was about couples who swing, and said if the couple was open-minded enough, it could revive their sex life.  Instead of the same partner doing the same things all the time, there would be variety that made each time different

Swinging also presented the opportunity for a man to see his wife with another man if he liked that sort of thing.  It gave the wife the same opportunity to see her husband with another women.  If both enjoyed watching, swinging gave them the best of both worlds – different partners for spice, watching as the appetizer, and better sex as the main course.  The magazine article said the women of these couples were sometimes called “hot wives” because they were sexy and wanted to have sex with other men.

Men already looked at her when she shopped for groceries, and that made Rachael happy.  The exercises must be doing some good or the men wouldn’t look. Maybe if she wore sexy clothes they’d look more.  Maybe they’d look like they wanted her.  Rachael found that thought to be exciting.  Maybe if she told Rick about what the men did, he’d get excited too.

Rachael didn’t have a lot of sexy clothes.  Moms who took their kids everywhere didn’t dress that way.  The next shopping day, though, she ransacked her closet and dresser for something more seductive than jeans and a top.  She found her outfit hiding in the bottom of her sweater drawer.

It was a pair of jeans she’d bought and hadn’t liked, but forgot to take back to the store.  There they were, still with the tags.  Rachael tried them on in the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror, then went in search of a blouse or stretchy top to go with them.  An hour later, she looked in the mirror again and smiled.

The jeans fit tight around her legs and butt, and were cut really low in the waist, low enough she had to change her panties to bikini panties so they wouldn’t show.  The top was knit and fit so tight she’d had to change bras because the top showed every bra seam.  The bra she finally chose was made of thin material that let her boobs move a little.  It was a demi bra she’d bought to wear with low cut dresses, and so more of her boobs were out of the cups than in and the shoulder straps were on the side instead of right over each boob.  The top conformed to the soft curves and accented them.

Rachael didn’t normally wear makeup when she shopped, but that day, she did her face as if she was going to a party.  When she finished, a last look in the mirror told her she might be a little bit sexy after all.  Rachael stepped into her black high heels and walked out the door.

Shopping that day was a real experience for Rachael.  Every man who saw her looked, some for a long time.  She saw a couple wink at her and she blushed, but inside, she was thrilled.  Men hadn’t looked at her like that since before the kids.  Those looks made her feel powerful and confident.  

Rachael was waiting in the line at the checkout when another cart bumped against her hips.  She turned to tell whoever it was to be more careful, but stopped short when she saw the man was grinning.  He walked around his cart and up beside Rachael, still grinning.  

“Sorry, but I was looking at you and didn’t pay attention where I was going.  I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

Rachael was at a loss for words for a few seconds.  It was obvious to her he’d done it on purpose.  Why else would he be grinning?  She felt that thrill race through her again.  He was still grinning, but he wasn’t looking at her eyes.  His gaze traveled from her boobs down to her high heels and then back up.  Rachael mustered up her courage.

“No, I’m not hurt.  What were you looking at?  Do I have something on me?”

The man chuckled.

“No, there’s nothing on you.  You’re just really hot, that’s all.”

Rachael smiled.

“Me?  You must need glasses.”

The man was still grinning.

“Nope, had my eyes checked a month ago and they’re fine.”

The fantasy of the man taking her to his bed flashed through her mind.  He was a big man so he’d probably be big everywhere.  She’d feel his size and that size would have her writhing under him until the sensations exploded in her mind and her body arched into him.  He’d tell her she was great and he wanted to do it again.  She’d smile and say they could do it again right then.  

Rachael dismissed that thought as crazy.   Instead, she said, “Thank you”, and started putting her groceries on the conveyor belt.  The man was still looking at her when she pushed her cart of groceries toward the door.

On her way home, Rachael was smiling to herself.  That man had said she was hot.  Nobody, even Rick, had ever told her that before.  So this is what it feels like to be a hot wife, she chuckled.  I’ll have to do this more often.

She was still wearing the same clothes when Rick walked in the door.  He took one look at her and asked where they were going.  Rachael laughed and asked why?

“Well, you’re all dressed up.”

Rachael laughed.

“This?  It’s just what I wore to buy groceries.”

“I’ll bet you had every man in the store drooling over you.”

Rachael grinned.

“No, just one.”

Rick had an odd look on his face.

“What did he do?”

“He just told me I was hot.  That was after he pushed his cart into my bottom.”

“What did you do?”

“Well, what do you think I did?  I thanked him and then left with my groceries.”

“You didn’t think about doing anything else?”

“Well…maybe I did and maybe I didn’t.  What difference does it make?”

Rick reached out and fondled Rachael’s right boob.

“If I’d seen a woman like you dressed like this, I’d have thought about doing something.”

Rachael chuckled.

“You always think like that.”

“No I don’t, not always.”

“So, what would you think about doing with her?”

“Well, you know…take her to bed.”

Rachael thought about the magazine article she read that morning.  She looked at Rick.

“If you knew it was all right with me, would you really do that?”

Rick looked confused.

“What brought this on?”

“Oh, I just read in a magazine that some husbands and wives like to switch partners and I wondered how it would be.  We’d both have to agree, or course.”

“You’d agree to something like that?  Are you tired of me or what?”

Rachael put her arms around Rick’s neck.

“No, Honey, I’m not tired of you, but we haven’t done much lately.  I thought you might be tired of me and a different woman might spice things up, that’s all.  Now, dinner’s ready.  Let’s eat.”

That night after dinner, Rick went into the living room while she cleaned up.  When she got done, she found him sitting on the couch watching the news.  She sat down beside him, and put her hand on his thigh.

“So, are we going to watch a movie like always?’

Rick put his arm around Rachael.

“Probably only part of one.”

Rachael felt Rick put his arm around her and then the tingle as his fingers slipped inside the low neck of her top.  His hand went deeper, then deeper still.  Rachael felt a tightening in her core when he closed is hand gently.

“What else might we be doing instead of watching a movie?”

Rachael felt Rick slip his hand under her top and lightly stroke her tummy.

“Well, I seem to remember something we used to do a lot.  Think this couch could take it?”

It was like Rachael remembered, only better.  Rick’s hands had found all her special places and set her mind reeling with the sensations he caused.  She was ready for him long before he slipped the top over her head, and she couldn’t wait for him to help her out of her jeans.  She slipped them down her legs and then asked him to lay down on his back.

The start was what she’d thought about while making dinner.  The feeling of lowering her body over him caused her to shudder, but she kept going slowly to enjoy the feeling.  She caught her breath when Rick fondled her, and was soon lost in the feeling of being filled.  Every nerve seemed to tingle as they rocked together.  At the end, Rachael gasped, then held her breath, and finally collapsed on top of Rick, her heart racing as her body tightened over and over.

She wouldn’t let him withdraw and end that filled feeling.  It was too wonderful to stop. Rachael was still lying on Rick’s chest when it did.  She nibbled his ear and then whispered, “again, please”.

Rick chuckled.

“I need to go find another guy then. It’s gonna be a while before I can.”

Rachael nuzzled his cheek.

“Is that something you’d like to do?”

“What?  Find you another man?”

“Yes.  You said once you’d like to watch.”

“Is that all I’d do, just watch?”

“Well, that would depend on if that other man had a wife or not.  If he did, you could do her and we could watch you.”

Rick lifted Rachael up by the armpits.

“You’re serious about this, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I think I am.”

“And you wouldn’t be jealous?”

“Not if I liked the people…and as long as you weren’t jealous.”

They talked about swinging for weeks.  Both were convinced it was something they wanted to do, but they didn’t know how to find that other couple.  They couldn’t very well ask any of their friends.  Rick thought he’d found the answer on line one night.  When the package came, he showed it to Rachael and grinned.

“If you’re gonna fish, you gotta have bait.  You’re gonna be the bait, but you need a way to tell people what we’re looking for without actually telling them.  This oughta do that.”

He held up a gold ankle chain.  Dangling from the chain were the two letters, “H” and “W”.

“All you have to do is wear this around when you go out.  Someone who is into swinging will see it and ask you if that’s what it means.”

“What if I don’t like them?”

“Then you tell them it’s your initials or something.  From what I’ve read, they wouldn’t push you for an answer right then anyway.  They’d just say they’d like to meet us both for coffee or something so we can feel each other out.”

Rachael chuckled.

“So you’ll feel her and I’ll feel him?  That sounds pretty right away to me.”

“You know what I mean.”

On the next shopping day, Rachael put on the stockings and garter belt she’d bought, then pulled the black mesh thong over her hips and put on the short skirt she’d found at a store that sold sexy clothes.  Her bra was a match to the panties and though it molded her boobs, it didn’t keep them from swaying.  Over the bra she put on a filmy blouse that buttoned up the front, but she left the top buttons open all the way down to her bra.  She put on the anklet and high heels, and then looked in the mirror.

“If this doesn’t do it, I don’t know what will”, she giggled.

She’d expected a man to approach her in the grocery store.  Instead it was a blonde woman about her age.  The woman walked past her, then turned her cart around and came back.

“Excuse me, but I couldn’t help but notice your anklet.  It’s really beautiful.  Do you know where I might get one like it?”

Rachael smiled.

“Well, my husband bought it for me.  I’m not sure where he found it.”

“I was hoping you knew.  I’ve been looking for another woman who was wearing one, but I haven’t had much luck.”

Rachael felt suddenly very alert, so alert her skin was tingling.

“Why would you be looking for another woman?”

The blonde smiled.

“For the same reason you’re wearing that anklet.  At least, I hope that’s why you’re wearing it.”

Rachael looked at the woman again.  She was pretty, maybe a little thicker in the waist, but her boobs looked larger than her own and her butt looked pretty tight.  Rick would probably like her.  

Rachael grinned at the woman.

“I suppose your husband could ask my husband where he got it.”

The blonde woman smiled.

“My name is Tricia, Tricia Sterling, and you are?”

“Rachael Dodd.”

“Well, Rachael, what would you say to a cup of coffee after we get done shopping?”

The four met the first time over dinner at a local pizza place.  As Rachael had figured, Rick liked Tricia.  When Rachael saw Tricia’s husband, John, her heart skipped a beat.  He was tall and looked strong, but his voice was soft.  He smiled when Tricia introduced them.

“Tricia said you were a real looker, but she only told me half the truth.  You’re really hot, Rachael.”

Rachael blushed, but she smiled.

“You’re not so bad yourself, John.  I wasn’t expecting a man so tall.”

Over pizza, they talked until both couples were satisfied they were a good match, and then agreed to meet at a local hotel that Saturday.  Rick was excited.  Rachael was nervous.  What if John didn’t think she was that good?  What if he thought her boobs were to little or her butt was too fat?  Would he just say they’d made a mistake and leave?

Rick tried to reassure her, but Rachael was still nervous when they walked through the door to their room.  She was still nervous when she dressed in the sexy skirt and blouse she’d bought.  She was still nervous when they walked into the restaurant where they’d agreed to meet.

Dinner calmed Rachael down a little.  John kept looking at her and smiling, and a couple of times he winked at her.  She knew she blushed then, but she smiled back.  Rick was doing the same with Tricia, but Tricia wasn’t blushing.  She was grinning.

When they got back to their hotel, John took Rachael by the hand.  

“If you’re having second thoughts, that’s all right.  We’ll go up and watch television while Rick and Tricia have fun.”

“No, I’m nervous, but I still want to do this.”

“Then let me show you what our room looks like.”

John had been very polite, but there was no doubt in Rachael’s mind about what he intended to do with her.  He unlocked the door then held it open for her.  Once she was in, he closed the door, locked it and pushed the safety latch over the stub on the door.  When he turned around, he was smiling.

 “Since this is your first time, we’ll go just as slow as you want, and I’ll try to make sure you get as much out of it as I do.  You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.  All you have to do is tell me if you’re uncomfortable with something and I’ll stop.”

Rachael was shaking when he unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders.  The shaking went away when he pulled her close and stroked her back.  It was like being hugged by a tree, she thought.  He was so tall and his shoulders were so wide and…

Rachael could feel the bulge in his pants pressing against her tummy, and it felt a lot bigger than Rick.  She thought for a second about saying she was sorry, but she couldn’t go through with this, but that old question about a man’s size came back to her.  She put her arms around John’s neck, stood on her tiptoes and kissed him.

She was surprised by the little tremor that raced down her spine when their lips met.  It was like when she kissed Rick only different, but with the same effect.  That tremor happened again when she felt John’s hands on her hips.  He squeezed gently and Rachael shuddered.

She felt him feeling for the hook on her skirt, and eased her hands from his neck to undo it.  She unzipped the zipper and then put her arms back around John’s neck.  She felt chills when he worked the skirt down over her hips and then stroked her bare skin with his hands.

John gently pushed her away then and took a step back as he unbuttoned his shirt.  He smiled.

“Rachael, you’re a beautiful woman.”

Rachael smiled.

“Thank you.  You’re a handsome man.”

John pulled off his shirt and tossed in on a chair, then unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants.  Rachael held her breath while he slipped out of his loafers and then took off his pants.  The bulge in his underwear looked even bigger than before.  

John looked at Rachael after he put his pants on the chair.  He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his briefs and then pulled them down.  Rachael caught her breath.  He looked huge, as large as she remembered the men in those porn films.  

John smiled.

“If you don’t want to try me, I’ll understand, but I think you’ll enjoy it if you do.”

Rachael thought to herself, you always wondered and now you can find out.  She looked up at John.

“Just go easy, OK?”

She sensed his maleness when he took her in his arms again.  It wasn’t just the pressure of his manhood against her tummy.  It was the way her boobs felt pressed into his chest and the scent of man she sensed under the fragrance of his aftershave.  All those things made her want him, made her need to feel his weight on her, made her need to feel him inside her, made her think of pulling herself onto him when they both reached their peak.  Rachael put her arms around John’s neck again and whispered, “I want you.”

John didn’t say anything.  He just unhooked her bra and stroked her back a little, then worked the shoulder traps down her arms.  Rachael lowered her arms to let him take it off and then shivered when he stroked her.  She shivered again when he began rolling the thong panties over her hips.  His hands were so big, but so gentle.  By the time she spread her legs enough to let the panties fall to the floor, nothing could have stopped her from giving herself to him.

He didn’t take her immediately like she thought he would.  John led her to the bed, pushed her gently down on her back and then eased down beside her.  Rachael closed her eyes when he began fondling her with soft caresses that tightened her core.  

After a while, those caresses made her nipple grow rigid, and she gasped at the feeling of his lips making those same caresses while his hands slipped down her tummy to her inner thighs.  

John didn’t seem to be in any hurry.  His touched were feather light, and it wasn’t long before Rachael craved more, craved to be stroked in her most secret of places, craved to feel his fingers exploring those secret places and craved the shocking sensations of those fingers on the center of her sex.

Almost unconsciously, Rachael touched John’s belly, then moved her hand down.  When she closed her fingers around him, they wouldn’t meet her thumb.  Rachael’s mind reeled with the realization he was bigger than she thought.  That was just a momentary thought.  She felt John slowly rubbing at the top of her lips, and her hips rocked up.  Rachael moaned and her hand began to stroke him.

When John moved to kneel between her upraised thighs, the thought about his size came back.  She tensed when she felt him touch her, then relaxed a little when his fingertip massaged that spot again.  She felt him push gently, then ease back, then push a little harder.  Rachael moved her body to open herself to him, and when he entered her, she caught her breath.  He was large, but the sensation was one being exquisitely filled, not pain or discomfort.

That feeling did not go away as they became one.  It only intensified.  Rachael was quickly becoming oblivious to anything except that feeling and the feeling of John’s chest brushing her nipples and his hands holding her shoulders and pulling himself into her.  He kissed her then, and Rachael felt her body respond with another little tremor.

When he eased away, Rachael rolled her face to the side.  It wasn’t a conscious effort that made her grab the bedsheet with both hands.  It wasn’t a conscious effort that caused her to begin meeting John half way.  It was her body acting on its own in response to him.

Rachael wanted those feeling to last and last, but she couldn’t stop what was happening to her.  Her body was tensing, growing taut in preparation for the end that was approaching.  She arched her back and gasped, then her legs turned to jelly as the first wave swept through her.  She was barely aware when John groaned and thrust deep three times.  

When the blood stopped pounding in her ears, Rachael opened her eyes and saw John looking down at her and smiling.  She put her arms around his back and stroked up and down.  John chuckled.

“I think you enjoyed that as much as I did.”

Rachael grinned.

“It wasn’t what I thought it would be.  It was fantastic.”

John leaned down and kissed her on the forehead.

“It was all you, you know.  All I did was help.  You did the rest.”

“How did I do that?  I didn’t do anything.”

John stroked Rachael’s flank and then cupped her hip.

“Yes you did.  You let yourself go.  That’s what did it.”

Half an hour later the phone rang and John answered it.


“You wouldn’t believe it.”

“OK, I’ll ask.”

John put his hand over the receiver and turned to Rachael.  

“Rick and Tricia are done for now, and they want to join us.  Would that be all right with you?  If not, just tell me.  Tricia and I will understand.”

The rest of that night was an experience that changed something in Rachael.  She and John watched as Tricia mounted Rick and rode until she collapsed on his chest, then Rick and Tricia watched as John took Rachael to another shattering end.  They joined as man and wife to sleep in the two queen size beds, and though all four were tired, there were quiet murmurs for a while, and then the soft rocking of the beds until both women made little cries and each man groaned.

After that night, Rachael began dressing up to go shopping and she always wore her anklet.  She was confident when she wore the tight, low cut jeans she’d bought along with the snug tank tops.  Usually she wore heels, but sometimes she painted her toenails and wore sandals because she’d read that some men are really excited by that.

When that Thanksgiving rolled around and Jack and Diane came home from college, they couldn’t believe the change.  Jack had brought along a friend, and when Troy saw Rachael, she had to grin.  There was no doubt about what Troy was thinking.  The slight bulge in his jeans told her that.  He was way too young for her, but the thought was pretty exciting.  

Diane was more critical.

“Mom, you look like a hooker.”

Rachael smiled.

“No I don’t.  I don’t dress any differently than you do.  Your dad likes when I dress like this.”

Diane frowned.

“I bet every other man who sees you likes you too.”

“Well, what’s wrong with that?  Don’t tell me you don’t like men looking at you.  I had to watch you really close when you were in high school to make sure you were wearing a bra.  Remember that?”

“Well, that was different.  I wasn’t forty-seven.”

“Just because I’m forty-seven doesn’t mean I have to stop looking sexy.  I like looking this way.”

“Well, if you come visit me at college, just wear what you used to wear, OK.”

Rachael just smiled.

“We’ll see, Honey.  We’ll see.”

That Christmas, Rick handed her a small box on Christmas Eve.  

“I heard you and Tricia talking a couple weeks ago, and thought you could add this to your ankle chain.  If you don’t want to, that’s OK, but I think you really do.”

Inside was a charm in the shape of a circle with a plus sign at the bottom.

Rachael looked up and grinned.

“I suppose you’ll want to watch that too.”

“Well, probably not the first time, but after that…”

Rachael smiled.  Tricia had asked, so she’d done a little research.  If it was anything like she’d read, she’d like it a lot and she and Rick would have great sex afterward.  

“I’ll give Tricia a call and tell her I’m ready, and if she doesn’t mind, you and John can both watch.”