Tempting the Beast


She would miss him, but she knew that her life would be complete after knowing him and loving him, never would a relationship be the same, but she didn’t care, he made her feel like nothing ever existed but just the two of them, standing still in that moment in time. It was as if all her life moulded into one second, feelings would explode yet disappear all at once, space became a world she knew intimately when she was with him. Uncontrollable urges, feelings and emotions grew immensely as if everything was new to her, as if her eyes where finally open; colours brighter, smells stronger, touches more sensitive and sound so clear that it made music from their surroundings. 

A love so strong that it could never last, but would not be forgotten, for without him, she would not have awakened into a new world. His touch made her shiver with excitement, it was like she had entered a new realm that was yearning to be explored.   

Their eyes met across the busy street, Radley's stride grew faster and more aggressive towards her. As Jenna kept her eyes and feet steady as she glided towards him and the hustle and bustle in the street died down instantly, it was just the two of them standing there alone, facing one another.  The moment Radley saw her, his breathing grew faster, his stride longer, he wanted nothing more than to kiss her. Make her his. It had been so long since he had seen her. Her beauty had grown into a woman, her curves were hypnotising.  

The moment they were close he pulled her in by her small waist. Radley grabbed Jenna's face in his hands and kissed her hard, it had been so long since his hand touched her, she melted into his arms giving in to such intense lust. Jenna let his body take control of her, she moaned lightly as she let her body become his, she melted into him, giving herself up to this being that took her breath away.

Shock ran through him like electricity, he was not expecting such a spark. Her moan only made him kiss her longer, drinking her in. That one kiss in that one moment was as if the world had disappeared underneath them and they were floating, his lips screamed for her, needed her, and she him. Their tongues played together igniting a fire so hot, Jenna started to feel her essence quiver with excitement, getting so wet for this beast of a man. It had been too long since they had last seen each other, they never had the chance or the opportunity to be together, but this time it was different, this time they would have each other and they both knew it was going to be something unlike any other. Intense, heated, hateful, lustful, a sexual indulgence of shire passion.  

As the kiss broke, the noise of the street surrounded them once again, engulfing them back into reality. Radley's deep brown eyes stared into Jenna's soul, she had always loved his eyes, a deep secret hide behind them, yet a fleck of gold shone through and sometimes Jenna would catch a glimmer of his soft vulnerable side.  

Radley was a beast of a man, muscular shoulders and arms that wrapped Jenna in a blanket of safety, his jaw as jagged as a lion, a bite that would grip down on her fair skin and draw blood, but it was his chest, a chest that Jenna could grip hold of and never let go, a ferocious ripple of muscle that sent Jenna into a whirlwind of desire.  

As they both stood their drinking in each other’s presence Jenna realised her breath was hard and fast, what this man did to her was beyond her, never could one person stir up so much emotion as he did.  Radley looked deep into her eyes, there was something within her that scared him, a deep passion, yet knowing about him, like she already knew his deepest secrets. His heart fluttered as he looked at her. 

Radley gave her a little smirk, something only he did for her. "Hey Trouble." He said in such a gruff tone. Breathless she replied "Hey." 

Their lips touched once more but this time so lightly and Jenna felt the spark hit her lips, teasing her.  As they both caught their breath they began to walk across the road and entered into a small cafe, as the sun shone down, the cafe spilled out with customers. With a bit of luck and effort they finally managed to find a seat, as they sipped on their latte, they both reminisced about the past.

Having met when they were only young teens through an online platform that all their friends used, they instantly connected, their love of music, travel and family were always hot topics of discussion. Debates about history and culture, they would spend hours online with each other. Having lived their young lives with a long distant between them, it was the only way to talk, to see each other. Even from a computer camera, they both knew that if they were to ever truly meet, it would be a dangerous experience. Now was their chance, having finally connected back after five years with no contact, only to realise they lived in the same city. This was their chance.

The cafe was bursting with customers, a French style with the scent of roasted coffee and fresh pastries that wafted into the outdoor seating. Parasols shaded customers from the hot sun that was burning the still air, a glorious summer in London meant for a very hot and bright day ahead. Radley and Jenna found a seat just on the edge of the café, right in between the folding glass doors, that gave way to the heat, but kept them both shaded from the harsh rays. Radley pulled out the wooden chair for Jenna, as she brushed past him, her scent wafted from her hair, a mixture of roses and spice, a scent that was more sensual than floral. He felt his heart skip as the scent caught him.

As they ordered their drinks they spoke about old friends, new friends, experiences and travels they had each taken. Sitting there together Jenna could not ignore the pulse between them, beating hard like a heartbeat, it was suffocating her, making it hard to breath. All she wanted to do was jump across the table and take him right there, wrap her legs around him and slip her hungry tongue down his throat. His lips controlling her once again, that first kiss kept creeping up through her body, as if she had been under a spell.  Radley looked at Jenna across the table, he knew she felt it too, this insatiable pulse that beat between them. Her cheeks would glow a little every time she looked at him. His skin felt as if it were about to burst into flames, his heart about to explode in his chest. Her voice was sweet and innocent, yet her eyes were that of a huntress, a soul just as dark as his. He needed her, Radley felt dizzy, like he had been hit by a haze.   

Then, finally a moment of relief; "Sorry, I'm just going to use the ladies, excuse me one moment would you."  

"Of course!" Radley said with a released sigh. 

The surge of the pulse was too strong for Jenna to take, she excused herself from the table to compose herself. She locked the bathroom door and splashed water across her face to cool off and took three deep breaths. Her mind was constantly flashing images of what it would be like to have him inside her, her body was shaking at just the thought. While sat at the table, something dark took over Radley, he had not felt this alter in a long time, there was no controlling it, this urge, it was the beast inside him taking over. The beast was something in him that he could never control, a rare breed that almost never came to light; but when it did, it always hurt those he loved. It scared him, no form of control could hold it back, it would take what it wanted; and what it wanted was Jenna. 

All of a sudden, a knock at the bathroom door shook Jenna awake from her vivid daydream "One minute!" Again, a harder knock, she unlatched the lock to confront this impatient customer but before she could, Radley burst through the door and slammed it shut behind them. He stared down at her and without saying a word, he grabbed hold of her waist and wrapped her legs round him as Radley kissed her hard, his lips moved down her neck and he sunk his teeth into her fragile jaw, she caught her breath, just like a flash of lightening her body gave into him. Radley slipped his hand down her jeans and gently caressed her quivering bud feeling how warm and wet she was, teasing her. Jenna was breathless, his touch was more than she could bear, trying hard to not rip into him, her body started writhing in passion and greed. Radley slipped his fingers deep into her making her gasp loudly as he growled gently in her ear at the pleasure he had of tormenting her.  

As she bit her lip to stop her from moaning too loudly, he pulled away from her and only then did she see his thick rod waiting for her, trying to burst out of his jeans. Panting so hard Jenna went to grab hold of his bulging crotch. Radley caught her hand and smirked at her,

"Darlin' be patient" he said in such a gruff northern voice, a voice Jenna did not recognise. "Now move that fine ass off the sink and let me wash my hand" smiling while he grabbed hold of her rump behind. Jenna just looked at him in shock, she took hold of the hand that had just lit her bud on fire and slowly took his fingers in her mouth, licking off her own juice from him, all the while watching his every move.  

Radley groaned in shire pleasure getting himself ready to take her right there, his cock rock solid. Jenna stopped him in his tracks..."oh, no... patience darling" Jenna grinned as she unlatched the door and let herself out the bathroom and back to the world. 

Laughing to herself while walking back to their table all the while shaking hard with nerves and exhilaration. Unsure of what was next to come yet knowing that later she will very much regret it, the torcher Radley will put her through is something she cannot wait for. To have him demand her body, control her urges and abuse her aching needs. A moment later Radley returned to the table, gazing deep to each other’s eyes he lent in, "You...you are the bain of my life" smiling at him, Jenna just gave a light giggle. "We're leaving now." He demanded in such a rough tone. Throwing £10 onto the table, Radley grabbed Jenna's arm and marched out the cafe. 

He hailed a cab, as they climbed inside, Jenna's heart was racing. " Where are we going?" Radley just looked at her with anger, Jenna's smile slid from her face, "Radley, where are we going?" He didn't say anything as he began to cover her eyes with a blind fold made from his tie. He didn't respond, the whole journey he kept his eye on her not once saying a word or showing any emotion. Jenna wasn't scared, she was exhilarated, shaking in excitement and nerves.  Radley's heart was racing, she had denied him her essence, he would have her, he would make her his. His passionate anger was ruled by her sweet perfume, watching her lick off her own juice from his fingers was too much, she needed to be punished for being such a tease. The car stopped, and Radley helped Jenna out "Ok Radley, seriously, where are we??"  A light whisper in her ear "hush" followed by a light nip on her ear, his teeth softly grazing on her skin making her gasp.

Although Jenna could not see where they were, her body took note of every movement, through a front door and up two flights of stairs and a door to the right of her, Radley's apartment she assumed. The door closed behind them. "Wait here" Radley's voice demanded. All Jenna could hear was rustling around, movement in and out the room, Jenna could only see warm light through her make shift blind fold, underfoot was hard wood flooring, a small hallway in the apartment, she thought. She felt Radley's presence beside her, he circled her like a hungry lion, felt his eyes inspecting every inch of her, goose-bumps began to raise on her arms. He glided his hand down her arm and took her hand and guided her into a room, she could smell candles burning as well as his own smell, it was like fresh meat, musty but raw and somewhat masculine.  Radley was towering above her, his breath hard, he slowly kissed her neck making Jenna moan and shake, she tried to touch him, but he forced her arms down. She felt his hands on her shoulders and his grip tightened. It was like claws, his nails dug into her and in one quick movement he ripped into her top, shredding it like a monster ripping his way into dinner. Radley's soft lips turned into fangs biting deep into her skin as his hands tore apart what was once her fully clothed body. Jenna could just stand there shaking hard, letting this beast feast on her body. She searched for his face with her lips panting hard. 

Jenna was left naked standing with nothing but a make shift blind fold and her silk knickers. She felt Radley take a step back and admire her slender body, wide hips with a firm ass and breasts that held their own with pride. Her nipples hard, she heard Radley growl under his breath in pleasure. He approached her slowly and all at once his lips kissed hers so softly while his fingers began to explore inside her soaking wet bud. Sparks hit Jenna's body, she had to hold herself up against him, her legs weak as her underwear slipped gently down her legs.

Radley's fingers explored inside her, thrusting slowly as his tongue teased her mouth. She felt that he was bare chested, she clawed at the feel of his thick muscular chest, that made her sink into him even more. Her hands wondered down and felt his throbbing member trying to burst out his jeans once again. He moaned and growled at her making her desperate to have him all. Slowly she unzipped his jeans, as they dropped to his feet, he pushed them across the room with his foot, through his boxers, Jenna pulled out his thick solid cock, feeling the heat radiating off his pulsating rod. She mustered all the strength in the world, pushed him back hard and ripped off her blindfold. His face was angry and hungry, growling harder at her, Radley saw that Jenna had changed, from a meek venerable girl to a hungry woman. Without a word she dropped to her knees and on all fours showing off her curves.  

"Don't you dare..."Radley growled.

With a hungry smirk on her face Jenna started crawling towards him like a predator in the jungle. Radley watched her intently his member hard and strong as Jenna rose on her knees in front of him, not breaking eye contact she slid his meat down her slender throat moaning in satisfaction. Radley roared hard, feeling his body shake and his muscles tense. 

"Oh Fuck...Jenna!" He moaned deeply.

Jenna taking in her fill she was hungry for him moving faster and sucking hard on his manhood wanting to taste every inch of him, moaning in delight at her meal. Radley gripped hold of the Chester draws he was leant against, almost cracking the wood in shire pleasure. Jenna could feel him twitch in her mouth, her eyes fixed on him once again telling him to give her every drop, he watched her enjoying herself

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuuuckk!!" Roaring hard Radley gave Jenna his thick juice. Swallowing every bit Jenna pulled away giving a little smile and wiping her mouth clean. 

"Mmmm you taste so good... I was so hungry!" Jenna teased.  

"You bitch!" Radley laughed. "Now you’re in trouble" he lifted Jenna off the floor wrapping her legs around him and throwing her onto the bed. He tied up her hands and pushed her legs open. A shock wave ran through Jenna's body as Radley's fingers found their way back inside her and his tongue teasing her entrance and clit, so hot and warm, the sensation was so sensitive the waves hit Jenna so hard her head wanted to explode.

"Radley, oh God Radley, please, oh god!" Just as Jenna was about to climax, Radley paused. 

"What! Radley! You can't!" She screamed breathlessly. Radley looked at her with his deep brown eyes, that glint of gold fleck cheekily shone through. His lips met her body running up her stomach, his hands running around her body with a rough touch aching to hurt this petite body.  His lips reached her first erect nipple, his tongue whirled round it a pulled at it with his teeth. Jenna couldn't help but moan mercilessly. She pulled him up closer to her with her legs, their lips met, and her world fell apart. Nothing existed but them, their bodies sunk into each other, a surge of lustful electricity ran through their bodies. His hot writhing body on top of hers as he ferociously threw her legs round him, his lips exploring her entire body, Jenna felt his thick throbbing member slip deeply inside of her. Gasping hard Jenna moaned louder, the shire pleasure coursing through her was so intense. She held on tight to her restraints as he started to slowly ravage her essence.

Jenna became lost in a new world, Radley dug his rough hands into her hips pulling her deeper as he panted at how wet and tight she was for him. Like waves crashing on the shores each thrust took Jenna further into a world she was desperate to explore, each hit sent shivers rippling on her skin. Radley thrust harder and faster, his rod feeding off her heated body as Jenna tensed to take the next wave of lust. Her hungry pussy would tighten around him making him growl. Oh that growl! A true beast coming out of this burly man.  Radley couldn't take much more, this animal inside him was prowling and rattling the cage, the beast was already loose, but he couldn't hurt her. He buried his head in her scent, breathing her in as he made her body belong to him.  As much as he wanted to, needed to, he couldn't bring himself to scare her away. It was as if she understood his body like no other before. He slowed his pace not wanting to unleash this creature upon such a succulent innocent young morsel. He untied one of her hands and Jenna looked up at him slowly returning from her trance, touching his face she could see something in his eyes, worry.  

Jenna sat up "what is it? What's wrong?" She said gently.  

"I...I just. Never mind" 

"Radley tell me. Is it me?" 

"No! God no. You are amazing. I just...I don't want to hurt you". 

Jenna laughed "You couldn't hurt me if you tried" she joked, as she united her other hand.

"No, I mean it. You have no idea! All I want to do is tear you apart, but I will hurt you! I can't do that." Radley turned away from her ashamed grunting in frustration. 

"Every girl says she can handle it, but they can’t, they get hurt and scared and leave. I can’t do that to you." His voice deep, Jenna could sense his pain. 

She walked over to him, her naked body on full show. She wrapped her arms round his neck and kissed him gently. Nudging his face with hers she looked deep into his eyes. Noticing that gold fleck once again that she adored. 

"Radley look at me. I can’t promise I will be able to handle it." She said in a sympathetic tone. 

Moving to his ear she nibbled at it and whispered, "but how do you know I won’t like it?" cheekily. He looked longingly at her, looked at her fragile body. As Jenna continued to bite at him lightly, along his shoulder, up his neck and locked onto his jaw. He growled at her which only made her bite harder. Radley's hands dug into Jenna’s hips pulling her into him, he growled hard and sunk his teeth into her fragile jaw.  Jenna moaned hard, with his thick bulging arms, he picked her up and wrapped her legs round him, he flung her round and propped her down on the dresser. Kissing her lips, she pulled at his bottom lip, feeling his body quiver with excitement Jenna noticed his thick manhood standing to attention for her once. Radley yanked at her hip, piercing her hot entrance with his throbbing beast once again. She couldn't help but gasp and scream with both pleasure and shock. As he thrusted with ferociousness, his claws dug into Jenna's thighs with such force he had cut her skin. She didn't care he took her so deep and so hard Jenna's world was turning upside-down. Her toes tingled and snaked up her body exploding like fireworks.

Throwing her against the wall, his solid rod working his way through her quivering bud. Panting, Jenna couldn’t help but bite into his neck to stop herself from screaming and moaning so loudly. Clawing into her skin, his hands splitting her cheeks wide to get deeper inside, her wet juices running down his shaft making him harder. He sunk his teeth into her body, nipping at Jenna's perk nipples. Her breast bouncing and pushing up against him. He could feel it, his climax reaching its limit, slowing himself so as not to disappoint her, he looked into her soft brown eyes.  

"Fuck, Jenna. You taste so good!" She bit his bottom lip 

"GRRRRR! woman you will be the death of me!" He had stopped but his soldier was still standing. Panting hard and without a word Jenna slid off him, her pearls lips dripping wet and throbbing from the sensational beating from his cock. Not quite finished with him Jenna laid her front onto the bed lifting her ass in the air. Looking over her shoulder at him. Radley saw something change within her, her eyes were deep and unafraid. He didn’t recognise this fierce animal in front of him. This fragile, slender woman had transformed into a huntress, seducing her prey. In that instance he felt it, the latch had been unlocked, the beast took over his entire being.

"If you can’t fuck me, I’ll have to fuck myself" she said in a tone that agitated him. Jenna slipped her fingers in her mouth and began to pleasure her wet entrance. Making Radley watch as she slid one finger slowly into her tight ass. 

"Mmmm fuck that feels so good!"  Jenna teased.

This was it. She had tempted the beast. He was out of his cage and he wanted blood. Storming over to this dirty little bitch he spanked her ass so hard making Jenna scream in pain. Radley kept beating her ass hard making red hand marks across her fair skin. With his other hand he pulled back her hair yanking her head back pushing one of her cheeks open exposing her tight asshole he slid his manhood deep stretching her out. 

Breathless Jenna couldn't move, the sensation of that cock feeding her hole was incredible. She knew her punishment had started.  Scowling at her in a gruff voice "You filthy little slut you like that don't you?! You hungry little bitch!"  

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me Radley, please fuck me!!" 

Roaring so loud Jenna wanted to faint through intense heat. Radley fucked her ass hard splitting her open and making her scream in pain and pleasure.  Unlike any other orgasm she had ever had, this was the one she would never forget. As Radley punished her it was as if the world had gone into slow motion, her breathing short and hard his grunting deep but it was the thrusting, slow and sensual, she could feel every ripple of his cock plough through her and the sensation as irresistible. Captured in an orgasmic daze Jenna felt her body shake uncontrollably as she screamed in pleasure. She came, and she came hard, squirting all over the bed. As her body tensed, she felt Radley grab her hips digging in his claws as he came inside her. Her hole had tightened around him he couldn't help but explode.  The both fell side by side in exhaustion and exhilaration. Both breathing rapidly just looking at one another in astonishment. After a moment to catch their breath Radley looked at Jenna in a way she had never seen, relief and relaxed. With lack of strength he rolled over to her and took her face in his hands so gently and kissed her. After such an intense moment they both lay still in silence soaking in an experience neither of them had ever gone through. This spark, this tingling glittered over their bodies was high they wanted to last forever.  

After a long moment, Radley got up and walked into the kitchen. Jenna watch as he walked across the room, she loved his body, the masculine upper body and fine ass for a man and couldn't help but grin helplessly. This man took her into a cave of wonders and she didn't want to ever leave. Looking around at his bedroom, it was a simple room, a metal framed bed that had two old wood bedside tables, each with a metal lamp. The old-fashioned wooden chest of draws that he had propped her up on, had pieces of clothes hanging out from them. And in the corner of the room sat an old deep green armchair, a slightly tattered looking thing, vintage was the word that came to mind that was bedded with items of clothing scattered over it. Radley returned with two glasses of water and without a word they both drank. Setting aside the glasses, he gently nudged Jenna up on the bed and they looked at each other as if they had been searching for this moment for their entire lives and were elated that they had found it.  

With neither of them saying a word, Radley climbed on top of her gently and laid in between her legs, his lips so softly kissed her neck, chest and lips, Jenna stroked his thick hair back as if they were sensual lovers. She was shocked when she felt him stiffen once again but this time, he slipped himself in slowly kissing her as he did. They made love for hours gentle, heated and so incredible, she had tamed that wild beast for now, it was the man that was Radley that now made love to her. 


To be continued....