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13 Jul. '15

The girl at the table across from Luke that day had an incredible body. The sparse British summer meant that she wore only cut off shorts and a tank top, which only served as a platform for her long, tanned legs and wonderfully perky breasts. In all honesty, the girl could have looked like the offspring of Smeagle and Eeyore, and the sight of her nipples through that top would have still made Luke's dick stand to attention.

Luke had not had sex in six months. The details of his break-up are far too painfully pathetic to mention here, but to give you an idea, his friends often joked that she'd taken the car he'd bought her and driven off into the sunset with his balls. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. This didn't start with Luke, or his ex-girlfriend or even his balls. This all began with Adam.

“Women like men. Except for lesbians of course and, God knows, I have nothing against them, but women like men! If you want a woman to notice you, then show her that you're a man!” These were the words that echoed in Luke's ear as he sat there, staring at the girl. They were the words of his friend and long-time womaniser, Adam.

“Take control of the situation! Be an alpha! I'm not saying club her over the head and take her back to your cave or anything. You just need to let her know you've got something in your pants other than a bus ticket...no offence Luke.”

Tired of the teasing, and full of testosterone and six months of spunk, Luke walked over to the girl's table and dropped his hand down to the tabletop. The brunette looked up from her book, flicking her bangs back and lowering the cup from her lips.

“Name,” said Luke directly.

“Pardon?” came her confused reply.

“Name,” he repeated.

The girl looked up at him, almost as if trying to decide whether his bravery was worthy of fellatio, or merely the finger.

“Sabrina.” she said finally, a smile clinging to her lips like cake crumbs.

“Number.” said Luke again, his second statement carrying the same grandeur as the first.

Once more, the young lady paused to consider her options. After three beats, however, she lifted her coffee cup to her lips and emptied the last of her Chai latte into her mouth. Then, she pulled out her lipstick out of her purse, before writing her number in red on the empty cup. With a sudden hurry, Sabrina gathered her things and made sure to sway her hips, as she walked out the door.

Luke picked up the empty cup. He was still in disbelief. He couldn't believe it had worked. He wasn't sure he'd be able to keep the façade up long enough to spread her tanned thighs. Every inch of his body was rejecting it; his heart was racing, his knees felt weak, and his hands were sweating. That's probably how the number got smudged.


“Hello?” said a female voice

Luke paused, taking inspiration from his success at the coffee shop. “I've got your name, I've got your number. Now, how do I get you to swallow?” he said, rather forwardly. There was a pause, followed by the unmistakable sound of hearty laughter, coming from the other end of the phone. Once the person had caught their breath, which took a while, they enquired “Uh, who is this?”

Luke, having been knocked down a few pegs, answered a little more humbly. “It's um...It's the guy from the coffee shop?”

“Uh, nope, sorry, doesn't ring any bells. I think you've got the wrong number.”

Luke cleared his throat, trying to find the voice of his apparently more sexually alluring if comically arrogant, counterpart. “Oh come on Sabrina, don't start playing hard to get now. Not after you made sure I had got a look at that ass of yours before you left.”

The girl pulled the phone away to give herself space to cringe. “You have the wrong number, but if this flirting technique is what got you her number in the first place, consider it a blessing. She sounds like she has crabs. And daddy issues…”

It was Luke's turn to laugh.


“We just really clicked, you know?” Luke explained. “She's smart and funny, and she's into really weird shit like, 50's Ska music and 'Cracked' articles.”

Adam did not care. Adam was too hung over to care. He had spent the night at his best friend's bachelor party. It wouldn't have been too bad, except he had taken a liking to two of the strippers and evidentially, they'd felt the same way. The three of them had gotten incredibly drunk together, which may have been a significant factor in causing the two ladies to follow Adam back to his room, and take turns riding his cock. The only reason he was in this stupid coffee shop at all was because Luke was his other best friend.

Luke's mystery girl had finally agreed to meet, four months later, with them both agreeing to bring a friend in case the other was a rapist or an elaborate practical joke.

“What did you say her name was again?” said Adam, feigning interest.


And, as if by wizardry, there she was. Luke sprung to his feet, his good manners getting the better of him. Adam, guessing from Luke's behaviour that the girl had arrived, had lifted the rim of his cap and matched Luke's line of sight.

Fire. Her hair was curls of fire that reached down to kiss her shoulders. No heterosexual man nor gay woman could tell you what colour her little, strapless dress was that day, but they could spend hours explaining the way its soft fabric clung to her. You could see all too well, the outline of her wonderfully supple breasts that looked like they belonged around a firm, hard cock. Her facial features were angular while still maintaining that feminine softness.  The dip of her waist was as if her shape had been carved by the most skilled of hands. She was the kind of woman that made you want to seek God after you took a look at her and realised how badly you wanted to sin.

He hoped it was the dehydration from his hangover. He hoped it was just lust, left over from the night before. He even prayed for it to be a comparative illusion, caused by the fact that she was walking in with a girl who had all the sexual appeal of a garden gnome. But Adam could not escape the fact that he had a burning desire to ravish the body of his best friend's girl. She hadn't even walked entirely across the coffee shop floor yet! Luke's excitement bubbled over, and he sprung from behind the table to meet her halfway with a hug.

“Mia!” Luke exclaimed as he picked her up.

But in his excitement, he'd spun her around, which only served to give Adam a look at her firm, sexy ass. Suddenly, Adam was hit with the image of himself holding tight to its taut form as he bent her over the tabletop and buried his now raging erection, inside her. Luke brought the girl and her frumpy friend back to the table, but Adam had to get out of there.

“Adam, this is -”

“-Mia, yes, nice to meet you. Sorry to be so jerky, but I must go, something has come up.” Adam tried not to cringe at his pun. He shook the potato's hand first. But, when he took Mia's delicate grip, all he could see were the same slender fingers wrapped around his shaft; dozed in pre-cum. Needless to say, he dropped her hand like it was on fire.  

While Mia, his friend and a fart in the wind, were left to ponder his strange behaviour, Adam jumped into a cab.  He slipped his erection into his waistband and settled in for the drive home until he could release himself.

. . .

“I can't believe you're here.”

“Yeah, it's surreal actually to see you in person.” said Mia, inhaling his cologne.

“Thank your friend for me the next time you see her, will you?”

“You mean Sarah? Uh, sure! But for what?”

“Well you know, for coming with you. And for leaving promptly so I could be alone with you.” Mia smiled.

The couple was held up in one of the booths in the coffee shop. They sat side by side, with Luke putting his arm around Mia, while she rested her head on his shoulder. Conversation phased in and out, but after so long talking on the phone, the couple was enjoying each other's physicality. Mia, in particular, was admiring Luke's physique. Like most men in their early twenties these days, he was slender. But the hard, sleek form of his chest and arms suggested he paid his debt to the gym. In admiring his chest, Mia's line of sight inadvertently slid down to Luke's package. She smiled, embarrassedly, hoping Luke hadn't seen. The one thing she liked about the new fashion trend of men in skinny jeans is that she could get a good look at their bulge. Mia, having now looked away, bit her lip, trying to think about something other than Luke's generous endowment.

“I'm ecstatic I got to know you,” said Mia innocently. “The real you I mean. I'm still not sure who you were trying to be that first night.”

It was Luke's turn to be embarrassed. “I was attempting to be Adam. He's a nice guy when he's just being a guy, but when he wants a girl, he slips on this arrogant persona. Every time I see it, I'm sure the girl is about to empty her drink in his lap, but instead they end up going back to his apartment. It's fucking witchcraft! Anyhow, I tried it for the first time with that girl who ended up giving me your number. And so, when I called you, I had to maintain the persona.” Luke stroked Mia's leg absent-mindedly “But you punched the wind out of that sail!” they both laughed.

“Well, like I said, I'm really glad I got to know the real you.”

With that, Mia slid her hand down and began rubbing Luke's manhood through his jeans. Luke's eyes widened in alarm.

“What are you-” but Mia reached up and kissed his neck a few times, silencing him.

“Don't worry, no one can see.”

She didn't like the feel of the denim. She knew that the hard fabric was making it difficult for him to feel her. She needed him to feel her. In one swift movement, Mia unzipped Luke's fly and slipped her hand through the opening. Against the soft fabric of his boxers, Luke could now most definitely feel her soft strokes on his meat. It was mere seconds before he was hard as a rock. Mia reached up again, this time to nibble on Luke's ear and whisper her evil plan.

“There's a disabled bathroom to the left of us. I want you to take me in there, and have your wicked way with me.”

Luke could have come right there and then, but he held it back. It would look much better decorating her pussy. Luke took Mia's hand, and the two slipped into the bathroom, clicking the lock behind them. At the sound of the lock, Mia leaped onto Luke, kissing him hard. He moved the girl, pressing her back against the wall and held her hands up above her head. With pure lust, he began sucking on her neck. Mia's hips started to gyrate as soft moans escaped her lips. She wanted him, and she wanted him in her mouth. Mia wriggled free of her lover's grip and dropped to her knees, unbuckling Luke's belt.

Luke stopped her. He couldn't wait for her fumble with his belt; his sex needed to be free. Luke reached into his pants and moved his erection out of his boxers, and through his already open fly. He looked down and saw Mia staring at his hard-on in awe, which he mistook for hesitation. Luke tried to take a step back but in the cramped bathroom stall, he didn't get very far. Mia saw the movement of uncertainty and in response, held tight to the side of his jeans and shoved his member into her mouth.


Adam lay in the centre of his bed, breathless, holding solidly to his cock. He had just emptied his third load and yet his dick was still hard enough to pitch a tent on. It was Mia. He still couldn't get her out of his head. The more he pictured the soft valleys of her breasts and seductive lips, the more his manhood twitched and begged to be stroked. But his beast would not settle. It wanted to destroy her, but he couldn't even touch her. To top it off, he was still nursing the remains of his hangover, so he didn't have the energy to drown his sorrows in liquor. Adam would try one last time. With his free hand, he reached for his phone and texted a contact listed only as “cum-guzzler”.  The text read only two words; “come over”. About half an hour went by and Adam had managed to fall into an uncomfortable sleep. He was woken by the irrefutable feeling of lips around his still erect organ. He looked down and saw a mess of brown hair. No curls of fire. It wasn't Mia, but she would still serve as a fuck-hole.

This is when the two friends reached a parallel. Adam threaded his fingers through the girl's hair and pushed her face deeper into his crotch. So it was both men that gasped at the incredible feeling of their cock-meat in the back of their lovers' throat.

While Adam's “cum-guzzler” broke away for air, Mia held Luke's girth in her throat for several counts and Luke became even more turned on when he realised she wasn't gagging. Mia slowly pulled the shaft out of her mouth as Adam's lover brought her lips back to his cock. Both women began to run their tongue in circles around their lovers' pole, but Mia one-upped the other girl by sucking on Luke's dick head; flicking her tongue against the cusp of his uncircumcised cock.

Both men felt the pleasure building inside them; pre-cum spilling into their lover's mouths. But Mia was the better woman. Adam watched as his lover's head moved skillfully up and down, but Mia had paused. She stopped momentarily and wrestled Luke free of his jeans, pulling his boxers down with it. She then returned her mouth to its rightful place on his member, but now she cupped and massaged his balls. Before long, the two friends exploded in their lovers' mouths, with cum spilling out of the corners. But, what brought the parallel to a close was that as they reached their release, both men shouted “Mia”.


“Thank you guys for coming to our house warming party. Um, Mia did most of the cooking, but I did help so, set your stomachs to like, DEFCON 3”. The quartet clinked their glasses in a toast. It had been eight months since the coffee shop, making it an even year that Mia and Luke had known each other. Tonight, Adam, Luke, Sarah and Mia were having dinner at the couple's new apartment. After eight months of dodging them as a couple and trying to quench his urges by fucking every red-head he could get his hands on, Adam sat uncomfortably at the table. He was glad it was dinner party so that a knife and fork occupied his hands. And so they did all dinner long. Never was there a man so dedicated to his cutlery. He stared at them dutifully, looking up only to laugh and add his two cents when called upon. In between courses, when they had to be changed, he legitimately missed them. But through all his tactics, the night still dragged. But luckily for Adam, all things must come to an end.

As the night drew to a close, Adam could count the number of sentences he'd uttered on one hand. Luke rivaled on the other side of the spectrum. Having always been a lightweight, Luke had chosen tonight to ingest enough alcohol to drown a small child. As a result, he was just brimming with conversational topics.

“You know what I've been thinking about recently?” Luke slurred, “Whale stuff. Anthropomorphic whales have it seeeeriously rough. Imagine like, the whale breaks down your front door. Obviously it'll-- hick, --it'll try to say sorry because whales are nice guys”. Luke paused here to take another sip from his glass. “It'll be like ‘OH MY GOD, I'M SO SORRY! I'M CLUMSY!’. But it's a whale, so all that comes out is ‘MUUUUAARGHHHGHHHGG’. Because whales can't talk you see.”

By this point, Luke's girlfriend had her head in her hands, long since having slipped into the silent giggles. Sarah, who was blessed by the dimly lit dinner table, was emitting a noise that resembled Luke's impression of a whale. Even Adam couldn't help but crack a smile.

“And on that note,” announced Sarah, “I'm off. Thank you so much for dinner Mia.” she stood to her feet and the two friends hugged.

“Are you sure you won't stay for a little coffee?” Mia asked, still holding her friend's embrace

“No, no, I gotta get going. But tell you what, you can take my share of coffee and funnel it into your new room-mate.” They both laughed. Then, Sarah turned to the now standing Adam.

“It was nice to see you again.”

“You too.” replied Adam simply. Sarah turned to say goodbye to Luke, but he was officially out for the count, so waving a final goodbye, she left.

As the door clicked shut, Adam's eyes widened in horror as he realised he was alone in Mia's apartment, bar the unconscious Luke.

“I should probably get going too.” said Adam hastily.

“No way! You are staying for coffee. It'll be your payment for moving Sir Drinks-a-lot to the couch for me.” replied Mia, as she cleared away the dishes.

Adam ran his hand through his hair pensively and took a deep breath. He wasn't a fourteen-year-old boy. He could control his urges long enough to drink his coffee and leave....couldn't he?

“Alright, fine.” Adam walked over to where Luke had K. O’d and put his friend's arm around his shoulder. He then put his arm around Luke's waist with the intention to support him on his journey to the couch. Before Adam could lift him, however, Luke let out a small giggle and what sounded like the phrase ooh, Mia; you frisky little shit, which Adam pretended not to hear. He took his friend's weight and walked him over to the couch, lowering him onto his back. Adam took off Luke's shoes and put a blanket over him before smiling at the irony. This was something Luke had done for him a thousand times over. He was a good guy.

“Aww, aren't you sweet,” said Mia, interrupting his thoughts. “Come to the kitchen and receive thy reward.”

Adam took a deep breath and did as he was told. He walked into the kitchen to find a steaming cup of coffee on the counter-top, and Mia's back to him as she did the dishes. For the first time for the night, Adam noticed what she was wearing. It was what all girls wore to dinner parties; her little black dress. It was perfectly fitted to the curves of Mia's petite form, and it didn't help that she was slightly bent over as she washed the dishes. Adam wrestled his demons into submission and instead of grabbing hold of her ass, he instead held tight to his coffee cup and began downing it like a shot. He soon realised that this was a terrible mistake; the coffee was hot, and tasted like shit.


“Ugh, Jesus.” mumbled Adam

“Everything okay?” asked Mia, looking up. Her eyes were grey. He'd never noticed that before.

“Yeah, it's just....this coffee is terrible!” he admitted. Mia laughed.

“Yeah, sorry. Luke has the same complaint. I can't make coffee. I'm more of a hot chocolate person so, whenever I'm greeted with a cup of glorified petroleum oil, I empty as much milk and sugar in it as I can get my hands on and hope for the best.” Adam laughed, his second genuine laugh of the night.

“You're going to die of diabetes.” He joked.

“Yeah, well, America is going to invade your liver.” She took his cup and emptied it down the sink. In turn, he grabbed the towel from his shoulder and put it on his own.

“You wash, I'll dry.”

They talked after that. About music and politics and what it was like for Adam to grow up with Luke. They talked long after the dishes had run out and the busy San Francisco streets had emptied. Before they knew it, it was two in the morning, and they sat comfortably, chatting. Each was perched on a piece of counter-top on opposite sides of the room. During the natural pauses, Adam couldn't help but think; this is nice.

“Adam, tell me something,” said Mia, interrupting his thoughts once more. “Why is it, that this is the first conversation we have ever had?”

Adam smiled guiltily. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, I've been dating your best friend for a year, and this is the second time we've ever been in the same room, and Luke had to beg you to come tonight.”

“Yeah, I've just been....busy.”

“Dude. Seriously. What is it?”

Adam couldn't tell you why he did it. It may have been because they'd just spent the last three hours bonding. It may have been the guilt of wanting her. The more likely culprit, however, was the half a bottle of wine and two shots of vodka he's drunk, to get the taste of Mia's god-awful coffee out of his mouth.

“I've been dodging you; the both of you, but, more specifically you, Mia. You are one of the most attractive people I've ever seen in my life, if not the most. The first time I ever saw you, my dick got harder than a Chinese spelling bee. And now, to top it all off, it turns out you're also kind of an awesome chick to be around. I've been avoiding you because I want you. But my best friend is in love with you, and that's a big no-no.”

There was a deafening silence. One that felt like it dragged on for millennia.



“Worst. Lie. Ever.”

“I'm not lying!”

“Sure you're not.”

“I'm freaking not!”

“Whatever you say.”

And with a flash, his lips were on her. He kissed her slowly, and softly, relishing every moment. She tasted exactly the way he thought she would, like sex and sin. And then it was over.

“I'm sorry. I--”

And now it was she that grabbed him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him hard. She ran her fingers through his hair, and he, in turn, lifted her off of the kitchen counter and held tight to that perfect ass he'd been longing for. She moaned gently against his lips as she felt his erection rising against the fabric of his pants. He carried her to the table and sat her on the edge. His demons had risen and were screaming at him to ravish her. His cock, his fingers, his tongue, they all wanted to be dipped inside her sweet pussy lips. But even over the calls of his demons, Adam did not miss the sound of Luke's light snores from the other room. As if woken from a trance, the pair broke away, and immediately, Adam saw his own regret mirrored in Mia's soft, silver eyes. Without another word, he picked up his jacket and walked out of the door, clicking the door behind him.


White. It's a tradition. Brides wear white. It's to symbolise the purity of the woman. White is pure. Brides wear white. And yet, the more Mia stared at the dress, the more uncomfortable she became at the thought of wearing it. Not after what had happened. Mia sat stoned-faced as the woman applied her bridal make-up. At the same time, a hairdresser was standing behind her, trying to tame her famous, crimson curls. Mia's mind was racing, and her eyes stung from tears that refused to fall. Suddenly, the hairdresser's comb became caught, and her head jerked back. In an instant, she was back in the moment. She was bent over the bed, and he was teasing her; rubbing the tip of his meat around her opening. Suddenly, he'd yanked her head back by her scarlet mane, before slowly pushing his cock into her, inch by glorious inch. With a deep breath, Mia was back in the present and her tears had finally found their way out.

“Are you alright? Oh no, don't cry, you look beautiful!” Cooed the make-up artist, dabbing Mia's tears with a Kleenex

Mia caught herself quickly “I'm fine. I'm just a little emotional, you know?”

“Don't worry sweetie, it happens all the time. All your make-up is waterproof, so don't you worry about a thing.”

“Thanks. I just-I need to use the ladies room.” With her half-done make-up and hair, Mia scampered off to the bathroom. She stood by the sink and took long deep breaths. She wasn't crying because she was sad, she was crying because she wasn't. With her final deep breath, she realised she legitimately did need to pee. So she opened the stall and sat down. But now she was on his dick, she was following instructions and riding it like a good girl. His thick shaft was stretching her tight pussy and hitting her insides in all the right places. Suddenly, he sits up and kisses her passionately, rubbing her already erect nipples. She let out a small moan and he moved his lips' attention to her ear.

“You like riding Daddy's big dick, don't you?”

Mia left the bathroom without peeing. She sat back in the chair and stared off into space while the two women made her into a bride. Mia's mother and Sarah came over and eagerly waited while she put on her dress.

“Oh my god, Mia, you look beautiful.” Mia's mother dabbed her eyes with a tissue while Sarah just smiled.

“Don't cry mom, we don't have the time, we're already running late.”

Mia, her mother and Sarah rushed out of the house and into the bridal car. It would be a long drive to the church, and Sarah and Mia's mother were entranced in a beguiling conversation about the corsage to boutonnière ratio. Mia only stared out the window and thought about Luke. She kept expecting a pang of guilt or the stab of her betrayal but, every time she thought about Luke, she felt nothing of the sort. She loved him very much. In fact, she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, have babies with him, and grow old with him. He had her heart, completely. But what had happened had nothing to do with her heart. It had come from the deepest part of her most animalistic instinct.

It was a long drive. And soon, the steady bumps of the broken San Francisco road began to remind her of the steady, rhythmic strokes of his tongue against her cunt. He'd twisted her body, so that one leg was behind her head, and had buried his face in her sweet, shaven sex. He started off gently, barely touching her at all as he ran the tip of his tongue against clit and lips. Then, once the blood rushing to her vessel had time to make her perfectly sensitive, he increased the pressure. He used his flat tongue to lick her up and down, and in circles, until she was practically screaming. Only then did he slip one, two, three fingers deep into her wetness.  

They arrived at the church, and Mia's mother and best friend took her in the back and then, scampered off to ensure everything was perfect. Mia finally had a moment to herself. This would be her last time to herself before she became Luke's other half. She closed her eyes and let herself remember. She remembered getting anxious at her bachelorette party, and she remembered trying to drown the feeling in cocktails, she remembered the male stripper's cock making her hungry. When the bridesmaids had called it a night and gone back to the hotel room, she'd gone over to his apartment. He'd brought her in and given her coffee and a sandwich. She even faintly recalled him putting on Shaun of the Dead and watching it with her while she sobered. And once she was sober, she still wanted him, and he couldn't resist her anymore.

Reaching into the stripper's pants to rub him hard, she found that he already had a raging erection, which she'd oh so gladly slid into her mouth. He held tightly to the back of her head, threading his fingers in those curls of fire. Once he was ready, he began slowly fucking her mouth. But he'd surprised her. She knew he was enjoying it, but after a dozen thrusts or so, he took himself out of her mouth and laid her down on the couch. He pulled up the t-shirt he'd given her to wear and pulled down her underpants. On finding she was soaking wet, he'd slipped himself into her with a gasp, looked deep into those beautiful, grey eyes, and ravishing her deeply. He lasted so long.

Mia's mother came into the room and told her it was time. Mia took one final stare in the mirror, picked up her bouquet and walked to the head of the isle. As Mia's memory flashed with images of reaching simultaneous orgasm with her fiancé’s best man, the organ player began the ceremonial: here comes the bride.