Adam’s Birthday Present - Part 4

Info GWinterbourne
20 Nov. '18

This story presumes you have read the first three parts, but I remain confident you’ll figure it out even if you haven’t. Again, these are dirty stories, not rocket science!

My third and final lover of the afternoon was late. Scheduled to arrive on the hour, like some porn-tactic version of the ghosts in Dickens’ famous story, my previous partners had each arrived, and departed, as scheduled. Guy Number Three took his sweet time, however. Or maybe, I thought, he had decided to pull out—heh—of this little arrangement.

Truthfully, I was glad for a little break in the action, and I wouldn’t have been disappointed if he was a no-show altogether, although Adam absolutely would have been. His fantasy of being cuckolded was playing out just fine from his perspective, but I was getting sore from being pounded by strangers as they taunted and belittled my husband.

At quarter-past, I decided he wasn’t coming, so I stood up, smoothed my “church lady” skirt and twin-set, and walked from the living room toward the bedroom where Adam was waiting. Of course, the moment I did so, there was a knock at the door.

Grumbling to myself, I reversed course and made my way to the front door. I tried to guess who this man would be role-playing. In accordance with Adam’s fantasies, I had already been fucked by the “principal” and on my “wedding night.” Given the demure way I was dressed, I was putting my money on “priest,” but when I flung open the door, I found that I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Standing before me was an absolute giant of a man—a bald, leather-clad, pierced, heavily tattooed, giant of a man. My alarm must have showed on my face because he immediately attempted to soothe me. “Hey . . . hey,” he said in a deep, but surprisingly gentle voice, “I’m not going to hurt you, beautiful. That’s not what this is about. He may not like what we’re going to do, but I promise you will.” He took my hands, and engulfed them between his. “This isn’t my first rodeo. Do you think you can trust me?”

I nodded. Despite his size and appearance, he had a reassuring air about him. “Come on in.”

“Listen,” he said, “I’m going to say some things in . . ." he stopped for a second. “Where are we going?” I pointed toward the door of the bedroom.

“Right. Like I was saying, I’m going to say some things in there that I don’t really mean. It’s going to sound much worse than it really is. I just want to warn you.”


“And also, I’ve got a Prince Albert. I can take it out now if you’d prefer.”

“I’m sorry. What now?”

“I’m pierced . . . down there.” He gestured toward his package.

“Really?” I was equally frightened and intrigued. “Do women generally object?”

“Never had any complaints. ‘Course most of my gals are pretty well-pierced themselves.”

“Um, leave it in, I guess.”

“That’s the spirit,” he joked. “Seriously though, I like you. Not many women would be willing to humor their husbands like you are. You ready to go do this?”

I took his hand, and led him to the bedroom. “Buckle up, baby,” he whispered, opening the door.

“Well, what do we have here?” he began. “Aren’t you a sweet little thing? Nice and innocent.” He grabbed me by the shoulders and backed me into him. I could feel his groin already beginning to swell.

“You ever fuck before, huh?” he asked, sliding one of his meaty hands up my thigh. He gestured to Adam. “You fuck him?” I nodded briefly.

“Listen, you fucking, stuck-up, fancy bitch,” he growled, “I asked you a question, and I want an answer. Do. You. Fuck. Him?”

“Yes,” I managed to squeak out. He had warned me, but his tone and words were still frightening.

“How do you even feel it?” he said, taking another look at Adam. “Does he get hard, or is it just a pathetic little chub?”

I shook my head, and he yanked me into himself again. “You answer me,” he said brutally. “Do you understand? Can he get it up?”

“No,” I stammered. It wasn’t true; Adam and I had great sex, but I was beginning to feel like I could be in danger if I didn’t give the right answers. “He warned you this was part of the act,” I repeated to myself over and over, trying to stay calm.

“I bet you’re nice and tight, then. Why don’t you take off your clothes and show me?” He pushed me away from him.

I stumbled forward slightly, regaining my balance by putting a hand down on the bed. From behind me I heard him say, “C’mon. Strip for me. Lemme see what you got.”

I began by removing my cardigan, and placing it neatly over the back of a chair. My . . . partner? . . . tormentor? . . . had turned his attention to Adam. “Your wife? She’s mine for the night, understand? I’m going to do what I want with her, and you aren’t going to be able to stop me.”

Turning to me again, he barked, “Get moving. Get those clothes off, or I’ll rip them off myself.” I removed the remainder of my clothes more quickly, then reached behind my neck to take off the strand of pearls Adam had accessorized me with.

“Leave those on. It’ll remind me you’re a classy bitch while I’m fucking you.”

He started removing his own clothing, revealing even more tattoos and piercings all over his well-muscled body. When he unzipped his jeans, it was clear he was “commando,” but he still struggled to free his enormous, pulsing, and unmistakably pierced cock from its confines. Seeing its size, I was now sure that Adam had chosen these men because their erect members made his own seem tiny in comparison, and that fact somehow only heightened his cuckold experience.

With his dick finally in hand—the hefty ring through it glinting in the light—he used it like a pointer, gesturing that I should stand up against the wall. “Fuck, you’re hot,” he said, approaching. He put one mammoth hand around my throat and slid it up my neck, lifting my face to meet his as he bent to kiss me. I was expecting the worst, but—even with the tongue stud—his kiss was gentle. He whispered to me, “Just say the word, and I’ll stop, no matter what he wants, but I intend to make you feel good, baby.”

Louder, he addressed Adam, “You’ve got a sweet wife here. Soft. Just the way I like ‘em.” He ran his hands down my body, one stopping to cradle my ass while the thumb of the other began stroking my pussy. “Too bad you can’t protect her.”

He pulled his thumb away, and showed it to Adam. “She doesn’t seem too afraid of me, though. Look how wet she already is, getting touched by a real man. She’s quaking in anticipation of my dick in her snatch.”

He pressed said dick into my stomach, his flesh nearly as hard as the metal piercing it. “Let’s do this sweetheart.”

He dipped his hips, picking me up at the same time. His “hardware” brushed my clit, which caused me to jump involuntarily, before he slid himself into me. Being penetrated by his mammoth, pierced prick was definitely unique, but not unpleasant, sort of like fucking a cock and a vibe at the same time. I wrapped my legs around him, back against the wall, and settled in.

“Oh, that’s good pussy,” he moaned so Adam could hear, “Shit, your girl’s tight. But she’s deep, man . . . real deep, not that you’d know. Fuck. I’m balls deep in your woman.”

His thrusts became quicker and more vigorous, and while I could feel my climax start to build, my back was beginning to ache as my partner repeatedly slammed me into the wall. Finally, when I didn’t think I could take any more, I heard him say, “I’m gonna unload in your gal, man. I’m gonna fill her up.” He gave a final thrust, then made good on his promise, cumming hard inside me. I clenched and felt my own orgasm rip through me, still pinned to the wall by his giant cock.

When we were both finished, he turned and walked me—still impaled—back to the bed. He bent forward, and I landed on my back on the bed, finally freed from his softening, but still impressive rod. He made sure Adam got another look at what he had as he stuffed himself back in his jeans, gathered up his other clothes, and departed.

Adam was quickly over to me. I had curled up, tucking my knees nearly under my chin, and he set about coaxing me onto my back so he could spread my legs and get his final thrill of the afternoon. “Let me see you,” he said, running his hands down my inner thighs. “You’re so incredible, you know, with three men’s seed spilling out of you right now. All of my fantasies came true, and it’s all because of you.”

He knelt on the floor between my legs and began to lap at my swollen pussy. “Adam . . ." I started.

“Shh, babe. Let me lick you clean,” he said before resuming his task. When he was finished, he pulled himself up over me, and I could feel his dick straining against his pants. “I know you’ve had three cocks already today, but do you think you can take one more?” He looked me deep in the eyes and pleaded.

I smiled wanly, and nodded my assent. “Thank you,” he said. “I’ll remember this day as long as I live.”

“Happy birthday, Adam,” I whispered as I pulled him to me.