House Sitting: Part 1

It had been several months to almost a year since both of our divorces were finalized. We both had a huge and painful weight lifted off of our backs and we could now experience life the way we each wanted to. I was perfectly happy and content living on my own and not having to have any type of contact with my ex. She, on the other hand, would have to have some form of communication with her ex-husband because of their children and visitation. She ended up with the primary care of her kids while her ex-husband got to see them on weekends. Regardless of their post-marriage arrangements, she was approaching life’s challenges cautiously as to shield her kids of any potential downturns. This is why I never spent any evenings with her at her place. If she was able to get any type of free time from her work, home, and kids, we would meet up on a dinner date or just have a prolonged wild sex romp in bed at my place. Even though our frequency in seeing each other at times seemed to be vary in length, the times we did spend together were incredible. I think that is why our sexual intensity and prowess had no limits. We thoroughly loved peaking each other sexually.

Kevin and Cheryl were really good close friends of mine. They helped me through my separation and divorce by always being available to listen and give encouragement. I was invited over to their home on a number of occasions for either cocktails or dinner. Actually, Kevin was the only one I confided in about her and our seeing one another. I am sure Cheryl knows but has not given a hint she does. They are a great couple together and have been married for 10 years. Cheryl is very attractive looking and athletic. After getting married, hey both decided they did not want children and instead, are very career driven. They own 2 beautiful golden retrievers who they adore. They own a beautiful spacious home that is somewhat secluded at the end of a cul-de-sac. The backyard of their home is like a small paradise. The only way to really access the backyard is through the basement living area where they have an additional entertainment area complete with a large spare bedroom and bath. Beautifully landscaped, they have a large heated in-ground swimming pool with a side outside exposed shower. At one end of the pool, they have an L-shaped gazebo complete with a small bar and gas grill cooking area. Off to the corner of the yard, there was a large patio with an enclosed fire pit. This is ideal place to have an outdoor gathering. It was very secluded and private. And they have thrown some incredible parties in the past. They were going on a 2 week vacation out of state and asked me if I could stay at their house and take care of their dogs. Of course, I agreed especially where they have done so much for me. Prior to their leaving, they had me over for dinner to go over everything I needed to know. In our conversation, Cheryl told me with a light laugh, “You know, please don’t feel restrained from having any female companionship over for the night. Just do me a favor. When you’re finished, please change the sheets.”

I was well into my first week at Kevin and Cheryl’s house. On occasion, I would stop by my condo on my way home from work to collect my mail and check for messages. It was summer time and the weather was perfect. Sunny and hot for most of the days. Actually, we were going to need some rain. I really enjoyed the privacy and quiet while house sitting. In my thoughts though, it had been a little over 2 weeks since I last saw her. She had been busy with her work and her kid’s activities. In talking to her over the phone, she wondered where I had been because she had passed by my condo and did not see my truck parked in the parking lot. I told her I was house sitting for a friend. Continuing with our conversation, she added she has had very little time to herself or to see me. She told me she felt bad and apologized. I told her she did not have to. I understood. Later in the week at work, I was invited to an outdoor bar-b-que cookout and party with a group of my friends and co-workers on Saturday afternoon. Thinking I have not actually been with her at a social setting with my friends and co-workers, this was a great opportunity to introduce ourselves as an intimate couple after our divorces. Of course, I accepted the invite saying I would be bringing a date. Not knowing if she would be available, I called her hoping she would be free to join me for the outing. I really wanted to see her. I always enjoyed her company with me. I also needed intimate time with her. When I called her inviting her to join me for the party, she excitedly accepted saying she desperately needed a night of fun and wanted to so badly see me. I gave her the address to Kevin and Cheryl’s house and told her what time the party started. She told me she could not wait to see me again and she missed me. I passionately told her the same.

I was having a great Saturday. Woke up early to the sunrise. I did some light cleaning and laundry knowing she was coming by later. I then did some yardwork in the back yard in order to keep up with the landscaping for Kevin. In all, I was finished by 11:00. I ventured out into the backyard area and turned on the outside stereo system. Because it was another hot and sunny day, I had built up a sweat. I went to the pool, stripped naked and dove in. I did several laps before getting out and going over to the bar to get a cold beer. While having my beer, I rubbed coconut oil and sun tan lotion all over my body. I went back over to the pool and got onto an oversized floatation mattress. I don’t know how long I laid in the sun, but it was so relaxing. Since being at Kevin and Cheryl’s house, I took advantage of being able to sunbath in the nude when I could. It is such a natural and invigorating feeling. Having dozed off while sunbathing, I was awakened by the dogs barking and the doorbell ringing. I looked over at an outdoor clock to see what time it was. Knowing the party wasn’t supposed to start for another hour and a half, I was wondering who could be at the door. I rolled off the mattress into the water and climbed out of the pool. I quickly dried myself off, put my shorts on and grabbed my shirt. I went into the house to the front door. I calmed the dogs down and opened the front door. It was her. She was real early.

In seeing her, I was instantly hit with a sense of warm joy and happiness. She was so beautiful. She gave me a huge smile when I opened the door. We immediately embraced and kissed. A very long and passionate kiss and our hands caressed each other’s body. Touching our foreheads together and at the same time we both said we missed each other. I said to her, “You’re early.” She replied, “I’m sorry. I wanted to make sure I was able to find the house. This is beautiful. What a house.” We kissed again. She then whispered in my ear, “And guess what. My kids are visiting their father and won’t be back home until Monday. So, you have me to yourself.” I stepped back to see her. She looked stunning. She was wearing a light skirt with a single high side slit and a white form fitting shirt with an open back that went down to the small of her back. Her hair was in tight single braided pony tail. Her tanned skin had a light glisten of softness giving the appearance of being moist. The way she looked was to say the least, arousing. In looking her over, she realized I only partially dried off after getting out of the pool as she could easily see the outline of my semi-transparent cock through my shorts. As she walked inside by me, I could not help looking at her tight slim ass. She looked beautiful and erotic.

As we walked through the house, she continued to comment on the beauty and spaciousness of the house. I gave her a tour that ended up in the background. In walking out to the gazebo, she commented, “This is incredible!” We went to the bar and I asked her if she wanted a drink. She said she would love a glass of wine. As I was opening the bottle of wine and pulling out a glass, she had taken off her sandals and started to slow walk around the pool. As she walked in the sun, again her skin was glistening. She looked up to the sun. She walked back over to the bar and sat down. She leaned forward and told me, “You have no idea how much I’ve missed you.” She took a sip of wine and continued saying, “And you look great. It looks like you’ve got a lot of sun. You’re so tanned.” We spent time talking getting caught up with what has been going on with our lives. I kept commenting on how beautiful she looked. So deliciously attractive and arousing. After a couple of drinks, I said, “Hey, I’ve got to start getting ready for the party.” She said, “Please take your time. We’ve got 45 minutes.” I walked down the side of the pool over to the outside shower and turned it on. Just as I was going to drop my shorts and get under the shower, from where she was seated, she called out with a light laugh, “Hey before you do that, turn towards me.” I turned to where she was seated, pulled on my shorts drawstring and dropped my shorts. Standing at a distance from her naked, she said, “Now I love what I am seeing. You’re so tanned. And you’ve been tanning nude. You look so hot.” I smiled at her, turned and got under the shower.

As I was rinsing off the sun tan lotion and rinsing out my hair, I suddenly felt her body rub up against my backside as we stood under the shower. While my back was to her rinsing down, she had got completely undressed. Her arms wrapped around my waist. Her hands then started caressing my chest area working their way down to my inner thighs. As the water poured down on us, with one hand she gently grabbed my cock and slowly stroking it with the other hand fondling my balls. It did not take long for me to get erect. I turned to her, we embraced and kissed. She reached around me and turned off the water. She had an aroused and excited look. While holding my huge erect cock, she stepped away from me and was leading me down along side of the pool while slowly walking backwards. At three quarters of the way down the side of the pool. She stopped and placed her hands on my waist. She then motioned herself and I into the pool. As we came up to the surface of the water, she wrapped her arms and legs around me. As I tread water, we kissed. She giggled and said, “This is something I’ve always fantasized in doing. Skinny dipping with a man. I’ve never done this before.” We kissed again. With a smile, I told her this was a first for me also. I said to her, “Are there any limits to your inhibitions?” She said, “No. Not with you. But you’re just as adventurous.”

She was humming excitedly as we continued to kiss, embrace and feel each other in the water. She then leaned back while having her hands clasped around my neck and her legs still wrapped around my waist. She was sliding her hips back and forth so that her clit was sliding on the top of my hard-erect shaft. As she slowly slid back and forth, she softly said, “You have no idea how I’ve craved your cock.” I replied back, “And you have no idea how badly I want to be inside of you.” As she continued to slide back and forth, she tilted her head back and said, “Oh my God, this feels so good.” I could see she was getting herself off. She then completely let go and separated. Still looking at me as we treaded water, she slowly sunk her head underwater. She then swam downward to the bottom of the pool. Once getting to the bottom, she slowly floated upward with her hands sliding upwards along my inner legs. Her hands stopped at the top of my inner thighs. Still being submerged, she took my cock into her mouth and started to suck. Holding my thighs, she slowly moved her lips and mouth back and forth on my cock. Her braided ponytail swirled in the water like a serpent’s tail as she sucked.  I slowly treaded my way over to the side of the pool while she continued work her mouth on my cock. There is no way I can describe the feeling of an underwater blowjob. It caused my body to tremble with excitement and extreme arousal.

She came up for air as I was holding onto the side of the pool. We were facing each other. We looked into each other’s eyes. She had a huge smile and said, “You like?” I responded, “Oh my God, you cease to amaze me with your horny ambitions.” She laughed and said she always wanted to do that with a man. She then drifted into me pressing our bodies together. With her hands on my hips, we again kissed. As we were kissing, she spread her legs and pressed her pussy against my cock. She again was slowly rubbing her clit up and down against my cock. I could tell from our kiss and soft moan she was getting really worked up with arousal. I whispered in her ear, “Have you ever fucked underwater?” She said, “No. Let’s go for it.” We moved away from the side and floated to the center of the pool. She dove underwater and I followed behind her. As we got to the bottom of the pool, she immediately took my cock into her mouth and continued with her sucking. I motioned her head off of my cock. She slid up my body and spread her legs. Her hands and arms around my neck, I guided my cock into her pussy. Just as I did, she pressed the heels of her feet on my ass. I thrusted deep into pussy. Both her and I thrusted in and out of each other for about 30 seconds before we surfaced for air. Facing each other, I told her, “That was incredible!” She replied, “Please…let’s do that again!” We continued to fuck underwater for 10 more minutes. It was so erotic and arousing for the both of us.

One thing I discovered about having sex in a swimming pool, it enabled me to control and hold off on climaxing. While hugging, caressing and holding onto each other, we drifted and slowly moved down to the shallow end of the pool. As we got to waist deep water, we embraced and kissed under the hot sun. I said to her we needed to start getting ready for the party. As we kissed, the palm of her hand was rubbing the shaft of my still erect cock. At the same time, she softly said, “I can’t have this go to waste.” While still having our bodies pressed together, our hands caressing our bodies and looking into each other’s eyes, she motioned us over to the side of pool stairs. She propped herself onto the side of the pool and spread her thighs wide open. As we held and kissed each other, she grabbed the base of my hard shaft and inserted my cock inside of her pussy. Because she was so moist inside, I was able to slide my cock inside of her with ease. I gave a gentle thrust so I would be completely inside of her. I continued to be amazed she was able to take all of me inside of her especially my girth. With a passionate grunt, she softly told me, “Fuck me hard!”

With long slow thrusts, we both started to have excited shakes as our arousal and climaxing was building while under the hot sun. She asked me to thrust faster and deeper. Our intensity was building. She was breathing and moaning deeply. She told me not to stop. With our foreheads pressed together, we looked down to watch my shaft make long deep thrusts in and out of her pussy. She suddenly moaned she was cumming. Her quivering intensified. She then said, “Please. Please. Please. Please cum inside me.” As I gave her a deep passionate kiss while continuing my fast-deep thrusting, I reached my point of climax and released a huge load of cum inside of her. I did not stop my thrusting until I went limp. As I withdrew my cock out of her pussy, she lifted herself back into the pool. She got on her knees in the shallow end and placed my limp cock into her mouth. She slowly sucked all our juices off of my cock. Because my cock was so sensitive to touch after fucking, her sucking my cock was ecstasy. She got up from her knees, kissed me and took my hand. She smiled and said, “You sir, have mastered the art to love making.” She guided us to the deep end of the pool for one final plunge.

We both got out of the pool. We walked over to the bar to get our drinks. She looked so erotic standing naked with water dripping off her body. I could not help staring at her as droplets off water raced down her shoulders, onto her firm breasts and nipples, down her stomach and then dripping off her almost bare pussy and legs. She said with a laugh, “Now that’s the way to start off a party date.” We both took a drink. I said to her with a smile, “I love your sexual imagination and energy. You have no limits, do you?” While finishing her sip of wine and looking at me, she replied, “With you, no. I want to experience my fantasies with you and our bodies.” I smiled back at her, told her she was an unbelievable woman and put my beer down on the bar. I walked down the side of the pool to the outside shower where I left my shorts. As I walked back to the bar, she was standing in the sun with exposing her backside and her legs spread. She was bent over squeezing the water out of her braided ponytail. As I walked closer to her, she turned to face me. Standing upright and her head tilted sideways, she squeezed any leftover water out of her hair. With the sun beaming down on her, I got a beautiful view of the very small patch of pubic hair on her pussy and the cute sea turtle tattoo. It was as if she was advertising to be fucked again. I told her we needed to get ready for the party. By this time the hot sun had dried off our bodies. She took her neatly folded clothes and sandals from the bar stool and we walked up to the house into the spare bedroom.               

We entered the spare downstairs bedroom. She commented, “Wow, this is nice and spacious” as she set down her folded clothes and sandals on the queen size bed. She then walked into the bathroom. As I was getting my clothes set out for the party, she called out to me from the bathroom. “Hey, I need a favor.” I walked into the bathroom and she was holding a bottle of clear fractured coconut oil that belonged to Cheryl. She asked me if I could rub some of the oil on her back. I took the bottle from her and poured a small amount onto one of my hands. Mixing the oil with both hands, I started to rub the oil into her shoulders working my way slowly down her back. She told me that felt good. Because she was facing the very large 2-person shower, she commented, “That shower is huge.” I replied, “I guess Kevin and Cheryl really love taking showers together.” As I reached the small of her back, I applied a little more oil onto my hands and continued to rub softly caressing her slim tight ass. With one of my oil covered index fingers, I reached under her backside and starting at the bottom of her vaginal opening, I slowly drew my finger upwards in between her buttocks. I could feel her muscles tense her ass at the same she briefly lifted up on her toes. She said, “You keep that up and you’ll force me to have sex with you instead of going to the party.” I then slowly rubbed down her buttocks and both legs.

Standing behind her, I then motioned her to turn and face me. Standing face to face naked, I applied a little more oil to my hands. I slowly worked in the oil onto her front shoulders. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes as my hands moved down to her breasts where I lightly rubbed in a light sheen of oil. I lightly pinched her nipples. She smiled and bit down on her bottom lip as we looked at each other. My hands slowly caressed and rubbed her mid-torso area. My oily hands moved down to upper thigh area moving in on and around her pussy. I could feel her slight quivering as I gently caressed. I kissed in between her breasts. She placed her hands on the sides of my head. Gently and slowly, I gave her small kisses downward on her body as I went to my knees. Kneeling in front of her, I gave her additional small kisses on and around her pussy. I heard her give a subtle long moan softly saying, “I’m seriously loving this. You are really turning me on.” I got back onto my feet facing her. We kissed again. She draped her arms around my neck and asked with a deep look, “What are the chances of you getting hard right now?” I replied, “Very unlikely seeing we just had sex in the pool. But I do love setting the mood.” She responded, “And you do that very well.”

I told her we needed to get dressed. She walked out to the bedroom while I washed the oil off of my hands. As walked in, I saw she was just pulling up this very alluring nude color thin lace thong. Because of the coconut oil, she again had a sheen of beauty as she stood there with her thong on. She put on and adjusted her shirt. She was not wearing a bra. All she needed was 3 articles of clothing to look absolutely beautiful. She joked that she likes getting out of clothes faster than getting them on. I put on my underwear and in doing so, she briefly stared and complemented my light low cut boxer briefs and how it defined the contour of my manhood. She commented with a grin, “Now that’s definitely something worthwhile to look at.” She put her skirt back on as I finished getting dressed. After some minor adjustments with our attire, she looked just as gorgeous as she did before. This was going to be a very interesting evening with us meeting up with my friends. 

When we arrived at the party, we entered through their main front door, down a large entry landing, in through the kitchen and out into a large patio and backyard area where everyone had congregated. It was sunny and very warm. Her and I walked out onto the patio arm in arm. When that sun hit her, she looked radiant. She looked gorgeous. She looked really hot. Many of the eyes were fixated on the both of us. More on her than I. Her tanned toned slender body caught the eye of most men who were there. What she was wearing and how it accentuated her physical beauty along with her long single braided ponytail just captivated those who watched us walk in. I introduced her to my friends who were hosting the party. She was asked how long we had been dating. Her and I looked at one another and she replied, “Oh, we’re just friends. We go out on maybe a couple of dates but that’s all.” She was then asked, “Oh, so you two are not serious.” I had to be a wise ass. I replied, “We’re only serious when we’re in bed together, if you know what I mean.” I got a gentle nudge in the ribs by her elbow. All of us laughed. After meeting and introducing her to several of my friends, we made our way over to the bar where I got a cocktail and she, a glass of white wine.

I introduced her to my friend’s wives, female colleagues and friends. To some in introducing herself and when asked about her marital status, she explained she was recently divorced after a bad 15-year marriage and had 2 wonderful children. One of the wives commented, “They must be somewhat young.” When she told them their age and they were older children, they could not believe it. One of the wives said, “And you look so young and thin. I would never had thought you had children already.” She added, “I had my children when I was real young. I was 17 and 19 when I had them.” She explained what she did for work, her interests and activities. As we mingled and talked, we got separated with various conversations. She ended listening and talking with a group of wives and other women. When inquiries were made about “us”, she frankly told who ever asked with a “white lie smile”, we were dating and just beginning to know one another. Because of our divorces, we were taking it slow. If only what they really knew about us.  

As I was standing at the bar mixing myself a drink, she came up from behind me, placed her chin on my shoulder and wrapped her arms around my waist having her hands drape just below my belt line. She softly said, “Well, you’re definitely the talk amongst the women.” I turned my head slightly into hers and replied, “Oh really? Whatever you heard is a lie.” I gave a laugh. She told me it was nothing negative or bad. They just commented about how I changed for the better since getting divorced. My personality. My demeanor. My outlook. I said to her, “See what happens when you make a bad choice. People will notice. Obviously I did bad choosing.” She then whispered in my ear, “Well, I think you’re a very sweet and sexy guy.” I replied, “And you are one incredible sexy woman.” She then made mention about one particular woman over in the group she was previously socializing with. Without pointing, we both turned to the group and described the slender female with auburn hair and green sun dress. I replied to her, “Oh, that’s Erin. Now you see the guy standing to her right? She said, “Yeah.” I said, “That’s David, her husband. They have 4 kids.” She said, “4 kids? She looks so young and slim.” I told her Erin is a “gym rat” and works out constantly. That’s why she looks so good. She’s very self-conscience about her appearance. She replied, “Well, she’s asking a lot of questions about you, and about you and I, and if we’re an item.” I turned to her and jokingly asked, “Are we an item?” She gave me another nudge in the side with her elbow.

I continued telling her that Erin’s husband is a really good guy. In our separate “guy” talks about our significant others, for a few of us he has discreetly described Erin as being a genuine nymphomaniac. If she does not get laid at least 5 times a week, she can be quite miserable. He went so far as to get himself fixed so they would not have any more kids. Supposedly, their fourth kid was an unexpected surprise. I then pointed out to her, “Now, you see the guy standing away from Erin and her husband?” She replied, “Yes.” I said to her, “First of all, he hasn’t taken his eyes off of you since we’ve arrived just so you are aware. Anyway, that is Anthony and rumor is he’s also banging Erin. He is a regular whore dog. He’s divorced and will bang anything.” She replied, “I was going to ask you why he has a steady stream of females coming up and talking to him? He’s just average looking… nothing all that hot.” I chuckled and said, “Ah, you’re right about being average looking but he sure as hell has the necessary appealing anatomy.” She asked me, “What do you mean?” I answered with a light laugh, “Let’s just say we go to the same gym and when we shower, he must have like a 10 to 11-inch dick.” She blurted out with a laugh, “You’re kidding?” I said, “Nope. And he loves to use it. That’s what caused his divorce. All those women who have come up to talk to him he’s probably fucked.” I continued, “And he’s supposedly bragged to some of the other guys that Erin is the only female who has been able to take his entire dick both vaginally and orally.” She replied, “I find that hard to believe.” I added, “It doesn’t matter to me. None of my business anyway.”

She noticed Erin would frequently look over towards me. She asked me, “So what’s with Erin’s fascination with you?” I told her I really don’t know other than it probably started when we were both at the gym. We both would use the pool for laps as exercise. I always wear a swim jammer suit when exercising which definitely caught her attention. She replied with a grin, “Well, I could see why.” One time, she was swimming and the one-piece swimsuit she was wearing was semi-sheer when wet. In between our breaks, she would swim over to where I was and float on her back making sure she was exposing everything about her. She asked me, “So, how did she look?” I replied, “I’ll tell you it was very, very tempting, especially where I was still married to my ex and had not been laid in years. Her playground area was definitely trimmed to perfection. But I never took the bait. I couldn’t.” I told her since then, Erin has made several subtle attempts in trying to get in the sack with me. She asked, “And have you?” I replied, “No. I could not do that to David. I’m too good of friends with him and just could not do that to him.” I then looked at her and said, “Besides, now, I really, really like being with you.” She gave me an affectionate smile. I said, Let’s be polite and go socialize.”

She went back to join the other ladies. I went to talk with my friends and colleagues. It was a nice relaxing evening with everyone. They seemed very intrigued with her. She really carried herself attractively well. As the afternoon moved into the early evening, it still remained quite warm. She slowly walked over to me as I was listening to other’s conversations and the exchange of laughs. I noticed some of my friend’s eyes fix on her as she walked over to me. She said “Hello” and “I hope I’m not interrupting anything.” She leaned up onto her toes into me and cupped my ear. As the conversations continued, she softly whispered into my ear, “When this gets over, are you up for getting naked and making love back at your place?” I turned and looked into her seductive and horny eyes and replied in a light tone, “I was really hoping.” She gave me a big anticipated smile and quick peck on my cheek. She walked back over to where the ladies were continuing with their conversations. One of my friends asked, “O.K? What did she ask you?” I smirked and said how she wanted to get laid after the party. Anthony, in disbelief, said, “No way. No way man. There is no way you’re tapping that.” With my continuous smirk, I looked at Anthony and said, “Believe what you want Anthony.” He replied, “No. There is no possible way.” Throughout the remainder of the night, when we were separated, her and I would occasionally exchange glances and smiles to each another.

Later in the evening, I was walking through the backyard area engaging in small talk and jokes with other couples and occasionally glimpsing over to her as she also laughed and talked with other people. Anthony, who at this time had a good buzz from drinking, had come up to me when I was not talking with anyone, said hello, asked me how I was doing since my divorce and then asked me how serious I was about her. Knowing I could have a good time with this conversation, I told him she and I had been on a few dates and we were slowly building on our relationship. He asked, “You guys living together?” I said, “Nope.” He then asked if she was seeing anyone else. I replied, “I don’t know Anthony. But I bet if you ask her, she’ll tell you.” He asked me how did we meet. He then commented how gorgeous she looked and found it hard to believe she has had 2 kids. I agreed with him and said she is a very beautiful woman. As her back was to us as we both looked at her while talking, we could not help noticing her slim and firm figure, her beautiful ass, and the opening in the back of her shirt. Anthony commented, “I bet you she’s not wearing a bra.” As I took a drink, I said with a light laugh, “She’s not.” He asked me how I knew this. Without looking at Anthony and having a smile, I said, “Because we had incredible sex before we got to the party. Trust me, she’s not wearing a bra.” Anthony still could not believe me. I then told Anthony, “If you don’t believe me, why don’t you go right up to her and ask. In the time I’ve got to know her, she knows how to speak her mind and is very straight forward.” Not knowing if I was telling the truth or not, there was a pause in our conversation. He then asked me, “Is she good in bed?” I paused and then replied, “Let me put it to you like this Anthony, she redefines the meaning of sexual adventurist. She knows how to navigate and dominate in the bedroom. She has no boundaries.”

Night had fallen and the party was winding down even though it was still warm out. It was getting more humid as the evening was getting later. I was at the bar again getting one last cocktail. She snuck up from behind, wrapped her arms around my waist and told me she was having a wonderful time meeting all my friends at the party. I turned to her and gave her a kiss on the forehead and told her I was really glad she was having a good time. She then asked me, “I hope you don’t mind me bragging about you.” I told her I didn’t mind but she also does not have to brag about me or us either. Let’s just be ourselves. She smiled. She then said, “Erin was so persistent about you. So many nosy questions. I think she really wants you in the sack big time.” I commented, “I really don’t care and I’m not interested. So, what did you tell her?” She replied, “You won’t get mad, will you?” I said with a laugh and smile, “No I won’t. But if I know you, you said something that will really get her going.” She went to tell me she and Erin had a separate conversation between themselves and when she asked several questions about us, Erin asked if we have slept together yet. At first, she sort of deflected her reply. She finally told Erin we have slept together. With an eager and interested inquiry tone, Erin asked, “How was it?” She told Erin I’ve done things to her body no man has ever done before. She told Erin of the multiple orgasms she has had when we have had sex. Even with Erin being somewhat familiar already, she also bragged about the size of my manhood, especially when it’s hard. I laughed and said to her, “Women don’t talk about sex with other women.” In a returned laugh, she replied, “Like hell we don’t. We probably even talk more about sex than men do.” I asked her what was Erin’s reaction? She stated Erin’s reply was one of envy and sort of a jealousy. She did comment that Erin was a very attractive woman.

After laughing to what she told me, I asked her if by chance Anthony had caught up to her during the evening. She blurted out a laugh and said, “Oh hell yeah, he did. I could not help noticing his constant staring at me.” She told me he had come up to her and started with small talk that lead up to questions about us. He asked her whether we were serious or not and if not, he’d like to take me out on a date. She went on to say she told Anthony we were working our way to becoming serious so she had to decline his polite invitation. Anthony ended up giving her his telephone number in the event things changed between us. She added, after being seen having a conversation with Anthony, a couple of the single women had side conversations with her inquiring on Anthony’s intentions and filled her in about Anthony. She was told he will always hit on any attractive single female just to get them into bed with him. Through too much information disclosed, she was told even though he has a very huge cock, he unfortunately does not know how to use it to pleasure a woman. He’s got the reputation of being a “fast creamer.” In all, he was not all that impressive in bed.

It was 9:00 p.m. and we have been at this party for about 6 hours. In all, we had a really good time and my friends and work colleagues took a real liking to her. Throughout the night, she looked elegant and graceful. She had an aura that discreetly kept the attention of the men when they would look her over. We gave our good byes to the remaining party attendees and thanked the hosts as we made our way out of the house to go home. It took us about 30 minutes to get back to Kevin and Cheryl’s place. When we arrived, she went downstairs heading to the backyard area while I contended with the dogs. Once I had taken care of the dogs, I went downstairs and turned on the backyard lights, pool lights and music. I noticed she had taken off her sandals. I kicked off my shoes. As I walked out to the backyard making my way to the bar, she was slowly walking around the pool while rubbing her upper thighs. I poured her a glass of wine and mixed myself a cocktail. As she made her way back to the bar, the dimly lit backyard made her look visually erotic. She sat at the bar and took a sip of wine. I asked her if she had an enjoyable time this evening. She told me she had a wonderful time. We sat at the bar talking and laughing about our conversations we had while listening to the soft background music.

A soft slow song was playing in the background that she enjoyed. She asked me if I wanted to dance. Without hesitation, we moved away from the bar, embraced each other and started to dance. We deeply looked into each other’s eyes as we danced. We both smiled at each other with passionate happiness. She buried her head onto my shoulder as we clasped our hands a little tighter. When the song ended, we stopped dancing and kissed. Our hands slowly moved up and down the sides of our bodies. At the same time, our hands grabbed each other’s buttocks and pushed inward grinding our loins together. I asked her if she wanted another glass of wine. She said, “I’d love one.” I walked over to the bar to get another bottle of wine and to mix myself another drink. Standing behind the bar, I saw her walk over to the edge of the pool. She turned to face me with a very seductive look. With her eyes fixated on me, she pulled on her skirt’s drawstring causing her skirt to slowly drop to the ground. I started to get very aroused with her erotic stripping. With her fingers moving from side to side, she slowly pulled down her thong exposing her beautiful pussy. She gently kicked her skirt and thong away from the edge of the pool and slightly spread her legs. She pulled up on her shirt slowly removing it, so she could be completely nude. With her open hands, she drew them up and around her inner thighs and vaginal opening. Her sexual imagination continues to have no limitations.

Being semi aroused at this point, she smiled, turned away from me and dove into the warm pool water. As she surfaced, she rolled over and floated on her back. With her arms outstretched, she spread her legs open exposing even more of her pussy to me. The glimmer of the pool lights and wetness of the water on her breasts, firm torso, sea turtle tattoo, small patch of pubic hair and pussy made her sexually delicious. With our drinks in hand, I walked over to the edge of the pool. She swam over to where I was standing and grabbed the edge. She said, “The water feels great. Are you going to join me?” This was a “no-brainer”. I told her, “Of course I am.” I placed the drinks on the ground and started to get undressed. She told me to stop. She said, “I want you to undress very slowly. Like I did. I want to enjoy you teasing me.” I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and had it slide off my shoulders as I looked at her. I noticed she was floating in front of a pool jet with her pussy feeling the pressurized water on her vaginal opening. At the same time, she was rubbing her pussy with one hand while the other was holding onto the pool’s edge. I proceeded to unbutton my pants and slowly draw them downward. Still rubbing herself, with a stuttered soft voice, “I am loving what I see.” I removed my pants leaving me in just my underwear. See stared at the outline my semi erect cock as I slowly pulled down and removed my underwear. She got herself turned on and got herself off by her rubbing her pussy and my stripping.

I dove into the pool and at the same time she moved away from the edge to the center of the deep end. I purposely slowly ascended towards the surface by coming up in between her legs. As I got to her pussy, I took my fingers and spread her vaginal opening. I inserted my tongue into her pussy and started to rapidly lick her inside. I could feel her twitching as my tongue swirled inside of her. When I came to the surface, she wrapped her arms around my neck and was breathing very heavy. We deeply kissed as I treaded water holding both of us up. She said in bated breath, “You cease to amaze me. You’re an incredible lover. I want you to make me cum.” We continued to kiss. As we did, one of her hands started to rub my cock. It did not take any time to get me fully erect. I treaded us over to the shallow portion of the pool. As I got to a chest deep level, I removed her arms around my neck and motioned her to float on her back. Being able to stand, I spread her thighs open, braced my hands on her lower back and continued to insert my tongue deep inside her pussy. With her arms outstretched and her hips spread wide open, she wrapped her lower legs around my neck. She arched her back forcing her pussy into my face so I could go as deep as I could. Her pelvic area was squirming and quivering in utter pleasure as my tongue worked deep inside of her as she was moaning loudly. I swam us into shallower water. When we were in waist deep water, I stood up, grasped her thighs and gently forced my cock deep inside of her pussy. She bent forward clasping her hands around my neck while giving out an anguished grunt of pleasure. She forced her pussy forward taking my entire cock inside her while, at the same time, locking her legs around my waist. We slowly thrusted our bodies against each other. Barely able to speak from total sexual ecstasy, she muttered, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Don’t stop!” As our sexual intensity increased, her legs tightened more around my waist.

With very little space for thrusting because her legs locked me and my cock deep inside her, she embraced me, we kissed, and she whispered, “I love the feeling of your entire cock inside me.” I told her, “I want this night to be something you’re never going to forget. I want you crying with sexual bliss!” I pulled her away from me positioning her again floating on her back. Lowering myself to her pussy and bracing her back, I again, spread her thighs wide open and inserted my tongue deep into her pulsating pussy. Her quivering intensified to multiple orgasms especially when I inserted my finger into the front of her vaginal opening and rubbed the inner opening. In climaxing, she squirted her juices into my face as she blurted out a loud moan. I rinsed off my face in the pool, stood up and inserted my cock back inside her. She said, “I’m really loving this. Don’t stop.” In our fucking, I wanted to make sure I didn’t cum too early. I wanted to last as long as I could. She suddenly broke away from me and submerged herself. Coming to the surface and breathing heavy, she walked over to me, embraced and kissed me. As we kissed, my hands caressed her firm breasts. With the head of my cock breaking the surface of the water, she dropped down and engulfed my cock in her mouth. She slowly motioned her lips and mouth up and down my shaft. Her oral motion increased. She was driving me crazy with her lips and tongue.

Feeling my climax coming on, I pulled her head off my cock, turned and dove towards the deep end of the pool. Without hesitation, she followed behind me. As we got to the deep end, I saw she followed behind me. I dove to the bottom of the pool. She again followed. Underwater, we embraced and kissed. I caressed her breasts. We surfaced from the bottom in order to get air. Floating, we looked deeply into each other’s eyes as we grinded our bodies together. She whispered excitedly, “We keep this up, we’re going to end up drowning.” She then added, “Underwater orgasms are fantastic!” After a short pause, we dove back to the bottom of the pool. I turned her, so her backside was facing me. I grabbed the back of her thighs and spread her legs wide. I moved my hands to the top of her hips pulling her backside and spread thighs towards me. I thrusted my hard cock forward into her pussy. As I slowly thrusted in and out of her, both of our bodies trembled with heightened sexual arousal. I fucked her doggy style until we both needed to surface for air. We swam to the side of the pool. My backside was against the pool wall while holding the edges. She again draped her arms around my neck. Breathing heavy from our aqua sex, we kissed as she grinded her body against mine. She said, “This is absolutely amazing sex. I’ve never experienced anything like this.” I told her this was a very first for me. I added, “And there is no other woman I would have done this with except you.” I asked her, “You want to take a break and have a drink?” She replied, “That sounds really good.”

We got out of pool and I picked up the drinks I had placed by the pool’s edge before our underwater fuck session. We walked over to the bar. She noticed my semi-erect cock and asked, “You haven’t cum yet, have you?” I said to her, “Not yet. I’m holding out for as long as I can. I want to take you to your highest sexual peak!” She laughed, “Ummm…You’ve already done that.” We had a couple of drinks while talking and laughing about our past sexual experiences both good and bad. But nothing like we’ve experienced since our first erotic sexual encounter in the hotel room. She then asked me if I’d go to bed with Erin. I told her if she was single, I might consider having sex with her. But she is also too high maintenance which to me, is a real turn off regardless how good looking a female is. I then leaned in towards her. With one hand, I lightly stroked her chin and lightly kissed her. Looking into her eyes, I said, “Besides, I think I’m falling in love with you.” Her eyes watered up. A couple of tears trickled down her cheeks. In a soft broken voice, she replied, “I have been so long waiting to hear those words from you. Because I really love you.” We kissed. I took her hand and lead her up to the house. I turned off the exterior lights and music.

We entered the bedroom and in an embraced kiss at the foot of the bed, I said to her, “I’m going to make love to you tonight like you’ve never experienced.” She replied, “I want you hard and deep inside me. Promise me you’ll cum inside me.” While kissing, we climbed into bed as I was fingering her pussy and she was stroking my cock getting me fully erect. I laid her on her back. With our hands clasped, she lifted her head looking down to see my huge throbbing cock enter her pussy. She was so wet inside, my cock slid in with such ease. She immediately wrapped her legs around mine. She broke her hands away from our clasp and drove her fingernails into my back. As I inserted my entire cock inside her, she gave a loud prolonged moan of deep pleasure. The inside of her pussy was so hot. Having my entire cock inside her, I paused for a moment in order to feel her inside wrap around my cock before starting my thrusts in and out of her. She put her mouth to my ear and told me in a gasp, “Remember, you promised you’d cum inside me!” As I proceeded to slowly thrust in and out of her pussy, her legs clinched tightly around my legs. We embraced in a hot French kiss as I thrusted. Our breathing got heavy. We were both moaning with the erotic feeling we were experiencing. We both started shaking in complete sexual arousal. Keeping my pace, I fucked her missionary for 5 minutes. I felt her multiple orgasms gush out of her onto our bed sheets.

She rolled us over where she was now on top of me. With my cock still inside her, I could see the building perspiration on her face and body. With our pause, she sat upright with her hips spread straddling my cock. I caressed her moist breasts. I gently rubbed her nipples. She took her hands and placed them on top of mine as I continued to fondle her breasts. She tilted her head back and started to slowly thrust her inner thighs back and forth on my cock. She was continuously moaning getting louder the more she thrusted. I arched my back and lifted upward forcing my entire cock deep inside her pussy again.  As I lowered my hips, she then placed her hands on my chest tilting her head downward again wanting to see my wet glistening cock penetrating her pussy. In a hampered gasp, she said, “The feeling of your cock is making me cum again!” In my own moans of passion, I now felt myself reaching my climax point. I rolled her over onto her back again. I inserted my cock back inside her driving it deep. She again drove her fingernails into my back while wrapping her legs around my waist. We forcefully French kissed darting our tongues into each other’s mouth. My thrusts were getting faster. She outstretched her arms and firmly gripped the bed sheets. She was now whimpering in sexual ecstasy. I reached my climax point when my cock exploded with cum inside her pussy with one deep thrust as I gave out a long continuous moan. I continued to thrust in and out of her pussy until I became totally limp. This was by far our best sexual encounter since indulging in our erotic sex.

I rolled off of her ending up laying side by side looking into each other’s eyes. We both had mild shakes as our hands caressed each other’s faces. I said to her, “I love you.” She replied back, “And I really, really love you.” She then said, “That’s the most orgasms I have ever had during sex. And I felt you cum inside me.” With a laugh she added, “And you kept your promise. You came inside me.” We continued to caress our bodies, have small talk and kiss until we finally feel asleep. And we still have another day together.